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Edward and Alphonse find out what the Colonel wants; and what they want in return.

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“Let me get this straight,” young Edward Elric said shortly, disbelievingly. “You want me and Al to babysit some teenage nutcase?”

“Fullmetal,” Colonel Roy Mustang said huskily. “She is not a ‘nutcase’. She is the SP Alchemist. She had just become a State Alchemist yesterday. We all believe that she has great potential, for more reasons than one.”

“I don’t.” Edward said shortly. Alphonse looked at him dismissively, as if he was trying to tell his older brother to be more polite. The Colonel walked over to his desk and turned around to view the window behind his leather office chair. Then he spoke.

“She has had a traumatic experience with the Philosopher’s Stone, we have reason to believe that she does.” Roy explained. Edward’s eyes grew large. The Colonel turned his head in order to see the brothers’ reactions, and thought that, after reviewing their expressions, they were obliging him to continue. “However, because of this ‘traumatic experience’, the SP Alchemist was comatose for a few weeks. When she returned from her coma, her memory of what had previously happened before disappeared. Crispin, one of her close friends, had told us that when asked, she said she could only remember a vibrant, red color... and a huge door.”

Edward's eyes grew wide. He remembered the huge door. It was the gate; it was the gate to the other world.

And he knew from his studies what the vibrant, red color would have meant.

“The Philosopher’s Stone,” Edward muttered under his breath. Roy walked back to the previous position he had been before he dramatically entered the view of the window. He gave Ed an arrogant smirk, one of his hands on Edward’s right shoulder.

“You’d better get to work then, Fullmetal.”
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