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Going into work this morning, I couldn't help but smile. I was going to see my beautiful secret girlfriend again today. I was seriously falling for her, fast. We had only been going out nearly three weeks!

When I went through the automatic doors to the hospital, I was greeted with a hot cup of coffee from Brenda.

"Thank you Brenda."

"No problem Gerard." She seemed a little distant today.

"Everything okay?"

She nodded, "Yeah. But, can I ask you something?" I nodded, "Okay, I have this...friend, male friend, who likes this person a lot. I know she likes him too, but she's younger than him. A lot younger than him. I think they maybe involved in some way. What should I tell my friend?"

I shrugged, not thinking anything of her story, "If they like each other, then let them be together. Age shouldn't matter."

"But what if the girl is illegal?"

"Then, don't say anything to anyone. They obviously want to be together and are keeping it secret. Why ruin that?"

"I wasn't going to ruin anything Gerard. I just want my friend to talk to me about it. Thank you anyway." And she walked off, but not before giving me a 'you're really dumb' look. I shrugged it off and went to see Ivy.

Without knocking, I entered, and sighed, "Do your eyes close like, at all? Why are you always awake?"

She shrugged, she too seemed different this morning.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"I think Brenda might know about us?"

My eyes went wide, "What? How?"

She shrugged, "I don't know, last night after you left, she told me not to hurt you. I acted as if I didn't know what she was on about, then she told me about some of your ex-girlfriends -"

"She did what?" I was annoyed now. Why would she tell someone about my life. I trusted her with that. She knows how hard it is for me to trust people.

"Oh, you didn't want me to know about Miss Big Boobs?" By the tone of her voice, I knew this may lead to an argument.

"It's not that I didn't want you to know Ivy, it's that I trusted her with stuff about my life. What I told her should never have been repeated to anybody! She knows how hard it is for me to trust another person be it female or male."

"Whatever Gerard, it was so obvious you didn't want me knowing about Hannah, I mean why would you? Am I just some temporary girlfriend until you can find another slutty blonde! 'Cause that's what all guys want isn't it. Some blonde with huge fake boobs and tanned skin. You don't want a black haired girl with average sized real boobs and pale skin!"

"Oh my god, listen to yourself you sound like a little child! Another sluttly blonde? Please that is what my ex-girlfriend was, a slut! Why the fuck do I want that when I already have the perfect girl!?"

"Don't try getting on my good side again Gerard! Perfect girl my ass! I'm far from perfect!"

"Fuck! I can't fucking have a mature conversation with you! This has just made me realise that maybe you are too young for me!" I went to leave.

"Don't you fucking dare Gerard! Once you leave this room, don't you ever fucking think about coming back!" I gave her a mocking smile and opened the door, but stopped dead in my tracks.

"You know it's a good thing I'm the only person on this floor. I heard every single word that was said."


Ivy's POV

"Gerard let me through now" Brenda said sternly to him.

"Look, I can explain" He started.

"Explain my ass, let me through now" She yelled.

Gerard moved out of the way and let Brenda in, She sat on the chair at the opposit end of my room with Gerard sitting in the chair next to my bed shooting glares at me every now and again.

"Right, now i want to now everything" She said, sitting back in her chair and waiting for an explanation.

Gerard looked at me as if to say 'you tell her' so i did.

"Well, About a month ago i was brought into this hospital and treated by this man here, i though he was nice, he was different from otehr doctors, then about 2 weeks ago he said we could give 'us' a go. He now thinks that i am immature" I Said, explaining to brenda and pointing to Gerard when needed.

"How far have you to gone" She asked, raising her eyebrows.

Gerard answered this time.

"We've touched each other" He said dryly.

"This is illegal, Gerard you could lose your job and go to jail, Ivy, think about what this could do to you" She said, disapointment in her voice.

"Nothing is going to happen anymore because she's so immature" Gerard spat before running out of the room.

I Don't know why but i started to cry, all the emotions that were built up inside of me just came flooding out. Brenda came running over to me and hugged me.

"Shh, Ivy come on, He's silly, He'll come to his senses soon, trust me, he can never stay mad at anyone for more than an hour" She lughed at the last bit, as did i through my tears. I Hope she was right.

Turns out she was right, About an hour later Gerard was at my door, apologising for being such a dick.

"Ivy, i'm really sorry, i hate being mad at anyone, can you forgive me/" He asked, sitting on my bed holding my hand.

"Oh Gerard, i can't stay mad at you" I said throwing my arms around him.

He hugged back just a tight, I just wondered how long this could keep going on for.
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