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chapter 1.

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“But what if they are real?” my younger 8 year old brother Caleb asked me as we walked home

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“But what if they are real?” my younger 8 year old brother Caleb asked me as we walked home
“Caleb, they are not real”
“But you don’t know that”
“Oh and you do?”
“Okay so they’re not real. But what if they were?”
“Would you be scared?”
“Yes. Would you?”
“Yes. Now can we please not talk about this?”
“Sorry” he said as we walked inside the house
“Come on go clean up” I said to him as I walked up to my room.

I was up in my room for a little while on msn and listening to music. Caleb was downstairs probably watching TV or on the family computer. Mom was at work and wouldn’t be home for another 2 hours, which was two hours of freedom! Dad was also at work but he was on a business trip in Australia for the month and wouldn’t be back until…well yeah the end of the month.

x.lover.x says: hey whats up? says: hey and n2m just at home. You?
x.lover.x says: same same. Bored as hell though says: same here. What did you do today?
x.lover.x says: just hung out with Rhyan and Karissa. You? says: hung out with Braidy, dyed my hair and then hung out with my lil bro
x.lover.x says: sweet! What colour did you do this time? says: black with bits of purple
x.lover.x says: dude that’s so fkn sweet! says: lawlz thnx :D bleh Im so bored. There is nothing to do
x.lover.x says: lets hang out says: love to but I cant
x.lover.x says: why not? says: I have to stay with Caleb until my mom gets home
x.lover.x says: oohhh yeah says: anyways, Im gunna go hit the shower
x.lover.x says: alright says: ttyl in a bit

I signed off

“Shade!!” Caleb said as he came running into my room
“Caleb what’s wrong?”
“I don’t know. I just got scared suddenly”
“How? By what?”
“I got this feeling that somebody was watching me”
“Come here” I said and pulled him into a hug “nobody is watching you. Its just me and you here, okay?”
“Now come on, go downstairs and watch tv or something while take a shower”
“Alright. Just me and you, nobody else is here” he said to himself as he walked out of my room and back downstairs.

I really didn’t know what to say to Caleb when he said that it felt like somebody was watching him. I truly and honestly didn’t know what to say because lately I have been feeling the same way. Even in my own room. As if somebody is watching me but when I look around to see if anybody is there, I don’t see anyone.
When I walked into my bathroom to have a shower, the feeling went away.
Its like my bathroom is the only place I can go without feeling like I am being watched.
After my shower I got dressed again in my black tshirt that had skulls on it, my black ripped-at-the-knees skinny jeans, my red and black studded belt and some wristbands. I fixed my make up and did my hair (put it up in a ponytail and left my awesome emo cut bangs down). As I walked back into my room, that same feeling came back. Only this time it was more intense. Not in a bad way but in a good way. Like whoever was watching me, if there was somebody watching me, wasn’t going to hurt me or anything. That’s a good thing, right?
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