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It Was Fun!

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“They can’t hear me.” God smiled.

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A/N: All I can say is sorry. And...enjoy?

“But all that you’ve done to your pupils are catching up to you. You must be punished for killing your brothers in arms which falls under killing your own kind with the penalty of death. Living off of animals, and hiding from your Master.” Satan hissed as he stood up from his blood red throne. “Guards!” He shouted. Just then I heard the oak doors open. My heart sped up instantly. I looked back to see two cloaked demons stalking up to me.
“This is ridiculous!” I shouted averting my attention back to Satan who wore a smug grin on his lips.
“Is it?” He asked as I felt strong hands grip either of my arms and drag me away as I kicked and screamed.
“ I can’t go! I’ve got a kid to love! A husband to kiss! A family to spend time with!”
“We are your family!” I heard Satan chuckle.
“NOOOO!!!” I screamed as the solid oak doors drew closer to me. “Get off of me! You have no right! You should be afraid!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
“Of what?” I heard his voice in my head as he stared me down as I was being dragged out.
“Of vengeance.” I hissed back. I saw the look of shock on his face, only a small glimpse of fear before that smug grin returned on his face.
“We’ll see.”

Here I am in a pestilential prison, with a life long lock, awaiting the sensation of a short sharp shock, from a cheat and chippy chopper on a big black block. Nude and cold.
Green slime dripped down the cobble stone walls, the smell of a decaying body lingered in the air, rats blood greased the floor, and little light illuminated from the small slits in the reinforcements. Pale moonlit rays shinned upon my already paling skin. I hadn’t had anything to eat, and I refused to eat, or should I say drink, what they have offered. Satan and his clan I mean. Their ridiculed words sting, and run deep. “Everything is your fault.” The words ring in my ears and echo in my mind. My bare back to the chilling stones that make up my cell creating goose bumps racing on my skin, spreading like wildfire all over my body. “Everything is your fault.” Again. Rocking myself back and forth huddled in the far corner of the room, knees pressed to my chest, hands clamped around my ears. “Everything is your fault.” Repeats faster and faster. My breathing rate increases, and so does my heartbeat. I screw my eyes shut still rocking back and forth.
Everything is my fault. It’s my fault that my only beloved son is in danger, the love of my life in harms way, God disappointed. “Never.” I hear a frail voice whisper in my ear. I snap my eyes open and see God hovering above me. The glow around the flawless frame that’s kept under fabulous garments. “Never could you disappoint me, Phoenix.”
“How could you say that?!” I growl glaring up at God, my hands fall to my sides away from my ears.
“How could I not?” The voice questions.
“How the fuck would I know?” I growl more. I’m just so angry at myself for letting all of this happen; letting all this get out of hand so fast and so easily.
“I would know, wouldn’t I?” I just ponder on the question a bit. I just shrug. “I know everything.” God whispers. “And Satan can’t do this to you. At the time you committed those supposed crimes the law never stated that they were illegal yet. So there is no penalty. Well, there shouldn’t be.” God explained simply.
“You mean to say, that I’ve been here on terms that weren’t even legal yet?” I question in disbelief. I see God nod. “Damn it! We need to get out of here!” I shout and slam my fists into the rats blood smeared upon the floor.
“Quiet in there!” I hear the guard yell, I just stare confused.
“They can’t hear me.” God smiled. I nodded. “They’re coming to get you.” God whispers before disappearing.
“Who?” I ask, but he doesn’t answer. “Who?!” I shout kneeling and slamming my fists to the ground again. Just then the metal door screeches open. I’m blinded by the sudden light. My eyes begin to water at the corners and I’m forced to put my hand in front of my sight to keep the light from burning my eyes fully.
“Phoenix.” I heard a familiar voice sigh. Then rushed footsteps echo out. The body speeding towards me blocks out the light and I see it’s Michael.
“Michael.” I’m about to cry for the millionth time in my being with him, or around him. He kneeled down next to me and wrapped his strong arms around me. Then I heard small feet patter to us. I looked over Michael’s shoulder as he held me close and saw it was Levi. “Levi.” I sighed. Michael removed his shirt and slipped it over my head to keep my body from Levi.
Michael stepped aside to let my son run into my arms and give me a warm, loving hug. His arms wrapped around my neck tight. This time I actually cried. “I love you, Mommy.” I heard Levi say. I looked up at Michael.
“I love you too, baby.” I pulled away and kissed his little nose.
“Don’t cry, Mommy.” Levi attempted to wipe my tears away with his tiny hands, but just ended up smearing them across my cheeks. I laughed and rubbed them away.
“Okay. I won’t.”

Back at home where I belong. Alexander ruling vampires, Satan in his throne, Michael in the studio with the band, and Levi happy to start school. As Devon came to pick up Levi for his first day of school I just had to obsess over everything. And once they were gone anxiety hit me. Was he going to be okay? Will he make friends? All these questions stormed in my head. Everything just swirling around in there, when I heard a knock at the door. Who could it be?
I just sighed and stalked up to the door. I opened it and Gerard stood there in the crisp air. “Hey!” He greeted.
“Oh, hey! Come in.” I stood aside and let him enter the warm room.
“Damn, it’s cold outside.” He commented.
“Why do you think I’m in here?” I asked a rhetorical question. But Gerard being Gerard just had to answer.
“Because you’re worried about Levi’s first day of school. I was the same with Bandit. I even went with her.” He chuckled.

Lying there on the bed. Panting. After making love to my husband. Michael laying next to me panting as well. Levi is still at school. He’ll be back any moment so I jump out of bed and grab a towel and get in the shower. Washing away all the sweat and stickiness.
After washing my hair and rinsing it I hop out of the shower and head to the closet to et some new clothes. Michael is still lying on the bed. “Why are you still on the bed, Michael? Levi will be here any minute.” I laugh.
“I’m tired. You wore me out.” He closes his eyes and smiles.
“Whatever. Get up, babe.” I throw my towel at him. He groans into the towel that landed on his face and gets up. I head into the closet and find some red short shorts and a blank tank top. I put on my Paul Frank slippers and head back out. I hear the shower run and smile to myself.
Heading to the kitchen I pick up our abandoned clothes and put them in the hamper. I feel new. I feel alive. A grin playing on my lips. Just then the front door opens. Levi walks in with Devon. “Hey, you guys.” I smile.
“Hey, Phoenix.”
“Hey, mom.” Levi comes running up to me. I kneel down and open my arms. He runs into them and I embrace him. Holding him tight.
“I missed you, baby.” I rubbed his back. I heard Devon clear his throat and I looked up at him. He knew what Michael and I did. I just smiled and he shook his head with a smirk. “How was your first day?” I pulled back.
“It was fun!”
“Did you make any new friends?” I asked.
“Yeah!” Levi ran to the kitchen. I stood up and nodded to Devon.
“I can tell you weren’t all alone here.” He mumbled.
“Shut up.” I slapped his arm playfully. He chuckled.
“Devon.” I heard Michael greet Devon from behind us. I swiveled around and saw he was fully dressed. His hair flat and dry.
“Michael.” He smiled.
“Hey, babe.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pecked his lips quickly before heading to the kitchen and finding Levi trying to slice the cherry cheesecake I made earlier from boredom. “Here, let me help you with that.” I grabbed the butter knife Levi was trying to cut the cheesecake with and cut the cake. I placed a small slice on Levi’s plate and grabbed two other plates and put one slice on both. Heading to the living room I grabbed two forks.
I follow the chatter to the couch. Michael and Devon are talking about everything since they last seen each other. “Here you guys go.” I hand each of them a plate and a fork. “Cherry cheesecake made this morning from boredom.” I smiled.
“Thank you. I looks great.” Devon thanked me.
“Stop lying, Devon.” Michael chuckled. I just scoffed and Devon laugh.
“You can always catch me.” I scoff again.
“You two are so rude. I really don’t think you’re deserving of this heavenly cherry cheesecake.” I say heading for the two plates to take them from the two players.
“You know I was just kidding, babe. Chill.” Michael moves his plate away and laughs.
“You better be.” I smiled. Out of the corner of my eye see Devon taking a small bite of cheesecake, then his eyes light up.
“Wow! This is great!” He takes another bite. This time bigger. I just smile.
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