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He looks happy, hyper and everything. But he's not?

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"This?" i pointed to Gee. "This is Gerard." i giggled. "yeah, but where's all the giggling for? You're his boy friend?" her shaw dropped. Gerard turned red. "Well, yeah, he's my boyfriend and he wants his icecream" i smiled picked up the 2 bowls and put them on a table. "Come sit whit me, baby." i giggled. he looked weird at me and put his sexy ass on a pink chair. I started scooping all the skittles out of the bowl. Gee was staring at me. "What do yah think yah doing!" i said, gangster like. "I think i'm staring at, uh... i think ima staring at you!" he said, not so gangster, he sucked at gangster. "Yobro, Why yah do that?" i gigled. "'Caus you're damn sexy!" he yelled. everyone in the ice polar stared at us. Gerard jumped in frond off me. "Don't stare! he's mine!!" he yelled, loud and protective. "Chill hun, they just think you're hott.." i giggled in his ear. "Well, Al! i see you later!" i giggled at Alison pulling Gerard out of the ice polar. "So, what do you want to do now?" he said touching my chin. I rolled my eyes away from him. "I wanna go home." i couldn't see his eyes, but they weren't happy. "A-alone?" he stutterd, i wanted to nodde. But i didn't i couldn't. "Yeah, uh... Alex just texted, he wants to grab some pizza." i tried too smile. "Can i go two?" his voice was all hope. i couldn't risist. I looked him in the eyes. His eyes where green, bride green. It makes me meld inside. it's beautiful. "Sure, you can come." i had the nerve to slap myself, it's so not okay, he can't go home, i have no idea how he just both that story about pizza! i don't even eat...yeah, skittles, but i'm about to trow up. "Uhm, Gee,.. Just go home." i told him while i runned away. I took the first street right, left, right, right, home. "Hi! i'm home!" i runned in to the bathroom. Puke. bye bye food. My mom came true the frunddoor. "Where is that fat gay ass?!" she yelled. Ow no! I wass panicing inside. Ran to my roomn she heard it. "You're up tupstaires, queer?" she yelled aigan. I answerd a quiet yess. "Speak louder fag!" she ran upstaires whit her fat legs. the whole house was shaking. She looked at me, a fragile boy in a corner of the hallway. "Where where you this afternoon? i called you twice!" she yelled her hand was high in the air, then came down on my face. a hard slap. I screamed my longes out off my body. "Shut up!" she screamed. i heard Alex cry downstaires. "You bag off bones! go into you're room!" after that she mumbled something about bodybags. i ran into my room and locked the door. "Unlock that door! If you don't... you want have a door any longer!" she laughed evil. i unlocked the door and sat down on my bed, i looked across the room, Alex' bed. I heard him ran upstaires he yelled "Don't touch me bitch! i'll kick your fucking ass if you even tried! I'll kill you and put you in a louis viton body bag!" Alex is less shie as me, but mom never hurt him. never. he ran into my room. "You okay?"

Note: Uhm, yeah, this kinda sucks, let me know if you like it. XOXO Annelies : end note
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