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Calm before the storm

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Wake up Regan.

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What went through your head when that last post ended?

I tell you what I’m just going to be totally prejudiced right now, because I know for a fact that you, the reader of this is prejudging me right now, prejudging all of us when the story hasn’t even really begun yet.

To all the people who left comments saying they weren’t sure which way to take this blog due to the news.
The news is filtered, turn that shit off and read this.

To the bitch that left an essay of a comment about how we will all burn in hell: fuck you.

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t us.” He told me.
“You were the only ones that knew were he was hiding, so tell me how they found out?” I spat at him. He moved closer to me taking my hand in his.
“Ree, please look at me” He stuttered out.
I pulled back away from him.
“Get out, you killed him, get out!” I screamed.
I felt dizzy as I tried to breathe, choking from the tears I wouldn’t set free.
“Regan please!” He called after me.
“I can’t stand you” I muttered.
“I can’t stand you...”

I slowly opened my eyes.
“How are you feeling?” November asked.
I shrugged in reply and moved off of the bed over to the dressing table. I wasn’t exactly sure how to work out the emotions and thoughts going through me then. I knew what I looked like though; I looked like I’d seen a ghost and metaphorically I actually had seen a ghost, well, he wasn’t a ghost, not technically, more like a ghost of the past.
“Please tell me I was dreaming and I didn’t answer the door to him” I asked, my voice was cracked and tired.
“Why has he come back?” November questioned.
“Did you tell them to go?” I asked her.
She looked away.
“Fuck, November, can’t you see that I can’t do this? This whole thing was such a bad idea; just tell them all to go” I shot at her.
“It was your idea, you deal with it, I’m sick of you yelling at me when you have a problem with something, it’s your mistake; go fix it!” She shouted.
I was honestly surprised, November wasn’t one for shouting. She seldom ever raised her voice. I guess I knew deep down at that moment that she was right but I was too stubborn to tell her. I never did tell her she was right and I was sorry. I wish I did.

I walked over to the bathroom and washed my face, gave a half hearted attempt at taming my unruly hair and tried my best to stall but the flowers on the bathroom tiles weren’t going to stay interesting forever. I didn’t want to go down there and tell them that they had wasted their time in coming. But to be truly honest the reason why I didn’t wan to go down there was because of him. I was scared about raking up old pain. I hadn’t seen him in a whole year when he left I thought that was it. Especially when they sectioned the continents for different species, I’d had it set in my mind that there would be no way that he could make it back into my life.

“Get a grip” I told myself while I walked down the stairs. That suddenly became my must used phrase, maybe I thought that scolding myself would actually help, I don’t really know but it was a waste of air.
The living room was completely over crowded with species of all sorts, all sticking to their own at various parts of the room. Furniture had been taken out. Goddamn random strangers had moved my furniture.
Then there was him standing in the middle of the room, looking at me. He was smiling. I decided that it would be best to avoid looking at him what so ever.

“You all have to leave” I said firmly. Looks of annoyance were shot at me, I just glared back.

“C’mon we travelled miles to get here” Said the guy that was earlier introduced as Gabe.
“Forget it Gabe, she obviously isn’t up to it…” Said Taylor. She folded her arms and her lips were pursed, the majority murmured in agreement.

Blood boiling. “I’m not up to it?” I said in perfect amused outrage complete with fake laugh at the end. November had entered the room when she heard the tone of my voice. She was very accustomed to my temper; she shot me a look that I ignored.
“Can you all please take a look at yourselves?”
Raised eye brows…
“Why are you all here?” I asked them.
“Okay, okay you want a reason why I am throwing you all out?”
“Regan!” Said November, she pulled at my arm and I yanked it away.

God only knows what was going through all of your heads; I never said sorry…Sorry but no apology.

“So, you want to pick up the pieces of the mess the adults have made and put them back together, how you can do that when you hate each other?” I asked.

I think a lot of them wanted to punch me to be honest. Heck, I wanted to punch me.
“Am I the last to know about the bionic plague circling the room? I mean that is why you’re standing miles apart from each other right?” I shot.

“Hmmm, what else is there? Oh right the fact that you couldn’t even travel here without causing trouble, oh, and don’t forget a couple of you nearly had a fight all ready” I added.

“So yeah, don’t tell me that I’m not up to it” I said, my tone closing the matter.

They all started talking, a loud angry buzz. I began to haul the coffee table back into room. I looked up as the weight of the table became less heavy. Him.
“So that temper hasn’t changed had it?” He was smiling, that sunshiny smile of his.
“You’re not really gonna throw us out are ya? He added, with a mock worried face.
I dropped the table and resisted a smirk as it hit his foot.
“What do you want me to say to you?”
His smile faltered.
“You never did let me explain” He replied; now he looked worried.
“I don’t need your Goddamn explanations, you are part of the reason he’s dead and that’s all I need to know” I said, not bothering to keep my voice down.
“Please?” He asked.
I didn’t reply, instead I glared determinedly over his shoulder at a group that were obviously cursing my name to hell.
“Look, whatever okay, I’m still doing this because he wanted me to” He said with a certain finality to his tone.
“Pete, stay out of my way” I sighed
I pushed him away and continued dragging the coffee table to its rightful place.

“If you want to stick around, you can redeem yourself by helping me put the furniture back in the room, and then maybe we can talk properly huh?” I called. I heard a couple of noises that defined disbelief.

“So where does this go?” Someone asked. They were holding an end table.
I took her in; black hair, purple velvet dress complete with lace and a black travelling cloak. She was a perfect stereotype of a witch.
Her smile seemed polite and genuine so I told myself to be nice.
“ Over there” I replied, pointing.

“I’m Saskia by the way, this is Gerard and I think Patrick and Lynai already introduced themselves earlier?” She said carefully.
“Here, give me that” Said Gerard, taking the end table off of her.
He carried it over to the corner that I had pointed out before.
Lynai led Patrick over by the hand.
“Lynai and I have been banished from the witch land, Patrick and Gerard aren’t wizards you see” Saskia explained.
“No need for sarcasm” She added.
I just sighed; she was the psychic kind of witch.

“So what are you then?” I asked.
“Werewolves…” Said Gerard
“The vampires aren’t very taken with us” Said Patrick quietly. Lynai squeezed his hand and gave him a reassuring smile.

“No one’s very taken with anyone” I sighed.

“Okay people, let’s try again” I called. Everyone stopped talking and stared at me instead, this didn’t bother me in the slightest; I was no shrinking violet.

“Let’s just pretend that never happened, turn over a new leaf” I
Gave them my best smile.
“I’m Regan Morris but you guys already know that, pretty sure that you’re all aware of my brother Riley too. He was murdered by the human government for ‘interfering with the lower life forms’ but that’s formally known as trying to make the peace between everyone”. I spoke clearly, didn’t let my voice waver even though it almost did.

“Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some suicidal revenge mission, I’m just trying to carry on what he and Pete started” I stopped again, I’ll admit that I gritted my teeth when I said his name.

“William was part of it too, he posed a spy, giving us feedback about what the dandies next move would be” Pete added.

Hannah placed her arms around William and looked up at him proudly, he placed his own arms round her and kissed the top of her head.

“Caleb spied on the bad dragons” November chipped in, her voice trembling. I bit my lip, subject change.

“Look, we have to do something, that’s why you’re all here right?” I cut in.

There was a knock at the door. Not just a knock the knock, you know the kind that can only be done by someone in authority? Me, Pete and William grew wide eyed; we knew that knock oh so well.

“This is a inspection, open the door and move to the area indicated on the inspection map, if you fail to open the door, move out of your set area or use threatening behaviour in any form you shall be arrested immediately” The voice of authority called from the other side of the door.


Calm down, I'm not about to leave you hanging for a million years, the next chapter is half done. Thanks and stuff, violence and shit next time this was just to fill a bit in . Sorry school exists.

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