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After the Hospital Stay

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Walking into the school on the new first day, my arm in a sling and a bandage around my thigh, where I got shot, with William by my side, I greeted my buddies!!! Alex, still her pretty self, Fin, in all her Finnyness, Gabby, still awesome, and Kari, in her punkness.

"Aww hey Jen!" They all said hugging me carefully, to make sure they don't hurt me.

"Hey guys, did you all miss me!!??" I squeaked hugging them all with one skinny arm.

"Of cource we missed you! We thought about you all the time!" Alex said looking at William like he was a peice of worthless crap.

"Why did you just look at Will like that, Ally?" I asked concerned. She looked at me and simply said,

"He cheated on you last week, with Becca." I looked at William and actually started crying from how bad my heart was breaking.

"Why William, why would you do such a thing to me? After all I gave you, you still couldn't leave her in your past?" I screamed at him. He just looked down at his feet, ashmed, and didn't say a single word. I kept ranting about how terrible of a person he was, and threw the engagment ring at him. After that he said his first words,

"You didn't give me shit, Jennifer. I've been your bitch for a year and your the one who treated me like I was nothing! I admit, you were a great kisser, but if i tried anything more than kissing you would punish me for it," He picked up the ring, "Oh and this peice of shit, I got for fifty dollars, it's cubic zerconium, if you were smart enough to go to a jewler you would have figured it out," He started walking away, "Stupid bitch." He mumbled.

I stood there in shock for a few seconds and finally straightened up and fixing my eyeliner with my finger from where it started running. Fin looked over at me and put her hand on my shoulder, I flinched and looked at her, and kinda shrugged her hand off of me. "Honey, I am so sorry that happened." She said fixing my bangs. I said nothing and let her fix them. Alex then ran after William, tackled him, and started punching him in the face. Next thing I saw was Frank taking her place and hitting him until I saw blood on his knuckled. Brittany pulled Frank off of Will, and told him that if he didn't stop punching him that she would leave him, he pushed her away from him and continued to beat up William.

"FINE FRANK IT'S OVER!!" Sse screamed at him turning around and going to her class. When Frank was finished with Will he walked over to me and hugged me.

"Jen, please tell me you'll be okay." He begged looking at me in the eyes.

"I think I will, I don't know. I can't really feel anything." I said with no emotion in my voice. He hugged me more and I hugged back, "Thanks for being a great step brother Franky. I don't know what I'd do without you." I said nuzzling his neck.

"No problem, Jen, I'd do anything for you, your the best sister a midget could ask for." He chuckled.

HOLA MI AMIGAS!!!!!!!!! I don't know spanish, i know german, HALLO MEINE FREUNDS!!!! sorry i meant to say Hello My Friends, but the german said Hello My boyfriends... sorry. WEELLLLL I havn't died, I've been busy with my bf... hehe(dirty thoughts), But yeah I'm passing all my classes, go me, I'm still awesome and so are you! Just thought I'd write and let you know I'm not dead and that i've been doing something productive! LOVE YA laters
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