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When the bell had gone, signalling the end of class and the beginning of break, I unlocked the door to the cubicle I was in and left the toilets, leaving the note for Mr Howard behind in shreds.

I walked down the half which was filled with other students. I wasn't sure where I was going. I wasn't sure what class Tom or Suzanne had just had, and I didn't know where Delilah would be. She probably went to Mr Howard's class to wait for me, so I guess that was where I had to go.

Stopping where I was, I turned round and went in the direction of Mr Howard's classroom, walking at a fast pace. I just wanted this day to be over now. I wanted to go home, and let the Christmas break begin.

It didn't take me long to get to Mr Howard's classroom and just as I had thought, Delilah was standing outside the classroom, peaking in and looking around the hall for me. Finally she saw me coming towards her and by the look on her face, she didn't seem too happy.

When I got to her, Delilah shook her head, "Oh my god, Sam, where have you been? I've been standing here for ten minutes. Why weren't you in there? Mr Way is going to be so mad when he finds out!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes, "I didn't want to go in there so I went someplace else. And I don't care if Mr Way is going to mad, I really don't. He makes me mad. How he is treating me is unfair, and it is also unfair that I'm the only one. I haven't done anything wrong. I am so angry!"

I watched as Delilah's eyes widened at my words, "Well if you're angry now, then you're not going to like what I have to say next." I closed my eyes for a few seconds. When I opened them, I told her to continue, "During class, not long after he sent you out, he used the class phone to call reception, and he told them to call your parents. Mr Way told me to send you back to his classroom to wait for your parents."

I was silent for a moment before turning away from Delilah without a word and stomped my way back to the classroom I was removed from. This is getting beyond ridiculous. Why can't the man leave me alone? Actually, why can't he leave all of us alone?

Gerard was still in his classroom when I arrived. He didn't look up from his desk, and he didn't say anything to me as I sat down in the sit opposite his desk. There were two other seats next to mine, I assume, for my parents.

After a long five minutes of doing nothing, there was a knock on the door. Gerard yelled an angry 'come in' and the door opened, revealing my parents. They look annoyed, and angry. Of course, most parents would be angry if they called into their child's school for an unknown reason.

"Sorry we're late, we had to rush home from work first," My dad lied. My parents never rush home from work. They love it too much. They would rather spend all their time at work than worrying about me.

I saw Gerard plaster a fake smile on his and stood up to shake my parents hands, "It's not a problem, you're both here now. Mr and Mrs Phillips please take a seat."

My mum smiled, "Thank you Mr ... What was your name?"

A dark look glazed over Gerard's eyes, "Way. But please, call me Gerard." I watched closely as the look on both my parents face changed quickly for only a split second before turning back to the expression they held before.

What did that mean? Why did Gerard have a dark look in his eyes? Why did my parents react so strangely to his name? Maybe they heard about his parents death and his name was familiar? It was no use lying. I knew something was wrong, and it may lead back to why Gerard hates me so much. But before I find out anything, I had to sit through this, though I will be looking out for any other strange looks.

"So... Gerard... Has Sam done something wrong?" My dad asked. I rolled my eyes at how concerned he was acting. He may be able to fool Gerard, but he can't fool me.

Gerard turned in his chair a little before speaking, "Well, ever since she has started school, Samantha has been badly behaved. On her first day, she was late to my class, and has been late to my class every time. I have checked with her other teachers, and this is the only class he arrives late to. Her language is terrible, she is always yelling and cursing, and that isn't acceptable at this school. A teacher should be talked to with respect... Today she arrived late again, so I sent her out. She failed to go to the classroom I sent her to. Since she's started here, I've only given her one detention, that she fell asleep in. She may have only been here a couple of weeks, but if this continues, she won't be here for much longer."

My mum turned to me with a strange look after Gerard had stopped talking, "Is this true Sam? I thought you wanted to come to school."

I shrugged, "I did. And no, not all of it's true. I didn't come to class late today. I was on time. But he," I point to him, "is always trying to get me into trouble somehow. I've done nothing wrong, but he always makes something my fault!"

My dad sighed and turned to Gerard, "I am so sorry about this. She is never like this at home. We didn't realize there was any problem; Sam doesn't talk to us."

My mouth dropped open, "How dare you!? I can't talk to you because you are never home! I never see you. I can't remember the last time we actually spent time together as a family." Both my parents opened their mouths to talk, but I cut them off, "No! I don't wanna hear it," I picked up my things and stood up, "You are both bad parents." I started to walk away but stopped just before I passed Gerard's desk.

I looked at him, and noticed he looked rather amused, "And you! This ends now. Start treating me like a person and not a piece of shit."

With that, I left the classroom with Gerard talking to my parents as if nothing had happened.

This just pissed me off more.
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