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Rude Awakening

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The boys wake up, but where are they?

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Havoc woke some time later, stiff and sore. He could still feel the sting of the darts that had pierced his skin and started to bring a hand up to rub a particularly sore spot on his chest, but his arms wouldn't obey him. It took him a minute or so to realize that his wrists were firmly bound behind him. He struggled for a moment before begrudgingly coming to the conclusion that he wouldn't be able to get free that way. What was more, there was a stretch of leather and fabric wrapped around the lower half of his face. A muzzle. Someone had put a muzzle on him.

Struggling to ignore the anger that was quickly building up, he looked around. By the way everything looked and how the surface beneath him rumbled and bounced, he guessed that they were in some kind of vehicle, most likely a van. Off to his left, near the wide back doors, Solace was lying out with his head and feet touching either side of the van, sleeping soundly. Directly to his left, Blight was sitting leaned up against the wall of the van, chin resting on his chest. Across from him, Vex sat in a similar position and across from Havoc was Chaos.

Havoc moved a little, trying to get a bearing on their situation, and accidentally nudged Chaos' leg. Chaos stirred a little but didn't wake up. I should've known I'd be first. Havoc thought. Though he'd been shot so many times, he'd still burned off the sedatives faster than the others. With the way his body had been producing poison all his life, he had developed a tolerance for any kind of medication. Which meant Blight should have, too.

Struggling to move, Havoc nudged Blight with his elbow, trying to wake him. He had a hunch that if he tried to say anything it wouldn't come out as words, not with the muzzle covering his mouth. And any noise he made would probably alert whoever had kidnapped them.

Blight groaned quietly and picked his head up a little, drifting between consciousness and sleep. "What . . . What happened?" Remembering the dark figures that had nearly smothered him in his sleep, he picked his head up and looked around. "Wh-Where are we?"

Havoc nudged Blight again his arm, drawing his brother's attention, and shrugged, shaking his head a little. Blight took the hint and fell silent, looking around the small space they were stuck in.

Havoc noticed that Blight was still wearing a mask and looked at the others. Vex had a similar muzzle over his mouth and Chaos had a metal blindfold covering his eyes. Solace was simply passed out and Havoc guessed he would be that way for a long time. Precautions were being taken against all of their abilities and the only way to prevent Solace from destroying anything was to keep him sleeping or dead. Havoc was at once relieved and afraid that they had chosen the former. Someone wanted them all for something. He just didn't know what.

He and Blight sat in silence for what felt like forever. Neither could think of a way to escape or a reason that they had been taken.

"Stay silent and listen."

Quiet though it was, Chaos' voice startled them both, but they looked towards him and followed his instructions.

"They weren't supposed to come this early. I was unprepared. Forgive me. It was my fault they succeeded."

Havoc wanted to ask what in the world Chaos was talking about, but he remained silent, as did Blight.

"I haven't been awake long," Chaos continued, "But I've been formulating a plan. We'll have to stop soon for fuel, I'm sure of it. They wouldn't take us anywhere near where we were before. When we do stop, stay calm and do exactly as I say, all right? We'll get out of this. I promise."

They both nodded though he couldn't see and at Chaos' urging, worked on waking up Vex and Solace. They would all need to be conscious for any escape plan to work.
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