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When I woke up that morning, I didn't recognise where I was. I couldn't remember what had happened last night for me to be wherever it is I was.

I gazed around the room. I was in Mikey's room. Then just like that, everything came back to me.

"Gerard!" I shouted before he closed the door.

"Oh my god what now!?"

"Could I stay here for a while?"


"Mom please you're hurting me." I kept in my screams but it was so hard.


"...get away from Krissy and run..."

I felt tears run down my face as I remembered. I quickly wiped them away and looked around for Mikey's alarm clock.

12.43p.m. I sighed, best get up then. Mikey might be home now.

I tiptoed downstairs. I knew Donna and Don were away, but I didn't want to face Gerard, not knowing how things were going to be between us.

I smelt coffee coming from the kitchen, so I headed towards there. Sitting at the table were the Way brother's.

"Hi." I said fake happyily.

"Oh hey, I saw you in my bed. I didn't know you stayed the night. And I'm suprised Gerard actually let you stay the night." He laughed.

"My parents went out for the night, so they asked Gerard if I could stay here. Couldn't exactly so no to my parents could he?"

Mikey laughed, "Well I can see last night wasn't such a disaster, you're both still alive."

I smiled and took a seat next to Mikey, and oppiste Gerard and helped myself to some coffee.

Before I could stop it, Mikey, not meaning any harm, patted my hurt leg.

"FUCK!" I screamed. Mikey gave me a shocked look, and Gerard gave me a 'are you okay?' look, "I'm fine." I said, mostly to Gerard. Then it was silent for a minute.

"Kris? Can I ask you something?" He asked, I nodded, "Why are you wearing Gee's pjs?" I almost choked on my coffee.

"W-what?" I asked.

"The pjs you're wearing? Their Gee's."

My mind was a complete blank. What do I say to that? "Their not mine." I heard Gerard say.

"Huh?" Mikey asked confused.

"Their. Not. Mine." He said slower, looking at Mikey as he said it, then went back to his coffee. Mikey let it drop and we drank our coffee in silence.

About an hour later, Mikey went to see Sophie, his girlfriend. She's really nice and a close friend of mine. Same as Frank's girlfriend, Rebecca. Mikey apologised to me for leaving again, but I told him it was okay.

I changed out of Gerard's clothes and dressed myself in yesterdays outfit. I was gonna go home and change and shower, seeing as my parents were at work.

I unlocked the front door with my key and stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed something different in the house.

Everything was gone.

Gerard P.O.V

It was a little hard to sleep last night. I couldn't get the image of her battered body out of my mind. It was so horrible to see. I did, however, fall asleep eventually.

Mikey went to see his girlfriend and most probably Frank again. I didn't get why he was always out and never took his best friend with him. But then again, I'm sure she would rather him not know and leave her alone, than him know everything and never leave her side.

She went back to her house, I was a little worried, yes, but I knew her parents were at work. So far, our normal hateful relationship is...well normal. It's like nothing had happened last night, although it was still on both our minds.

I needed to think of something else, so I called Ray and Bob to come round.

I had just finished getting dressed when I heard the doorbell and went to answer it, "Hey guys." I greeted.

"Hey Gee." They greeted. I stepped outside and we sat on the porch. We don't know why. It's where we always sat and chilled.

We were joking and having fun when I heard someone say my name.


I turned and saw it was her.

"Look Gerard, it's talking to you, better watch out." Bob joked and we all laughed except her.

I took a drag from my cigarette, "What?" I snapped.

"I-I need to talk to you." She told me nervously. I gave her that look that said 'I already said we can't talk no more', but she gave me that look that said 'I know but it's really important'.

I sighed, "Guys wish me luck, I may not make it out alive." I laughed and stood up walking away with her.

"Okay what? Did you not listen to me last night?" I hissed.

"I'm sorry, I did listen, but it's about my parents -"

"What about them? I'm sure you have other family in Canada to live with. Why can't you fuck off back where you came from?" I felt like shit once I said that.

The look on her face nearly made me cry, "Look, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that. What is it, what's wrong?" I asked softly.

"They're gone." She stated

"I'm sorry what?" I asked, not really understanding what she was saying.

"I said they're gone. Their stuff is gone, their cars are gone. They are gone. They left me here." I saw the tears in her eyes threatening to fall.

"Come on." I said to her, placing my hand on her lower back and leading her towards her house.

I heard wolf whistles coming from my friends, and I just flipped them off, and continued with helping the poor girl standing next to me.

Krissy P.O.V

"See? Gone. The only stuff left is mine." I choked, holding back tears. I have done enough crying to last a lifetime and a half.

Gerard looked around where he was standing, which gave him a view of the living room and the kitchen.

I guess I should be happy that my parents have gone for good. But I'm not. What if they made a deal and Todd was my legal guardian or something. What if I had to move back to Canada. I don't want to. My home is in New Jersey now.

He turned back to look at me and his face held a guilty look, "One second." He told me and got out his cell and punched in a few numbers.

I waited until he was finished, "Hey mom I wanna ask you, Mikey has not been near a toaster..." I giggled remembering what happend last month, "Mom it's important now listen...thank you...look something happend this not me or Mikey...Krissy..." It felt nice that he used my name for once, "Something bad happened and was wondering if...she stayed with us...thanks mom, love you bye." He hung up and put his cell back in his pocket.

"Pack your stuff. You're living with us."

I smile broke out on my face. He had helped me again. I guess I was wrong about him huh? "Thank you Gerard, but you didn't have to."

"You're right, I didn't. But I can't have you living on the streets. If Mikey found out that I could've helped you, he'd kick my ass big time." He laughed.

"Well, thanks again." I wanted to hug him so much right then, but that would just ruin everything that we were meant to be. Enemies.

I turned to go upstairs to pack, but before I could get anywhere, Gerard turned me back, "One more yeah? Then I never want to touch you again. Because I still hate you." I was confused at what he was saying.

He rolled his eyes and put my arms around his neck as his wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder.

"What's this all about?" I asked.

"You really needed a hug. But I swear this is the last hug you are ever gonna get from me."

"Fine by me."

Gerard P.O.V

"Now go pack." I told her pulling away. She smiled at me and ran upstairs. I couldn't help but smile too. I was actually happy that I made her smile, a real smile. Something she hasn't done in a very long time.

After waiting for a half hour, I got bored so I went up to help her.

I knocked on her door, "Hey, I'm bored can I help?"

Her facial expression showed that she was suprised, "Er, sure. Start over there." She said pointing in the oppisite direction of where she was.

I started empying her drawers and playing them in bags, but stopped when I found something.

"Hey, you don't use this do you?" I asked her.

She stopped what she was doing and stared at the sharp object in my hand, "I don't, anymore."

I crawled over to her and inspected her arms, she made no attempt to stop me.

I saw light marks and a few healing wounds on her arms, but nothing to say she had done it within the last few days. I rolled down her sleeves again and shocked myself and her when I took hold of both her hands in mine, "Now I want you to listen to me and I want you to promise me something. I don't car how much we hate each other. You gotta promise me something."

She nodded, "I want you to promise me...that no matter how shit your life is. Or how badly you wanna blame yourself on something. I don't care if the preps at school are giving you a hard time. I don't care if it's because of what's happened here in your own home, in your own bedroom. I want you to promise me that you will never, ever think about doing this to yourself again."

She was quiet for a while, taking in what I had said. She looked up and stared deep into my eyes as I did with her and she said, "I promise Gerard."

I nodded and muttered, "Okay..." I leaned forward and kissed her forhead lightly. When I had pulled away she had her eyebrows raised.

"Tell anyone about that, or the hugging, or the holding hands thing, and I will personally kill you with my bare hands."
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