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Part Four

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Kaye is feeling incredibly awkward and confused, quite rightly so, when Frank once again catches her off guard. The turd.

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'What a bloody bizarre night this was,' Kaye thought to herself, unlocking the front door of her house, letting herself in.

“I'm home!” she called out. She chucked her keys onto the nearest surface. She made her way to the kitchen, a cup of tea on her mind.

She found her mother at the kitchen table, sipping at a steaming mug of coffee, a magazine lying open in front of her.

“Hey, honey. You're back early.”

On her way to the stove, Kaye gave her mother a quick peck on the cheek, not wanting to blow too much alcohol fumes at her.

“Yup. Those boys get a bit rowdy sometimes, too much for fragile ickle me to handle,” Kaye joked.

“I can imagine,” her mother answered.

Kaye concentrated on fixing herself the cup of tea, but while waiting for the water to boil, there was nothing to busy her hands or her mind with. She kept replaying Frank talking to her, the strange look on his face, him kissing her, his own certain scent intermingling with an ever lingering smell of cigarettes that hung about him. She shook her head lightly, trying to shake the thoughts away.


Monday morning dawned like a new bastard. Kaye dragged herself out of bed, feeling tired as all hell, having had trouble sleeping. The morning light was still cold and soft, bathing her room in a bluish light. She supposed she should feel thankful for autumn finally arriving properly, wiping away the suffocating heat of summer. She was looking forward to cooler days.

But upon waking the “Frank incident” slammed into her sleep-deprived brain like a speeding truck. She wished she could just shrug it off, forget it like it was nothing but she couldn't. It was Frank for Christ's sake. The guy she had felt nothing but resentment for for as long as she could remember. But now she felt completely unsure about all of it and bloody mad about his being able to mess with her head.

She went about her morning routine, not really paying attention to what she was doing and before she knew it, she was at school. She spotted Gerard and Mikey sitting by the front doors, waiting for her.

She walked over. “Morning, guys.”

“Morning,” Mikey answered.

“Why'd you leave so early last night? You didn't even say goodbye,” Gerard said, pretending to pout.

Kaye hugged him. “I'm sorry. I forgot I had something to do.” The lie slid out of her mouth, easy as that. Well what would have been the point of telling them? Would they even believe her? What good would come of it?

She kept quiet as they went in, and stayed rather absorbed in her thoughts most of the day. If the others noticed anything different about how she was acting no one said anything. She started looking around for Frank without realising, her eyes scanning the multitude of faces. She wouldn't admit to herself that she was actually curious about how he'd act around her after the whole thing, and that she was also inwardly dreading it.

He was nowhere to be found, however, which wasn't really all that strange. They didn't really share many classes, except the odd class here and there. He also tended to go about the place doing his own thing most of the time anyway, occasionally hanging out with them. But as Kaye was making her way to her locker, she spotted him rather unexpectedly, reclining against some lockers—-making out with another girl.

For a moment Kaye was nearly stopped in her tracks. But the brief moment passed and she regained her usual composure, fixing her features into a carefully blank expression. She walked past, pretending not to be feeling utterly bewildered.

Inside however, her confusion raged freely. What the heck had she just seen?

She reached her locker at about the same time as Ray reached his, the locker alongside Kaye's.

“Hi, Ray,” Kaye greeted him. She twirled the combination of her locker and opened it, throwing some of her books inside.

“Hey,” Ray answered. “Hmm...have you gotten that history essay done yet?”

“You mean the one that's due Wednesday?” she asked, smiling, knowing what he was going to ask.

He laughed. “Yeah.”

“I sure did,” she said.

“May I have a little look?”

“Sure,” she chuckled. She grabbed her history folder, rifling through the pages until she found her essay. She got it out, handing it over to Ray.

“Thanks, Kaye,” he said gratefully. “Can I borrow it for the night? It's just that we've got band practise this afternoon for that gig we're doing Saturday and I've got this English in-class essay the period after next that I need to cram for...”

She patted Ray on the shoulder. “Of course. It sounds like you're rather busy, so...”

“Thank you,” he said again, tucking the papers into a file.

“Luckily we've got study now, so go! Run like the hounds of hell are after you!” she cried dramatically.

He laughed, giving her a hasty hug before hurrying away.

She got a couple of the books she'd need for the last two periods of the day and went off to go to study at a more leisurely pace. Mr Browning cared very little whether students turned up late, or at all, as long as no one disturbed him. It was meant to be directed study, but since when did their school do anything properly?

As she was heading inside, Gerard caught up with her.

“Kaye, darling! You wouldn't happen to have a history essay I might be able to peek at would you? It's just I've been sooo busy and all...”

“No, sorry, Gee,” she laughed. “I've just lent mine to Ray.”

“Damn! Why don't you keep copies on you, wench! You know everyone ends up using your essays!”

“Quiet you,” Kaye said, gently shoving Gerard. "As if I'm going to give you my spare copy. It's bad enough I have to get my papers back tattered and defiled."

They settled into seats at the back.

They were getting out books that would most likely remain untouched, as they usually spent study talking, when Kaye decided she might as well ask Gerard about Frank.

“So...earlier I saw Frank engaging in a highly disgusting public make-out session.”

“That's our Frankie,” Gerard laughed.

“ since when is he going out with this new girl?”

Gerard looked at her funny. “Since when do you care what Frank does?”

“I don't. I want to know who she is so I can send her a basket of mouthwash and disinfectant. The poor girl.”

“Right...well, her name is Karen or...Caitlin or something like that.” He shrugged. “They've been going out for a couple of weeks now.”

Once again, she felt genuinely surprised. Which was instantly replaced by a feeling of utmost embarrassment.

Her cheeks burned. How could she have been so stupid? This was so like Frank. He juggled three or more girls at a time, never caring whether he got caught. Why had she felt so surprised?

She'd been blinded by the feelings he'd evoked in her. Which were not feelings at all, she corrected herself. Just a moment of pure fucking insanity.

She groaned silently to herself. She'd actually been done over by Frank, the good for nothing jerk.


So, it turns out I'm seeing MCR next year at soundwave :D
Needless to say I'm rather excited :D In the five years I've been a fan I've missed every chance I got of seeing them, but not this time -insert evil laugh here-
I thought this was somewhat relevant, given this story involves mcr :P
so anyway, i hope you've enjoyed this installment of Still Crunching Your Lifeline :)
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