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"Can I ask you something?" Asked Frank.
"Sure, what?"
"Were they your friends?"
"Erm...yeah you could say that I guess."
They all looked at me for a minute. By the looks on their faces, they couldn't beleive that someone who is suppose to be my friends, would treat me like that.
"Your friends, who treat you like shit, Lauren. How long have you had to deal with that?" Asked Gerard.
"Why does it matter? None of you know me, why do you care?" I could feel anger boil up inside me. But I wasn't going to lash out. I had to stay calm.
"Why do we care?" Mikey asked with annoyance in his voice.
"Because, you're our friend now, Lauren, okay. Don't worry we're not gonna treat you like shit. We are gonna treat you like a person, a friend." Mikey's voice was alot calmer now.
I almost wanted to cry. I could feel tears, but I wan't going to let them fall, I hate crying in front of people.
Somehow they knew how I was feeling, and all five of them came hug me.
About 10 minutes later, the bell went and Ray, Bob and Mikey pulled away from the hug. Gerard and Frank stayed a few seconds longer, which I was thankful for.
Then we started walking to next period.

Luckily I was in the same Chemistry as Frank and Bob, so I wasn't going to be by myself.
Chanel and Luke were in there as well, but they weren't going to bother me if my boys are with me.
Oh my god - did I just say "my boys" I've known them since lunch - Frank since History - and already I feel like I've known them for years.
I'm so happy that I finally have some good friends - even if they are all boys
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