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Mikey is a lust object?

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Mikey is a Lust Object? Frankie Doesn't eat well? Rebecca and Kelly like to Gossip?

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Gerard's friends look pretty cool they all started there lunch. So trying to eat something to. I picked up my sandwich while almost puking. When i wass finnaly finished i excused myself and ran into the closest bathroom. i stuck my finger down my troat and trow up. I hate food. I'm way to fat anyways. I flushed the toilet. When i looked around i saw a shocked Gerard. "Frankie, you- you..." He stutterd. "You're annorexic?" He called me a what ? "What the fuck!! You called me a wath? I'm not! Gerard, I'm not! You don't know me! Leave me alone!!" i yelled at him. i stept out of the bathroom, crying. "Frankie..." he said just below a whisper. "It's Frank for you." i said. like i turned into a brickwall. "I wanna help you." he said at the same volume. "Leave me alone! you can't help me." i said. i felled so angry how can he call me an annorexic. I hate him! He's such a dick! I ran away. locked myself up in the next bathroom i could find. I hate Gee, but i'm so in ove with him. I have to say that. He's so cute. I can't geth him out of my head. There was someone knocking on the door. "Leave me alone!" i yelled at the person, it was probably liltle GeeGee. "Hey Frank, it's Mikey here." when I heared is emotionless voice i opened the door. "Need any kinda help?" he said sweet. "Why did he have to see that?" i allmost yelled. "I don't know, he haves a big crush on you. He cares about you." he whispered. "I don't care, he can't care. He doesn't know me." i said to him. "He doesn't know you yet. but it will come. Just let him into your world. I Think yah might like it." he giggled. "I wouldn't." i said t ocut him of. "Frank, The way you look at him is not the way you look at me and the guys. You're in love. Live with it." He giggled again. "I can't." i said. I thought he was comming to talk with me about my eating disorder. "You're not going to talk about me trowing up?" i said blank. "I can't" he said the same way as i just did. he stands up. "See yah Frank. He will invite you." he give me a giggle and walked up to Lora, who was waiting for him. He hugged her and give her a kiss. A girl of the popular crowd was looking jalous at her. Mikey is a lust object in this school. Mikey walked up to Gerard. Gerards face said 'i'm so fuckin worried about my fwankie. i can't live without him.' He's such a whore. Yet so nice, so cute, perfect black hair and a perfect slim body. not like mine fat and... fat. "Frank!" Gerard yelled at me. He runned at me and hugged my like a mad man. "What's your problem, i said i don't like you! i hate you! leave me alone!" i yelled, then blushed. I don't hate him. I gave him a hug and my puppy eyes. He just stood there and melted. "Do you wanna..." he started while i cut him off. "Yeah fine! i will come to your house. Just to studie." He just stood there and giggled.

"Loooraaaa!!! Our Frankie is an annorexic..." the last bit i said in a whisper. "Really ? he is really skinny..." she said while thinking about it. "What do we do..?" she asked me, giving me her puppydog eyes i kissed her. "I really have no idea." She looked at me in thoughts. "It will be okay, i promise." i pushed a strand of hair bihind her ear while Kelly and Rebecca looked at me and Lora. Talking about the new Gossip. I picked up a few off there words: New Boy, Frank, Gerard, Annorexic looking. I Just wanted to walk over there and knock them out.
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