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After our discussion about videogames, I decided that I should apologise to Gerard, for knocking him over.
"Gerard?" I asked in a quiet voice. Don't get shy now, you've been speaking all lunch.
"'Sup, Lauren, is it?"
"Yeah, erm..I just wanted to say sorry again, for hurting you this morning."
"It's okay really, it barely hurt anyway. But you seemed in such a rush this morning, I'm guessing you were, 'cos nobody runs through school to get to first period, if they wanted to be early..." Gerard kept talking. I was listening, sure, but his voice seem to fade as I was staring into his hazel eyes, and I thought it was weird that he could keep eye contact for so long.
His beautiful hazel eyes never left my icy blues.
Wait a minute did I just say beautiful hazel eyes. What is wrong with me.
Don't get me wrong Gerard is very attractive and -
- very attractive? I meant alright looking.
"...yeah so I thought that was kinda funny you bumping into me."He laughed. Oh my god his laugh was amazing. Genuine, beautiful and wow.
I laughed to, so he wouldn't think I was ignoring him or something. Even though I wasn't ignoring him, I just wasn't listening...
Okay from what I've been saying to myself, it sounds like I have a crush on Gerard, even though I've only known him for half an hour at the most.
I was about to say something, maybe something I would regret, but someone tapped me on the left shoulder.

I turned round and it was Jodie.
Not by herself though, she was with Alexa, Luke, Kristy, twins Holly and Amanda, and Chanel were with here.
These were the people who treat me like shit.
"Why are you with these emo's Lauren? Oh yeah it's because you're one" They all start laughing
"Just so you know, we don't you sitting with us anymore, it's clear you've turned completley emo, if you're sitting with them" Kristy said
Everyone laughed again. Then they walked away. I could feel my confidence slipping away every second I sat there.
Mikey and Ray gave me sympathetic looks and Frank came over and hugged me.
Why? I don't know, but I liked it.
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