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Art Class With a Vampire [Gerard Way o3.]

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Chapter Three.

After I got to school, I was waiting in the court yard for Frankie to come. I looked around and saw Mr. Way in a corner of the school's porch. He raised his hand and used his pointer finger to beckon me to him, which was slightly creepy, but I made my way over to him. He was a teacher after all, what could I do?

"uhm..." Mr. Way asked, appearing nervous, "uh... Do you maybe think... Do you... Would you like to come for dinner tonight... But I'm not asking you as a teacher..." he said, looking me straight in the eyes and then shifting over it. It was like all of his smooth, slyness was gone.

I looked over at him, did he just ask me out on a date, since it wasn't asking as a teacher? I didn't even know his age, but I guessed it wasn't anymore then a year or two difference. I didn't know how to respond. His black hair was slicked back and he was wearing black skinny jeans and a white button up shirt with a vest, holding a cup of coffee.
"I..uhm..." I really didn't know how to respond. "Uh... why?" I asked, damn I was horrible with people, I could totally facepalm myself right about now.

"I thought you were a nice girl... I wanted to take you out." he began, "I'm only 20, so I thought it would be okay..." he rana hand through his black hair and leaned awkwardly on the wall.
"You thought I was nice?" I repeated, wow, no one in their right mind should ever think I'm nice and if I remembered correctly, Mr. Way would be the first one to think so. "Uhm... woww..." I was still trying to decide if I should or not. I looked over and saw Frankie waiting for me by the school doors.
"Uh... I'm kind of really busy all this week," that really wasn't a lie either, my eyes shifted back over to Gerard, "But next week would be okay, if you'd still be interested then...."
"That'd be great. So what day?" Mr. Way asked, looking me in the eyes, his sly, smooth self gradually returning.
"Tuesday," I said, as the bell rang, "Well, off to class." I said, nodding Gerard goodbye as I walked off to Frankie.
"Walk me to class?" I laughed as we entered the school.
"Of course," he smiled, accepting sweetfully.
"No therapy, again today! Mr. Jenkins is absent," I smiled as we walked into our first period.
"Hi-five," Frankie laughed, but I couldn't get Mr. Way off my mind....

Frankie and I walked into art class and took our regular seats at the back.
"Today class, we're going to discover our own artistic style. As you can see, easels are available, but if you prefer to sketch, there are plenty of sketchbooks about. I'll be wandering around and taking a look at all your work, so make sure it's your best." Mr. Way said as he retreated to his own desk, and picking up his sketch pad.
"C'mon, Frank," I said, dragging him over to easel.
"But, Im not good at arttt." he laughed.
"Psh, you just dont think your art is art because it's odd, which is good," I laughed, putting him at the easel next to mine and he picked up a paint brush and wiped black paint on my cheek.
"Nice." I laughed, wiping it off before it dried and we turned and started drawing. I stood there for a good five minutes, trying to think of what to draw. Or, paint that is. So, I just opted for the dark alleyway, with the dark man in it. It was coming out way better then I expected.
I looked over at Frankie who was drawing a ghost. "Niceee."
Mr. Way started to walk around after a while and he stopped when he got to Frank and I; predictable.
"well done, you got some talent there, Ci." Mr. Way said and then eyed Frankie's work, "yours is cool, too. Do you mind if I use your two's paintings to contrast to others'?" He gestured to some of the brighter artworks.
Flower pots, clouds, swirls, wow these people really had no imaginations. "Uhm, sure." I said, stepping away from the easel so he could use it. Frankie looked at me a little confused, with the, 'I need to talk to you later in private,' look. I just nodded at him, wondering what could be passing through his mind...
Mr. Way took the easels up to the front of the room and turned them toward the class, "can anyone notice the difference in the emotions that these pictures provoke, what sort of styles have been used?" Mr. Way asked and then he smiled at me.
"Yea," Frankie spoke up and I looked at him, shocked, he never talks to teachers, or in front of classes, "Ci's and mine are good, we actually have imagination, there for, ours harbors dark feelings, something me and Ci share, unlike all these other dumb twats in this class."
"Frank!" I said, hitting his stomach with the back of my hand. "Do you wanna get sent off again, what the hell are you doing?" I whispered.
Frankie breathed out of his nose, he was mad about something, "Sorry." he whispered back. I ran a hand over my face.
Mr. Way smiled at Frankie, sickly sweet, . "well that's putting it bluntly, don't you think? But yes, yours do show real emotion, other than just painting something you see infront of you."
When the bell rung, Frank grabbed our paintings and I could feel Mr. Way's eyes on us. I put my hands on Frankie's back, shoving him through the room, "My God Frank go!" I growled as we got out of the room.
"What was that!?" I growled.
"I dont like that teacher, he's trouble," Frankie told me, giving me my painting as walked.
Before I knew it, I heard Mr. Way, "you two okay?" Frankie looked at me and scowled, "Woah, man if looks could kill..."Mr. Waylaughed.
Frankie was about to say something, but I put my hand up to stop him.
I would really like to know what is with this teacher and me or what is with this teacher and trying to act like a highschool-er again. That 'if looks could kill' thing really wasn't nice, but I couldn't let Frankie get suspended again. It was hard enough with out him.
"Nothing," Frankie swallowed his comment and said that instead. "Just going home, don't you have homework and classwork to be grading?"
I sighed, this was Frankie... being nice.

Mr. Way's smile faded, "uhm... Yeah... Sorry... I'll leave." he turned around and left.
"What is wrong with you, huh, huh?" I said, hitting his head and his chest and his arms, but playfully and I thought Gerard stopped and looked back at us, but I wasn't sure.
"Quit it, quit!" Frankie laughed.
"Whatever, let's just go home..." We walked out of the school.
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