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Unexpected Visit

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Vex hears a noise from Blight's room again. Is it a struggle?

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Later that night, Vex awoke to a sound he couldn't identify. He wasn't sure he'd even heard it. Vaguely, he remembered what Chaos had told them. Keep alert tonight. Cautiously, Vex tossed his blankets to the side and slipped his legs off the bed. The tile was cold beneath his bare feet, but he ignored it and padded silently to the wall blocking his room from Blight's. Bracing himself with his fingertips pressed against the wall, he leaned forward and turned his ear to it. The designers thought they'd sound proofed it, but though sound didn't reach others' ears, he could still hear what came from outside.

In Blight's room, he heard near silent shuffling noises. Feet on the ground? He couldn't quite tell, but suddenly he heard a different noise. Blankets and sheets shifted violently, probably as Blight jerked awake, and Vex could hear his brother's voice, muffled as if he was holding a hand over his mouth.

Or someone else was.

Abandoning stealth, Vex rushed through the newly replaced door and out into the hall, avoiding a few loose tools left by the contractors that had been deconstructing the airlock. As soon as he cleared the doorway, he dropped to the ground and slid to the other side of the hall. He could hear the quiet whistle of air as several small projectiles shot over his head.

Quickly, he got his feet underneath him, but he stayed in a defensive crouch, ready to move any way he could to avoid more of whatever had been shot at him. His eyes settled on his assailants, dressed in all black with guns in their hands as they stood near Blight's door. Vex's eyes shot past them down the hall. More of them were hurrying quickly away, one carrying Solace. The boy was unconscious.

"What have you done!?" Vex shouted, enraged.

He knew he would get no answer and drew in a quick breath. Before he could make a sound, one of the black clad figures got off a few shots. Vex jumped to the side with practiced agility, but before his feet even touched the ground again, more shots were fired. A small, sharp pain sprung up in his right shoulder and he reached up. He had just a few seconds to look at the dart in his hand in confusion before swaying unsteadily and collapsing to the ground, unconscious.

The men exchanged nods and three broke away, moving on. At the next room, they found Havoc, sound asleep. They had been as quiet as possible, but by now they had to have been noticed and needed to move quickly. Without preamble, they shot a single dart into the boy's arm. For a normal person of his size, it would have been enough, but that wasn't the case here.

With a hiss, Havoc shot upright and pulled the dart out of his arm. Only sparing it a quick glance, he turned towards the men in his doorway and got onto his feet, hissing with his fangs bared. Quickly, one of them shot three more darts into his chest. Wincing, he stumbled back a step, swaying just slightly, but otherwise didn’t react. Instead, he rushed them.

He made it to the closest man and sunk his teeth into the man's arm. The man convulsed and collapsed onto the ground. Before Havoc could let go, eight more darts hit him in the back and legs. He pushed unsteadily to his feet, turned and growled at them as he came closer. He reached out a hand to grab the nearest man, much slower than before. And collapsed.

Quickly signaling for him to be taken out of the building, the three men turned and started towards the next door. They stopped two steps later. Chaos stood out in the hall, glaring with an intensity that caused them all to pause.

"Fire and it will be the last thing you do." He said, not raising his voice. Somehow, it only made him seem that much more dangerous.

Ignoring his warning, two of the men raised their guns at the same time and fired. In a flash of motion, Chaos avoided them both. The men in black got off one more shot each before he was on them. Reaching the first, Chaos ripped off his helmet. With a short look, barely a second of eye contact, the man collapsed. Before the first had even hit the ground, Chaos sent a foot crashing up into the spot where chest guard and helmet met, crushing the second man's windpipe.

Straightening, Chaos settled his gaze on the other men still in the hall. "Surprised? Don't be." He rested a hand over his face, looking at them from between his fingers. "I see everything." He paused, giving the slightest smile, just a fractional curve of lips. "Isn't that right . . . Mr. Keeton?"

One of the men in black made a quiet noise of approval. "Impressive. But if you can see everything," He pulled a handgun from its holster at his side and aimed it to his left as another man walked out of the room, carrying Havoc, "Then, see this."

With a glance, Chaos could tell that that gun in Keeton's hand was loaded with bullets, not darts. For a moment, Chaos and Keeton stared each other down. Finally, Keeton pulled the hammer down with his thumb, finger moving threateningly on the trigger.

Sighing as if the whole scenario was a waste of his time, Chaos raised his hands slowly, holding them up at the sides of his head. "Guess I've got no choice then, huh?"

With a nod from Keeton, a man in black raised his gun and fired once. Chaos felt a small prick in his left shoulder. A few seconds later, his eyes slid closed and he felt himself falling.
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