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New Guy In School

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Exactly what the title it, might there be a new flame in Jennifer's life??

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A Year Later
January 18
Still Senior Year
I'm 18 years old now (not really)

'Hmm another day, another boring class and another nice nap.' I thought sitting down in my desk class and putting my head down and closing my eyes, when I smelled a very nice cologne that I recognized, Fierce from Abercrombie and Fitch. I looked up and saw a natural red head in front of me with straight hair and a black button up shirt on with angel wings on the back of it, 'Who the hell is that?' I thought to myself leaning a little closer to him and taking a long silent breath. God I love that cologne!!! I accedently breathed to loudly causing him to turn around and look at me.

"Uhm... do you mind explaining to me why your smelling me?" He asked raising an eyebrow. I just looked at him, smiled a little and kinda chuckled.

"I just, uh, really like that cologne your wearing." I said slowly leaning back a little, to create a little distance between us.

"Uh, I can tell, trust me, your not the first girl to smell me, but you are the cutest." He said getting a half smile on his face, causing me to blush.

"Heh, I'm not that cute, it's all the makeup that makes me look cute." I said looking down at the paper my teacher passed out.

"Knowing as to I haven't seen you without makeup on, yet, I'll say your cute all I want." He chuckled.

"Okay, I'll let you. By the way, what's your name?" I asked Mr. New Guy.

"It'a Brandon, yours?" He asked.

"Jennifer." I said blushing.

"Pleasure to meet you Jennifer." He said taking my hand and kissing it. Woah, he's a charmer! I like him already!

After Class about a month later

I greeted Brandon in our usual spot, the benches next to the water fountains, with a hug, "Hey Brandon!" I exclaimed.

"Hey Jen, I have a question for you, what are you doing after school today?" He asked as if already knowing that I wasn't doing anything.

"Absolutly nothing my homie, I'm gonna take a wild guess right now about why you asked that, you wanna come over? Am I correct? And yes you can." I chuckled slipping my home address into his pocket, and walking away.

In my next class I got a text from Brandon saying he'd be at my house around 5ish.
Kay that seems cool
Hey do you mind telling me why your so withdrawn from men?
My ex, I'll explain it later tonight, if you remember to ask
Do you need a hug?
No I don't, I'll be fine, It's been a year. I don't care anymore
Okay I'll see you later tonight, cutey.

At my house around 5

Brandon knocked on the door, exactly at 5, wow such persice timing he has. I answered the door, hugged him, and invited him in. "Hey, Sweety how are you?" He asked me.

"I'm fine, just sit down on the couch and I'll get you some chocolate coved pretzles or whatever we have." I said going into the kitchen and finding a bag of white chocolate pretzles and going back into the living room to see Brandon has made himself at home by putting his feet up on the coffee table and watching Spongebob on the 42" plasma screen. I tossed the bag at him and plopped down next to him on the couch, he looked at me and said,

"I want to know what happened between you and William." I looked over at him and said,

"How did you know his name was William?"

"Fin told me."

"Remind me to shoot her in the foot later. Well what happened was, he asked me to go out with him, I said yes, it was the best relationship for the first year, then he cheated on me, called me a stupid bitch and left." I summerized.

"I know you left a shitload out, but I'm not gonna pry for the information, you can give it to me whenever your ready." He said pulling me to him and hugging me (we love hugs, can you tell?).

"Your a really good friend, dude. So why aren't you in a relationship? You flirt with, like, every girl you meet." I said jokingly.

"I'm just a natural flirt, I can't help it, and it's because every girl I meet is a whore and they even tell me before hand that they would just use me for sex. I want something real, you know?" He said looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes, that for some reason are a honey color.

"Yeah I get what you mean. I'm done with them, I can't take anymore heartbreak. I don't wanna get hurt anymore."

"You can't give one more guy a try?"

"Maybe, when I meet the right one. Right now, no."

"Okay, I'll wait then."

OOOer!!! a new flame!>....BTW I'm bringing my bf into this if you can't tell... hehe I can't help it i love him!!! FTW I love you all!!!!
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