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Predator and Prey

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Blood. I needed blood. By any means. I was hungry. Vampire Gerard and Catholic Frankie. Can Frank convince Gerard that love really can conquer all?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Horror - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2009-11-04 - Updated: 2009-11-04 - 578 words

I needed blood.
By any means.
I was hungry.
Looking around the room with my new, improved senses I spotted the huddled figure in the corner instantly. I pulled on my bonds, tearing at them ravenously, my voice dying into a loud hiss.
I needed food.
There was one thing stopping me: the chains.
He gazed up at me with fearful, teary eyes.
“Please…please…don’t you love me anymore?”
What was that word but a pitiful human emotion?
It had no meaning now.
I watched my meal closely as he pressed back into the corner, burning under my fearsome gaze. He whimpered.
The sound sounded sweet to my ears.
I could hear his pulse, taste it on my tongue like an incessant beating, unwilling to stop until I’d had my fill of the small figure.
I tilted my head, leaning forwards closer to him.
“Are you afraid?” I hissed.
He nodded, barely taking his eyes off me.
I smiled.
“Good. Do you know how I feel about you?”
The boy looked hopeful. Stupid creature. Another stupid emotion: hope.
“I…feel…” he watched me, hanging on to my every word, “hungry!” I lashed out, reveling in the shrieks that escaped his throat and the tears that carved trenches in his cheeks.
“Is there nothing left of you?” he asked, voice pained as he shuffled towards the door, hoping I couldn’t see him.
I could.
I hissed.
He scurried back to his corner like a mouse.
“You used to love me…” he whispered hoarsely, “You cared for me…I was yours…”
I laughed, a low predatorial laugh, “By the looks of things you still are.”
He inched towards the door again.
Closer to my chains and me.
Just a few more inches…then I’d have him right where I wanted him.
Begging me to leave him alone…
As I slowly tore out him throat…
I moaned softly to myself at the prospect of his warm blood gushing into my mouth.
“You don’t love me…do you? Not anymore…you’re…one of them…a demon! The scourge of hell!”
I laughed inwardly. The scourge of hell. So thoughtful for a Catholic boy.
“I can love you…would you like that?” I smiled seductively at him. Only a few more meters and he’d be in reach, “all night long…”
He growled defensively, “I wouldn’t want a demon touching me!”
“Oh of course…you’re a good little Catholic aren’t you? You never once stopped to think about loving me though did you? Loving someone of the same sex. Tut tut little boy. You’ve been very bad haven’t you? So…very…bad…”
I smiled at his shocked face, running my pointy tongue along a sharp, white fang. Almost there…one more inch…
Got him!
I lunged forwards, making to grab him.
I missed. He dodged, throwing the door open with terrified eyes.
Then he was gone.
I’d lost my meal.
I hung in my own basement, seething at my own misjudgment, his heartbroken voice ringing through my ears.
If I wasn’t hungry I would have cared.
I used to care.
But then I had the accident…

There will be more on the way soon! I just got really bored in lesson so I wrote this. I have some ideas but any of yours would be really welcome! Ciao!
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