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Axel sentences.

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I - Weakness

Axel’s greatest weakness is the way Roxas looks at him when he’s trying to be angry, the slight turn of his lips when he thinks Axel’s not paying attention, the coldness in his eyes as he stares down Oblivion to his unwitting prey.

II – Dialogue

There is a quiet way of dialogue between the two of them that Axel could never mimic: later, he looks at Namine in a much different light.

III -Rewriting

Larxene is rewriting Axel’s entire textbook on how to break hearts with a single glance, he acknowledges that fire may be overwhelming but Lightning always catches one unawares.

IV - Reasoning

Axel’s reasoning was that Demyx wasn’t just an idiot but a self-centered one, why the heck else would he openly dismiss the superior’s admittedly sketchy logic about hearts and spend twice the effort on his music than on his fighting.

V - Marriage

He wonders if there’s a link, some sort of marriage between his magical element being fire and his other—what sort of person were they like?

VI – Ride

Axel heavily regrets being so blatant with intentions towards the younger nobody (“Baby, I know you’d be hell fun to ride, I’d do you all day if you’d stand still long enough to let me,”) during battle: it did little to distract Roxas, and the disgust that suddenly marred Roxas’ face only served to catch Axel off guard.

VII - Meat

They played this game sometimes, Roxas and he, where Roxas tried to be serious and Axel tried not to be plain dead meat.

VIII - Contradictory

It’s a very contradictory notion, that he’s still alive and together to this day, when part of him died in that day when he tried to get Roxas to come back to him with only memories.

IX - Stranger

But then he was just a stranger in the eyes of the others, another pawn left to knock off to reach the king.

X – Element

It probably won’t work but Axel has the element of surprise on his side, killing a nobody is just like killing a heartless; don’t personify them.

XI – Saving

He’s saving his best move for last, knowing just how lasting it’s going to be.

XII – Soft

Roxas must be going soft, because today he doesn’t mind like usual how Axel grabs his arm and pulls him into a spontaneous hug.

XIII – Head

He’s the head of the Organization, but who really gives a shit when Xemnas does nothing but hold meetings and sit in his office all day?

XIV – Rolling

Axel’s rolling some sushi for Roxas and himself, since his Dancers can’t even cook toast without at least burning the edges.

XV – Ethic

His work ethic rather ran dry, leading a double double life with Marluxia and Xemnas.

XVI – Motor

Axel could see the little motors in Vexen’s head whirring, and promptly decided that he and the chick with the blue hair were not to be underestimated.

XVII – Recycling

”So I guess it’s all one big effort in recycling to you, people turning into heartless to nobodies to hearts to humans, that I see, but in order for there to be more nobodies there have to be more heartless, more innocents killed for a statistic you call for the greater good, I call extremely selfish.”

XVIII - Spectacular

The sunset view from Twilight Town’s clock tower was spectacular but fake, somehow Axel half expected it to turn into a broken pixel mess as he approached Roxas and his imaginary friends from behind.

XIX – Shut down

“Ooh shut down,” Larxene called in some remembrance to the constant slang of her other, after Axel asked Zexion why he hadn’t packed up for the next circus yet, seeing as he obviously thought himself too good for this house of freaks.

XX – Rope

Axel tried not to look impressed, watching the ivy weave around his arm like some sort of snake or rope, as the sun settled in to the forest on a world in a floor in Marluxia’s castle that he didn’t entirely recognize.
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