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"Well, at least only one teacher hated us..."

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"Everyone wake up!" I heard a familiar voice scream as the booming sound of a pan being hit... where did the pan come from? I felt a large amount of weight being pushed onto me and moaned as something dug into my stomach.

"Sorry, love." I heard a giggle and felt my eyes snap wide open.

"Gerard? What are you doing, what time is it?"

"It's 8: 30, come on we're late for class. Very late actually, classes start at 7."

I sighed and laid in my bed staring at him.

"...aren't you gonna get up?" My eyes ran up and down his body. His mouth went into a small 'O' and hopped off.

"Wait a minute." He hopped back on so his legs were at my sides. "Yes?"

He pressed his lips to mine, starting lightly and slowly getting more passionate. His tongue touched my lower lip, and opened my lips slightly. I granted his entrance, giggling as the kiss got deeper. His hand went to my side and slid under my shirt. His cold hand made me shiver as he moved his hand to my spine to bring me closer to him.

"Gerard, what are you -- AHH!!! Okay, I didn't need to witness that!!!" We pulled apart to see Mikey covering his eyes, and his glasses on the other side of the room.

"Sorry, mate. Should've knocked first." I laughed and felt myself blush deeply.

"My poor, virgin eyes." He whispered as I giggled.

"Actually, I think it'd be much better to... sleep in today, don't ya think Frank?" Gerard turned to look at me and winked, licking his lips as he did.

I knew by now my cheeks were probably glowing. Gerard chuckled and kissed my cheek [like that helped] and skipped away.

"If your dating my brother... don't do anything around me, alright. Good." I smiled and nodded, walking over to my dressed and changing into my robes.

15 Minutes Later

"Okay, where the hell is Potions?!?" Mikey screamed as I shushed him to be quiet.

"How am I suppose to know, it's my first day."

"Mine too, so we're lost together."

"... That helps." I spoke sarcastically as Mikey smirked.

"Ahh... Mr. Iero, I've heard a lot about you. You must be Mr. Way, your brothers have quiet a record with me."

We turned around to see a tall man with long greasy hair standing in front of us. He wore a long, tight cloak and black boots.

Well, he looks cheerful. I thought as he gave us both stern looks.

"You're both late." Mikey looked around him.

"Yes... tell us something we don't know." The man smirked and walked closer to Mikey, so much that both of their chests were touching.

"Hmm... just like Jason if you ask me. Gerard's more of a prankster, Jason talks back. You want me to tell you something you don't know, Mr. Way. 50 points off Gryffindor, each."

My mouth dropped open as I looked over at Mikey, he had the same expression. The man smiled and stepped aside the door and pointed inside the classroom.

"In, I'm Professor Snape by the way. Your potions master."

"Great," whispered Mikey as we walked inside.

"So this is the jerk that Gee's always talking --"

"30 Points for Gryffindor." Mikey looked at his shoes as everyone around us turned to give us stern looks. I smiled and then quickly rushed to an empty seat in the back.

Well, at least only one teacher hated us.
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