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Hehe Fake Fight

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After About 4 Months

"Akri I missed you!!!!!" I shouted at him from accross the hall, opening my arms.

"Aww, your so cute, akra." Brandon said hugging and eskimo kissing me. (Akri means master and Akra means Mistress in Atlantean, if your wondering.)

"Noooo I'm not cute, I'm ugly, it's true and I know you know." I said looking down at my pink and black plaid converse. Brandon put his finger under my chin and made me look at him dead in the eye and said,

"Why do you think your ugly? I think your absolutly beautiful, doesn't my word mean anything to you?" He asked taking his hand away from my face, which moved you my cheek.

"Well after William left me I just felt like I couldn't matter to anyone and that guys wouldn't find me attractive so there's no point in you thinking-" I was cut off mid sentance to Brandon kissing me. He pulled away after a few seconds and said,

"I think your gorgous." He turned around and went to class, cuz we had one minute to get to class, and left me there still in shock. Just then my Finny Winny came up and wrapped her arms around me,

"Yay you've moved on!" She exclaimed smiling the biggest smile I've seen.

"Uh... I think... I... uhm." I couldn't speak, his taste still lingered on my lips. He tasted like winterfresh toothpaste and spearment gum... kinda yummy =]!!! Fin looked at me with her blue grey eyes and said,

"C'mon full sentances... Speak woman!!" She said slapping me against my cheek. I put my hand on my now freakin sore cheek and looked at her in the 'do that again and I'll kill you' look."

"OW!!! Hooker!" I exclaimed tapping her cheek."

"Oh hell no!" She said lunging at me and pulling my hair lightly, another fake fight! Yay, you can tell we love eachother. We fought for about 30 seconds and then just started laughing while we were on the ground. A small crowd formed around us and then I saw William holding Becca's hand and looking at me like he regreted something. I looked at him for a second and then at Kari, Alex and Gabby, who were whistling and cheering Fin and I on. I got up and I helped Fin up, "How was that fight Al?" She asked Alex.

"Hmm, there could have been more hair pulling and if you two ripped eachothers glasses off that would have been hot, or and maybe if Jen wrapped her legs around your waist that would have been damn sexay, oh and-" Alex ranted then I cut her off,

"Alex, we were fake fighting, not making out!"

"Oh I know, but still, it would have been hot."

"Shut up Alex!" Fin and I said at the same time, causing Kari and Gabby to laugh.

SUP MY NIKKAS!!!!! Im still not dead, sorry after i added brandon to the story i've just had so many ideas! SO Fin how did you like the fight?? I liked it, we'll i'll just leave and continue to write!!

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