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Shoe's need writing.

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Yess, shoe's CAN make you blush. Icecreaaaamm...

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"nice colour you have on your cheeks" He said grinning.

"I.. Thanks." i smiled kindly to him. Wait, my eyes flew open, i don't even know this kid! i ran to the door to escape from this horrably amazing, good looking snightmare. He pulled on my hand. "Where are you going?" his eyes were fild with angst, sorrow, fear... "I don't even know you!" i yelled. My eyes were wide open now. I didn't wanted to yel, it just happend. "Why are you mad at me? You,... you didn't want it? the kiss?" his voice was chokking, but still in controle. i saw there was a tear forming in his eye. "Noo! that's totaly not it!" i scrashed my head. "I'm not even mad at you... I just can't believe... i kissed someone, i know so litle..." i turned my face, he doesn't have to see how i feel. "We're getting to know eachother, never heard of a love on first side?" He asked kindly, clutching my hand in his. Love That word hit me hard. Was he saying he loves me, the freak, the weirdo ? he's in love whit a monster! I looked even furder away. "Heard of it i guess.." i said chill. Chilles we're running up my spine. he hugged me close. "Well, isn't this it?" he asked nervous. "I don't know, I feel; Butterflie's hurting my stumeck, I feel... my body getting numb when you touch me, I feel my head getting fuzzy when you talk... and stuff like that, i never felt before." I wass grinning so much, my grin was almost flying of my face. "I have the exact same feelings." whit those word my grin grow wider. This is imposible. Mikey ran down staires. "What was the yelling for Frankie?" he asked kindly, with a wink directed to Gee. "I was just showing Gerard my acting skills." i grinned. "Oh, well done then..." he looked at me in a funny way and ran beck to Lora, who was standing at the and of the staires. Gee came closer,.. if that waseven possible. "Did... did you really act?" his eyes we're forming tears, aigan. "No, of course not!" i grinned at the next thing i wass planning to say, but Gee interupted. "Oh, okay... Mikey knows... I'm a litle diffrent, he would understand if you just have told the trueth." he giggled after saying that. "Shit! you just interupted what i was about to say! It was inportant!" i yelled, a litle to hyper. "So say it!" he squeald. I looked right in his eyes now. "I'm falling fast and hard for you..." i looked at my black with red striped all stars. He pulled a pen out of his back pocked and kneeled down over my shoe's, He opened the pen and started writing. i could'nt see what, cause his perfect hair was in the way. he pulled away to bent over the other shoe.
I read my shoe. 'G (l) F' i melted inside. my cheeks we're turning that nice colour aigan. I see, Gerard is now writing on my other shoe. He pulled him self back up, trying to look in my eyes. But that wasn't posible, my hair was blocking my eyes. 'I love you 2...' the other shoe said. Can he read minds? "I love you..." i grinned. He made me look at him. His eyes we're two shining stars. I could have gone like, Blue as the ocean and stuff,.. but his eyes we're green, like grass. He just not like anyone els. I looked at his feet, hoping to find all stars, who can be my dairy. Like mine become his. I found, bare foot. He wasn't wearing shoe's. I turned away to find his shoe's. He giggled. "Why you giggling at me!" i yelled hyper. "Just, i like to giggle." he said whit a cute voice. As if i didn't noticed he likes to giggle.

"You wanna... like go... get an icecream?" Gerard asked nervous.
"I thought we we're going to study?"
"right, if you wanna study, that's fine to..." a blush
"I don't like to study, we go get an icecream at Sprinkels?"
He heard the hyperness in my voice about Sprinkels, he gave me a weird look.
"You know they give Skittles with your icecream? right?"
After the word skittles his eyes growed wide. "They do?"
"Jup, so we're going there?"
"Hell yes!" again, a giggle.

I put on my shoe's, All stars. I see Frank looking at them. Would he really liked the shoe's... or was he thinking about what i've just writed on his ones? I don't know about this guy, he so... hyper and childish, but still... i like it. I looked at Frank opening the frunddoor and skipping to my car. "OPEN IIIITTTT!!!!" he begged. i got up and shut the door after me. I smirked at him. "Nope." i said playfull. "Beg me, on your knees..." i said. Frank gave me a funny look, but then gave in and landed on his knees, right in frond of me. "I love you, more the i love skittles... And danm, i like them a lot! So, we are going to get Icecream with them on top of it and it going to be JUMMY! So, please open the car?" he rambled along. I shook my head. "Wait wait wait!" he yelled. "Then, if you open the car, i will sit next to you and i promise i will sit next to you in the icecreambar, promise!" He giggled. His giggle was special, diffrent. It was highpitched. Verry adorable. "Okay, i give in!" a opened the car doors. He skipped to the car again and let him self in. When i sat down, he started to push all the buttons on my radio. I walked over to the car and got in also. "Sweetheart, can you please don't do that?" i said flirty after kissing his sheeks. He went all red. I don't wanna know how i looked. I put in Bob's CD, it was a Slayer CD. Bob let me have it for a while. Frank turns the volume up high. I looked at him while starting the car. "I said, don't touch it." i giggled. "It was just the volume button!" he cried, not a real cry, we we're just playing along. "Fine, the volume, that's okay." i drived me car backwards out of the driveway.

"So what icecream did you like to have?" the lady asked kind. We both giggled. "You go first." i giggled. "Hmmm, Alison? can you make me my special Skittles coupe?" his eyes we're shining. "Of course Frankie!" she turned around at started to put a lot of icecream in a bowl. "Don't forget the damn skittles!" Frank told her. She Grinned and put the skittles on top of it. "I'll have that too..." i said nervous. "Okay, So Frank, tell me! Who's this?"
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