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chapter 2

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“Katy. Come on snap out of it…Katy talk to me” Brendon said. He was squatting in front of me wiping the tears off of my face. “ I remember them” I said

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I was released from the hospital a little bit later. Brendon and the girls thought it would be better for me if I went to my own home, the home that Brendon and I shared.
“Where are Lacey and Caden at?” I asked Brendon. We were in the car and the ride had been silence thus far.
“With Ryan and Sarah… My band mate and his girlfriend. They are two of our best friends. Lace and Cade love staying at their place. Probably cause they let them have as much sugar and caffeine as they want.” Brendon said with a twinkle in his eyes. I could already tell that he was an amazing father.
“ I wanna see them” I softly said
“ you will. I just want to get you home and make sure you’re ready first. I don’t them to get hurt” Brendon said
“ I cant blame you. I wouldn’t want them around me either. I don’t even remember my own kids”
“its not that. I just… I don’t want to scare them,” he said
“ I know. Its ok” I said
“how long have we been together” I asked after a few moments of silence. We pulled into a driveway of a two story house. It was gorgeous. It had a wrap around porch and there was a stone walkway leading up to the house.
“almost 5 years now” Brendon said as he put the car into park.
“you ready for this?” he asked me
“im not sure. This is what is best though. The doctor said id be more likely to remember this way” I said
“I know but still. I don’t want it to be too much. There is a lot of memories and reminders in this house. a lot of us.”
“yeah.” I said. We got out of the car and I followed brendon up the pathway and into the house. I was immediately met with the sight that made me feel at home. It was just a simple living room. But the room was filled with pictures.
“ Im gonna go set your bags in our room…err where you’ll sleep. Ill sleep out here on the couch” brendon said
“Brendon you’re not sleeping on the couch. If we’ve been together as long as you say and have kids then there is no sense of you sleeping out here just cause I cant remember” I said
“well we’ll figure it out later. Im gonna call Ryan and let him know we are home, then ill give you a tour of the house” he said
“ok” I said as I forced a smile. As he walked out of the room I started looking at the pictures on the walls and around the room. There were some of me and the girls through out the years, some of Brendon and a few guys which I assume were his band mates, some of me and brendon, and some of a little girl and boy that looked exactly like brendon. I picked up a frame that was sitting on the table. I looked a train wreck but had a huge smile on my face in it. Brendon was glowing. His smile was brighter than the sun. in each of our arms was a newborn baby, I sat down on the couch before I ran my fingers over the picture. That’s when the flashbacks started to happen

*start flashbacks*
“ Bren…. I’m… I’m pregnant” I said
“you’re what?” he said shocked


“there’s two heartbeats. You’re having twins”
“tw… twi…twins” brendon stuttered out.


“I cant see my feet” I whined
“that’s cause you’re preggers” Victoria said
“thank you captain obvious” I said as I threw a paper ball at her


“that’s it baby.. Push. They’re almost here” Brendon said
“shut the fuck up you asshole you did this to me” I yelled at him


“I cant believe they are one already” Harper said
“ I know. Caden don’t hit your sister” I said


“ mommy” Lacey asked as she pushed my door open
“yea baby” I said as I sat up in bed. She ran over to the bed and climbed in
“ I miss daddy” she said
“ I know baby girl. He’ll be home soon”
end flashbacks

“Katy. Come on snap out of it…Katy talk to me” Brendon said. He was squatting in front of me wiping the tears off of my face.
“ I remember them” I said
“what?” he asked
“ I remember them. The kids. Lacey has a birthmark that looks like a pair of lips right about her butt. Caden was born first and weighed the most. He was 7lbs 7 oz. Lacey was only 6lbs 3 oz. Caden broke his arm on their second birthday. Harper calls Caden worm and Lacey noodle.” I said
“ fuck you remembered.” he said pulling me into a hug. We were both crying.
“what else… do you remember anything else?” he asked as he pulled back, still holding on to me.
“no… I don’t know.” I said
“this is something big though. Its better than nothing. it’s a start” Brendon said before he kissed my forehead.
I felt a true smile come on my face. I remember my kids.
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