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Long Skinny dude | Shut up!

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It finally continues. :'D

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I walk back in to the room. Hoping to keep my cool when i sit back next to gerard. "You weren't sick" Gerard giggled. "I was." i said short. hoping ot the stutter. "You weren't ,Frankie, you weren't." I couldn't say anything to that. i give him a blush. A litle later the bell rang. I enterd the hallway and walked up to my locker. Gerard followed me. "Hi Frankie!" he giggled. I'm getting adicted to that giggle. "Hey Gerard." I said while looking in my locker for my history. Trying not to look at him. "Would you like to have lunch with me ?" he asked me to have lunch ? i feld like i wanted to jump around in circels. Somethings is misarably wrong with me. "Y-yeah, why not ?" Again a fail, I stutterd. "Gerard! What the fuck are you doing? We have art. Normaly you would've been there a fuckin hour a go." a guy with blond hair and blue eyes. The kinda boy where every single one would fall for. "Boooobb!! shut the fuck up!" he said still looking at me. "Well, see you at lunch Frankie!" he giggled. "Gerard, who's frankie" the guy named bob asked him.Gerard pulled him away, heading to the art room, i guess. I heard a soft "Bob! Shut the fuck up!" Well, those two are best friends for ever. i giggled to my self. "What are yah laughing at?" a long skinny billed guy said quit rough. "Just, Gerard" i said, Allmost afraid of the long skinny dude. "Oh, my brother ?" he was now smiling. "Are you a friend of him?" he giggled. He had the same giggle. "Well, uhm. i don't really know. I'm just the new kid. I think i'm his friend. He was drawing me in Dinosaur version, so.." When i told him those words his eyes go wide. "Gerard haves a crush on you." he said in shok. He was just rambeling something. It's not true. I'll just begin about something els. "What the heck is your name by the way?" Good job, frankie. "Me? i'm Mikey. Does Gerards new crush haves a name?" he is so not going to drop this, is he? "My name is Frank, thank you. But, i really have to get going. See you?" Just push him away, very good job. "Yeah, this evening at my house. Gerard will invite you." he said. without any emotion. just like the rest of the conversation. I mean if you don't call a giggle an emotion. I just ran away, searching for my history class"


On our way to the Art class i began pushing and punshing bob. "i hate you" i said soft. "why?" bob said. Like he didn't nothis i like frank. "Why did yah do that?" i said. when i gave him my finnal punsh. "What, you where just talking to a new kid. It's not like he's going to be our friend. He will become one of them." bob said while pointing to the popular crowd. The people where my brother was one of. i saw him just hugging a girl. when we walked past she asked him. "Why didn't you punsh the new kid, or some insulting words... why not ?" she looked at mikey, eyes filled with fake love. "Just, because" i hear him say while winking at me and catching up with me. "Gerard! you're into the new boy aren't yah ?" he said on his litle brother tone. "You're into the new dude!?" bob yelled at me. "Shut up!" i said while walking in to the classroom. "See you at lunch mikes."


Fuck, Frank is so not comming. I look around, blushing feeling like theres a frog in my air pipe and to much butterfly's in my stumeck. I feel two cold hand in front of my eyes. i turn my face to the person to who the hands belong. "Frankie!!" i yelled. before notice my face is only inches away from his. i step back. "sorry" i mumbeld. his face going tottaly red. He's such a cuttie. "Uhm... My friends and brother are sitting over there, wanna join." i smiled at him. "Yeah! i would like that, your brother? Mikey?" He smiled. No! i hate Mikey. Frank haves a crush on mikey ? "Yeah, my brother Mikey." i try to giggle leading him to our table. " Frank this is Alex, Jason, Ryan, Ray , Bob, Mikey and Lora." i said pointing to each of them. "Guys, this is Frank." all of my friends giggled looking at me in a funny way and waving at Frank like they where pingiuns or something. "Oh, and before you even try to ask, yes i'm a girl." Alex spat at him. She always does that. "I was not planning on asking. I saw you where a girl." He said really chill. Other people would just blush. Frank was so not like all the other people. that's why i like him.
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