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Sometimes We Take Chances And Sometimes We Take Pills

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We got to the club as soon as we walked in everybody was there and they screamed.


A huge smile spread across Patrick's face.

"Wow guys thanks this is awesome!"

After he said that they rolled in a huge cake the shape of a trucker hat that said 'Happy 25Th Birthday Patrick"
I put my arms around him.

Make a wish baby.

He laughed. "I wish that me and you will always be together no matter what."

"Don't say it loud or won't come true." I said as I kissed him on his cheek.

A few Hours later

There was wrapping paper everywhere we got all of Patrick's presents and put them in the tour bus I was sitting down with all of the
girls I was so exhausted I think by now Patrick was plastered I mean c'mon he's been with Gabe AND Pete the whole night.

"So Lexi you gonna give Patrick his birthday present tonight?" Victoria said while winking at me and hitting me with her elbow.

I laughed. "I guess you could say what I'm gonna tell him tonight is a present."

"Okay can we stop talking like pervs and be serious." Ashlee said in one of her bitch moods I don't know why but she's always like that.

"C'mon let's go get something to drink I wanna get drunk as the guys tonight." Victoria said while pulling me and Ashlee towards the bar.
and then I remembered again I can't drink.

"Victoria I don't feel like drinking tonight." I said while holding my stomach.

"Oh c'mon! Why not? Your at club that's what people do at clubs they drink, dance, and make such a huge a scene until they get kicked out."

"Besides when one person is shit faced and the other is sober during sex it sucks trust me on that."

"What if Patrick's not shit faced?"

"Trust me he's shit faced he's with Gabe and Pete." Ashlee said before sipping on her drink.

"C'mon Lexi bottoms up." She said while handing me a shot.

"Oh no you don't!" Sophie said while taking the shot from me.

"Are you crazy Lexi?! You can't drink in your condition!"

"Whoa wait a minute what's wrong with you? What condition?" Victoria said with her hands on her hips waiting for an answer.

I slapped my hand on my forehead.

"Thanks a bunch Sophie I owe you one."

"Um uh well you see Alex is getting over a cold and they say if you drink with a cold it gets worse." She said while fidgeting with her hair.

"That's bullshit!" Ashlee said while looking like she already had one too many drinks.

"Spit it out or I will for you!" She said while laughing.

"Fine but guys please promise me you won't tell anyone especially Patrick."

"OH MY GOD TELL ME YOUR PREGNANT!" Victoria said with a huge smile on her face.

How come she figured that out so fast but Patrick didn't is he that stupid?

I sighed and took a deep breath.

"Yes I'm pregnant."

"Oh my god! We're so happy for you!" They said while holding my hands and making me jump up and down.

"Wait a minute it is Patrick's isn't it?" Ashlee said.

My mouth dropped.

"Of course it's Patrick's!" Me, Sophie, and Victoria said while hitting Ashlee in her arm.

"So did you tell him yet?"

I sighed again.

"No I didn't."

"Well when did you find out?"


"Why haven't you told him yet?!"

"I don't know every time I try something gets in the way!"

All of sudden I got a sharp pain in my stomach I felt like I had to throw up. I put my hand over my mouth and ran towards the bathroom.

Patrick's POV

This shot was my third shot and we've been here for a couple hours so I figured that wasn't too bad. I haven't seen Alex in a while so I went to go look for her.
I saw Victoria from across the room even though I was seeing kinda blurry from being buzzed and not having my glasses but it was hard not to spot Victoria when she wears her Lady Gaga thunderbolt on her face.

"Victoria!" I shouted with my hands cupping my mouth. She walked towards me for some reason she had a big stupid smile on her face she was probably drunk.

"Hey you! Oh Patrick I'm so happy for you!" She said while hugging me.

"Uhh why?"

"Oh uh because you look really good and you look like your having so much fun!"

"Um thank you?"

"Anyway have you seen Lexi after we danced I noticed she's been with you girls."

"Yeah she's in the bathroom puking."

"Wow she already got that drunk?"

"Uh yeah go with that."

I walked towards the ladies room and knocked on the door.

"Lexi baby you in there?"

She came out with her breath smelling minty fresh instead of like vomit and liquor.

"Hey sweetie."

"I heard you were throwing up you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine sweet heart I really really need to talk to you c'mon lets go outside it's too loud in here." She said while taking my hand and guiding me towards the door.

We were outside the only thing you could hear was cars and the music from inside.

"Sweetie there's something I've been wanting to tell you since yesterday.

"Okay what is it?"

As soon as that came out of my mouth Joe and Pete came outside holding each other and laughing so hard they were red in the face.

Alex's POV

Shit! Every single fucking time! I can't believe this keeps happening!

"Dude you gotta get back in there!" Pete said while laughing.

"What is it guys? Were kinda in the middle of something."

"Oh dude fuck that let's just say it's another birthday surprise." Joe said while laughing.

I could barely understand the two of them this birthday surprise better be good.

Patrick's POV

Pete and Joe were pushing me back into the club once I got in my mouth dropped.

"Holy shit!" as soon as Joe and Pete heard my reaction they started laughing harder.

It was my ex Anna she broke my heart a couple of years ago and I haven't seen her since then. Alex has never met Anna so I'm worried that something might happen.

"Dude What the fuck is she doing here?!"

Hahaha!! I don't know we saw her walk in and we had to bring you back in here! Joe laughed more than said.

I looked at Alex she had that look on her face ya know "THE LOOK" that every man fears. I had to keep Alex away from her
not only that I had to keep myself away from her. Shit why did this have to happen? Why on my birthday? I know why cause it's
just my luck.

"Anna you mean ex Anna the ex Anna that lied to you and broke your heart and took complete advantage of you Anna? Is that Anna were talking about?!

"Um uh I.. Um" I was stuttering so bad I didn't even know what to tell her all I did know is that I wanted kill my dumb ass drunken band mates.

"Yes it is!" Hahaha Oh my god this is gonna be awesome! Pete said while wiping the tear in his eye he had from laughing so hard.

"Can we say CAT FIGHT!?" Joe shouted in a high pitched voice.

Before I knew it the whole club started chanting cat fight well just the guys actually.

"I'm going to fucking kill you two!"

"Oh don't worry about Stumpy it's no big deal I know your wife she won't do anything about this we just wanted to fuck with you."

"Really so you mean Alex is in on this?"

"Uh no... HAHAHA!" Joe's laugh is so annoying.

"You are so fucked!" Hahaha!


They both screamed in my face I wanted to punch them in their faces. All of sudden I watched Anna turn around It's probably because she heard
the guys scream my name like that.

"Patrick? Wait a minute Patrick Stump? Oh my god look at you!"

I pretended to not know who she is.

"Um I'm sorry do I know you?"

"Patrick c'mon it's me Anna don't you remember or do I have to remind you?" She said while walking closer and playing with the buttons on my shirt.

"Oh right Anna! How are you?" I said nervously while pushing myself away from her.

She giggled.

"I'm good how are you?"

"I'm fine In case you haven't heard I'm married now."

"Oh yeah I forgot that you got married. For how long now?"

"Um about two years well almost two years."

"Aww how cute. Is your wife here?"

"Um yeah she's here."

Then I heard Alex cough in my ear.

Alex's POV

Ugh she looked even more skanky than I imagined she had short blond hair and she was wearing way to much make-up and that dress was
so short.

"Hi I'm Alex." I said as I gave her my hand to shake. She didn't take it very quickly she scanned me for a sec.

"Umm hi I'm Anna." She said finally taking my hand to shake it by the look on her face I could tell she wasn't very impressed
with me.

"So Alex that dress is so.... um gorgeous where did you get it?"

"Oh this Patrick got it for our anniversary I can't remember where he got it."

I could tell she was lying through here teeth.

"Where did gets yours skanks-r-us?"

Her mouth dropped.

All of sudden I felt Patrick pull me away from her.

"What the hell was that for?!"


"Why did you do that she complimented your dress and then you go and make fun of hers!"

"Patrick are you that stupid she was lying through her teeth!"

"Patrick don't worry about I am grown woman and I can take childish remarks." She said as if I was Patrick's dumb ass kid.

"Listen I just remembered it's birthday today let me buy you a drink."

"Uh sure."

Great because of that slut Patrick was mad at me.

Damn I thought you girls were gonna fight I was so looking forward to that. Gabe whined more than said.

"Gabe shut the fuck up."

"Okay I'm gonna go over here where I can't get the shit beat out of me."

I walked over to the bar and grabbed Patrick around his waist and kissed him deeply. If I wanted this bitch to get away from him
I had to push it. I felt him grab my ass I'm guessing he was a little drunk I stopped the kiss.

"Do you wanna dance I love this song."

Um yeah sure. He said while wiping my lip gloss of his mouth.

I couldn't tell what the song was but it was one those really sexy dance songs so I did my best to make Patrick a little hot and bothered.
He grabbed my hand and walked me towards the dance floor. He started to move his arms around my waist I turned around so my back was facing his
chest I started moving my hips left and right and drove him crazy I noticed in the corner of my eye Anna was watching and she looked very
mad so she left for some reason I felt like she came here on purpose.It's like she knew we were gonna be here tonight. I started grinding my
hips against Patrick's crotch he quickly turned me around and kissed me I felt him slip his tongue inside my mouth it felt so good.

"Oh Alex can we go back to the hotel?"

“Of course, Patrick.” I said in a seductive tone.

We left the club and hailed a taxi. Once we got to the hotel and were in the elevator, Patrick had me up against the wall of the elevator and was trailing kisses all along my exposed collar bone.

When the elevator dinged and the doors opened we were practically running to our room. Patrick fumbled for the door key while our lips were still locked, which proved to be a lot harder than it looked. After no more than a few terribly long seconds later, he got the door open and we fell on top of the queen size bed. Patrick was lying on top of me as we continued making out fiercely.

“’Tricky.” I moaned as he started trailing kisses down my neckline. I felt his hands make their way down the sides of my body and under my dress. He trailed his hands up on my thighs and towards my hips. He was playing with the fabric of my underwear while I started to unbutton his shirt.

Once his shirt was off, the rest of our clothes followed soon after and we were only lying in our underwear. Patrick moved his mouth down my body, kissing each spot. When he kissed the spot right under my belly button, that’s when I remembered; I didn't tell him I was pregnant yet.

"Patrick." I moaned as he kissed my neck I could feel a hickey forming.

"Mmm yes Alexis."

"Sweetie we should stop." As soon as I said that Patrick shot his eyes at me with disappointment.

"Why?!" He whined.

Patrick there's something I've been wanting to tell you since yesterday.

"Can't you tell me after you give my birthday present?" He said while kissing my neck I felt how badly he wanted his present.

I giggled but I felt horrible I pretty much lead him on but the look he's going to get on his face once I tell him will make up for it... I hope.

"No sweetheart this can't wait."

He sighed. "Fine what is it that you want to tell me?"

I held the both of his hands I felt my eyes starting to water I knew how badly my miscarriage hurt him. How badly he wanted to be a father. The reason I felt like I was going to cry is because I was so happy I couldn't wait to hear what he's going to say.

"Sweetheart what's wrong?" He said in a worried way.

"Nothing it's good news really good news." I sighed.

"Okay what is it?"

Patrick...I'm Pregnant.

Thanks a million to my friend Lindzie I'm not exactly good at love scenes so thank you so much your awesome! Remember To R&R guys!
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