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Just My Luck

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Patrick and Alex are "expecting" a huge present. (sorry I suck at summaries)

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Patrick's POV
I got off of stage dead tired I couldn't wait to go back on the bus take a shower and sleep. I walked into my dressing room and found
Alex sitting in a chair shaking with a really nervous look on her face.

"Alex? What's Wrong?"

"Nothing I just have a really bad headache."

"Oh, well uh are you ready to go back on the bus I'm exhausted."

"Yeah let's go."

Alex's POV

What did I just do?? Why didn't I tell him?? I'm so stupid as soon as we're alone I have to tell him.

"Hey!" Everybody was on the bus great that's just my luck.

Sophie walked me into the back she had a brown paper bag in her hands I'm guessing it was the pregnancy test.

"Here." She said as she shoved the bag in my hand.

"Go pee."

I laughed I was so relived to have her here with me. If I was by myself I think I would've broken down by now.I did what had
to do on the stick and waited I had to wait 3 damn minutes who knows what could happen in 3 minutes! I was breathing really
heavy so heavy Sophie started knocking on the door.

"Lex, you okay?"

"Um yeah I'm fine I'm just really anxious."

"Don't worry just breathe okay relax."

See she's so comforting it's like a female version of Patrick except me and her talk about girl stuff like worrying about being
pregnant and stuff like that. I'm so nervous I needed to take Sophie's advice and relax. Before I knew it I heard fast knocking
on the door.

"C'mon your three minutes are up!" She said in a hushed voice.

I looked down at the test in my hands all of sudden there were tears in my eyes it was positive I can't believe it I'm pregnant
I'm gonna be a mother I smiled Patrick's gonna be a father. Now I couldn't wait to talk to him.

I got out of the bathroom with tears still in my eyes Sophie looked at me with a worried look she's probably thinking the test
was negative.

"Oh , Lexi I'm so sorry." She said as in she pulled me in for a hug.

"For what?" I said with a smile from ear to ear.

"Oh my god! It came out positive!" She said while jumping up and down.


"Oh right sorry." She had a smile on just like mine.

"So are you gonna tell him."

"Of course I am."

"Well than what are you doing here go!"

I walked towards the back of the bus to my room. I opened the door and found Patrick knocked out on the bed.Shit just my luck.

Patrick's POV

I woke up with Alex laying down on my chest just the way I like it I wanted to get out of bed but I didn't wanna wake her so
I just watched her sleep.

Alex's POV

I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach I looked up at Patrick who was already up. It looks like he was watching me sleep.

"Were you watching me sleep?"

"Yeah gotta problem with it?" He laughed.

"Come on birthday boy we gotta get up."

"Oh yeah haha can you believe I totally forgot?"

Speaking of forgot I completely forgot about my news which I had to tell Patrick.

"Sweetheart." I said as gulped down the huge lump in my throat.

"Yeah Alex?"

All of sudden I jumped up from the knock on the door dammit. How come every time I try to tell him something gets in the way?

"C'mon you two let's get ready for a day of fun for the birthday boy!"

It was Pete I'm so surprised.

"C'mon sweetie let's go uh do you wanna go in the shower first?"


"Do you wanna go in the shower first?"

"Oh uh no you go ahead you know I take a long time."

I waited in bed for Patrick to get out of the shower I figured while I wait I'll make the bed and iron our clothes by the time
I was finished so was Patrick. I grabbed my things and hopped in the shower.

Patrick's POV

I walked into the front of the bus and I found everyone wearing party hats.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone yelled.

"Wow haha thanks guys."

"Whoa wait a minute we didn't even get sing don't you have any manners?" Said Pete.

"Haha right sorry what was I thinking?"

Pete coughed and put his hand on his neck as if he's a professional singer I laughed and thought to myself I'm really lucky I have a
beautiful wife, a nice house,and my job is doing what I love with my best friends. Pete and everyone started to sing.


"Haha thanks guys that was awesome." I said sarcastically.

"Your welcome we hoped you enjoyed it." Joe said with a big smile across his face.

Now don't expect your presents right now well don't expect any presents at all we didn't get you shit. Pete said while laughing.

I felt a pair arms hug my waist.

"Hey my little birthday boy." Alex said as she pecked me on the cheek.

"Listen Patrick I need to talk to you."

I gulped because those are six words you don't wanna hear it was always bad and I didn't wanna hear bad news especially on my

Alex's POV

I saw the look he got on his face I couldn't tell him not now I'll wait till later on when we have dinner since the guys had
another day off we all decided to stay at a nice hotel for a day then Patrick and I will go to a nice restaurant giving everyone some time to buy him a birthday
present after that we're all gonna go to a club give Patrick his presents and party hardy.

"Um uh do you want your present now or later?"

"Oh uh you decide."

"Well if you want I'll give it to you now because it's a pretty big present."

"Oh really." He said while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Patrick! C'mon I'm serious." I said while hitting him in the shoulder.

"Alright fine if you want to give me my present now go ahead."

"Yay!" I said while clapping my hands.

A few hours later

We got to the hotel I was so happy to be off of that bus all of sudden I felt like I had to throw up I ran behind the bus and
threw up the breakfast burrito I ate earlier. Patrick heard me oh no what if he puts two and two together and figures out that I'm pregnant.

"Alex! Are you alright?"

"Ugh yeah I'm fine." I said while wiping my mouth.

"What's wrong? Why did you throw up?"

"Uhh I don't know I'm gonna go check in the room and brush my teeth."

We got checked into our rooms Pete and Ashlee Were in the rooms next to us and Joe and Andy were in the rooms across from ours
the guys and girl from Cobra were on the floor beneath us and the ATL boys were on the floor above us and Hey Monday was on the
same floor as Cobra I felt bad for them since they're underage they can't come to the club with us later on. I kept trying to distract
Patrick from the fact that I threw up earlier He kept bugging me about it I told him the burrito I ate earlier was bad surprisingly he fell
for it.

I went into our room and laid down on the bed I was so exhausted. I only got to lay down for a sec since someone was knocking on
the door it was a delivery guy he had Patrick's drum kit I got him for his birthday.

"Oh it's perfect he's gonna love it!"

"Where do you want me to put it?"

"Just put in the middle of the room."

Alright there ya go I'll just need you to sign here. He said while handing me and a clipboard I signed it and showed him the way to the door.
I went into the closet looking for the big red bow I got to put on his kit.

"There it is." I put it on the cymbal.

After I was Finished with that I went back in the closet to get our outfits for tonight I laid them down on the bed Patrick's outfit was so sharp
he was wearing a black Burberry sport jacket and Burberry jeans a white button down shirt and a black fedora hat and I loved mine even more it
was a black Betsey Johnson dress with a electric blue belt around it with matching high heels but not too high Patrick always hates it when I wear
heels since I'm the same height as him the heels give me a lift so that's why I took them to a shoe repair man to them shortened a little. By the time
I finished ironing them it was already seven. There was a knock on the door I was hoping it was Patrick our dinner reservations were at eight thirty.
I opened the door it was him.

"Hey bab-" He stopped talking I'm guessing he saw the drum kit behind me.

"Oh my god this is so awesome I love it!" He said while lifting me in the air.

He put me down and kissed me.

"Thank you so much it's so awesome I can't believe you got me a new a drum kit!"

I laughed "I'm glad you like sweetie."

"C'mon we gotta get ready."

I went in the bathroom to do my make-up.

Patrick's POV

Wow I was so happy this was one of the best birthday presents she ever got me wow I can't wait to play it I sat down in the chair and picked up the drum sticks I
noticed they had my initials on them the little logo of me from my website and a bartskull it's like if I were to do this on my own I would of done it the
same way. I got up from the kit and walked towards the bed she laid out my outfit for me it was one of my favorite outfits she got me for my birthday when
she took me shopping. While she was putting on her clothes I put on mine I have such a good feeling about tonight I'm never really into the whole clubbing
thing but tonight I'm gonna have a really good night. I was done I looked in the mirror to see how my outfit looked while I was fixing my shirt I heard the
door open she walked out in the dress I got her for our anniversary she look absolutely gorgeous I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply. She stopped
the kiss we were leaning on each others foreheads.

"Alexis you look so beautiful."

She giggled the most adorable giggle I have ever heard.

"Thank you." She said while pulling on my collar for a kiss.

"Dear god you have such soft lips." I said as she was kissing on my neck

"Oh Alex."

She laughed in my neck.

"You like that?"

"Mmm very much."

She was seducing me and I liked it very much.


Tricky was her nickname for me I've had alot of nick names in my life but that one was my favorite because she only called me that whenever she's turned on.

"Yeah Lexi."

Alex's POV

I needed to stop this because if I didn't we would miss our dinner reservations and I really wanted to tell him that I'm pregnant.

"We should stop." I said as I pushed him away.

"What for?" He said while pulling me back in.

"Sweet heart were gonna miss our reservations."

He sighed and laid his forehead on my shoulder.

"Yeah your right let's go."

He grabbed our coats and opened the door for me.

If I was correct I think we were in Chicago we've been touring for a while now so it's always hard to remember where were at. We hailed a taxi and pulled up to the restaurant it was a really nice restaurant
I couldn't remember what it was called though it was a french restaurant so it probably had the words Le' or Bistro turns out it was called
Le' Bistro.

"Wow this place is so fancy."

I couldn't help to laugh because it was so adorable I kissed him on the cheek and took his hand and walked into the restaurant.

"Hello There Sir and Madame."

"Hi." the both of us said at the same time.

"We have reservations under the name Stump."

The Host looked down into the book and found our reservation.

"Okay right this way."

He grabbed our menus and walked us to our table.

"Your waitress will be with you in just a moment."

"Thank you" I said while sitting down Patrick came to my side of the table and pulled out my chair for me.
He moved his closer to mine and put his hand on my knee while the other was on the back of my head as he was
pulling me in for a kiss I love his lips so much they're so soft. I love him so much I took his hands and kissed
them softly trying not to get lip gloss on them I put his hands down on the table and held them.

"So are you having a good birthday so far?"

"I'm having a great birthday thank you for asking." He smiled that adorable smile at me I swear my heart melted.

He kissed me again only this time it was a much more deeper kiss Oh god I love this man so much I really needed to tell him
I know him he's gonna be so happy he's always wanted to be a father.

"I love you." He said as whispered he in my ear.

I giggled. I love you too sweetie.

He took me in for another kiss it was so intense he's so amazing I felt him slip his tongue into my mouth which I was very
surprised at Patrick wasn't exactly the kind up for public displays of affection. All of sudden I heard a cough our lips separated
faster than the speed of lightning.

So sorry to interrupt Mr. and Mrs. she paused and waited for one of us to respond with our name I could barely see my brain was

"Stump." Patrick said while his cheeks were violet red from blushing mines were too but you couldn't really tell from my make-up.

"Mr. and Mrs. Stump welcome to the Le' Bistro."

"Thank you." The both of us said at the same time.

"Would you like me to put in your drink orders?"

"Um yes I'll have a white wine and sweetheart what about you?"

"Oh um I'll have the same, no wait I'll have a sprite!

"Alright? I will be right back with your drink orders."

"Thank you."

"Why didn't you want wine you love white wine ?"

"Oh I don't know I figured I might drink later on at the club and I just don't feel like drinking right now."

"Oh okay."Patrick said while he picked up his menu "So sweetie what do you wanna order?"

I leaned on his shoulder and rubbed his leg and dangerously close to the crotch of his pants.

"I don't know I can't really make the menu out everything is in french."

"Yeah your right I just noticed." He said while laughing I swear his laugh is contagious and it's so adorable.

The Waitress came back with our drinks.

"Do we know what we want order or do we need a little more time?" She asked politely.

"Well we can't really make out the menu so what do you recommend?"

"Alright instead of what I recommend how about what the chef recommends since it's a special occasion." She said while winking at me.

"Okay sounds good thank you."

The waitress left again.

"What did we order?"

"Actually I don't know they just told me it's the chef's favorite dish so I figured it can't be bad."

He Laughed. "Sounds great."

Twenty minutes later

"Wow that was actually good I liked it alot."

"Yeah it was very good I'm glad you liked it sweetie." I said as I grabbed his chin and kissed him.

"Sweet heart there's something I want to tell you."

"Yes Lexi."

"Um well sweetie I've been wanting to tell you this since yesterday and-"

All of sudden I heard Patrick's phone ring.

"Oh I'm sorry baby just let me answer this really quick. "

Shit! Just my fucking luck every single time I try to tell him I can't I just have to spit it out!
Patrick hung up the phone.

"So what was it you wanted to tell me Alex?"

Patrick I'm -

Our waitress came out of no where with the check Dammit!

"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Stump I hoped you enjoyed your dinner and please come back again."

I couldn't do it every time I try to tell him I can't get it out .

"No thank you for a wonderful dinner and we will hope to see you again good night." I said as I pulled out my credit card and signed
the receipt.Patrick grabbed our coats and hailed a taxi outside.

I calmed down and breathed I just needed to relax down.

"Did you enjoy your birthday dinner sweetie?"

"Very much thank you for everything Lexi." He said as he kissed me his breathe kinda tasted like whine.

I sighed. "C'mon Patrick let's go to the club I said as I got into the cab."

I'm really sorry I took so long again with this one I just really suck at this but I'm bored and I really like writing so I hope you guys liked it.
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