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Chapter 10

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Cheyenne makes Frank and offer and Lyn meets Jasmine

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Present September 2012

‘I thought you’d never wake up’ Lyn said as Frank walked in to his kitchen
‘I didn’t want to’ He admitted sitting at the table just as Lyn slid an omelette and two slices of toast under his nose.
‘Enjoy’ she smiled as she placed a plate for herself opposite him.
‘Thanks’ Frank said with a smile ‘you didn’t have to do this.’
‘I know’ she said ‘but I figured you’d need a good start to the day.’
‘You’re right I do’ he said picking up his cutlery ‘I’m taking Jasmine out for a few hours and boy, can that kid tire you out.’
‘I’d love to meet her’ Lyn admitted her eyes meeting Frank’s
‘No way’ Frank swallowed as he put his knife and fork down.
‘Oh please’ Lyn begged ‘I’ll be good I promise I just want to meet her and see what she’s like.’
‘No I don’t think that’s right, what if Cheyenne found out she’d go mad?’ Frank stated.
‘How is she going to find out?’ Lyn questioned ‘I’m not going to tell her, you’re definitely not and we’ll change my name for Jasmine’s sake. Please’ Lyn said her lips forming a smile as she could see Frank giving in ‘I just want to see if she’s anything like my Paige, they are half sisters after all.’
‘Fine’ Frank said picking up a slice of toast ‘but you have to be ready for 12.00. I’ll pick you up first’
‘Yes!’ Lyn cried ‘thanks Frankie.’
‘Whatever’ he mumbled ignoring her and concentrating on his breakfast.


Past: New Years Day January 2008

‘…And down will come baby cradle and all’ Gerard sang as Jasmine stared up at him from his arms.
‘Hey you guys’ Cheyenne yawned wearily from the nursery doorway
‘Did I wake you?’ Gerard asked concerned etched into his face. He knew Cheyenne needed her rest so when he heard the baby stir he was up in a flash to attend to her needs.
‘No I woke naturally’ she said walking over to them ‘You’re here early’ she noted.
‘I’m finding it hard to stay away’ he admitted ‘she gets bigger and bigger everyday. I can’t believe she’s nearly four months already?’ Gerard sighed.
‘She can’t stay a baby forever’ Cheyenne laughed although she wouldn’t mind it.
‘I know that’ Gerard said ‘but she’s so damn cute I want her to stay this way.’
‘But think about all the things we have to look forward to’ Cheyenne said holding out her arms.
‘True’ Gerard replied handing Jasmine to her mother ‘there’s still so much to see.’ He paused unsure of he should say what it was that he was thinking ‘Cheyenne?’
‘Yes’ Cheyenne said tearing her eyes away from her daughter to look at him
‘Thank you’ he said sincerely his eyes locked on hers
‘For what?’
‘For letting me be a part of Jasmine’s upbringing. These last four months have been the best of my life I never thought I could experience such happiness.’
‘No problem’ Cheyenne replied flashing him a smile ‘you’re supposed to be here, you’re her Dad and we make a good team.’
Gerard laughed but had to agree. They did make an excellent team when it came to raising Jasmine, when one lacked the other picked up the slack. It was a good system.
‘I’m going to make breakfast’ he announced stopping in front of them to kiss Jasmine on the head, he hesitated and then softy kissed Cheyenne on her lips, she didn’t push him away and he was pleasantly surprised to feel her kiss him back. He pulled back and smiled a small smile before heading down to the kitchen. He was making progress.


Present September 2012

Cheyenne woke up way too early for a Saturday but the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach was too much to be ignored. She slipped out of bed leaving Gerard snoring away and headed downstairs where she knew she would find Jasmine watching TV.
‘’Morning kiddo’ Cheyenne greeted
‘Finally’ Jasmine said turning to face her mother ‘I’m starving.’
Cheyenne laughed ‘why didn’t you fix yourself some cereal?’
Although Jasmine was only five she was quite clever and independent something Cheyenne and Gerard were extremely proud of. She often fixed her own cereal in the mornings.
‘Its Saturday’ Jasmine stated ‘I want some pancakes.’
‘Well you know who makes the best pancakes in the house?’ Cheyenne told her and she watched as her daughter’s eyes lit up.
‘Daddy does’
‘Exactly’ Cheyenne said ‘Maybe you should go wake him up if you want those pancakes.’
Jasmine jumped up off the floor and ran for the stairs giggling. Cheyenne laughed at her daughter and went to make the coffee, Gerard wouldn’t be too pleased with being woken up so early but that’s what happens when you’re a daddy.
Ten minutes later Gerard emerged with Jasmine upside down in his arms, her giggling loud as she tried to tell her dad to let her go.
‘You are positively evil’ he said as he spotted Cheyenne sipping a cup of coffee at the table.
‘I don’t know what you mean?’ She said innocently
‘You sent this little monster to wake me up’ he told her tickling Jasmine’s exposed stomach sending her into a fit of laughter once more.
‘I did no such thing’ Cheyenne said smiling into her cup
‘Yes you did’ Jasmine squealed as Gerard turned her he right side up ‘you told me to wake daddy.’
‘You little snitch’ Cheyenne said as Gerard lowered Jasmine to the floor.
‘It’s alright Mini’ Gerard said kissing Cheyenne’s head ‘I’ll get mommy later.’
‘I’ll help’ Jasmine volunteered as she sat at her seat at the table.
The banter continued as Gerard set to work making their breakfast it was mornings like this that Cheyenne loved. Just her, Gerard and their little Jasmine laughing together and enjoying each other’s company, she usually revelled in it but she couldn’t help watching the clock knowing that Frank would soon be coming to get Jasmine and that this would probably be the last time she saw him in a while.


Past February 2008

‘What took you so long?’ Cheyenne snapped as soon as Gerard came through the door.
‘I got here as fast I could’ He answered as she snatched the medicine out of his hand and stormed off towards the kitchen where Jasmine was crying loudly trapped in her high chair. ‘What are you so mad about?’
‘Our daughter is sick I send you out to get her medicine and you take your sweet time.’
‘My sweet time’ he said incredulously ‘I’ve been twenty minutes.’
‘More like half an hour’ she said as she fed Jasmine the required dosage of children’s medicine, making her cry even more.
‘I went as fast I could’ he said reaching for Jasmine only for Cheyenne to smack his hand away. He scowled angrily at her actions unable to understand her behaviour. But f this was how she wanted it he had no problem playing along.
‘Next time feel free to go yourself’ he hissed ‘you know what they say when you want something done, do it yourself’
‘Or call Frank’ she bit back. She knew it was catty but she was so stressed out and the least he could do was be quick with Jasmine’s medication. ‘Lock the door when you leave please’ and with that she snatched up Jasmine and stormed off towards the stairs leaving Gerard shaking angrily behind her.


Present September 2012

‘Hey Frank’ Cheyenne said cheerfully as she swung open the front door.
‘Cheyenne’ he said politely ‘Is Jasmine ready?’
‘She’ll be down in a few minutes’ Cheyenne told him ‘why don’t you come in?’
Frank sighed running his tattooed fingers his hands through his hair. Why was she doing this? ‘I told you I wouldn’t’ he said trying to keep his tone light.
‘This isn’t my doing’ Cheyenne said holding her hands up in defence ‘Jasmine says she has a surprise for you, you know what she’s like.’
Frank crossed the threshold and marched toward the stairs ‘Jasmine Michaela Way, you get your butt down here’ he yelled up to her.
‘In. A. Minute’ she called back. He tried not to but he felt his lips curling up at the edges at her sassiness. She was going to be a handful when she got older.
‘How you doing?’ Cheyenne asked carefully. She wanted to make him comfortable but she also wanted him to know how she felt about what was happening between them.
‘I’m fine’ Franks said curtly looking toward the stairs in the hopes of seeing Jasmine.
‘I miss you Frank’ Cheyenne uttered nervously
‘Don’t’ he said tuning around to face her ‘you don’t get to say stuff like that to me.’
‘It’s the truth’ Cheyenne said with a slight shrug of her shoulders.
‘I thought you were all about lying to yourself.’ He retorted shoving his hand in his pockets, he didn’t want her to notice that they were shaking lightly.
‘What is that supposed to mean?’
‘You know what it means’ He growled ‘you know you and I would be good together, that we should be together but you’re going to go on lying to yourself convincing yourself you’re happy and I’m not going to be around to watch you do that.’
‘I am happy’ Cheyenne insisted crossing the room to stand in front of him.
‘But are you as happy as you could be?’ he asked ‘are you so happy you could burst?’
Cheyenne didn’t answer she never thought to question her maximum capacity of happiness, she always thought you were happy or you weren’t.
‘That moment in your bedroom when you finally admitted we should be together that was me at my happiest I could’ve exploded.’ He told her
‘And you would’ve if I hadn’t stopped you’ she joked referring to his manhood that she recalled was rock hard and ready. The memory sent a quick jolt to her stomach.
‘Don’t do that’ he said walking away from her ‘this isn’t a joke, this isn’t funny.’
‘I know I’m sorry’ she apologised ‘I was just trying to lighten the mood.’
Frank stood by the mantle staring at her as she stared back, he was taking in every inch of her remembering how she looked right at that moment because he was going to keep the promise he made himself he was going to keep away from her until he could get over wanting her so bad. How long that would take or how much it would hurt he had no idea but he was determined to do it.
‘Are you really going to stay away from here, from me, from our friendship Frank?’ Cheyenne asked once again crossing the room to stand before him, she raised her hand to touch his face but changed her mind and dropped her arm to her side.
‘I have to’ he told her. He breathed in deep taking in her familiar subtle smell of honey and vanilla ‘being around you is too hard.’
‘But I don’t want you too.’ She whispered
‘Jesus Chey’ he said pushing her away ‘you can’t stand so close to me, you have no idea how much I want to kiss you when you’re that close. Keep away from me please.’
‘Ouch’ Cheyenne said his words sending pain straight to her heart causing tears to form in her eyes.
‘Shit’ Frank muttered ‘I don’t want to hurt you, I’m sorry’
‘And I don’t want you to hurt’ she surrendered a small sob escaping her lips ‘if this…if this is what you need to do then do it’ she said stepping closer to him ‘If staying away from me is what it takes to heal your heart then I’ll just have to accept it because there is no other way.’
‘There is another way’ he hissed trying to keep from shouting as Jasmine was upstairs ‘just say the word.’
‘No Frank there isn’t another way all we can ever be is…all we’ll ever have is our friendship, I can’t give you anymore.’
‘Can’t or won’t?’
Cheyenne didn’t answer but rushed to him wrapping her arms around his waist and burying her head in his chest, she tried to hold it in but the tears poured and she found herself crying against him. Frank hesitated but then wrapped his arms around her burying his face in her hair.
‘Don’t cry baby’ he said his heart aching as she cried, he hated for her to feel pain ‘Things will turn out right in the end everything will be as it should be.’
‘How can it be right if we’re not together? You’re my best friend and you don’t want to see me anymore. How is that right? What do I have to do to keep you?’ she asked pulling back her eyes searching his. Before he could respond her lips were on his. She kissed him deeply and with a passion that took both their breaths away.
‘Is that what I have to do?’ she panted as she kissed him again feeling the response her kisses had on him. ‘I’ll do anything to keep you around’
Frank moaned at her words and his arms tightened around her, he swung her around and pushed her against the living room wall, his manhood pressed against her thigh.
‘Stay with me Frank and you can have me.’
‘What?’ he gasped as her lips traced his jaw line and down his neck to his collar bone sending shocks through his body.
‘You heard me’ she said biting his bottom lip softly.
‘When?’ he breathed his hands cupping her arse pressing her hips against his.
‘Whenever you want me?’ she whispered as her hand stroked him through his jeans. ‘Now’
‘Stop’ Frank said as his weak legs tried to take a step back.
‘No’ Cheyenne demanded snaking her arms around his neck pulling him back to her even closer than before as she reclaimed his lips, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth.
‘My body is yours’ she breathed against him ‘take it but in return you have to stay with me always.’ As they kissed and caressed each other Frank thought about what she was offering, her body at his disposal whenever he wanted all he had to do was come around. He thought of what it would be like to have her over and over again whenever he desired to make her moan and scream his name. To lay with her after to hold her in his arms and watch her sleep. But then the realisation hit, Cheyenne would always have to leave. She would always have to go home and she would take her heart with her. He’d spend his nights thinking about her instead of holding her and he’d still have to watch her with Gerard, it would be more difficult then what he was going through now. It couldn’t work he’d still be the one that was hurting. Did she really think so little of him that offering her body was enough to satisfy the ache in his heart?
‘Stop’ he cried pushing away from her ‘Jesus Cheyenne’ he panted ‘what the fuck do you think of me?’
‘What do you mean?’ she asked confusion forming on her face the look of lust disappearing.
‘I don’t want your body’ he said angrily ‘I want you, I want your heart, your mind, your love and devotion. Not your body. What do you expect me to do? Call you up some like some hooker when I want to see you? Is that what you want to be? You want to be my whore you want me to share you with Gerard?’
‘If it means that I can see you then yes’ she demanded ‘I’d be your whore, I’d be whatever you wanted me to be if it keeps you close.’
‘You’d be my whore but not my wife’ he laughed bitterly ‘If that’s all you’re offering then I’d rather go without.’
The words hit her like a slap in the face and her legs weak from excitement and now hurt buckled beneath her and she sank down to the floor. ‘I’m so sorry’ she said softly as she watched her own performance in her head and felt the burning heat of shame rush to her face. What was she thinking offering herself to Frank like that?
‘I don’t know what I was doing, forgive me’ she begged staring up at him ‘I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done any of that. What’s wrong with me?’
‘I have no idea’ Frank said after a while his face was flushed and his hands were shaking from the passion that had just over took his body. It had taken everything he had to pull away from her. To him she was like a magnet that pulled him in, the close he got the stronger the pull. But he had resisted. He took a deep breath and offered his hand to Cheyenne he pulled her up and they once again stood face to face.
‘You are so beautiful’ Frank whispered brushing her hair from her eyes.
‘Is my beauty enough to keep you near?’ she joked
‘Almost’ he replied and offered her a smile for the first time since he walked through the door.
‘I love your smile’ she said ‘have I ever told you that?’
‘Not that I recall’ he said his fingers gently stroking her face ‘but I won’t forget you said it now.’
‘I’ll say it again if you come see me tomorrow’ Cheyenne said hopefully.
‘Ok I’m ready’ Jasmine said making her way down the stairs ‘look what I did for you uncle Frank’
Frank turned his attention away from Cheyenne to Jasmine who had the biggest smile on her face ‘wow’ he gasped ‘that’s awesome.’
‘It’s a picture of me and you’ she said holding the paper in front of her ‘this ones you and this one is me’ she giggled
‘It’s wonderful’ he told her scooping her up in his arms ‘ready to go.’
‘Yep’ Jasmine said with a nod holding her picture carefully ‘bye Mommy’
‘Goodbye sweetheart’ Cheyenne said locking eyes with Frank not sure of who her goodbye sentiment was aimed at.
‘I’m taking her to the park then maybe to get something to eat I’ll bring her back around seven’ Frank said and without looking back he closed the door and left.


Past March 2008

‘What are you thinking?’ Gerard asked softly as he lay naked next to Cheyenne.
‘I don’t know’ she said rolling on her side burying her face in his neck ‘lots of things.’
‘All good?’
‘Yes’ she said kissing his throat gently ‘all good.’
‘Who would have thought we’d end up back here?’ Gerard said
‘What do you mean?’ she murmured as sleep was starting to take over
‘Together’ he said wrapping his arms around her ‘who thought we’d end up back together’
Cheyenne stiffened at his words she pulled the covers up to her chest and sat up. ‘Gerard is that what you think this is?’
‘Yes’ he said his eyes searching hers. ‘Isn’t it?’
‘No’ she said wrapping the bedding tightly around her ‘its just…I thought it was just sex.’
‘I thought it meant we were together’ he said sitting up ‘I thought…Cheyenne we are getting on great. What we’ve got going on with Jasmine is good. I thought we were settling down. I thought we were heading in a good direction.’
‘We are’ Cheyenne said ‘we are doing great especially when it comes to raising Jasmine but that’s all that this is, raising Jasmine. If she wasn’t here you and I wouldn’t be here right now.’
‘I thought we were getting back on track.’ He said in disbelief. He had convinced himself that they were getting back together that despite the small petty arguments they had had that things were going good between them.
‘We are but not the way you want it to be Gerard. I can’t be that way with you again after…’ she left the words die on her lips.
‘I see’ he said his face portraying the hurt and confusion that he felt inside. ‘My mistake.’
‘You can’t honestly think that after what happened I just forgive you like that and we’d fall back in love and live happily ever after’
‘I didn’t think it’d be just like that’ he said his embarrassment turning to anger ‘I thought I had proved myself to you over the last few months. I’ve bent over backwards for you. I thought my devotion to you and Jasmine was clear.’
‘A few months are not enough to erase the hurt Gerard and for the record your devotion to Jasmine is more then clear and I appreciate everything you do for her.’
‘And what about the things I do for you?’ he argued
‘They’re appreciated too’ she said touching his arms which he snatched away before she could lay her fingers on him.
‘But not enough’ he hissed.
‘Oh Gerard’ Cheyenne cried softly ‘I’m sorry if you feel I’ve led you on or led you into thinking that we had a future.’
‘And don’t we?’
‘Not one that I can see’ she said shaking her head honestly
‘How can you say that?’ He snapped getting out of the bed ‘we have spent the last few months just like any other couple who were raising a child together would. It’s easy enough to see what our future would be like.’
‘It’s not what I want’ she said
‘What do you want?’ he asked snatching up his clothes.
‘I want you to come back to bed’ she replied
‘Why so you could lead me into thinking that you want me, when all you really want is a fuck?’ he retorted pulling his jeans on.
‘I didn’t make you think anything’ she argued ‘you convinced yourself that I wanted you’
‘Oh really, so you never kissed me yesterday and you never held my hand all those times we’ve taken Jasmine for a walk. You never allowed me to hold you when we watched TV and you never kissed me goodbye when I leave here. I made all of that up right?
‘I was just being friendly’ she explained ‘I didn’t want to hurt your feelings by not reciprocating.’
‘You’ve instigated kisses, touching and hand holding Cheyenne. It hasn’t been all me’ he told her.
‘Then I’m sorry if my actions caused you to get the wrong idea.’ She replied her eyes meeting his ‘it wasn’t my intention.’
‘Is there anyway that any of that could be the right idea?’ he asked his eye pleading softly with hers.
Cheyenne didn’t respond she just shook her head her eyes averted from his.
‘Fine’ he growled the rejection fuelling his building anger even more ‘I’m out of here. I know where I’m not wanted.’
‘Gerard’ Cheyenne called after him but he slammed the bedroom door as he left and a few seconds later she heard the front door slam. She sighed heavily as she felt tears prick her eyes. What a mess they had made.


Present September 2012

‘Who are you?’ Jasmine asked Lyn, Frank hadn’t yet had the chance to introduce the woman they’d be spending the afternoon with before Jasmine’s curiosity got the best of her.
‘My name is...Kimmy’ Lyn said smiling sweetly at the beautiful little girl that held tightly to Frank’s hand.
‘My name is Jasmine. I’m five. That’s this many’ she said holding her right hand up, her fingers spread wide.
‘Wow’ Lyn replied with a big smile ‘that’s so big.’
‘Yeah but I won’t be six for ages’ she pouted
‘Trust me Mini don’t wish your life away’ Frank said releasing her hand ‘come on let’s go on the swings.’
‘Will you push me Kimmy?’ Jasmine asked Lyn. She was a trusting child and she already like the woman in front of her she was pretty just like her mommy.
‘Of course, I’d love too.’
‘But who’s going to push me?’ Frank whined pushing Jasmine lightly. She laughed loudly and took off in a run leaving the adults behind. The watched her go, her little legs carrying her foreword as her hair flew behind her, her giggling loud and light-hearted.
‘Kimmy?’ Frank said raising his right eyebrow.
‘My middle name is Kimberley’ she shrugged ‘you were late I thought you’d ditched me.’
‘Sorry’ he mumbled kicking at stands of grass as they walked towards the swings ‘Cheyenne cornered me’
‘She did?’ Lyn replied her face a mask of concern ‘you okay?’
‘Not really but I don’t want to talk about it.’ He said quietly lifting his head to look at Jasmine.
‘Enough said’ Lyn nodded ‘lets concentrate on the kid.’
‘That I can do’ Frank said and he set off after Jasmine all the while seeing Cheyenne in is head.


After Frank left with Jasmine Cheyenne sat on the sofa and cried. She cried of embarrassment at her actions and helplessness of the situation. How did this happen? How had they ended up here? She wasn’t sure how long she sat and moped for but it was the arrival of Gerard that had snapped her out of her thoughts.
‘I’m home’ he called out starling her. Cheyenne jumped off of the sofa and checked her appearance in the mirror sure enough her eyes were red and puffy, too late to hide them now.
‘I’m in here’ she said and he appeared seconds later his smile fading as his eyes locked with hers.
‘What’s the matter?’ Gerard asked rushing to her side ‘what happened?’
‘Don’t be so dramatic’ Cheyenne said kissing his lips ‘nothing has happened…sad movie.’
‘Oh’ he said his shoulders relaxing in relief ‘you really need to stop watching those’
‘I’m glutton for punishment’ she said with a small laugh.
‘Where’s the child?’ he asked noting that she hadn’t run down stairs and flung herself at his legs.
‘Frank took her out for the day he mentioned the park’ she said ‘Jasmine was excited’
‘Why didn’t you go?’ he asked
‘Didn’t feel like it’ she said not meeting his eyes ‘Plus if I went I would’ve missed that movie.’
‘Why don’t we go meet them now?’ Gerard said his eye lighting up at his idea
‘I don’t know’ Cheyenne hesitated. Frank didn’t want to be around her and she wasn’t going to force her presence at him anymore. ‘I’ve got to get dinner ready’ she said ‘why don’t you go ahead?’
‘I will’ he said ‘you’re missing out it’s a nice day.’
‘I’m fine as I am’ she assured him.
‘Ok see ya later’ he said. As he turned to leave he felt Cheyenne catch his arm she leaned forward and kissed his lips. He kissed her back and she pressed herself into him.
‘What was that for?’ he asked. He didn’t want to say it but the kiss to him felt forced and her lips on his were tense and hard not soft and relaxed like he was used to.
‘Nothing’ she said with a smile that he noted didn’t reach her eyes ‘it was just because.’
‘Thanks’ he said politely and he kissed her forehead making a mental note to speak with her later. Something wasn’t right and he needed to know what it was.

Gerard reached the park in record time. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been at the park with Jasmine and Frank had been there too. He and Frank had been through a really hard time in the last few years and the beginning of the year finally felt like they were back on track. He had really missed having his best friend in his life but it was like what Ray had once told him, you can’t have both and he was right. Gerard couldn’t have the alcohol and the drugs and still have a relationship with his family and friends no one wanted to re-live a past that they thought was long gone. No one wanted to go backwards. He smiled to himself at the progress that they had all made. Marriages and babies were what it was all about now. And happiness. Everyone he loved was happy it was a great feeling to be content but an even better one knowing you had people who felt the same to share it with.
He spotted them a mile off. Frank was dressed all in black, a chain hanging from his jeans a stark contrast to the other park goers all dressed in brighter more happy colours. He watched as Frank sat down on the swing and Jasmine run round behind him trying to push him, another little girl joined her, Gerard assumed she belonged to the lady and he laughed at their unsuccessful attempts. He watched as the lady with short blonde hair rolled up her sleeves and tried to help with the push but Franks legs were firmly on the ground making it impossible. They were laughing so much that they didn’t see Gerard approach.
‘Need a hand?’ he asked when he was a few feet away.
‘Daddy!’ Jasmine screamed and as usual ran at him at full speed. He picked her up and launched her into the air, catching her securely in his hands before setting her down. He watched the other little girl smile and run off towards a family eating a picnic and he wondered why the blonde didn’t chase after her.
‘Hey Gee’ Frank said quietly.
‘What’s up?’ Gerard said confused by his friends less then enthused greeting. Was he disappointed that he had come?
‘Hey Gerard’ Lyn said. He hadn’t looked at her but she spoke up as the uncertainty in Frank’s voice was loud and clear. This was why she was here. This was for her to deal with.
‘Lyn?’ he asked his eyes meeting the blondes up-close for the first time. He couldn’t actually be sure of what he was seeing. It wasn’t even possible was it? He looked from her to Frank trying to find a connection but nothing he could think of could add them together.
‘No silly daddy’ Jasmine said as she settled on the next swing to Frank’s left side ‘her name is kimmy.’
‘What are you doing here?’ he asked the sentence came out half polite and half as a growl as he tried to control his anger.
His tone wasn’t lost on Frank who stood up placing himself between them ‘Easy Gerard’
‘What is she doing here?’ he hissed
‘You two have a lot to talk about’ Frank said
‘Why don’t you take Jasmine on the slide?’ Lyn suggested
‘Are you sure?’ Frank said as the original plan was for him to be there.
‘You’re not taking her anywhere?’ Gerard barked ‘what is this?’
‘She’ll explain’ Frank said softly ‘Trust me. Come on Jasmine lets go.’
Gerard watched them walk away and he fought the urge to grab Jasmine and take her home but he knew he wouldn’t get the answers to his questions that way.
‘Take a seat’ Lyn said as she herself sat down on a swing.
Gerard hesitated and the sat down one swing away from her. Lyn sighed deeply and then began telling him why she was there.

A/N – Oh My Bob! Gerard is about to find out that he has more then one daughter. I wonder how he’ll take it. Hello all. I hope you’re all well. Thanks for reading, reviewing and rating my last two chapters as always I appreciate that. I hope this one was also to your liking. Will get the next one to you asap xx
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