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Art Class With A Vampire. [Gerard Way 02.]

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Chapter Two
I woke up the next morning, getting dressed in tight black skinny jeans, that were plaid, green and black. I put on a white polo shirt and a green tie and straightened my hair, laying it in my eyes. I clipped my bangs out of my eyes and did my eyeliner thick and heavy and then put my bangs down, sliding into my green converse and heading to school.
Finally, it was the end of the day, art class. And no therapy today, so I felt a little happier then usually, but just a little. I walked into class, and took a seat in the back, next to the bitch from yesterday. She was giving me the death eye.
I saw Gerard smile at me as I sat down, "Class today is going to be on how to bring out emotion using subtle but powerful art techniques." he put a picture on the board and asked us what kind of emotions we felt from it. "Ci, how about you?" he asked. Did he have to pick on me?
I looked the picture, it was dark, and loomy looking. "It makes me feel safe, at home, a warm kind of feeling." I whispered, I knew some people would call me a freak and Mr. Way might say the right answer, is scared and it gives you a chilly feeling, but that's not how it made me feel. The darkness was inviting to me.
"Freak," A few people in the room said, and I just looked down at my desk, pushing the hair from my face.
"Shut up."Mr. Way snarled at the kids who muttered insults under their breath.
"Well done, Ci, for expressing your opinion. Maybe the fact that darkness and emptiness also reminds you of silence and serenity?" he said, looking at me, "Maybe?"
He was spot on and that made my eyes widened just a little bit, he just left out the part that colors like black just spoke to me better than colors such as white and pink, and cemeterys are my favorite hang outs, rather then the mall. "Uhm...yea..." I said.
And a few kids growled, "teachers pet." under their breath.
Mr. Way pointed to the pests that were irritating Ci.
"You three. After class, stay behind." he growled.
The rest of the class flew by, and finally, I got out of there.
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