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That's what you get when you let your heart win. Part 2: Dinner

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Follow on from Part 1

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Waiting around at the entrance, butterflies... BIG MASSIVE PIGEONS...stamped all over my stomach.
I was so nervous, though I don’t know why... I mean he probably didn’t even notice me.
Okay stay calm, I thought to myself.
“Oh my God! He’s...I mean, they’re coming” I whispered to Amy.
She was too busy snogging the face Offa’ Aaron. I just rolled my eyes.

“Hey g..”
“...oh...” Brendon started, then realising what Amy and Aaron were doing.
He looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.
“Okay if you guys are finished” I shouted at the couple.
They both turned to face me.
“Fine” They both said in unison.

We started walking, I had no idea where we was going I just followed Amy.
Brendon walked beside me; I could feel him, right there. I looked up at him, his beautiful eyes shone. He saw me and smiled a beautiful smile.
“ long have you guys been playing music?” I asked him, building up confidence.
That’s when Ryan jogged to me and started explaining. Ryan was a cute boy with long brown hair and a button nose. He also had a very cute smile and a ... unique dress sense. He was wearing a stunningly bright green t-shirt with red skinny jeans and bright blue trainers.
“You’re not listening are you?” he asked laughing
“Yeah!” I protested
“...I’m just looking at your shoes?” I told him sounded like a bit of a freak. Brendon laughed in the distance.
After about 10 minutes of awkward conversation between me, Ryan, Spencer, Brendon and Jon. I learnt that they had been childhood friends, got bought guitars and BAM, Panic was founded.
Finally we arrived at a little cafe thing on the corner of an abandoned street. “Awesome!” Amy said from nowhere.

“Yeah this is where we hang” Spencer said.
Opening the door to the cafe a little bell rang and a small foreign looking woman came rushing over.
“Jon! eat today?” she said in a slightly Spanish accent.
“urm, yeah” he said quietly.

“She has a thing for Jon” Brendon whispered down my ear, I nearly melted. I let out a small yelp.

A few minutes later it was settled that we’ll order 3 large pizzas’s and as much pop as we could.
I was starting to feel more comfortable in the presence of Brendon now. He was a very funny guy, and the rest of the band was awesome!
Jon was in the middle of telling a story about some girl who stalked him and surprise surprise, Amy and Aaron were making out in the corner.
The whole table burst out into laughter as Jon concluded his story.
“Excuse me” I said getting up
I stepped outside into the cool air and breathed out...this is the first time all night I’ve felt comfortable.
Then I heard the bell.
Brendon stepped out and stood by me.
“Hey are you okay?” he asked sounding a bit concerned.
“Yeah I’m absolutely fine” I reassured him.
He smiled and looked ahead; you can just about see the ocean from here. The sun was slowly disappearing into the dark waters, the sky was light pink and the air was cool. I could hear seagulls in the distance. I could feel Brendon looking at me. I focused my eyes away from Brendon and stared at the car across the road.
“Hey Jodie” he said moving closer
“Yeah?” I asked with a shaky voice, not looking at him.

“You’ve got sand in your hair” he laughed, patting my hair gently.
I laughed and felt like a complete idiot.
He looked deep into my eyes and put his hands gently on my waist, leaning his head towards me, I could feel his breath.
We jumped apart as the rest of the guys exited the cafe and walked towards us.

“You ready to go?” Spencer asked us, we nodded.

Back at the beach everybody was getting packed up, so me and Amy decided it was time to go home.
I could see Brendon a few metres away from me, he was dancing, or jumping around. He always made me laugh.
“Hey Brendon” I shouted to him
He rushed over to me
“Yes my dear?” he asked with a posh voice
“I’m going now, so urm ... yeah?” I said
“Oh okay” he smiled and pulled me into a hug.
It felt right.
Not uncomfortable.
Just right.
“I’ll call you” he said cheekily and parted from me.
“Don’t you need my number for that?” I said cockily.

He laughed and said “ I like you Jodie “ and walked away.

Back at my house.
I was lying on my bed with my stereo playing. I felt dizzy but excited. He said he liked me...
What does that mean?
I was just about drifting off when my phone rang, I jumped up searched around for my phone.

“Hey there” replied a familiar voice
“It’s me, Brendon?” he said.
I nearly fell off my bed
“Oh heyy Brendon” I said trying to act cool
“You up for hanging tomorrow?” he asked casually
A little squeal escape from my mouth
“Okay well, where do you live?” he asked
I gave him all the details and we arranged he would pick me up in his car and we were going to hang at his house then maybe go watch a movie or something.
Let’s just say, I went to bed with a amazingly large smile on my face that night.
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