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Chapter 10: The Tiger’s Roar
Last Time on Naruto’s Digital Destiny…
“… The damn thing is designed to act like a digital vacuum, sucking up any and all digital matter within range,” Naruto explained to the assembled Tamers and Digimon the next day inside his apartment, the shed was too risky, “Yamaki doesn’t know what he’s messing with, this Juggernaut could, and most likely will, open the gate between the worlds even further allowing not only a greater number of Digimon through, but also more powerful ones as well, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if an Ultimate is the first thing to come through the gate and if our luck holds, which I’m pretty sure it will, it’s first act will be to come after us.”
“Is there anything we can do?” Rika asked, she was still wearing her new outfit, which had gotten more then one raised eyebrow amongst the others but no comments, though now she had a black leather strap going over her right shoulder which held the Demon Slayer to her back.
“(sigh) I planted a virus, a nasty one which should take the next one or two months to remove from their system, but that won’t work a second time, Yamaki’s a shrewd one, he will have backups made once everything’s in working order, and backups of his backups probably,” Naruto answered her, “So we have one month to get in as much training as possible, I’ll be teaching you guys the Shadow Clone Jutsu first, that way you won’t be missed at home or school, we have one month and we have to make the most of it, because by the end of that one month, if we’re not ready for what comes through that gate…”
Rika finished the sentence, “We’re screwed.”
Now, The Story Continues…
It had been a rough month for all of the Tamers and their Digimon partners, but it had been well worth it, all of them were twice, if not 3 times as powerful as they were before, and they had shed the blood, sweat and tears necessary to get themselves this far.
Takato had become something of a prodigy at close combat with his trench knives, using his wind style jutsu to either attack at long range or pin his opponents so he can get closer, not to mention his often used combo with Growlmon, combining his Wind Style: Great Breakthrough with Growlmon’s Pyro Blaster making a white hot inferno that not many Ultimates would be able to escape from unscathed, hell a direct hit would probably at least phase any MEGA that wasn’t a fire elemental. Guilmon had progressed by leaps and bounds, he was now able to coat his entire body with the flaming energy he used for his Rock Crusher attack which can be used either offensively or defensively, Lobomon had learned the hard way not to try and grapple with him, in addition he had managed to half the energy required to use his Pyro Sphere repeatedly. Both of them had gotten much better at simple hand to hand as well.
Henry was becoming nearly impossible to hit with that bo staff of his, Naruto had made sure that it was pretty damn close to indestructible with the various seals he had inscribed on the chakra channelling steel and he was paying for it every time he sparred with Henry, he did win every time, but with the various earth style techniques and his pure skill with his staff and at hand to hand Naruto always had a few bruises by the end of each session. Terriermon had started to learn how to use his lightning affinity and he had already figured out how to incorporate it into his Terrier Tornado and Bunny Blast attacks, his energy levels were also much higher then before so his ammunition limit as Gargomon had doubled as well, the little bugger had gotten much faster too.
Rika had become something of a menace when she fought with the Demon Slayer in her hands, she had read up on Kushina Uzumaki’s fighting style and various jutsus and, while many of them were water style there were a few fire style ones in there, nowadays it wasn’t uncommon to see the Demon slayer ablaze with crimson flames as Rika trained and sparred with it, Rika had also perfected a few long range fire style jutsus like Fire Style: Flame Sniper (shoots a condensed fireball the size of a tennis ball at high speeds which is accurate at up to 500 metres), just in case the enemy ever figures out that it’s far safer to try and attack at a reasonable distance. Renamon had concentrated on altering her Diamond Storm attack, and boy did she ever succeed, she was now able to form and launch crystals from anywhere within a 2 metre radius in any shape or form she desired, hell sometimes she formed the crystals into melee weapons like swords and spears which she grabbed and used, sometimes as if she had been born to them, she was becoming one hell of a weapons mistress, she had also managed to lessen the power drain from her Foxfire Dragons attack to the point she could use it 5 times without a recharge card. Needless to say their added deadliness only made them more attractive in Naruto’s and Strabimon’s minds.
Naruto had surpassed his former strength, he was now at least low jounin level and rather well rounded, even if he usually used Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu, he was no slouch with Taijutsu and Genjutsu, Naruto had started to concentrate more on his lightning affinity using a few of his ancestors scrolls as well as that of his first kill’s scrolls (even if it wasn’t deliberate on Naruto’s part the Digignomes still consider Kakashi’s scrolls to belong to Naruto by right of conquest) as sources for training techniques and jutsu, he didn’t like using the Chidori considering the fact it needed extremely high speed to use, tunnel vision was practically guaranteed at those speeds, but he had managed to be able to channel chidori along his katana even though it wasn’t quite perfected yet, he had learned a few other mid to long range lightning jutsus but at this point he preferred using his wind style jutsu as he had more experience using them. Strabimon had taken the idea behind the Wind Style: Wind Sword jutsu (Kaze no Yaiba) to create his own variation using his Light element, he was capable of using the deadly blades capable of slicing through trees on both arms at the same time, though it was draining, he had also been training to maximise the effectiveness of both his champion forms and slowing down the slide evolution time from 3 seconds to 1.5.
Needless to say, without the shadow clone training trick, none of them would have gotten so far so quickly, admittedly using dozens of clones to learn the same jutsu or technique didn’t do anything to the amount of time it takes to learn because the clones would start at the same point and more or less learn the same thing, but if the original concentrates on physical exercises like kata and sparring while each clone works on a different chakra technique/jutsu or reading, that will work as every memory transferred back to the original is unique, all the various techniques and jutsus that are brought to a usable level can then be perfected by summoning clones to repeatedly use and experiment with the technique/jutsu.
Of course, it wouldn’t be the Tamers if something didn’t happen to make their lives that much more difficult…
Flashback (1 week into training)
“Well, well, what have we here, looks to be a boot camp for brats and their digital pets!” yelled a loud and obnoxious voice from one of the taller trees nearby, making all of the humans and Digimon in the field lose their concentration to look up at the intruder, which just so happened to be a purple, 3’ tall and extremely annoying loudmouth of a Digimon that everyone but Naruto and Rika had had the misfortune of meeting, Impmon.
“Just ignore him,” Henry advised once he had seen who the intruder was, he, Terriermon, Takato and Guilmon had run into him the afternoon before IceDevimon used them as bait and he could honestly say that he had never met a more offensive Digimon in his life!
“Easy for you to say, you can’t smell him,” retorted Terriermon, he wasn’t that fond of the little puppy kicker either.
“I take it that he’s the Impmon you told me about?” Naruto asked Strabimon, who nodded.
“Yep,” Strabimon replied, he had ran into the little blabbermouth during the early days when he had been scouting out the competition before Guilmon had showed up, little bugger was just itching to get himself whacked.
“Well I’ll say this much for you brats, at least you guys take taming seriously unlike the other cry baby tamers I’ve met over the years,” the Tamers and Digimon were confused, did Impmon just complement someone? “Not that you could ever stand a chance against a real Digimon like me!” never mind.
“Oh, Really?” Impmon heard from behind him, he tried to spin around to confront the one who was behind him but he was too slow, Naruto’s steel capped boot rammed up his ass sending him flying as he squealed and held his backside with both hands as he flew over to the trees on the other side of the field and ran headfirst into an ironbark, knocking him out cold.
“Alright, let’s get back to work!” Strabimon yelled at the others as they stood there and watched Impmon’s unconscious form, Strabimon’s reminder snapped them out of it and they got back to working on their various projects. Somehow, all of them knew that that wasn’t going to be the end of it.
Flashback End
And they were right of course, Impmon returned every day after that and promptly got beaten by whichever human’s turn it was to knock him out, funnily enough after the first week Impmon stopped with the smart aleck comments and just showed up to fight, and each and every one of them could see that every time he got beaten that he came back the next day a little stronger and a little more eager, apparently he just wanted a good fight where he wouldn’t wind up deleted and had taken to getting it by picking on those smaller and weaker then himself and by insulting those at the same approximate power level, he was just lonely and he liked the thrill of the fight. By the end of the month he was about the same level power and skill wise as Renamon when she first arrived in the human world, which was a large step up from his previous state, hell all of the humans and Digimon had learned to be able to tolerate him, even started to like him in Takato and Guilmon’s cases.
In short, the month had been highly productive, good thing too because Yamaki was a very efficient little worker bee and had Hypnos up and running exactly one month after the Virus had wreaked havoc on his systems, the Juggernaut was now fully operational.
“Finally, everything’s working again,” Riley muttered in her analysis chair in the centre of the Hypnos observation mainframe.
“Uh-oh, spoke too soon Riley,” Tally said from her chair behind Riley, “We’ve got a wild one, but the scanners are barely even registering it. And if that isn’t bad enough the tracer is acting erratically, hmm,” Tally typed away on her keyboard to try and bring up the location of the wild one, when she got the data she knew there was something wrong, “What the, the tracker is saying that the wild one is right below us,” Tally pulled her Virtual renderers up onto her forehead as she remarked, “but that’s impossible!”
Just then an unmistakably young voice echoed up from the ground, “Calumon, Zoom, Zoom, here Zoom, there zoom, Calumon, zoom zoom, no underwear zoom,” before the voice broke out into childish laughter. Tally looked down and saw what was undeniably the cutest thing she had ever seen, Tally knew that it was probably a Digimon but she didn’t care, something that cute couldn’t be dangerous, right?
“What ya doing all the way up there, huh?” Calumon asked when he spotted the female human sitting in an incredibly high, high-chair before he extended his ear-wings to glide up and take a closer look.
By this point Riley had also heard Calumon and twisted around in her seat to watch as the small, and incredibly cute, Digimon seemingly flew up to her partner effortlessly, which was pretty strange considering most animals need some kind of updraft to get air-born and there was no wind in here other then what came through the air-con vents. Riley was a little nervous, being the wiser of the two analysts she knew that just because something was cute didn’t make it cuddly, still, she opted for the wait and see approach, after all, the little Digimon hadn’t really made any threatening moves yet.
“Well? What’re you doing up here?” Calumon asked as he came to face level with the strange human.
“Uhh … Just making sure that everything’s working properly after that disaster we had last month,” Tally replied nervously, she didn’t think the little thing could fly after all, even if it did seem a lot cuter up close.
“Huh, I don’t remember a disaster happening a month ago, then again I haven’t exactly been around long enough to live through a disaster before so I’m not sure what would count,” Calumon said to himself, though it was loud enough for both analysts to hear him.
“Not been around long enough?” Tally muttered before she asked, “How old are you anyway?”
“Huh? Well I’m not entirely sure, I don’t remember hatching from a digiegg, but the earliest memories I have are from about 10 months ago,” Calumon answered, this shocked both of the analysts, by their reckoning this Digimon was about the same level as a 5 year old kid, everyone knew that human brains didn’t develop well enough to retain memories until they were around 4.
“So you’re just a child by Digimon standards huh?” Riley asked, despite herself she found that she had been getting more and more curious about the digimons’ side of the story lately.
Only noticing Riley then, Calumon glided over to be in front of her before he answered, “Well, yeah, from what I know most Digimon don’t go past In-training level, which I’m at, until they’re at least 5 years old, though the average is 8. And most don’t get to champion until they’re about 15, though the Digimon who fight and load data more often usually digivolve earlier than that.”
Meanwhile, down on the floor of the observation mainframe Yamaki walks up the stairs to check on the amount of progress that his analysts had made in reconfiguring the scanners when he saw them chatting with one of those digital abominations, admittedly it was a small one but it was a Digimon therefore it was dangerous in his mind, Yamaki quickly called a couple of SF’s with a capture net over his earpiece.
When the SF’s arrived with the net launcher a few moments later Yamaki pointed at the Digimon and ordered them to catch it while it was still unaware of their presence. The SF nodded before taking careful aim with the net launcher, to make sure that he didn’t hit one of the analysts that were up there before he fired the net…
“… All right, that should be enough for today, get washed up ev…” Naruto said as the other tamers had finished their cooling down exercises before he was interrupted by an alarm coming from his D-ark, the screen was flashing the symbol on Calumon’s head, “Fuck!”
“What’s up?” Rika asked him before she wrapped her towel around her shoulders as she walked over in a set of rather snug work out clothes that were plastered with sweat from the workout.
“That was Calumon’s distress signal, I made sure to upload it into his mind last time I ran into him and told him to activate it should he ever get into trouble that he couldn’t get himself out of,” Naruto explained before he pressed the button on the D-ark to bring up the Digimon signal compass that was calibrated to Calumon’s unique digital signature, “Just great, judging by signal strength and direction, I have a damn good idea where he is, Hypnos.”
“(sigh) typical of that little moron to go wandering into the most anti-Digimon place on the planet and get himself caught,” Rika grumbled to herself before she started running towards the changing rooms, “Just let me get changed before you go after him, I have a score to settle with those assholes myself!”
“We’ll help too,” Takato said as he walked up to Naruto, Guilmon, Henry and Terriermon nodding their heads in agreement, they had gotten changed earlier because they had tired out earlier, it was mostly Rika and the Digimon who were at it all the way to the end.
“Hmm, you guys will be no good for a stealth mission,” Naruto said to himself, and them, as he considered, “but I’m betting that you would be able to make one hell of a distraction,” Rika got back at that moment so he started with the plan, “Ok, here’s what we’re gonna do…”
(Takato, Henry, Guilmon & Terriermon)
“Alright guys, this is the place, Terriermon, Guilmon, do your thing,” Henry whispered before Terriermon and Guilmon let loose their attacks.
“Terrier Tornado,” Terriermon yelled as he spun and released a huge tornado towards the target.
“Pyro Sphere,” Guilmon yelled as he sent several balls of fire towards the same target.
… The target was the Hypnos Car Park, “After all,” Naruto had said, “there’s nothing that these types treasure more than their cars.”
Takato and Henry were a little dubious about the destruction of potentially millions of dollars worth of private property, but Naruto reassured them that there was no way that any one of those bigwigs in the building didn’t have insurance to cover it, Guilmon and Terriermon were just glad to cause a little chaos, after all what male doesn’t like explosions?
(Naruto, Rika, Renamon & Strabimon)
When Rika and Renamon heard the echo of the chaos that the others were wreaking they just shook their heads and muttered ‘boys,’ to each other over the link they shared, they both believed that Naruto’s plan for a distraction, while effective, was overkill.
Of course, they were right about that, but honestly, there just hadn’t been enough explosions lately and Naruto had been hankering for a good boom.
All four of them climbed up the elevator shaft, they knew that in a building like this, it was highly likely that elevator traffic would be closely monitored at times like these, not to mention the cameras inside the elevators as well, far safer to just climb up the shaft. Once they got to the same floor that Calumon was on they crawled into the air ducts, once again remarking that it was stupid building design, hell even Renamon was able to fit with a decent amount of room!
Finally they found themselves above a room that had Calumon in a jail cell, and judging by the static feeling being given off by the bars, they were electrified, normally Calumon would just slip between them but the bars were too close together for anything bigger than a small human hand to fit through, Unfortunately there was already 3 people in their, 2 women and a typical SF.
(Riley, Tally & Calumon)
“I’m sorry Calumon, I tried to get you out of here, but Yamaki just won’t listen to me,” Riley whispered to him in a sad voice, she had yelled at the guy till she was blue in the face, nothing worked, and the only result was her getting her next paycheck erased.
“Yeah, I’m sorry too little guy, I would have tried too, but honestly, Riley has more pull with the boss than me, and if her protests didn’t work than I doubt mine would,” Tally added on honestly, Riley did in fact have more pull with Yamaki than her, but it was mostly because she was the only female that he was even slightly attracted to, sure he didn’t let his balls rule his brain too often but it did happen every now and then.
Calumon simply shrugged, “that’s ok, my friends are coming to get me anyway, and somehow, I doubt your mean old boss will be able to stop them,” he replied with confidence.
Both Riley and Tally frowned before they looked at each other, “more Digimon?” Riley asked, not really expecting an answer, but she got one anyway, in the form of the SF slumping to the ground and a young male voice speaking behind her.
“Not exactly,” Naruto answered her as he landed softly on the floor behind the 2 analysts, Rika, Renamon and Strabimon landing behind him. Strabimon walked over to the cage before the claws on his right hand started to glow brightly.
“Light Slash,” Strabimon muttered as his right arm blurred across the bars a few times before they simply fell to the floor in pieces.
Calumon laughed childishly before he glided out of the cage and into Rika’s arms, “Thanks for the rescue guys,” he said as he snuggled into the, much warmer and softer, embrace.
Naruto gave a slight grin at Calumon’s choice of resting place before he addressed the 2 analysts, “Thanks for trying to help him you two, even if it didn’t work.”
“Can’t help but like the little guy to be honest,” Tally answered as Riley stared at Naruto with a slightly frightened expression, this was the kid that scared the crap out of Yamaki after all, and that is no small feat.
Riley shook her head, he might be dangerous to his enemies, but judging from his expression she didn’t think that they counted anymore, “Uh, yeah, I just didn’t like the idea of a kid being used in one of Yamaki’s experiments, human or Digimon.”
“That’s something I think we can all agree on,” Renamon stated from her position beside Rika.
“Yeah, y’know, you Digimon aren’t as bad as Yamaki makes you out to be,” Tally said before she asked, “do you guys have a phone number or something I can call, I’d really like to know more about the Digimons’ side of the story.”
“I wouldn’t mind asking a few questions either,” Riley added, she and Tally had really started to like Calumon in the short amount of time that they had known him, and these kids and their Digimon partners weren’t so bad either.
“Hmm, ok, here’s the number for my mobile 04* * **, I’m giving it to you because I’m sure that you two won’t give it to Yamaki or one of his stooges, ‘k?” Naruto replied, he was pretty sure that they wouldn’t betray him but just to be safe he gave them the number for his secondary mobile, it was a cheap one so he didn’t have any problem with ditching it should something happen.
“Thanks, take care of Calumon ok?” Tally requested, she had already developed one hell of a soft-spot for the little guy, Riley nodded in agreement.
“Don’t worry, he ain’t gonna be going anywhere without a bodyguard for the next month,” Strabimon said to reassure her, though when Calumon whined Strabimon said to him as he poked Calumon’s stomach, “that’s your punishment for going into a building that you know is hostile and getting caught, you are grounded little buddy, you will not be allowed to stray from your bodyguard for that entire time and the bodyguard, not you, will be the one to decide where you can go and what you can do. The only reason you aren’t being placed under house arrest is because we don’t have anyone that we can afford to stay at home all day.”
Calumon pouted as he thought ‘this sucks.’
“Well, it’s been a time and a half, but we’d better get out of here before the distraction wears off,” Rika alerted the others to the fact that they had been standing around chatting for far too long, the others nodded in agreement while the analysts looked confused.
“What distraction?” Riley worked up the nerve to ask.
“Oh, we set Guilmon and Terriermon loose in the Car Park, I’m honestly not sure how many of those cars will be in working condition by now, though I doubt there are many,” Naruto stated with a slight grin as he followed the others back up into the air vent that they had entered through.
Riley and Tally looked at each other with blank faces before they burst out into laughter, both of them took the train to work so they didn’t have to worry, but they had both witnessed far too many pissing contests between the guys that worked at Hypnos about their cars to be the slightest bit upset about the millions of dollars worth of damage.
Yamaki gritted his teeth as he watched the tamers that infiltrated the building reunite with the ones that provided the distraction, “Donaldson, launch the Juggernaut program,” he ordered his primary programmer over his ear piece, ‘this’ll teach them to mess with my car!’ he thought to himself smugly as he watched a huge burst of blue data particles erupt from the roof of the building and create a miniature black hole, though instead of black it was green in color. Yamaki watched with satisfaction as Rookie, Armor and Champion level Digimon were sucked into the vortex and destroyed by the event horizon of the Juggernaut, but when he glanced over at the Tamers to see their reaction he noticed that not one of their Digimon had been affected by the Juggernaut, even the little cream puff was perfectly fine!
(Tamers and their partners)
All of the Tamers and Digimon were grateful that the chakra running through the Digimons’ bodies was enough to alter their signal so that they were unaffected by the Juggernaut, Calumon was simply too different from a normal Digimon to be affected.
The Tamers and their Digimon partners watched the event horizon of the Juggernaut with trepidation, they could already feel that something was coming through, and it was powerful, Ultimate level easily, maybe even one of the less powerful Megas, plus there were several other digital signals coming through, not as powerful as the first, strong armors probably, but they would be a enough of a distraction for the more powerful one to finish off whoever their enemy was.
“Mr. Yamaki, sir,” Donaldson’s voice came over the ear piece.
“What is it,” Yamaki replied, still annoyed by the fact that the Tamers’ Digimon were unaffected by the Juggernaut program to really notice the alarm in Donaldson’s voice until he heard what Donaldson said next.
“There’s something coming through the event horizon of the Juggernaut Sir, actually, there are a lot of somethings, though one is definitely more powerful than the others. If I didn’t know better I’d say they were wild ones!” Donaldson near yelled over the comm., finally getting Yamaki’s attention.
“What? Are you certain!” Yamaki yelled in surprise, this wasn’t supposed to happen!
“Definitely, there are 7 contacts in all, 6 of them have a power level that indicates that they are so-called armor level wild ones, but the last is far more powerful than anything that we’ve recorded thus far, in fact, it might just be powerful enough to level this building sir, if not the entire city block,’ Donaldson replied nervously, he might be the second best programmer in the Hypnos program, after Yamaki himself, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t be replaced, and Yamaki had a bad history of blaming the messenger for any bad news they reported, especially when it was Yamaki’s fault that the problem happened in the first place.
“Damn it, shut Juggernaut down now, we can’t let something of that magnitude get through!” Yamaki wasn’t worried about the first 6 abominations, it was the last one that really unnerved him, after the past 3 years of working in this program he had come to believe that there weren’t any Digimon more powerful than the occasional champion level that came through, needless to say he now knew that he had been mistaken, and that Juggernaut had opened a path for the new abomination to come through!
“I’m trying Sir, I’ve been trying ever since I saw that there were wild ones coming through the program, Juggernaut is not responding to my efforts to shut it down, it’s as if the new wild one is powering the program itself, but the amount of power required to do something like that…” he trailed off.
“Is beyond anything that we’re capable of generating without draining the power from all of Shinjuku, and it’ll take twice that to overcome the beast’s current hold over the Juggernaut,” Yamaki finished before he ordered, “I want you to shut the Juggernaut down as soon as the wild one relinquishes control, we don’t want any others getting through.”
“Yes Sir,” Donaldson replied before shutting off the comm.. link so he could concentrate on the read-outs for the Juggernaut that were flashing before his eyes on the screen before him.
Everyone present was made aware of the arrival of the newly arrived Ultimate level Digimon and his armor-level underlings as the sky over the Hypnos building cleared, but only Naruto and Strabimon had heard that roar before.
“Fuck,” Naruto swore bringing the attention of the other human-Digimon pairs to him, upon seeing that he had gotten their attention he continued, “I’d know that roar anywhere, It’s Mihiramon, and if I’m right those armor levels up there with him are his harem/bodyguards, The Nefertimon Sisters.”
“The good news is that they all make terrible snipers, Mihiramon has no long range attacks and the sisters only have mid range attacks, though they will use them point blank if they need to,” Strabimon informed them, “the problem is that Mihiramon is the type that will lure his prey to him while he gets the sisters to retrieve what he wants for him. And that rooftop is no place for KendoGarurumon, I might have a lot of speed in that form but I have very little agility, and as Lobomon I wouldn’t stand a chance. Similarly Gargomon and Kyubimon just don’t have enough raw power to take him out, so it looks like this one is up to you Guilmon.”
Guilmon nodded as Naruto finished, “we’ll keep the catgirls off your back, good luck.”
“Let’s do this,” Takato said as all of the tamers drew their weapons, this is what they’d been training for the past month, they can not, and will not, allow themselves to fail!

“Guilmon Digivolve too … Growlmon”

“Terriermon Digivolve too … Gargomon”

“Renamon Digivolve too … Kyubimon”

“Strabimon Digivolve too … KendoGarurumon”
All four of the Digimon engaged their Hyper-wing card before launching themselves at the approaching Nefertimon with their tamers on their backs, well, Henry was on KendoGarurumon’s back with Naruto, but anyway. Takato and Growlmon used a Wind Style: Great Breakthrough/Pyro Blaster combo to clear a path for themselves through the enemy ranks as they flew towards the awaiting Mihiramon. The Sisters attempted to chase after them only to find themselves facing their own opponents, three powerful and highly skilled champions with three humans wielding weapons on their backs, they would have dismissed the tamers as a handicap for their steeds if it weren’t for the fact that they recognized one of the tamers, it was Naruto!
“You!” one of the Nefertimon yelled in outrage while pointing at Naruto, “What are you doing here warrior?!”
“I’m here on Ebonwumon’s orders, what about yourselves. I highly doubt that Zhuqiaomon has received the required votes necessary to be able to wage war on the human world!” Naruto replied as he referred to the fact that there must be a majority vote among the sovereigns to wage war on any world, shocking only Henry and Gargomon as he did so that he was following anyone’s orders, or that the sisters knew him well enough to accuse him of anything, let alone being AWOL.
“We are not here to wage war on the Human world, not yet,” replied one of the calmer Nefertimon, “Lord Zhuqiaomon is merely making sure that when the time comes the enemy will be far less difficult to conquer.”
“A pre-emptive strike huh? And I suppose that this has nothing to do with an in-training Digimon called Calumon?” KendoGarurumon asked sarcastically.
“You know where the Catalyst is? Tell us, tell us Now!” the Nefertimon from before ordered.
“Yeah we know where Calumon is, but you’ll have to get it from our dead bodies because there is no way I’m letting that power-hungry pigeon have control of the Light of Digivolution, it was Ebonwumon’s orders that I protect the little cream-puff with my life and I intend to do so!” Naruto roared as he leapt from KendoGarurumon’s back to the mouthy Nefertimon stabbed his wind chakra coated sword directly through the Nefertimon’s Digital Core (basically the heart of a Digimon, it is usually located in the same region too) and jumped back to land, perfectly balanced, on KendoGarurumon’s nose.
“Sister!” the five remaining Nefertimon cried out in anguish as they watched her burst apart into data, they knew that Naruto was strong, but to able to take out one of their own so quickly and easily was a big blow to their confidence, not to mention the fact that Naruto had probably trained all of their opponents, but it didn’t matter, they would have their revenge!
“You will pay for this!” the formerly calm Nefertimon screeched as all 5 of them launched themselves at the nearest opponent…
(Takato and Growlmon, soon after they broke through the Nefertimon)
“I hope they’ll be ok,” Takato wondered as he looked over his shoulder towards the others who appeared to be in something of a shouting match with the Nefertimon.
“They’ll be ok Takatomon, there’s no way a bunch of armors will be able to take them all down, they’re too good to be beaten by an enemy force that small,” Growlmon reassured him as he flew towards the roof of the Hypnos building, “But right now, we need to concentrate on if we’re gonna be ok,” he reminded him when he spotted the tiger-like Digimon on the roof of the building.
“Ah ha! So this is the human world’s champion, a mere champion level and a human, pathetic!” Mihiramon taunted, he could sense that the Digimon was strong for a champion, but he didn’t have a chance against one of Lord Zhuqiaomon’s Devas! Unfortunately, like all of Zhuqiaomon’s subordinates was likely to do, he completely dismissed the tamer as inconsequential.
“Don’t judge us; you haven’t seen what we’re capable of yet!” Takato yelled at him from his perch on the back of Growlmon’s neck as Growlmon hovered just out of Mihiramon’s reach.
“You’ve been a bad kitty, time to go bye-bye,” Growlmon growled at Mihiramon before launching a blast of flames at the Tiger Deva with a cry of, “Pyro Blaster.”
“Aaaaargh haahaahahaha,” Mihiramon cackled as he forced his way through the flames before transforming his tail into a 3 sectioned nun chuck, “Samurai Tiger Tail!” he yelled as he struck out at Growlmon’s head with the newly transformed tail, only for the tail to be blocked by Takato’s trench knives with every swing.
“I can’t keep this up for long Growlmon,” Takato whispered, he might be blocking those hits successfully, but he was putting everything he had into blocking each one, hell he had to pump chakra through the majority of his muscles to make sure he wasn’t knocked off of Growlmon, in short, he was wearing out quickly.
“Dragon Slash!” Growlmon roared as he swung his crackling arm-blade at Mihiramon only to be blocked by Mihiramon’s tiger tail.
“You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?” Mihiramon asked before he let loose with a, “Vimohana,” sending Growlmon flying backwards from the shockwave.
“This isn’t working, we have a better chance if we land I think,” Takato said before Growlmon nodded in agreement, they’d be able to split up on the ground and hit him with a two pronged attack.
Growlmon flew over and landed on the opposite tower from Mihiramon, his Hyper-Wings fading as Takato jumped to the ground next to him.
Mihiramon studied his opponents as they landed on the opposite tower, ‘clever, they’re forcing me to come to them because I don’t have an attack that will reach that far, and that human is far more powerful than I first believed, in fact I’d be willing to swear that he’s been trained by a certain blonde haired pain in the ass tamer!’ when he had that thought he started to make note of the various power signatures, human and Digimon, in the area, ‘this just got a lot more complicated, one of the sisters has already been deleted and from what I can tell two others are fast on their way, that blonde nuisance has definitely been training the local tamers in his methods, rrrr, when I’m done here I’m going to hunt him down and tear that brat limb from limb!’ Needless to say, Naruto and Strabimon weren’t all that popular with most of the Devas.
Mihiramon spread his wings before flying directly at Growlmon, who in his mind was still the greater threat, as he flew he separated his into three sections once more, only this time the end section looked like a huge steel cone with barbs and spikes covering it from joint to tip. Mihiramon roared, “Armor Tiger Tail!” as he sent the head of his newly transformed tail sailing, point first, directly for Guilmon’s Digital Core, Mihiramon was hoping to eliminate these two pests quickly so that he could go to the aid of the sisters, sure he didn’t care for them as Digimon all that much but being surrounded by all that pussy was heaven for him.
Growlmon was just barely able to catch the strike in his claws, but Mihiramon wasn’t out of tricks just yet. Mihiramon roared as he made the cone spike on the end of his tail spin at high speeds, ripping large gashes in Growlmon’s arms.
Growlmon roared in pain before retaliating with a boosted (power card from D-ark) Pyro Blaster at point blank range, sending Mihiramon sliding across the roof to the edge. Unfortunately, Mihiramon’s last attack had more or less made his arms useless, and what’s worse, Growlmon could feel that a huge portion of his Digital Energy was being used just to keep him alive.
“Growlmon! No,” Takato cried in anguish at his partner’s injury before he dived into his card holster, berating himself all the while for not programming a healing card into his D-ark. In his distracted state Takato never noticed that he was channeling a large amount of chakra through his body, particularly through the fingers that were now reaching into his card holder, and into the card that he grabbed.
All three of those on the roof became aware of a bright blue glow coming from the card in Takato’s hand, when the light dimmed a little Takato could see that the card was identical to the blue card that had turned his Card-reader into a D-ark in the first place, when Takato looked up from the card at Growlmon his partner nodded, despite the amount of pain he was in. Neither of them knew what the blue card would do, but it was better than nothing…
“Digi-Modify … Matrix Digivolution Activate!” Takato yelled as he swiped the blue card through his D-ark, the knowledge of what the card would do echoing in his mind as he started to slash. No-one noticed the beam of red light that shot up from the ground near the far side of the tower from a couple of bushes.
MATRIX DIGIVOLUTION (AN: I’ve said before that I will not describe the canon evolution sequences, if you want to see it look it up on youtube)
“Growlmon Matrix Digivolve too … WarGrowlmon!”
“Bull’s-eye baby,” Takato muttered to himself as his partner was covered by a cloud of smoke, as the smoke was cleared by the newly digivolved WarGrowlmon’s thrusters Takato informed his opponent who he was now up against, “WarGrowlmon, Cyborg type, Ultimate level!”
Mihiramon growled low in his throat as he observed his newly digivolved opponent, if what the human said was true than Mihiramon expected one hell of a fight. Mihiramon already knew by looking at the Cyborg type’s now full armored arms that the last trick he used wouldn’t work, and what’s worse, he could feel that another 3 of the sisters had fallen, he had to get this fight over with before he lost all of them, sure they were replaceable but it was a bitch to do so.
WarGrowlmon snarled as he flew towards his foe with both of his arms thrust forward, fully intending to rip the Deva limb from limb for nearly taking him from Takatomon.
Mihiramon, however, refused to be taken down so easily, he leapt off the side of the roof and took to the air with WarGrowlmon following him, this was where WarGrowlmon discovered a flaw in his new form, he was nowhere near as fast as he used to be, and Mihiramon was pulling away from him easily.
Once Mihiramon was a respectable distance above his foe (he had more or less flown directly up since the beginning) he spun to face WarGrowlmon before he split his tail into its samurai tiger tail form and started to spin it in the air behind him, it was a trick he had figured when he was still a normal Mihiramon rather than a Deva but it was also a good one, even if he hadn’t used it in a while. While Mihiramon’s tail spun it gathered the air from around it, along with momentum.
When WarGrowlmon got within range Mihiramon let loose with a supercharged Vimohana, the shockwave forcing WarGrowlmon to plummet until he was level with the roof of the Hypnos building.
Using his chance, Takato leapt from the roof to WarGrowlmon’s shoulder, giving him a light punch as he did do for taking off without him.
Takato pondered on the problem of removing Mihiramon’s advantage before he snapped his fingers as he came upon the answer, as WarGrowlmon slowly flew back up to challenge Mihiramon Takato whispered his plan to his partner before he went through a series of 5 hand seals ending in the bird seal.
Takato sucked a huge amount of air into his lungs before he fired a baseball sized air bullet as he thought ‘Wind Style: Compressed Air Bullet, let’s see you get out of this one.’
Mihiramon saw the Air Bullet heading for him and shifted to the side, allowing it to pass and paying no more attention to it, that was his mistake.
Takato watched as the air bullet passed Mihiramon with a sly grin on his face as he brought one of his hands up into a half ram seal, ‘gotcha,’ he thought as he dispelled the chakra shell around the air bullet.
The Air Bullet exploded in a rush of wind, forcing Mihiramon end over end and into a tail-spin as he tried desperately to reorient himself as Takato recalled the details of the Jutsu he just used, ‘Wind Style: Compressed Air Bullet, basically you force a lot of air into a really small space which is contained in a dispellable chakra shell and fire it at your opponent, it doesn’t matter whether or not it hits because the shockwave will typically catch your opponent very much of guard, sending them flying more often than not, man was that a doozy to learn.’
As Mihiramon tumbled from the sky WarGrowlmon used his new targeting system to get a lock on his enemy. “Bye Bye mister bad kitty,” WarGrowlmon said as the two cannons on his chest started to glow an eerie red, “Atomic Blaster!”
As the twin beams of violent red energy soared towards him Mihiramon struggled desperately to get out of the way, but it was to no avail.
“Aaaargh, fools, you are no match for the Digimon Sovereign, while I die in his name, you will suffer a thousand deaths at his hands as he destroys this world!” Mihiramon cried out at he was vaporized by the attack.
“So it’s confirmed then, Zhuqiaomon really does want to destroy earth,” Henry said to himself as the Tamers met up in Guilmon’s shed after the battle, there had been a short ruckus with Takato’s friends from school, Kazu and Kenta, along with Jeri, after the battle, but it was nothing to be concerned about. (AN Takato’s little drama with Kazu and Kenta not believing him about Guilmon and Jeri meeting the bread snarfing doofus more or less happened as per canon before the month of training, I just didn’t feel like writing it out.)
“Guess so,” Terriermon answered as the others frowned, thinking about the enormous task ahead of them. “Hey wait a sec, what did you mean about Calumon being the Light of Digivolution, I mean that’s impossible isn’t it?” He asked Naruto and Strabimon, he knew of the Light of Digivolution, it was the Digital World’s most prized artifact, a Ruby Red Crystal in the shape of a Triangular Pyramid, it was what allowed the less battle inclined Digimon to evolve as they grew older and acted as a catalyst for those who went to higher levels so it wasn’t as draining, but last he heard it wasn’t even sentient, never mind a Digimon that’s about as dangerous as a loaf of bread!
And so, Takato, Guilmon, Terriermon and Henry learned the truth about Calumon, and why he must never fall into Zhuqiaomon’s claws (they’d already told Rika and Renamon), When Naruto and Strabimon finished they all looked at the young Digimon who was peacefully asleep on one of Guilmon’s comfier and cleaner pillows, all of them swearing to themselves that they would do whatever was necessary to protect him from the power hungry Sovereign, Zhuqiaomon.
AN: Finally, a new chapter, this one took far too long to assemble itself in my brain let me assure you of that, still, I reckon I did rather well, all things considering, oh, I didn’t write the fight against the Nefertimon because frankly, it was obvious who would win and I didn’t want to write it out.
This is Necros signing out, “BYE, EVERYBODY”
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