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Chapter Four.

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Chapter 4

Mikey sat in the back corner of homeroom clutching anxiously to his blue spiral notebook, the bell was about to ring and Charlie hadn’t shown up for class yet. What if her dad hurt her so badly she couldn’t even make it to school? Mikey’s leg started bouncing mindlessly as he stared at the door waiting for Charlie to walk in.

“Hey, Mikey,” Somebody shouted from across the room. His head jerked in the direction of the voice and he saw that Charlie’s boyfriend Devon was the one who had spoken to him. Mikey deflated, he hated Devon. More like he was so envious of Devon that he hated him. Devon was basically perfect for Charlie, he was nice and popular and played lacrosse and had muscles and whatever girls looked for in a guy. Devon also talked to Mikey, unlike his other bonehead sporty friends, and that was what Charlie had liked so much about him. Devon was nice to everyone. He was even nice to the autistic girl who always spit on people and ate their chap stick.

“Um, yeah?” Mikey responded hesitantly. Devon stood from his seat surrounded by, what Mikey and Frank called, the cardboard dolls and walked over to him. Dev took the seat next to Mikey, Mikey saw the concerned look in his eyes and understood that Dev was also wondering where Charlie was because she had never missed a day of school in her life.

“Charlie didn’t call me last night; she always calls me before she goes to bed.” Dev said with a worried expression flicking a piece of his dark hair out of his eyes. “I called her this morning, she didn’t pick up. Do you think maybe her dad had something to do with it?”

Mikey nodded, Charlie had just recently started telling Dev about her father beating her. They had been going out for almost four months and she figured it was about time to give him a reason why she couldn’t ever bring him home. Then the bell rang and right before Mrs. Hildegard (their homeroom teacher) could close the door Charlie stiffly slipped through the door. Mrs. Hildegard scowled at Charlie and she mumbled something of an apology. Dev and Mikey gaped as they watched Charlie make her way to her assigned seat, avoiding their gazes. Charlie had worn a long sleeve grey shirt and loose black pants today, but it didn’t cover the purplish yellow bruise covering the side of her face. There was also a bandage on her forehead and even from Mikey’s seat in the back he could see the massive amounts of cover-up Charlie had used to try and hide her wounds.

Mrs. Hildegard began assembling class and scolded Devon for not being in his assigned seat, Dev stood slowly and gave Mikey an apprehensive look before walking over to his chair (that was conveniently right next to Charlie) and sitting down. Mikey watched intently as Dev cautiously reached out a hand and rubbed Charlie’s arm. Charlie flinched, Mikey’s stomach churned. Dev dropped his hand and said something to Charlie. Mikey couldn’t read his lips perfectly, but he knew Dev said something like ‘Are you okay?’ or anything along those lines. He saw Charlie turn her head to respond and Dev’s face paled a little bit. Mikey felt horrible, it was all his fault Charlie had gotten beaten. It looked like she was almost beaten to a pulp. Mikey then remembered Chris probably also got some of what Charlie, experienced. Mikey felt like he was going to be sick.

“Michael, could you please answer this question?” Mikey blinked and brought his attention back to the classroom. Everyone in his homeroom (except Charlie and Devon) had turned around in their seats to watch Mikey fail, yet again, at something. Mikey took a deep breath and read the equation written in Spanish on the board. Donde esta el bano? Mikey raised his eyebrows, where is the bathroom? He forced himself not to roll his eyes whilst he racked his brains to come up with some sort of answer.

“Um…” Mikey started out, he heard several giggles erupt from the class. “El cuarto de baño está a la izquierda.” Mikey responded. The class went silent, Mikey smiled smugly to himself.

“Yes, that’s correct.” Mrs. Hildegard responded, hiding her surprise well. Mikey just rolled his eyes and turned back to watch Charlie and Dev. They didn’t do much for the rest of class, Dev kept glancing nervously at Charlie, and she didn’t acknowledge him. Mikey actually felt bad for Dev as he saw the growing tension in Dev’s face.

Finally the bell rang signaling the end of the class period, Charlie stood and quickly walked from the room before anyone else had the chance to stop her. Mikey and Dev caught each others eyes, Dev nodded and Mikey hurriedly ran after her. The halls were already full of students, but Mikey spotted Charlie winding her way through the crowd of students.

“Charlie!” Mikey called out as he pushed past people in attempt to get to her quicker.

“Get out of the way, faggot!” somebody shouted and pushed Mikey, he stumbled over his own foot, but caught himself before hitting the ground. He was only a few feet from Charlie now, he took a long stride then caught her wrist giving it the most gentle tug he could.

“Dev, I said I didn’t want to talk!” Charlie shouted as she whipped around and accidentally pressed herself into Mikey’s chest. Mikey opened his mouth to say something, but Charlie took a step away from him and kept her eyes on her shoes.

“Charlie, what’s the matter?” Charlie didn’t answer, someone bumped into her shoulder and she hissed in pain, her hand shooting up to it. Mikey bit his lip nervously and reached forwards, gently placing his hands on her waist and pulling her into a soft hug. He felt her relax into it and then choke back a sob.

“Mikey,” She whispered into his chest. Mikey ran his hand to her back, rubbing it in soothing circles. “Dad says we have to move.” Mikey’s hand stilled and he felt like he had just been punched below the belt.

“When?” Was all he could manage.

“A month.” She whispered. Mikey bit his lip so hard he tasted blood. He had only a month left with Charlie, only one month. It wasn’t long enough.

The warning bell rung and Charlie pulled away from Mikey; she sniffled a little bit and avoided his eyes. Mikey felt horrible, it was his fault she had gotten into trouble and now it was his fault that she had to leave her friends behind to go live somewhere else.

“We should get to class,” Charlie mumbled as she watched several kids run past them in the hurry to not be late.

Mikey sighed, “Come to the shop after school today, so we can talk.” He said.

A small smile made its way onto Charlie’s face, although Mikey didn’t know why it was there, he cocked an eyebrow at her. “I always come to the shop after school.” She said softly.

Mikey laughed at her and gave her another hug. Charlie pulled away and smiled at him before walking down the hall to her English class. Mikey sighed and turned to walk to Physics, he was trying to ignore the fact that right then could have been a decent moment to tell Charlie that he was in love with her, but it wasn’t the exact moment he was looking for. He imagined that when he told Charlie he loved her that it would be perfect and that she would tell him she loved him back and they would kiss… Mikey shook his head to keep his mind from wandering down a hopeful road. Charlie would never be his, she had Dev and they were doing fine by what Mikey could see.

Mikey barely made it to his second hour before the bell rang; his teacher ignored him as he made his way to the back corner where he sat by himself. Mikey zoned out and began inevitably daydreaming about Charlie.


Mikey and Gerard arrived at work a couple minutes late and rushed to clock in before Keith could notice and get angry with the both of them. Gerard hurriedly walked to the register before Mikey could; he smirked as Mikey huffed and grabbed a box of comics and went to go shelve them.

Anticipation slowly began to seep into Mikey’s system, but it was mixed with something else. Mikey recognized it as fear. He was scared not only for his sake of losing Charlie, but that she might get hurt in the process. When she moved, god knows where, Mikey wouldn’t be there to protect her. No one would. Mikey sighed as he stepped onto a stool to place some comics higher, gently running his fingers across the glossy covers enjoying the feeling. He wished that Charlie was eighteen already and that she could come and go from her house whenever she pleased, she wouldn’t have to live with her dad and she could take Chris with her. He wished that they were older, so that he could take care of her without a problem.

Suddenly he felt a pair of arms hug him from behind, around his waist. Mikey smiled as he heard Charlie giggle softly, making the butterflies in his stomach go berserk. He slowly turned around trying not to fall off of the stool. Charlie kept her arms loose around his waist as he did so and smiled up at him once she could see his face.

“Hey,” She said and let go of him so he could step down from the stool.

“Hi,” He responded. Charlie gave him another quick smile before taking a seat cross-legged on the floor; Mikey rolled his eyes at her and continued with his work. “So how much do you know about this whole moving deal?” He asked.

Charlie sighed, “Well dad said people were starting to talk and that it’d be better if we left.” Mikey paused for a second, and then gently put another comic on the shelf. He turned to Charlie with an eyebrow raised.

“That’s it?” He asked skeptically.

Charlie rolled her eyes at him. “Well other than the obvious…” Charlie looked away from Mikey and slowly rolled up the corner of her grey shirt, Mikey caught a glimpse of a purple skin and Charlie quickly pushed it back down. “He said we’re moving to Bayonne.” She whispered quietly.

“Seriously?” Mikey choked out. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Charlie nod sadly. “Have you told anyone other than me?” He asked.

“No,” Charlie whispered. “But Mikey, I was thinking maybe if I didn’t tell anyone, it’d be easier. Like I guess I’ll tell my closest friends, but I’m not going to announce it to the world or anything…” Mikey nodded more to himself than to Charlie.

“Hey Mikey,” Charlie said after a couple minutes of silence.

“Yeah?” he responded.

“Do you think it makes me a slut because I think your brothers cute, but I’m dating Dev?” Mikey dropped the comic he was holding and choked on his spit. He bent over and coughed trying to force air back down his throat. Charlie leapt to her feet and pounded him on the back; Mikey took a deep, clear breath and stood up straight. “Are you alright?” Charlie asked with a concerned look, Mikey nodded.

He stooped down and snatched the comic off the floor, smoothing it out before placing it on the shelf again. Charlie didn’t sit down, waiting for his answer. “No, Charlie. I don’t think it makes you a slut.” He said quietly, but he did think it was unfair that she thought Gerard was cute and not him.

“I feel sort of guilty though, I mean I love Dev more than life itself,” Mikey’s heart was plagued with disappointment, “so can I still think other guys are cute? I mean I’m not in love with your brother or anything close to that, I barely know him. I just think he’s cute, that’s all.” Charlie said whilst playing with her hands.

He kept putting comics on the shelf silently. Time passed by slowly and neither of them noticed the door to the comic shop open, neither of them heard Gerard talking to the new customer, and neither of them noticed Dev walking over.

“Hey guys,” Dev said softly. Both of them jumped, Mikey nodded to him and turned away as Charlie and Devon shared a gentle kiss. Mikey wished silently that he could live in Dev’s shoes for one day, just so he could feel Charlie’s lips against his. “Uh, is it alright if I take her home?” Devon asked Mikey slowly.

Mikey didn’t look at them, he just nodded. Then Charlie walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his stomach, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. Mikey cursed the sensation that she caused.

“I love you, Mikey,” She whispered. Mikey didn’t trust his voice and nodded again. Charlie gently let go of him then walked with Devon out of the store.

Once Mikey was sure they were gone he whispered, “I love you too Charlie, so, so much.”


As Charlie and Devon walked hand in hand down the street Charlie’s mind was replaying what had just happened. She kept her eyes wide and let the cool November air keep them dry. She couldn’t help it anymore, that feeling of not being loved. She bit her lip as she saw Mikey just nod to her, because that’s all she deserved, one single nod. No ‘I love you too’ or even ‘See you later’. Mikey didn’t love Charlie, and as she watched Devon’s hesitant movements she began to wonder if he didn’t love her either.

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