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chapter 2.

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I sat up suddenly wide awake as I heard them again accept this time closer. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming but I knew for sure that my heart was racing out of my chest because I was scared.

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I woke up the next day to the same feeling that I have had all week long. But this time I wasn’t at all scared because well I had gotten used to it by now. Although, I think it has been scaring Caleb though. He came running into my room again last night because he was scared. I told him that everything will be alright and that whatever happens, we will be safe. Of course he questioned what I meant by that.


“It’s not going away. Its not. I want it to go away”
“Caleb, there is nothing to worry about”
“I don’t like the feeling and I want it to go away”
“It will”
“But it hasn’t. Wait…h-have you b-been having the same f-feeling to?”
“To be honest with you, yes I have but you know what? I’ve gotten used to it”
“But how?”
“I don’t know, I just kind of got the feeling that whoever is watching us, if there is anyone watching us, that they are here to hurt us”
“How do you know that?”
“I don’t. I don’t know that. I could be wrong. But you have to trust me, okay? I will never let anything happen to you, understood?”

end flashback

So I washed up. Got dressed and went downstairs to the living room. Today I was to be meeting up with my friends Cassie and Rhyan. I don’t really have many friends. Usually people make fun of me, pick on me, make up rumors about me and yeah but I don’t need them. I have all the friends I need, even if its not many. You don’t need many friends to have any friends at all.
When Cassie and Rhyan showed up at my house, they both examined my hair and were all like ‘sweet’ ‘amazing’ ‘awesome’. I told them about what I have been feeling lately about being watched but…they don’t believe me.

“Whatever” I said
“Well why do you be like that?” asked Rhyan as we walked into the store
“I tell you guys that I think somebody Is watching me and you don’t believe me. Caleb had been feeling the same way to. Such great friends you are. You know at something like this, friends are supposed to watch out for their friends”
“And we will” said Cassie
“For people who don’t believe me, you will watch out for me?”
“Yes” they both said
“Well why are you getting mad?”
“I am scared. Even though I have gotten used to the feeling, I am scared. I do not know what is going to happen, okay?”
“Shade, we will not let anything happen to you”
“You promise?”
“We promise”
“Thanks guys” I said as I hugged them both.

For most of the day I hung out with just the two of them. Rhyan and Cassie are really my only friends and I love them. Rhyan suggested that we hang out at his place for a while since his parents were not going to be home. After that, we went and hung out around the park.

“What time is it?” I asked
“Seven” said Cassie
“Shit. I gotta go”
“Why?” asked Rhyan
“Because I told mom that I would watch Caleb tonight”
“Do you have to?”
“Yes” I said as I got up to leave
“Alright. Well call me later” said Cassie
“Go on msn later” said Rhyan
“Yes and yes” I shouted back to them as I ran

I got home just in time. As soon as I walked in the door, mom came out. She gave me a kiss and said good bye

“I won’t be home until really really late” she said as she got in the car and drove off

So I went inside, took off my shoes and went into the living room where Caleb was sitting down and watching TV

“I’m hungry” he said
“Alright, what do you want to eat then?”
“We had that last night”
“Fine” I said as I picked up the phone and walked into the kitchen while dialing the pizza place.

~Later that Night~

Caleb was now in bed and I was up in my room on the computer sicne their was nothing else to do. Mom still wasn’t home and wouldn’t be for another little while because she is working night shift right now.
I had my headphones on and was switching the song when I heard someone knocking on my door

“Come in” I said but the door didn’t budge a bit “hello?”
I walked over to my door and opened it to find no one their
“Caleb?” I said as I walked over to his room to find him fast asleep in his bed

I smacked myself on the head “I must be hearing things”, so I decided to go to bed.

You know when you are just about asleep and then next thing you know it feels as if you are falling and you jolt awake? Yeah it was kind of like that except I heard something or someone in the hall

“Whose their?”
“It’s just me” said Caleb tiredly as he came into my room
“What’s wrong bud?”
“I just had to use the bathroom”
“Okay. Go back to bed”
“I am” he said to me as he walked back out of my room and to his own

I didn’t feel scared and I didn’t hear any more sounds after that. It didn’t take me long to actually fall asleep and knowing that I wasn’t scared anymore, made it way easier.


I sat up suddenly wide awake as I heard them again accept this time closer. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming but I knew for sure that my heart was racing out of my chest because I was scared. The shadow was coming closer and closer to me until it was standing right in front of me. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t scream or anything. I tried the best I could but their was no sound coming out of my mouth. The shadow was now right over me.
I stopped trying to scream for help and was starting to fall back asleep until I fully was.
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