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"I'm gonna make you feel so good Ivy." I whispered in her ear, my hot breath on her neck made her shudder, "So good." I kissed her ear.

She pulled back so and kissed me hard, getting her fingers tangled in my hair.

"I want to feel you Gerard." Her voice was low, and full of lust.

I kissed her again, this time letting my hands wander south, until they reached the bottom of her hospital gown. My hands squeezed her thighs, and pulled them apart.

My left hand went up her gown, slowly so she could stop if she wanted. She was wearing panties, so I pulled then down. Once I did that, my hand went back up her gown, and without a moment's noticed I inserted a finger, making her gasp into the kiss.

My finger kept on pumping in and out and soon enough I added a second finger, then a third.

"God, you are so fucking tight." I said in her ear, then went back to her mouth.

I felt her tighten around my fingers, she was loving this. I decided to go a little bit further, and raised my thumb, rubbing her clit.

She moaned in my mouth at the feeling and her walls tighten around me more. I knew she was close.

My lips left hers and kissed along her neck and started sucking and biting, making sure I left a mark.

She kept moaning in my ear, as her fingers were again lost in my hair. I knew all of the feelings she had now were new. She had never experienced this before.

I started to pump harder inside her and it wasn't long before I had her screaming, "Oh, Gerard!" in my ear.

I stopped what I was doing, and pulled my fingers out of her, and were now covered in a sticky white substance, and placed them in my mouth, licking off every last bit.

Although she was panting and she was exhausted, the look in her eyes told me she found what I was doing disgusting.

"That's gross." She panted.

I winked, "You taste good." She scrunched up her nose. I laughed and kissed the tip of it.

She bent down and pulled up her panties, and it was then I realized my boxers and pants were still down, so I pulled them up.

"Should I have done that too?" Ivy asked.

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Done what?"

"You know, licked my hands, like you did."

I smiled, and pulled her into me, my arms around her waist and hers placed around my neck. I pecked her lips gently, "You don't have to do anything you don't want to baby." She blushed when I called her that.

"We should...probably get back, you have other patients to treat."

I groaned, "I know, but I would much rather treat you."

She giggled, "Something tells me the kind of treating you're referring to, isn't what's in your job description."

I nodded, "Damn right it's not." I pulled her closer and kissed her softly. Ivy was amazing, she really was. There wasn't anything about her I didn't like. She was...perfect.

"I'll go out first." I told her, and she nodded.

I opened the door and walked out, I searched the corridor and no one was about. I gestured Ivy to come out and she did. I took her hand and led her back to her room.

"I'll come see you later if I can."

"Okay, hope to see you later then." Oh god, this is like some ending to a first date or something. Walking her to her door, and the awkward goodbye moment.

I don't even know why it was awkward, maybe it was because we took our relationship to the next level. I knew she had never done anything like that before.

"So...bye." I said, kissing her one more time.

"Bye Gee." And she closed the door as I walked away.

As I was walking down the corridor, I was thinking...


Ivy's POV

Brenda and Gerard were both in my room. Gerard was giving me Some kind of injection and Granda was helping him out. Once Gerard had given me the injection Brenda Scooted and started Examining my Ribs and stuff.

"How was your day Ivy" Brenda asked.

"Pretty exciting" I answered with a smirk. Gerard was wearing the Same smirk as me as he filled in the book at the end of my bed.

"I'm going to see to my other patient, will you be okay Brenda" Gerard asked as he neared the door.

"I'll be fine, Off you go now" Brenda said kindly.

Brenda continued to Check me over.

"Ivy, I Want you to know not to hurt him" Brenda said suddenly.

"What do you mean" I Stuttered.

"He has had his fair share of crappy relationships, The first was Kat, All i know is her name, He won't tell me anything else, But the Next was Hannah. She was every mans dream, Blonde hair, big boobs, Tanned skin. They dated for a year, he was going to propose to her, The night he was going to do it he caught her cheating on him, in their bed, he vowed never to date again" She said in a serious tone.

"I Have no idea why you are telling me this, there's nothing going on between us Brenda, honest" I said.

"Well if you say so, your all done sweetie" She said patting my arm and making her way out of my room.

Did she know anything?? What if she did?? Gerard could loose his job and go to prison. What if brenda didn't belive what i told her?
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