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Art Class With A Vampire [Gerard Way o4.]

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I heard Mr. Way run up to me and when I turned around, he was playing nervous again.
"Ci! Hey, uhm... Are.. Uh... Are we still on for tonight?" he asked.
"I...uhm... sure," I said, nodding in his direction. I really didn't know if I should be going out with a teacher, were there rules about that? I couldn't remember...
"hey, I dunno if there's any rules about it... But there's only two years difference... Please don't think of me as a teacher while youre with me tonight... I won't be thinking of you as a student... Do you want me to get you at the end of school or do you wanna go home first and get ready or whatever you girls do?" he laughed nervously.
I yawned a little, still tired, "I should go home first," I told him, looking over at him. I didnt look very good right now, seeing as I didnt get any sleep last night, I didnt really care though, but I'd still rather go home first and tell my parents, unless my parents would be asleep, like they usually are when I get home. They probably wouldn't care anyway....
he smiled and then looked me straight in the eyes, "Oh okay, so shall I pick you up at about 7?"
"Uhm, sure." I said as the bell rang, that would also give me time for a nap, that I oh so desperately needed. The bell rang and I said goodbye to him, catching up to Frankie, who promised not to cause anymore trouble today.
"Come on, let's get to Math." I told him with a smile, as I yawned again.
"You ohkay?" he asked me.
"Peachy, let's move," I said as walked in the school.

After School
After I got home, I went straight up into my room and took a nap until 4:30, and I got home at 3:00, so I got an hour and a half, which was good enough to keep me going through out the rest of the night.
I grabbed black skinny jeans, a red polo shirt and a black tie with my combat boots and strode into the bathroom. I turned the hot water on and took my pajamas off, sliding into the hot shower, feeling the pin prickles of the scalding hot water on my skin.
When I got out, I wrapped a towel around my head and put a robe on and sat on the toilet while putting lotion on my legs. When I was dry, I got dressed and blow dried my hair, and then straightened it, put on foundation, then my eyeliner on the top and bottom eyelid, then mascare and red eye shadow on the top and bottom lid.
There. I looked like I usually always do. And it was almost seven....
At seven, when I heard a knock on the door and I opened, Gerard's eyes widened, "Uh...hi." he smiled. "You look great." I thanked him and we got into the car, he opened my door for me first before he got in himself. The only thing that made me nervous was he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off me....
I noticed Gerard couldn't quit staring at me and of course the first thing that popped in my head was, was there something wrong? But then I stole a glance in the mirror and my make up still looked perfect. Looking over at him from the corner of my eye, I noticed every few seconds, he was still stealing glances at me, so I guess I looked pretty, but I still felt a little nervous.
"So...uhm...where are we going?"
He shrugged, ""I was thinking we could just go to my house, and watch a movie or something." he looked over at me and smiled nicely, "If that's ok to you."

"Uh,... yea that sounds good...." I said, looking over at him, he looked really good too. His hair gelled back and a tad bit of eyeliner, and he was wearing his skinny black jeans, a button up black shirt and tie, just like schoo--- 'Are you serious, Ci? YOUR CHECKING OUT YOUR TEACHER. STOP. IT!!!!!' my voice yelled at me and I automatically looked out the windshield.
He looked over at me, stopping the car in a driveway,
"Please... remember... Don't think of me as a teacher. I didn't ask you out as a teacher... I dont want this to be awkward because of school." He got out of the car and I followed him into his house.
He asked me if I found this awkward.

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