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That was so hard back there. Getting her blood samples. She held my hand the whole time, and her soft skinned small hand in my large pale hand felt so right.

Gerard Way you are a doctor, Ivy Bellamy is a patient who is underage, control yourself.

I focused back on what I was suppose to be doing; Retrieving skittles for Ivy.

When I had bought them from the tiny hospital shop, I headed back towards her room, only I got stopped.

"Doctor Way! It's Mr Jones, he's having another heart attack!" Nurse Wallace said hurriedly before running off back to Mr Jones. I put the skittles in my pocket, before following her.

When we got to his bed, he was surrounded by doctors and nurses.

"Everybody move." I yelled. I grabbed the two box type item and shocked his chest, trying to keep him alive.

"Come on, come on!" I screamed, repeatedly shocking his chest, yet nothing was working.

"Doctor! I'm sorry, he's gone." Nurse Wallace told me.

I looked at her, frowning, before nodding.

I cleared my throat, before checking my watch, "Time of death 2:34 a.m." I said lowly and then placing a blanket over his head.

I walked away without another word. I was furious with myself. How could I let one of my patients die? He was just getting better. He was going to change to make himself better and he dies before he even has a chance!

I screamed in anger. "Doctor. It's okay. We can't save everyone."

"Yes we can! We just don't try hard enough! None of my patients have died since I was an intern. That was five years ago!"

She paused before saying, "It doesn't make you a bad doctor, sir." Then she walked away.

I ran my hands through my hair and placed them by my side, feeling something in my pocket. I then remembered, Ivy.

I paced myself back to her room and entered, and like always, she was awake.

"Hey, sorry I took so long." I told her, my voice not sounding as upbeat as usual. I took the skittles from my pocket and threw them to her. When she tried to grab them, she winced in pain, and I remembered her broke arm.

"Shit, I'm sorry sugar, here." I passed them to her normally and she took then and ate them.

"Is everything okay Doctor?" She asked concerned.

"Gerard. I keep saying. And no I'm not alright, but it's nothing for you to worry about." I picked up the forms from the end of her bed and read anything that appeared new, "Good news Miss Bellamy, everything came back negative. You have no diseases."

She furrowed her eyebrows, "Miss Bellamy?"

I smiled slightly, "I'll call you Miss Bellamy until you learn to call me Gerard." She just shrugged.

"So what happened for you to be so moody?"

I sighed, "If you must know, one of my patients died of a heart attack just ten minutes ago. I don't wanna brag, but non of my patients have died since my intern year. Five years ago."

"Gosh, impressive, and I'm sorry." I shook my head telling 'don't be'.

I sat on her bed and watched her as ate her skittles. She stopped when she saw me staring, "What? Have I got something on my face?"

I smiled again, "No." I kept staring, and now she was staring at me.

I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was so beautiful.

Then I did something I should never have done, no matter how much I wanted to.

I kissed her.

It was ever so gentle, but a kiss none the less.

I pulled away, and I had shock written on my face, "I'm so sorry."

Before she had time to say anything else, I was out the door.

Ivy's POV

It had been two day's since the kiss. The first day he had called in sick and the second day he had been his day off. Not that i cared much, i just wanted a caring doctor back. Brenda was nice, but she never bought me skittle's and Held my hand before i went to sleep.

"Ivy, time for another injection" Came brenda's voice from the door.

"Brenda, Will Doctor way be in today" I asked While she got the needle Ready.

"He's working the night shift so he will be in later" She smile knowingly. "You've been asking for him a lot, Anything you want to tell me" She cukled.

"NO, I Um, Ha, I Mean No" I Stuttered. She Raised her eye-brow.

"Just because i'm 55 doesn't mean i don't know how you tick" She said before putting the needle into my arm.

"OWWW" I Screeched.

"It's Over, It's Over" She said, throwing the needle away " How Gerard ever puts up with you i'll never know" She laughed

"Do You Want me to Get you anything" She asked.

"Can i have some skittle's Please" I asked.

"Sure thing, I'll be as quick as i can" She said, closing the dorr behind her.

I Must have fell asleep because the next thing i know Brenda is shaking me.

"Here you go, I'mo ff now, but i've told front Desk to send Gerard straight up when he comes in" She said handing me my skittles. "Try and Get some sleep" She cooed, leaving me alone with my skittles.

The next two hours were spent tossing and turning Trying to sleep, Eventually i gave and and just led there Looking at the Ceiling.

I was just droppig off when the Dorr opened quietly.

"Good Evening Ivy"

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