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Saturday morning came round quicker than I expected. I was sure there were more days in a school week than five, but remembered that I only started school Wednesday, making it a short week for me.

I didn't have Art yesterday, which I was more than happy about. I didn't want to get another detention. Surprisingly, I wasn't late to any of my classes, making it all round, a good Friday for me.

When I had arrived home Thursday night, it was past ten. I didn't know how long I had been sleeping in the school library before Mr Way decided to bring me home. I also didn't know why he brought be home in the first place, and why he was so...dead-like. Thinking about all this, made me forget about how my parents would react to me coming in so late, but it turned out they didn't even know I was gone. This is making me think that my parents don't care for me in anyway at all now.

I never found that girl Suzanne yesterday. I wanted so much to ask her about Mr Way. Why he acts the way he does. Other students, and maybe even other teachers may not really care, and just get on with their day, but there was something about him that made me want to know everything. It may earn me more detentions, but I wanted to know.

When I came home after school yesterday, Harry called me. He wanted to meet me at the mall today, about meeting his girlfriend. Normally when he's not busy tutoring me, he will talk about Charlotte Williams, his girlfriend of three years. Harry has shown me a few pictures of her. She was pretty, with waist length light brown hair, and curly. She had sky blue eyes, which I thought were really beautiful. This was all I really knew about her appearance, but Harry said she had cut and dyed her hair now. To what, I didn't know.

So today, I was meant to be meeting her for the first time. Apparently, Harry had told her about me, and was really excited to meet me. I didn't know how I was feeling about it, but excited isn't the word I would use. I would be happier using today to finish up anyway homework I was given yesterday, but it had been about a week since me and Harry had spent any time together that didn't involve work.

He wanted to meet me at about midday, so I got up at around 9:30a.m. Of course, as always, my parents were gone. I was sure they were getting away before I woke up, so they wouldn't have to see me. I had a quick shower, and blow dried and straightened my hair. I then did my make-up and got dressed. As it was a little colder today, I decided on wearing a fitted Mindless Self Indulgence shirt. It was black with red stripes on the shoulders. It had a large red skull on the chest with MSI written underneath it. I also wore black jeans with a black and red studded belt.

By the time I was ready, and had had something to eat, it was eleven. I sighed, thinking that there was no point in waiting any longer, and left the house to go to the mall now. Before I went through the front door, I grabbed my thin jacket. It was blue with random objects and drawings on it, and my now school bag, which had only my money, and house keys in them.

When I reached the end of my driveway, instead of turning right like I would for school, I turned left. The mall wasn't far away, about twenty minutes. I normally go here every few weeks with some of my cousin's, if I just need some new shoes or something. I actually hate shopping, so I'm not really that familiar with the mall.

I arrived at about 11:30a.m and kept on going until I found the one store I can stand. Hot Topic. Although, once I came across it, I didn't actually want to go in. I hated it when I was on my own and the people that worked there always looked at me as if I were a freak or something.

Because I had brought my money with me, I wanted to by Guitar Hero World Tour, but just the guitar part. I didn't have the money to get the drums and microphone as well. The name of the store, I paid no attention to as I walked inside. If Harry couldn't find me, he knows I would be here.

The store was huge, and filled with many, many video games. All the latest ones, and ones from way back when the first games console came out. You had PlayStation 1, 2, 3, X-Box, Wii, and other consoles. I was looking for the Wii games, which was right at the back of the store.

As I made my way to the back, I heard Today by The Smashing Pumpkins playing, although it sounded like the guitar playing wasn't all there. I furrowed my eyebrows at this, and went to where the sound was coming from. Eventually, I saw a huge flat screen TV with computer animated characters on it rocking out to the song I had just mentioned.

Under the TV was a Nintendo Wii with wires coming from it. I saw that one of them led up to a plastic guitar with a green, red, yellow, blue and orange button. I knew straight away that this was the game I came looking for.

I saw that a young man was playing it. He couldn't have been much older than me. I knew he wasn't much taller than me, if not the same height. He had short dark brown, although it could have been black, hair, and had bangs that swept across his left eye. His eyes were a light hazel color, but seemed more green. I noticed he had two piercings on his face. One of the left side of his nose, and one of the right side of his bottom lip. I also saw a tattoo on the right side of his neck in the shape of a scorpion.

I watched him play the song, most notes he was getting, some he wasn't. It looked like he was on a hard level, so maybe he was either really good at the game, or he really played guitar...or both.

When the song was over, I watched for his score. He played 98% of the notes correctly, with a streak of 257 notes. Excellent was the word running through my mind at that point. There was no way that I would be able to do that.

I looked back the guy playing, and saw he was looking at me. He must have known I was watching him. He gave a small smile and looked away. Just being polite, I thought. I sighed, now wanting to try out the game for myself, but also thinking that this guy wasn't going to leave anytime soon. Maybe...if I felt confident enough, I could play against him.

I let him play another song while I made a decision. This time he played What I've Done by Linkin Park on hard level, and got 100% of the notes. I didn't know his streak, but knew it was more than 300. By the end of the song, I decided that I would ask to play too. I wanted to know if the game was worth buying.

Slowly, I walked up to him, letting my eyes look everywhere apart from him. When I got to him, he must have known I was going to talk to him at some point today, and spoke before I had a chance to, "Do you wanna play? I didn't mean to hog the game." He said sheepishly.

I smiled weakly, "I would like too, I want to buy the game anyway..." I trailed off. I was never good with talking to new people, not that I knew many people anyway.

He smiled, "Awesome. Actually, I already have the game. I just came here to get the drums and microphone... Do you want me to leave?" He seemed as nervous as I was. I felt bad now. He was clearly enjoying himself, and I was pretty much kicking him off the game, which he already had at home.

Although he as a complete stranger to me, I got the impression that he wasn't going to hurt me any time soon. I slowly shook my head, "No it's fine. I was actually gonna ask if I can play against you...?"

The guy smiled wider. I decided that I liked his smile. He reminded me of my five year old cousin, Jacob, "Awesome." He repeated, "I'd love to if that's okay?" I nodded. He picked up a second guitar and handed it to me, "What song do you wanna play? Your pick."

I took my gaze from the small man and looked at the screen, looking through the long list of songs. I chose to play The Kill (Bury Me) by 30 Seconds To Mars, "Nice choice." I heard him say. I smiled again, and pressed a few buttons to play. I chose to play medium level, while he chose hard, "Wuss." I heard him whisper with a chuckle, getting one from me also.

It was fun. I don't normally play stuff like this with anyone. I am different to everyone else in my family. It was nice to have fun with someone for once. In the end, the guy won. He got 97% of the notes, while I just got 92%. I didn't mind though. Winning or losing doesn't matter if you're having fun.

When it finished we were both laughing, for no reason at all. When we pulled ourselves together, he started talking again, "Well that was fun. But I should be getting back to my friends now though."

I frowned slightly, "Okay that's fine. I need to get home anyway." I lied. Until now, I had forgotten all about Harry. I looked at my watch. 12:15p.m. If he was desperate to meet me, he would have found me by now.

The guy must have sensed my sudden change in mood, which led him to ask his next question, "Hey, I understand if you don't want to but do you...wanna come back to my place? Like I said before, I already have this game. You seem like a cool person. You can meet my friends. There's only two of them."

It was tempting. I really did have fun just now. But I didn't know anything about this guy other than he can make me laugh easily. Really, he didn't look dangerous in any way, even his piercings and tattoo's didn't put me off wanting to maybe become friends with him.

He knew I was making a decision, and spoke again, "I'm a safe person. I want you to know that. I may look scary, but I'm really not. I'll let you know right now that I'm twenty, and my friends are twenty-one and twenty-four. I'll be completely honest with you. But like I said, I understand if you don't want to."

Damn, the oldest was eight years older than me, but this didn't make me want to go with him any less. I wanted to makes friends with him. I knew that I had more of a chance being close to him than I did with Delilah, she was different to me. She was just helping me settle in to school life. I answered him, "Okay. I'd love too."

He smiled wide at my answer, "Awesome." He said again. I was starting to think that was his favorite word to use. I smiled back at him when he gestured me to follow him out of the store.

Something came to my mind as we were walking out of the exit. I felt like an idiot that it never came to be earlier, "I am so sorry...I'm Sam." I said holding out my hand.

He laughed lightly and took my hand before shaking it, "Nice to meet you Sam, I'm Frank."
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