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Honey is for bees silly bear.

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Patrick's POV

"What?" I said with a huge smile on my face.

"Patrick I'm pregnant." She said once again with tears in her eyes.

"Oh my god sweet heart that's great!" I said with tears now in my eyes as I pulled Alex in for a hug.

Wow I couldn't believe I'm going to be a father we have another chance at having a family I can't even
describe how happy I am.

"When did you find out?"


"Oh Alex I'm so happy man... wow I can't even tell you how happy I am. I said as a tear rolled down my cheek."

"Really Tricky?"

"Of course Lexi I mean we're gonna be a family. Your gonna be a mother and I'm gonna be a father I couldn't imagine a better birthday present."

"Oh Patrick you don't know how happy I am to hear you say that." She said as she pulled me in for a kiss.

Alex's POV

I'm even more happier to hear that he's happy I couldn't wait until I get my baby belly when I could start feeling the baby move
and most of all I couldn't wait to have the baby to hold he or she in my arms but now that I think about I felt guilty I felt like
I was replacing my unborn daughter I didn't want to feel like that. If she was born she would be two years old. I bet she probably would've
looked like Patrick and she would be a big sister it hurts me and it will probably always hurt me don't get me wrong I couldn't be happier
it's just I feel guilty I don't want to feel like I'm just filling a void. All of sudden I felt more tears streaming down my face as I was
kissing my husband.

"Sweetheart what's wrong?" Patrick noticed that these tears weren't tears of joy.

"I just feel like we're replacing her."

He looked down and didn't say anything.

"Can you believe that I was thinking the same thing I just didn't want to say anything."

"I'm mean honey don't get me wrong I'm happy I'm pregnant I just loved her so much and I never even got to hold her."

"Do you feel guilty, because I do."

"Yes I do it's not fair she should be here with us celebrating the fact that she could've been a big sister."

Patrick once again didn't say anything.

"It's all my fault she's not here." I said as I felt more tears streaming down my face.

"Alex I have told you this a thousand times It was not your fault in anyway, shape, or form!"

I shouldn't of said that every time I do it gets him worked up.

"There's something else that I've thinking about." I said while wiping my tears.


"Baby I'm really scared that something might happen and if something does happen I'm scared that it will lead into us finding out that I can't have kids."

"Alexis! That is crazy you can have kids your pregnant right now aren't you? There is nothing that is going to stop us from having this baby."

"Your right." I said as I put my hand on my stomach.

All of sudden I watched Patrick run to the bathroom with his hands over his mouth I'm guessing all of that drinking got to him.
Once he was done he knocked out on the bed I was pretty tired too so I placed myself on his chest and did the same.

Patrick's POV

I woke up with one of the biggest headaches I think I've ever had I feel like someone beat the shit out of me. I noticed Alex wasn't in the bed with me
then I heard her throwing up in the bathroom just hearing her do it made me want to I felt absolutely horrible this is why I never drink that and sometimes
it can bother my voice. I got up out of bed to check on Alex.

"Lexi baby you okay?"

"Ugh yeah I guess."

"How do you feel?" She said while putting toothpaste on her toothbrush.

"Like someone just beat the fuck out of me."

"Aww I have some aspirin in my purse. Once we clean up we'll go get some coffee okay?"

"Sounds good." I said as I looked through her purse for aspirin.

I hate hang overs. I feel so hung over that I'm worse than hung over I feel hung under but I wasn't so hungover that I couldn't remember what went on last night.
Alex and I are finally going to start a family I was so excited but there is one thing that I'm not looking forward to and that's telling Alex that she'll have to go back home.
Pregnant women aren't supposed to be on tours it would be difficult for her here she's better off staying at home.

"Did you find the aspirin?" She said in a bath towel with her dripping wet I have to admit even though I was feeling like shit that really turned me on.

"Umm uh yeah."

"Okay take them or do you want me to crush them for you." She said sarcastically.

"Ha ha no thank you." I said as I popped two aspirin in my mouth.

In the corner of my eye I watched Alex drop her towel off of her body. My god this woman is amazing that body just gives me chills.
I'm such a lucky bastard. Alex is the most beautifulest woman ever. She has long brown hair gorgeous green eyes perfect bone structure and
that's just her face don't even get me started on that amazing body. She was just the right size thin but yet curvy every part of her body is soft and silky smooth.
One of things I love about her is she really likes to be fit her abs alone are amazing. I just don't have any clue why she married me I mean she doesn't look real and me well I'm eh.

"Okay sweetie I'm all done in the bathroom."

"Cool." I said as I grabbed my things and walked towards the bathroom.

I made sure that the temperature had to be piping hot I just wanted the hot water to hit my back that feeling just drives me crazy.

Alex's POV

While I waited for Patrick I got our things together and then I heard a knock on the door.

"Hey good morning." Sophie said while handing me some coffee.

"Morning Thanks for the coffee but I think I'm gonna leave it for Patrick he doesn't feel so well."

She laughed. "Aw poor thing I'm guessing he drank alot last night. Speaking of last night did you tell him yet?"

"Yes I told him last night."

"Aww what did he do?"

"The look he got on his face was priceless it was absolutely heart melting."

"Oh Lexi I'm so happy for you!"

"Thanks I'm really happy too."

"So do you want a boy or a girl?"

"Honestly Sophie I don't care long as my baby is healthy."

"Where's Patrick? I just noticed he's not here."

"Oh he's in the shower." As soon as the came out of my mouth Sophie's mouth dropped and her cheeks turned rosy red.

"OH MY GOD PATRICK I'M SO SORRY!" She said as she put her hands over her eyes with a smile on her face.

I turned around to find my husband butt naked which I had to say is always a turn on.

"Ha ha ha!" I didn't mean to laugh I just couldn't stop it was so funny I didn't really mind I've always told Sophie Patrick
is very well sized she just never believed me she probably does now.

"Holy Shit Sophie I'm so sorry!" Patrick shouted while wrapping the towel around his waist.

"I'm gonna go downstairs and get some coffee!" She said frantically with her hands still covering her eyes.

"You already have coffee." I said while giggling.

"Shut up Alexis!"

"Oh god this is really awkward, Lexi can you give me some clothes please!"

I went through his bag and picked out his underwear and clothes and handed them to him with a huge stupid smile on my face.
Once he got them he hurried into the bathroom.

"So what did you think of my Tricky's little ricky or should I say big." I said while laughing.

" Alex shut up! This was embarrassing for the both of us and it's not funny!"

"You didn't answer my question." I said while covering my mouth from laughing.

She smirked."I totally believe you and wow!" She said while now laughing.

All of sudden we both heard the bathroom door open and stopped laughing which was really hard.(Pun not intended)

"Ladies." Patrick said while adjusting his hat and glasses as if nothing happened.

"Patrick I'm really sorry I should turned away or something."

" I'm the one who should be sorry I thought Alex was the only person in here. I'm really embarrassed."

" Oh don't be." Soon as that being said she plopped her hands on top of her mouth and left out of embarrassment.

Patrick's mouth dropped.

"I don't know if I should be flattered or embarrassed." He said with his hand on his forehead.

"Maybe both." I said while grabbing him in for a kiss.

A few hours later we were back on the bus with everyone.

"So Patrick I heard Sophie saw all of your junk." Pete said while laughing.

"Shut up Pete, wait a minute how did you hear?"

"Hahaha your wife!" He said while laughing harder.

"Alex! You said you wouldn't tell!"

"I'm sorry it slipped out." I said while smiling.

"I also hear that you two are expecting a little baby Stump."

Patrick couldn't help to smile , so did I.

I giggled. "We sure are I said while rubbing my stomach."

"Believe it or not Pete but, I'm really nervous." Patrick said as he put his hand on top of mine.

"Well than that's how I know your human."

"So you mean you were nervous too?"

"Dude, of course I was! I was a total wreck, but you really don't have anything to be nervous about, your gonna be an awesome dad and Alex is gonna be a awesome mom. I'm really happy for you guys no one deserves this more than you two." Pete said while giving me and Patrick hugs.

Patrick's POV

A few minutes later we arrived at the venue we were in California and that's where I was living at the moment so all I have to do is tell Alex
she can't come on the rest of the tour.

"Hey Patrick you guys go on in ten!" Diaz shouted from across the room.

"Alright thanks man!"

"Hey you." Alex said while softly hitting my arm.

"Heys are for horses come here and give me a kiss." I said while patting my lap inviting here to sit down.

She giggled and sat down in my lap and kissed me deeply. How am I going to do this? How am I supposed to tell her she has to leave?
I know she's gonna get mad but it' for her own good. I am going to miss her and these kisses.

"Hey sweetheart I have this Idea."

"Really, What's your idea hot stuff?" She said while kissing on my neck.

"Well Alex you know I love having you here with me but, I think you should go back home."

What?! Why?! I don't wanna go home I wanna stay with you! She whined while rubbing my leg which was driving me crazy.

"Sweetie since your pregnant I don't think you should be here , you should be at home relaxing."

"I can relax here with you." She said while nibbling on my ear. Dammit is she out to kill me or something?

"Alexis I would feel alot better knowing your safe at home instead of being out here on the road end of discussion."

"What are you my mother?! Patrick I am a grown woman,I can make decisions for myself!" She said while getting off of my lap.

"Alex I know that sweetie it's just your not going to be feeling so well, your probably gonna get morning sickness and what if the bathroom is taken? Hm.

She looked at me with disappointment but that's only because she knew I had a point.

"I guess your right ,but Tricky I'm gonna miss you." She whined while kissing me repeatedly on the cheek.

"No buts your not coming on the rest of the tour and that is final."

" It's not fair."

I felt bad she was going to miss me and I was going to miss the hell out of her.

"I'll call you everyday and every night and maybe sometimes in the middle of the day for no reason." I said while playing with her hair.

"You promise?"

"Better than that I pinkie swear." I said while handing her my pinkie.

She took it with hers and kissed me.

"Come on Patrick you guys are on!"

"Alright, wish me luck sweetie."

"Good luck Tricky." She said as she kissed me on the cheek.

I bent down and kissed her stomach and ran with the guys to the stage.

We opened with Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes once we were done Pete started talking like he normally does , but he said something that was kinda left field.

"As you all know I am a father a good one I guess ha ha but Patrick has some news that has to do with parenthood."

"Oh god why Pete why here? I was thinking of announcing on the interweb or something."

"Fuck it dude your already here."

I sighed and then laughed I guess he's right why keep it a secret they are my fans they would like to know.

"Well you guys as you all know I am married and uh well my birthday was yesterday I got a present I did not expect from my wife. Guys I'm gonna be a dad!"

The crowd went wild I heard aws, congratulations, and were so happy for you throughout the crowd. It felt good to know that the fans were happy for me it felt awesome actually.

"Patrick wrote this song when he and Alex first got married because that's he really knew he wanted to be a dad."

While Pete was talking Joe came to me and whispered in my ear.

"He wants you to sing Lullaby."

I knew Pete made that up he didn't want the fans to know that my wife had a miscarriage and I really appreciated that ,there's a fine line of things you should and shouldn't
tell your fans that was one of them. I actually wrote that song days after finding out she was pregnant now I couldn't wait to sing it to this baby.

"Alright guys here it goes."

/]"Honey is for bees silly bear
Besides there's jellybeans everywhere
It's not what it seems in the land of dreams
Don't worry your head just go to sleep

It doesn't matter how you feel
Life is just a Ferris wheel
It's always up and down, don't make a sound

When you wake up the world will come around
When you wake up the world will come around

It's just the sweet weather
and the peacock feathers
in the morning it will all be better
It's not what it seems in the land of dreams
Don't worry your head just go to sleep

When you wake up the world will come around
When you wake up the world will come around

Honey is for bees silly bear
Besides there's jellybeans everywhere
It's not what it seems in the land of dreams
Don't worry your head just go to sleep"[/

Once I finished singing I actually felt a tear roll down my cheek. Alex's voice popped into my head "I feel like were replacing her." I looked to my right and noticed Alex holding her stomach with tears streaming down her face this was the first time she's heard me sing that song.

Hope you enjoyed this one I thought was really sweet. Remember guys R&R and I will be extra fast with chapter seven.
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