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Cruisin' Through Canada!

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The tour stars off with a bang!

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Slowly and carefully, I gently put pressure on my right leg and started to stand up without moving my chest too much. Even with my precautions, pain ripped through my breasts as I reached a standing position. I tried to ignore the pain. I didn't have time to deal with it. Right now, I just had to get myself looking acceptable before Nikki showed up. I glanced in the full length mirror at the end of the room. I looked as if I had been to hell and back. My hair was sticking out every which way, my face was flushed, and my white T-shirt was wrinkled and stained with blood.
As fast as I could, I stripped off my shirt and tried to whip some of the dried blood off of my chest. The gash between my breasts wasn't all that deep, but it was quite long. I ignored it and pulled on a black and white stripped tank. Next, I had to find something to do with my hair. Crossing the room, I found a brush inside the drawer of my nightstand. Hastily, I ripped through the snarls, not caring whether or not I pulled hair out in the process.
After smoothing my hair down as much as I could, I contemplated what do to about my face. My eyes looked puffy and black. Maybe some concealer would do the trick? Before entering the bathroom, I pulled my rug over the large blood stain on the floor. I would clean it up later, but for now I just needed to hide it from Nikki. As soon as I unlocked the door, a loud ding dong sounded from downstairs. It had to be Nikki. Ugh, he hadn't given me enough time to clean up.
Promptly, I retraced my steps from the bathroom and started the tedious climb down the staircase. After what seemed like a long time, I reached the bottom of the steps and flung the door open. Nikki greeted me with a tentative smile, "Hey. Can I come in?" I stepped back from the door, "Yeah, of course." Nikki stepped through the doorway and peered around the room. It looked as if Nikki had just gotten up. His jet black hair was still wet, his eyeliner perfect, and his black shirt looked rumpled.
"Wanna go up to your room?" Nikki asked, eying the staircase behind me. "You know, for some privacy?" Of course I wanted the privacy. It was always nice to get away from my nosy parents. I didn't really want to walk all the way up the stairs again though. I pasted on a cheerful smile, "Sure!" Nikki started up the stairs and I hobbled after him as fast as possible. I bit my lip to keep from whimpering from the pain as we ascended the stairs. Finally, we reached my bedroom.
Without delay, I collapsed onto my bed and took a deep breath. Nikki gave me a funny look, "Hey, you okay? You look totally out of breath of something." After regaining my breath, I replied, "I'm okay, don't worry about me." Nikki shrugged, "If you say so. Anyways, where's your suitcase? We should start packing for the tour, don't you think?"
Sighing, I hoisted myself off the bed and walked over to my closet where I keep my little, purple polka-dotted suitcase. I yanked it out of the closet and laid it open in the middle of the room.
"Have you started packing yet, Nikki?" I asked him in an attempt to make conversation as I started going through my clothes drawers to figure out what I wanted to bring with me. Nikki eyed me as I started sorting through clothes, "Yeah, it didn't take me long. I had already picked out the outfits I was gonna wear with the Crue a few weeks back."
"Oh," I answered, selected several plain tank tops and stacking them in a pile. Nikki picked up the pile and put them in the corner of the suitcase. I smiled at Nikki, "Thanks. You don't have to help, you know."
"I want to help," Nikki replied assuredly. "I feel terrible for all those things I said to you the other day. This is the very least I can do. Unless, is there anything else you want from me?" Part of me wanted to scream, "Yes, there IS something I want!" But of course, I couldn't do that. I obviously couldn't just randomly ask Nikki to fuck me. First we'd have to be lovers.
"Thanks for helping," I replied, leaving Nikki's question unanswered. "I've felt really awful too. Well, at least you helped me figure out what was right and wrong. Vince should be out of my life as far as relationships are concerned from now on." Nikki's left eyebrow shot upwards in curiosity, "Wait, what? Vince broke up with you? That surprises me."
"Uh, not exactly," I said uncomfortably. "I broke up with him sorta. He didn't love me anymore apparently. He got tired of me. I should've seen it coming or I should've listened to you." I was surprised that I was able to talk about Vince without tearing up. Maybe it was because I was talking to Nikki. Nikki always sympathized with me and gave me the comfort that I needed.
"Aw, Amy, don't blame yourself. Okay, I know I'm prying, but why do you know that Vince doesn't love you anymore? He seemed pretty smitten with you last week. Something must've changed since then I suppose?" Nikki questioned me curiously. My face flushed as I thought about why I had broken up with Vince. Soon the words were pouring out of my mouth, "You know how Vince wanted to fuck me? Anyways, well...I changed my mind about it. I really wanted him to go ahead and do it, so I asked him to fuck me. He refused and gave me all kinds of stupid excuses. He doesn't love me like he used to. But honestly, what has happened to me? I'm becoming a pervert. I actually tried to get a married man to sleep with me. How slutty is that?"
Nikki stared at me in completely shock for a few seconds. I started feeling uncomfortable and stared at my feet. After a moment, Nikki took the clothing from my hands, put in on the floor, and wrapped his arms around my waist gently, "Wow, you've been through a lot, girl. You're not a slut, Amy. For all I know, I would guess you're still a virgin. Besides, Vince was your lover. It's not unnatural that you'd want to sleep with him. Now all we can do is try to forget the past and move on to the future. You can do that, Amy. There's someone out there who's far better than Vince. You'll find him soon enough."
I didn't reply to Nikki's statement; I already knew who I wanted. After giving me a little squeeze, Nikki pulled away from me, "Better now?" I nodded. Nikki gave me a light slap on the back, "Let's keep packing then. We've got a lot of work to do before tomorrow." Reluctantly, I returned to my drawers and pulled out some pieces of lingerie, panties, and bras. I hid then between a few shirts, hoping Nikki wouldn't look at them.
"Planning to get laid during the tour?" Nikki smirked, picking up one of my pieces of lingerie. I colored slightly and leaned down to snatch it from his hand, "Honestly Nikki, that's none of your frickin' buisiness!" As I returned to my standing position and started refolding my clothes, I caught Nikki staring at me with horror.
"What?" I asked him, feeling subconcious. Without answering, Nikki stood up and crossed the room to where I was standing in two strides. He grabbed the top of my shirt and pulled it downwards. I tried to grab it back from him; what was he doing? Suddenly, I realized he was staring at the gash on my chest.
I pulled away from him as quickly as I could. A loud, ripping noise filled the room. I looked down just in time to see a large tear across my tank top. I glowered at Nikki, "Thanks a lot!"
"Sorry," Nikki replied in a distracted tone, "You cut yourself though, didn't you? That's why you constantly have this pained look on your face. Don't lie to me. I should've guessed. You did it right after you broke up with Vince, didn't you?" It was surprising how Nikki always seemed to know what I was thinking. It was obvious that the two of us had been friends for a while.
"Well...yeah, I did," I answered honestly. "But what's done is done. Don't lecture me about it, okay?" Nikki bit his lip then finally complied, "Fine. I'm worried about you though. You're gonna end up killing yourself if you keep this cutting up. I suppose it's addicting, but I can't have you dead."
"I'm not killing myself!" I exclaimed in shock. "Okay, now turn around a second. I'm gonna have to change shirts." As soon as Nikki's back was turned, I stripped off my damaged tank and rummaged around in my drawer for a replacement. Suddenly, I could feel eyes on my back. I whipped my head around to see Nikki peeking at my shirtless form.
"Geez Nikki!" I chided, hastily slipping a randomly-selected shirt over my head. "Can't I have a little privacy here?" Nikki's pallid cheeks colored slightly, "I was" he trailed off, unsure of what to say.
"You were comparing my body to your ex-girlfriends' or something?" I accused, squinting at Nikki. Before Nikki had a chance to reply, the doorbell sounded from downstairs.
"Hm, I wonder who that could be," I guessed aloud. "I didn't think there was anyone else coming over today. Maybe my parents are having company and they didn't tell me or something. They always do that." Nikki blushed a darker shade of pink, "No, that's Tommy and Mick. They wanted to come over to my house but I told them I was gonna come over here. Apparently, they decided to follow me over. You don't mind, do you? I should've asked your permission first."
"Nah, it's fine," I grumbled, making my way over to the door. I was already thinking about the painful descent I was going to have to make down the stairs...again. As I moved to walk through the doorway, Nikki moved in front of me and blocked the door. I gave him a quizzical expression, "Um, don't you want to let them in?"
"Yeah, but I wanted to tell you something first," Nikki said in a slow voice. I peered up at him; waiting for him to say whatever he was going to say. Nikki hesitated and then placed his hands on my shoulders, "It's just that...I've been feeling..."
Nikki never got to finish his sentence. A loud voice from downstairs screeched, "Amy! Get the stupid door for God's sake! It's your friends here anyways." I rolled my eyes at Nikki, "Ugh, must be my mom. We'd better go get the door. You can tell me whatever you wanted to tell me after that, alright?"
"I'll go get the door," Nikki replied, "you wait here." I smiled at Nikki gratefully; he knew I was in pain. Slumping back on the bed, I waited for the Crue to come up to my room. Only a few minutes later, Tommy's excited voice sounded from the doorway, "Heya Amy! Ready for Canada?" I gave Tommy a genuine smile, "Yeah, of course!"
"Do you still have all the tickets?" Mick asked Nikki as he moved to sit on the bed next to me. Nikki thought carefully for a moment, "Yeah, I have all six of them. Don't worry, I have them in a safe place." I was confused; why would Nikki have six tickets? There were four members of the Crue and me going to Canada. That was only five people. Who was the sixth person?
"Why do you have six tickets, Nikki?" I questioned, unable to keep my curiousity inside. Tommy, Mick, and Nikki exchanged darkened glances. A long silence followed.
"Um hello?" I asked sarcastically. "Anyone gonna tell me who else is coming with us?" Finally, Nikki met my gaze, "Erm...Beth Lynn, Vince's wife, is coming with us."

A long, tense silence fell. Suddenly, I was able to put all of the pieces of Vince's puzzle together. The reason Vince had started staying away from me and the reason he had refused to fuck me had been because his wife would be coming on the tour with us. Vince and I would have had to act as friends on the tour around her, which for us, was just about impossible. This is the reason why you should never become attracted to a married man.
"Amy? You okay?" Nikki asked after a few moments of silence. I simply nodded. At the moment, I felt pretty terrible. I didn't want to have to meet Vince's wife ever. To think that she would be coming with us for the whole tour was pure torture. In a sense, I had cheated this wife of her husband. Seeing her everyday would just make me feel constantly guilty.
I finally looked up, just in time to see Tommy and Mick exchange uneasy glances. Tommy squeezed my hand with his, "Are you sure you still wanna go on the tour? If this would be too hard for you, you don't have to go..."
"Are you kidding?" I retorted in horror. I would be going on the tour whether Vince Neil's wife was coming or not. If I didn't go on the tour, I would be separated from Nikki for ages. Plus I would miss the rest of the Crue too. Well, Tommy and Mick, not Vince. Nikki was right; it was time to move on and forget about Vince. I needed to pretend there had never been anything between us at all. "Of course I'm going on the tour!" I replied to Tommy resolutely. No one would stop me from going on the tour!
"I'm glad you'll be coming," Nikki said, smiling over at me. "I dunno if I can stand being alone with Mick and Tom for the whole tour!" Tommy snorted and Mick rolled his eyes.
Nikki's smile slowly disappeared and I saw a serious expression in his eyes. Nikki leaned forward and said in a soft tone, "You know, I'll be here for you during the whole tour. If you ever need to talk or if you need something, just let me know." I stared back into Nikki's eyes and immediately felt my head start to spin wildly like it always did when I was close to Nikki.
"Thanks, Nikki," I replied to him and rested my head against his chest. Nikki's fingers wound around my hair gently. Mick and Tommy exchanged knowing glances and then Tommy looked up at Nikki, "So do you think we'll get much publicity on the tour? know...?" Tommy didn't finish his sentence, but apparently Nikki knew what he meant.
"Oh yeah, definitely. Vince said he was gonna help out with it," Nikki winked at Mick and Tommy. I was slightly confused; what exactly was Vince helping out with? Giving Nikki a quizzical glance, I asked, "What is Vince doing?"
"Nothing," Mick replied a bit too hastily. It was now obvious that they were keeping something from me. Annoyed, I stood up and folded my arms across my chest, "Aw, come on, guys! Tell me what's going on, okay? I really do have a right to know as I'm goin' on this tour with you." Tommy tossed me a pleading look, "We really can't tell you right now, Ames. But don't worry, you'll find out in time." I knew arguing against Tommy would be futile. Once Tommy had made up his mind about something, there was no stopping him. I sat back down in a sulky silence and glared at the three of them.
Mick checked his watch, "Ya know, we should probably be going. I still have to do some packing. Will you come too, Nikki?" Reluctantly, Nikki removed his hands from my hair and stood up next to the other two, "Yeah, I guess. I suppose we have a few things to discuss." Tommy and Mick waved to me and filed out of my bedroom door. To my surprise, Nikki paused before leaving and turned towards me. He gave me a severe look and leaned down so our faces were level, "Amy, you're gonna have to be more careful with yourself. Have you got that cut cleaned out yet?"
I momentarily forgot what he was talking about. At the moment, all that I could think about was Nikki's concerned eyes gazing into mine. Finally, I remembered that he was referring to the cut on my chest, "'s fine now." Nikki was so close to me now, we were millimeters apart. It would be so easy to reach up and skim my lips over his. Nikki was looking at my lips nervously. A sort of sexual tension fell between the two of us. Just as Nikki closed the last bit of space between us, a call came from downstairs, "Nikki? You coming? We don't wanna wait here all day!" Ugh, why did Tommy have to interrupt us right now?
Nikki jerked away from my mouth and gave me a hesitant smile, "I'll be here to pick you up tomorrow, alright? Until then, just take care of yourself." I nodded mutely. Before following Tommy and Mick downstairs, Nikki bent down and kissed my forehead ever so softly. As if embarrassed by showing affection for me, Nikki turned around quickly, avoiding my eye, and shut my bedroom door behind him. I lay stunned on my bed. Maybe there was a slight possibility that Nikki did have feelings for me! True, it was still unlikely, but at least there was a small possibility now, right?

The next afternoon, Nikki and I stood at the Edmonton airport, awaiting the arrival of the rest of the Crue. We had gotten up quite early to drive to the airport. I had slept most of the car ride. Even though I was tired, I was still quite apprehensive. Today was the day I was gonna meet Vince's wife. I bit my lip anxiously and paced back and forth in front of the front desk.
Nikki grabbed my wrist, forcing me to stop pacing, "Ugh, please stop that, Amy! You look like you're a prison awaiting a sentence of death. Just calm down and stop pacing. You're making me nervous." I took a deep breath and flopped down in one of the blue and red checkered chairs adjacent to the front desk.
"Sorry, Nikki," I apologized as I leaned back in the chair. "I didn't mean to make you nervous. It's just that I really hate airplanes. I'm always afraid the freaking thing is gonna crash and we'll all die. I know it's stupid, but I can't help but be slightly nervous." Nikki gave me a suspicious look as he settled down into one of the chairs next to me, "You're nervous about meeting Beth Lynn, stop making up excuses!"
Luckily, I wasn't forced to answer, because a shout came from across the room. Nikki and I turned around to see Tommy and Mick waving frantically at us as they entered the airport. Nikki stood up, "I'm gonna go help them get their luggage from the car. Wait here." Nikki hastily crossed the room to converse silently with Mick and Tommy. I became suspicious as the three of them huddled together and whispered quietly. They were hiding something from me, there was no doubt about that.
I sighed with frustration and sat back down in my chair. The clock said it was one; we would be leaving in an hour at two. Vince and Beth Lynn should really be here at any moment now.
Suddenly, I heard someone breathing heavily from behind me and I smelled the faint smell of beer. Before I had a chance to figure out who the newcomer was, I felt someone's lips brush my ear gently, "Amy? I'm so sorry about this whole mess. I know you probably hate me at the moment. I don't blame you for it. I'll explain later, okay, girl? Just remember this, I never have loved Beth Lynn. I married her for...uh...other reasons."
I twisted around in my chair to see meet Vince's eyes. He was staring at me intensely, pleading me to understand. I wasn't sure what to do. I really didn't blame Vince for the situation at hand, but did I want to get back together with him? I tried to tell myself that I didn't, but as I stared into those deep blue eyes, I couldn't deny myself the desire I felt for Vince.
"Vince...I love you, but we can't do this. Please don't make it harder than it is," I implored, placing a hand on his chest. Vince started to speak, but was interrupting from a voice from across the room, "Vince? Where are you?"
Vince hastily slid his mouth across my lips before standing up and racing across the room to where the voice had called him. I put a finger to my lips were Vince had just kissed me. I wished he hadn't; he only rekindled my sexual desires for him. Just when I thought I was getting over him, my longing for his love had returned. Great.
Two cheerful voices sounded from behind me. I stood up, tired of having to look over my shoulder to see the activity. Right before me was Vince holding the hand of a gorgeous blonde woman. She was wearing a short black top that ended a little bit above her belly and that exposed most of her cleavage. Her long curls flowed down to her waist and she had perfect, full lips. This woman knew she was beautiful and she most certainly showed it off to the best of her advantage. I couldn't help but gap at her. I had caught a glimpse of her that fateful night when I had discovered that Vince was married, but I had never seen her up close before. Little had I known that Vince had married a supermodel.
"Ahm," Vince coughed nervously, glancing from me to his wife. "Beth, I've got someone for you to meet. This is Amy, she's like family to the Crue. She comes with us everywhere. Hopefully, you two can become good friends." Vince turned to me, "Amy, this is Beth Lynn, my wife." Beth Lynn cast me a pretty, photographic smile and extended a hand to me, "Hi Amy. It's nice meeting you. It will be nice to have another woman around during this tour!" She laughed a light, musical laugh.
I quickly replaced my gaping expression with a friendly one and shook her bony hand, "Hey. It's nice to meet you too." At least Beth was friendly, that was a plus. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach; this woman was twenty times more beautiful than me. Of course Vince loved her more than me. I was nothing compared to his wife.
Before an awkward silence could form between us, Nikki, Mick, and Tommy joined us, carrying luggage behind them. Nikki took one look at the small group of me, Beth Lynn, and Vince. He walked over behind me to place a protective and reassuring hand on my shoulder. I glanced up at him and shot him a thankful smile. I needed Nikki's support right now...especially since Vince was deciding to mess around with me.
Vince quickly introduced Beth Lynn to the rest of the Crue. Tommy and Mick smiled at her and shook her hand gracefully. Nikki merely muttered a begrudging, "hello."
"Shall we get our baggage check done?" Mick asked, peering apprehensively at his watch, "we've only got fourty-five minutes until our plane leaves." Vince slapped Mick on the back, "I don't think we need to be in too much of a hurry, but I suppose we might as well get our baggage check done."
The six of us set off towards the baggage check counter with Vince and Tommy leading the way. Nikki and I trailed behind at the end of the group. I was thankful for this; I was determined to keep as much space between me and Vince as possible. Every time I looked at Beth Lynn, I felt as if a knife were piercing my heart.
I attempted to make conversation, "So have you flown before, Nikki? I have once and ugh, it was horrible! We got caught in a middle or a storm. I thought the plane was gonna be torn to pieces!" Nikki chuckled softly and laced his fingers in between mine, "I've flown a few times before. Don't worry though, Ames. You'll be fine. The pilot knows what he's doing. We aren't gonna crash."
"Yeah, I suppose you're right," I replied, laughing at my own stupid fears. "Besides, we'll be together the whole plane ride. Will you sit by me?" Nikki gave me an uncertain glance, "We'll see." I frowned at him; why couldn't he agree to sit by me? It was a small favor to ask really.
Suddenly, a loud voice came from in front of us, "Stop! You aren't going anywhere!" I whirled around to see Tommy being cornered by a policeman. What the hell was going on?
I peered around Mick and Vince to see what the police were doing to Tommy. The tall, black policewoman had unzipped Tommy's suitcase and was rifling through it carelessly. I bit my lip nervously and shifted from one foot to the other; hopefully she wouldn't be so negligent with my stuff. After all, I had perfume bottles and makeup containers that could easily be smashed open.
The policewoman pulled out some of Tommy's clothes that he had been planning on wearing to the performances. She scrutinized them carefully and then gave Tommy a dirty look, "You do know that you cannot bring these items onto the plane, right?" Tommy gave her an odd look, "Um, no. There's no law against bringing clothes onto the plane." The woman held up a jacket that had silver spikes around the collar, "See these? They could be used as weapons."
Tommy gave a derisive laugh and exchanged looks with Mick, "You think I would use these as weapons? My suitcase is gonna be packed in the back of the plane with the other suitcases for God's sake! How exactly am I gonna get access to my suitcase during the plane, hm? Geez, security is getting crazy around here." The policewoman narrowed her eyes menacingly at Tommy and turned to two other security people behind her, "Search the rest of their bags."
I held my bag protectively against me, not wanting to turn it over to the security. The tall, blonde security woman held her hand out for my bag. Ever so slowly, I handed it over to her and gave Nikki a look of terror. Nikki must've sensed my fear, because he turned to the blonde woman, flashed her a big smile and said, "Be careful with her stuff, alright? She's got some fragile things in there that we don't want to have broken." The women stared into Nikki's face, temporarily paralyzed. I felt jealous of the way she was looking at Nikki. Nikki was mine...right?
"What the hell are these?" the black woman burst out in an angry tone. I jumped about a foot in the air and whirled around to see what she was looking at. She was searching through Vince's carry on bag with a horrified expression on her face, "Don't tell me you actually read these!" she exclaimed, throwing several magazines at Vince. Vince picked them up and his pale cheeks turned slightly pink.
"As a matter of fact, I do," he retorted. I peered over Mick's shoulder to see what magazines Vince was carrying. Immediately, I saw they were pornography magazines. Since when did Vince look at porn? I suppose it didn't surprise me that he read porn magazines, but I never really had thought about the subject before. I wondered if Beth Lynn knew or cared that Vince read porn.
"That's it!" the policewoman bellowed in a loud tone, "You four are coming with me." She motioned at Mick, Tommy, Nikki, and Vince. I grabbed Nikki's hand tightly and refused to let go. I hated flying; flying with Nikki would have been hard enough. But flying all by myself? I shuddered and squeezed Nikki's wrist tightly with my fingernails. The blonde security woman who had searched my bag gently pried my fingers away from Nikki.
"Nikki," I pleaded in a helpless tone, "you can't just leave me here! I dunno where to go after the plane flight and stuff. I've never been on a plane ride by myself before. Are you even going to make it to Canada?" The black woman overheard my conversation to Nikki and laughed dismally, "I doubt it, honey. They're under arrest."
My eyes widened; under arrest? Since when were people under arrest for carrying pornography magazines? Nikki shot the woman an irritated look and then leaned down and took my arm gently, "It'll be alright, Amy. Just stay with Beth Lynn, she knows where to go. And don't worry, we'll make it to Canada sooner or later." Slowly, I let go of Nikki's wrist and watched him and the others follow the policewoman out of the room. Suddenly, I became aware that several people were staring at me. I hadn't realized how much of a scene we had made. Blushing slightly, I sidled over to where Beth Lynn was standing with her head held up high.
The blonde security woman turned to me and said in a gentle tone, "Your bag is fine, sweetie. I'll send it up to be packed. None of your stuff will be confiscated, so no worries." I forced myself to smile at the woman.
"So it looks like it's just gonna be us," Beth Lynn commented, turning to look at me. I glanced at the floor, feeling a little uncomfortable, "Yeah, I guess so." There was a long pause. I could tell she was looking at me, but I didn't really want to meet her gaze. Everything about her made me feel bad about myself. I felt inferior to her. After all, she was little miss barbie whereas I wasn't pretty in the slightest. And of course, there was the fact that I had cheated with Vince.
"So how long have you been with the Crue for?" Beth asked curiously. I was forced to look up at her and answer her question. To my surprise, she was smiling at me. Probably because she didn't know of the folly I had committed with Vince. Hiding my guilt, I returned her smile and replied, "Well, I've been with Nikki and Tommy for a few years now. Mick joined a little while ago and I pretty much just met your husband."
Beth and I walked out of the security area together and settled down on two, uncomfortable chairs to wait for the plane to start boarding. Beth dropped her purse onto the floor by her foot and turned backed towards me with a sly smile, "So how long have you and Nikki been together for?" I stared at her in shock; what did she mean about me and Nikki? Nikki and I most certainly weren't lovers yet. He had only kissed me once and sometimes I doubted that kiss had even happened. I could've imagined it.
"Um, what?" I asked Beth Lynn, trying to hide the shock in my voice. Beth looked confused, "Aren't you dating Nikki? You should see the way he looks at you! He seems very protective of you." I blushed and felt a sudden ache in my heart, "Nikki and I are only friends."
Beth must have heard the sadness in my voice because she gently took my hand in hers, "Aw, I'm sorry, honey. Are you with one of the other Crue members? Or are you just waiting to see if Nikki will show some interest in you?" My face flamed bright red and I felt beads of sweat form on my forehead. I obviously couldn't tell her I had acted as her husband's girlfriend only a few days ago.
I tried to wipe the sweat from my neck inconspicuously, "Nah, I'm not with Tommy or Mick. Tommy likes me, but I just haven't found myself in love with him. I really wish Nikki would tell me if he has feelings for me though. Sometimes it feels like it's just a big guessing game between us." Beth Lynn gave me a sympathetic smile, "I know how that feels. It took Vince a long time to show interest in me. I had known him for about six years, but it was only in the last two years that we started seeing each other. Sometimes I thought he was never going to notice me. But persistence pays off, right?"
I shrugged, unable to answer, because the boarding was starting. Nervously, I clutched my purse to my chest and followed Beth Lynn up the ramp to the airplane. I told myself not to look down as I crossed the ramp and entered the plane. I had a severe fear of heights. Ominously, the plane door snapped shut behind me, sealing us inside.
I took a nervous little breath and followed Beth Lynn to the back of the plane where our seats were. Beth turned to me, "Would you like the window seat?" she offered pleasantly. I quickly shook my head. Looking out the window and seeing the ground so far below us would only increase my apprehension.
"Okay," Beth agreed good-naturedly and slid into the window seat. I sat down in the seat next to her and took deep breathes to calm the rapid beating of my heart. Beth must have noticed my anxiety because she asked, "Do you have a fear of planes, Amy? You seem pretty nervous." I tried to smile at her as the plane started liftoff, "Yeah, sorta. I don't like heights much. I'm always afraid the plane is gonna crash."
"We would crash. I'll promise you that. Tell you what, count to ten. After you've done that, lift off will be over, okay?" Beth suggested. I followed her voice and counted to ten. Just as she had said, as soon as I was done counting we were flying steadily in the air. I let out a sigh of relief. To my surprise, I was finding that I actually liked Beth Lynn. She was very kind and seemed to understand me. Of course, this only made me feel guiltier for trying to steal Vince from her.
I was taken aback when Beth sighed miserably and brought up the subject of our love lives, "So Amy, tell me, do you have a boyfriend?" I blushed and shook my head sadly, "Nope. Truthfully, I really just want Nikki. It's so hard though because Nikki has had so many girlfriends in the past. I swear he sleeps with a different one every other night."
"Oh my god," Beth exclaimed, "I know exactly what you mean. Vince does the same thing even though we're married. I remember the first time..." Beth trailed off and I saw her eyes start to glisten with stored up tears. My heart went out to her, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Beth. It's horrible to be cheated. Can I ask what happened the first time?" I felt like a hypocrite saying that, but what else did you expect me to say?
Beth rummaged around in her purse and pulled out a kleenex. She wiped her eyes and then continued with the story, "Well, I first learned that Vince was having an affair about six months ago. I caught him and some girl from one of the Rock Candy concerts having sex behind stage. I was heartbroken for a while, but eventually I moved on and now I'm learning to live with it. Actually, that's the main reason I'm coming with Vince on the tour; so he doesn't fall in love with some random girl that he meets on the tour, you know?" I felt as if I was being drenched in guilt. All I managed to do was nod mutely. I had never realized that I had unintentionally been hurting Beth Lynn. What was worse, was that she had no idea what I had done to her.
I quickly changed the subject to favorite movies, and eventually we were immersed in a long conversation about whether we thought horror movies or romance movies were more interesting. But no matter what we talked about, I couldn't seem to shake off the guilty feeling that seemed to have a grip around my heart.

Four hours later, the plane had landed and Beth and I had gone through the luggage claim and had successfully been reunited with our bags. We had gone through the car rental and selected the car we would be using throughout the door. It was a sleek, black chevy. I like it - it reminded me slightly of my little jetta stored safely away back at home. Beth and I loaded our baggage into the car's trunk and then popped inside the car.
"Any idea what hotel we'll be staying at?" I asked hopefully. Nikki had told be what hotel we would be staying at, but I had completely forgotten since then. Damn my bad memory. Beth gave me a little smile and pulled out a map from somewhere inside her purse, "Yeah, I have directions to it from here. We should be there in just ten minutes. It's great how it's so close to the airport." I nodded, thankful that Beth knew the directions to the hotel. Just as she had said, we arrived at the hotel in ten minutes. I was shocked to see that it had fifteen different levels.
"Is this where we're staying?" I questioned Beth as I gestured towards the gigantic hotel that loomed in front of us. Beth pulled into the parking lot and answered, "Yep. I heard it's a pretty nice hotel. Vince told me he wanted to stay at a fancy hotel for the first part of the tour. Hopefully the rooms will have nice beds." Beth winked at me as she parked the car. I smiled back at her as I opened the car door and ran around to the trunk to retrieve our luggage. After Beth and I had heaved our bags out onto the sidewalk, we walked swiftly up the path that lead to the hotel entrance.
I gazed around in awe as Beth and I wandered through the hotel entrance and made our way to the front desk. The carpet was a majestic burgundy color and the walls were painted gold. Everything in this hotel was fancy. Even the front desk was carved in an intricately designed fashion.
"Hey," Beth greeted the pretty red-headed woman at the reception desk. "We're here to pick up some room keys." The pretty woman left her emerald-colored eyes to us, "Of course. How many rooms do you have reserved and under what name did you reserve them?" Beth gave me a questioning look. It was obvious she had no idea who's name the rooms were booked under and she didn't know how many rooms we had reserved.
"Um..." I paused, racking my brains for the needed information. "I'm pretty sure we have three rooms. Can you check under the name Sixx?" The pretty woman nodded and rapidly clicked some buttons on her keyboard. In less than a few moments, she handed us three room keys, "You're on floor seven with rooms 647, 648, and 649. Please enjoy your stay."
"We will, thank you," Beth replied gratefully. The two of us trudged over to the elevator and clicked the "up" button. A quiet "ding" sounded and the elevator popped open. I dragged my luggage into the elevator and pressed the button for the seventh floor. Beth shifted nervously next to me as the elevator ascended upwards, "I don't like elevators much, " Beth admitted. "I've always had a fear that I'd get stuck in one."
"You could count to ten," I suggested, using the advice she had given me earlier. "I'm sure by the time you count, we'll have reached our floor." Beth laughed and flashed me a thankful smile, "Good idea, Amy. I'm really glad you're coming on this tour too. It's been awhile since I've had a girl for some company!"
"I'm glad you're coming along too," I replied in as genuine a voice as I could muster. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was glad about meeting Beth of not. Beth was really nice and could be a good friend, there was no doubt about that. But what about Vince? Was I just suppose to forget about what we had done together? I recalled the night at the Tropicana when Vince had locked us in the closet together. I remembered the feeling of Vince's hands rubbing my body and the way he had kissed my mouth...I missed it. I missed him more than I wanted to admit. Even now, my body and soul craved him.
"Here we are!" Beth exclaimed, breaking into my contemplations. I looked up to see three wooden doors with 647, 648, and 649 numbered on them in gold. Beth peered at the doors with an unsure expression on her face, "Hm, I'm not sure what room to take. Do you know who was planning on staying with who?"
"Not really," I confessed. "You're gonna stay with Vince though, I would assume. Maybe Mick and Tommy will stay together in another room and I could stay with Nikki?" Beth laughed, obviously seeing why I wanted to room with Nikki, "That works fine for me. I guess I'll get set up in the this room and you can get set up in the room next to me?"
"That sounds good," I agreed. I paused as I slid the room key through the lock, "Wanna meet in the lobby in an hour? It might get kinda lonely by ourselves locked up in these rooms."
"Sure!" Beth replied. "I was hoping you'd ask that. Maybe we can go shopping or something. I've never been in Canada before. See you in a while then!" I opened the door to my room that I planned to share with Nikki and dumped my luggage onto the bed nearest me. I unzipped it and began spreading my stuff out. I piled my clothes up neatly and rearranged my cosmetics on the bathroom counter. After that, I sank down onto the bed and dug through my wallet to see how much money I had. I was actually looking forward to shopping with Beth. I didn't have many friends and I couldn't even remember the last time I had gone shopping with someone.
Suddenly, my breath caught in my throat. As I opened the wallet, two photographs fell out and landed on the bed next to me. I picked them up and analyzed them carefully. The first one was a picture of Nikki from a year ago. He was sticking his tongue out at me and giving me the peace sign. The second one was a much more recent one of Vince and me. We were snuggled up on the couch together and were both smiling widely. I must have forgotten to take the photo out of my wallet. Part of me knew I should crumple the photo up and throw it in the garbage. But another part of me just couldn't let Vince go yet. In frustration, I fell backwards onto the bed and stared hopelessly at the ceiling. As I lay there, I realized just how tired I was. A short nap wouldn't do me any harm. I closed my eyes and soon forgot about all the troubles of life and my mixed feelings for Vince.
About an hour later, I woke up with a start. Frantically, I gazed over at the clock to see what time it was. I should be heading downstairs to meet Beth Lynn about now. After slicking on some lip gloss, I rushed to the door and raced over to the elevator. I hoped Beth Lynn wasn't waiting for me. I didn't want to seem inconsiderate.
A few moments later, I reached the main floor and found Beth standing next to the elevator. I gave her an apologetic expression, "I'm sorry that you've been waiting here. I accidentally fell asleep for a bit." Beth chuckled, "It's okay, Amy. I've only been waiting here a few moments. Are you ready to go?"
"Yep!" I agreed as the two of us started walking towards the entrance. Just as when we were about halfway across the room, the entrance door flung open and four, disheveled figures tramped through the door. It didn't take me long to recognize the crazy black hair and black eyes.
"Nikki!" I shouted and raced towards him at full speed. Nikki looked surprised to see me, but set aside his luggage and opened his arms up to me. I ran into them and held him close to me. Nikki wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my lower back gently. I felt the rest of the Crue staring at us, but at the moment I didn't care much what they thought.
"I missed you," I whispered softly, still pressing my head against Nikki's chest. I felt Nikki's soft breath on my ear, "I missed you too. How was the plane ride?"
"Not too bad," I replied, "it was nice to have Beth as a traveling partner." Nikki pulled away from me to get a good look at my face to see if I was being sarcastic or not. Then he glanced over to where Beth was kissing Vince. Even though they were deeply into their makeout session, I could see Vince staring at me envious. Was it possible that he actually was jealous of Nikki and me?

The six of us traveled back up the elevator and retraced our steps to our hotel rooms. Nikki held his hand out for a key, "So who's staying with who?" Mick, Tommy, Nikki, and I exchanged looks. I could tell that it was pretty obvious that nobody wanted to stay with me. I wasn't about to give up though. I gave Nikki a seductive smile, "You want to stay with me, Nikki? Tommy and Mick can share a room." Nikki bit his lip and gave me an indecisive glance, "Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea, Amy. It might be better for you to stay with Tommy."
Tommy had a hard time concealing his disappointment. It was going to be hard for him the next week in a hotel room alone with a girl he had a crush on. I tried to give Tommy a sympathetic smile; I would do my best to leave him alone as much as possible. Nikki glanced at all our chagrined faces, "Um, is there a problem with that? Should Mick stay with Amy?"
"No, no, it's fine," Tommy quickly replied, taking my hand. I took his hand and gave Nikki the spare room key. Maybe it was a good thing I'd be spending the nights with Tommy. After all, who knew what kind of girls Nikki was going to bring back to the hotel as sleeping partners? Feeling eyes on the back of my head, I looked over my shoulder to see Vince eying me lustfully. As soon as I met his gaze, he quickly averted his eyes and pretended to be deeply engaged in a conversation with Beth Lynn.
I helped Tommy lug some of his baggage into my hotel room and then slammed the heavy, wooden door behind us. Tommy started setting up his stuff on the opposite side of the room.
"So aren't you going to tell me what happened when you got arrested by the police yesterday?" I inquired curiously. Tommy rolled his eyes and looked up from the suitcase he was packing, "How come I knew you were going to ask me that?" I shrugged and started helping Tommy unpack his stuff, "Probably because you know me so well?"
Tommy laughed and looked into my eyes with a wishful expression on his face. The two of us were crouched over the suitcase side by side. It would be so easy to lean over and kiss Tommy. It might be fun to have a boyfriend on the tour. Okay, I know you're thinking "what about Nikki?" I wanted Nikki more than anything, but he just didn't seem to be making any progress with me. An innocent kiss wasn't going to hurt Tommy or me, right? Tommy loved me anyways, that was obvious.
I leaned in closer to him and pressed my lip on his lower one in a quick kiss. Tommy gave me an uncertain look, "Amy...what was that for? I thought you loved Nikki. Remember?" I shrugged nonchalantly, "Maybe. But look at it this way Tommy, isn't it pretty obvious that Nikki doesn't love me? He doesn't even want to share a hotel room with me for God's sake!" Tommy contemplated what I had said for a few moments and then raised his head to look me in the eye, "So what are you saying exactly, Amy? Do you want to date me or something?" I hadn't been expecting that question. But really, what was there to lose in dating Tommy? It wasn't like I was dating anyone else at the moment.
"Sure. Well, unless you don't want to, of course. And I want to take things slow if we do. So what do you say?" I asked. Tommy's dark, gray eyes lit up instantaneously, "Of course I want to. I told you that ages ago. And we'll certainly take things slow. As slow as you want, okay?"
I nodded, "Thanks, Tommy." I leaned over and gave him another quick kiss. It was nice to finally be dating once again. Ever since I had broken up with Vince, I had been devastated not to have a lover. Tommy put his arm around me and we sat down next to each other on the floor. We had long since forgotten that we were suppose to be unpacking.
"Anyways, now that we have this settled, let me tell you about the events at the airport," Tommy stated, returning to our subject from earlier. I nodded eagerly and gave him my full attention.
"Basically what happened was they finally decided that our outfits were harmless and wouldn't be dangerous as they would be safely stored in the back with the other suitcases. However, they did end up confiscating Vince's magazines," Tommy laughed.
"I didn't know Vince read porn," I commented uncomfortably. Tommy gave me a confused expression, "Vince wasn't going to read those magazines, Amy. Didn't Nikki tell you what we were doing?" I shook my head. Had Nikki been hiding something from me? I remembered that he had been acting a little suspicious at the airport.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Ames. I should've explained earlier," Tommy apologized. "Those were just publicity stunts, Amy. Nobody's heard of 'Motley Crue'. Even a little publicity at an airport could do us a lot of good." Tommy was right; the little stunts performed yesterday had drawn a lot of attention.
"I see," I replied. "I'm really hoping this tour is successful. We all need the income that we'd make from it. Nikki's financial state is..." I trailed off and shuddered. Nikki was into a lot of debt. Tommy squeezed my shoulders, "I know. Don't worry though, it'll all be okay." I yawned and started unpacking again. Tommy took the clothes from my hand, "Go take a nap, Amy. You look exhausted. Besides, we have a big day tomorrow."
I shot Tommy a grateful smile and sank lazily onto my bed. It was true; tomorrow would be a busy day. As a matter of fact, it would be Motley Crue's first big performance!

"Amy! Look at this!" I felt a pair of hands shaking my shoulders excitedly. I wasn't really in a mood to get up though. My body was still sluggish with sleep. I tried to bury my head under my pillow, but the person shaking my shoulders was relentless. Annoyed, I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes drearily. Immediately, someone pushed a paper into my hands. I took it, and tried to blink the sleep from my eyes.
"We're actually in the paper, Amy!" Tommy exclaimed loudly, bouncing up and down on the bed next to me. Finally, my vision cleared and I was able to focus in on the newspaper in my lap. It was a copy of the Edmonton Journal. On the front page was a big picture of the black policeman arguing with Tommy. The title read "Cruising Through Canada?". I read the whole article. Basically, it summarized the events at the airport and talked about Motley Crue's upcoming tour through Canada. Tommy certainly knew what he was doing with those publicity stunts. After all, we had captured the front page of the Edmonton Journal!
"Isn't this great?" Tommy burst out enthusiastically, unable to keep his excitement to himself. "This is just the kind of start we needed to the tour. Now everyone's gonna want to know what Motley Crue is like so they'll come to our concerts."
"That is great," I replied as I stretched and pulled the covers back from around my body. I was only wearing a little lacy nightdress, but I didn't think Tommy would care. After all, he was my boyfriend now. Tommy couldn't help but peer at me curiously out of the corner of his eye. His eyes ran down my legs. Before he could look at me too closely, I wound an arm around his neck and kissed his lips. This time, Tommy kissed me back and our kiss lasted for almost a whole minute.
But as always, all good things never last. Our door flew open and two figures appeared excitedly in the doorway, waving a copy of the paper up and down. Mick ran over to our bed and waved the paper up and down in front of our faces, "Guys, look! Have you seen this yet?" Tommy and I quickly separated from our kiss and looked up at Mick sheepishly. To embarrassed to speak, I held the paper that Tommy had shown me earlier up for Mick to see.
"Great, you have seen it!" Mick announced happily and plopped down on the bed next to us. He seemed to be ignoring the fact that he had just seen Tommy and me kissing. The other figure who had entered the bedroom hesitantly stepped out from under the doorway and slowly sat next to us on the bed. I peered up apprehensively. It was Nikki.
He looked as if he had just gotten up. His hair was sticking out in different directions and he wasn't wearing a shirt. I tried to catch Nikki's eye. I wanted to know if he had seen me kissing Tommy or not. Finally Nikki met my gaze and gave me a stiff smile. He appeared to be taking Mick's example and seemed to ignore what he had seen only moments ago. I did notice him flash several curious looks over at Tommy though.
"So, you guys ready for the first concert tonight?" I asked in an attempt to change the subject. Mick nodded fervently, "You bet I am! This is my first real performance." I peered around the room, "Where's Vince? Has he seen the article yet?" Mick and Nikki exchanged uncomfortable looks. I narrowed my eyes at the, "Are you guys hiding something?"
"No, of course not," Mick replied. "Vince is...kinda busy right now. It's better to leave him undisturbed." I understood what Mick was trying to say. No doubt Vince and Beth Lynn were in the middle of a sexual scene or something like that.
"Hey Nikki," Tommy said, punching Nikki lightly on the arm. Nikki turned towards Tommy questioningly, "Hm?"
"You know that band you tried out for a while back? Quiet Riot? Well, we have even more publicity than they ever had!" Tommy smiled slyly. The four of us all burst out laughing.
"Hey guys, shouldn't you start getting ready for our concert? You have a lot of work to do before you guys are gonna look presentable," I eyed the three of them still dressed in their pajamas. Mick smiled self-consciously, "Yeah, I guess you're right. We can't go to the show looking like this. You want the shower first Nikki?"
"Nah, you can go first," Nikki replied, stretching out on the bed. Mick shrugged, "Alright then. I'll see you guys in a bit." Mick slid off the bed and trudged over to the door. Tommy turned to me and offered politely, "Do you wanna get in the bathroom first?" I shook my head, hoping to be left alone with Nikki in the bed. Just as I had planned, Tommy shrugged and strode other to the bathroom and locked the door behind him.
I stared over at Nikki who was lying down on his back on the bed staring up at me with wide eyes, I flopped down on my back next to him so we were lying side by side.
"So," Nikki started, "it's you and Tommy now?" There was no doubt in my mind now that Nikki had seen me kiss Tommy. My cheeks colored, "Maybe. It's not like you care though, right?" Nikki gave me a confused glance, "What do you mean by, 'it's not like I care?' I do care to some extent. I don't want you going out with some rapist or bastard." I narrowed my eyes at Nikki, "You aren't referring to Vince by any chance, are you?"
"Not necessarily," Nikki replied, sensing he had touched a nerve. "If you wanna go ahead and date Tommy, that's fine. He's a great guy. So did you guys fuck last night?" I stared at him in shock, "Um, Nikki? Tommy and I just started dating. I don't let guys fuck me on the first night we start dating. I'm not a whore." Nikki blushed, "Sorry, but it did look like that's what you had been doing. I mean, I just walk in here and find you and Tommy cuddling on the bed."
I felt my cheeks flame and I sat up in bed, "Um, I'm not really in a mood to talk to you about this." I started to stand up, but Nikki caught my wrist, "Aw, don't leave. I didn't mean to offend you. I was just pointing something out." Nikki sat up and pulled me back onto the bed next to him, "Can you help me paint my nails? You always do a better job of it than I do. The last thing I need to do right now is make a mess on the bed with black polish."
I sighed and dug out a small bottle of black nail polish from the bottom of my purse. I screwed the top open and painted Nikki's fingernails meticulously, being careful not to smudge them.
"Thanks," Nikki replied when I was done. "You're a pro when it comes to makeup." I smiled and shrugged, "It's just part of being a girl, I guess. Want me to help you do yours before the performance?"
"Sure, that would be helpful," Nikki answered readily. "I have a question for you though. Is it hard for you to be on this tour with us? You know, with the whole dynamics between you, Vince, and Beth Lynn." I shrugged, "I'm surviving." The mention of Vince's name spread a spasm of pain through my chest where my heart should be. The less time I spent with Vince, the more I seemed to lust for him. It just wasn't right. Aren't you suppose to spend less time thinking about someone when you spend less time with them? It was as if Vince had stolen part of my heart and I wasn't complete without him.
"Hey Nikki?" our bedroom door popped open once more and Mick stuck his head in. "You can have the shower now." Nikki groaned and slid off the bed, "Okay. See you later then, Amy." I waved as I watched Nikki disappear out the door.
Absentmindedly, I wandered over to the single window on the back wall of our room and opened it up so I could stare outside. My heart seemed pulled in so many directions. First of all, there was Tommy. I didn't exactly love Tommy, but I needed someone to love on me and I would take what I could get from him. I wasn't really sure what to do about Nikki. Of course I loved him more than ever, but we just were not making any progress. And what about Vince, the man who constantly haunted my thoughts?
I was so deep in thought that I didn't hear the bedroom door open and I was caught off guard when someone roughly grabbed my shoulders. I took a sharp breath and turned to figure out who my captor was. He spun me around and pressed me against the wall before I was able to get a look at his face. Before I could get a word out, I was being smothered in kisses.

He took my lips in his mouth and pressed down on them almost violently. I peered up into those turquoise blue eyes. It was Vince. Normally, I would have tried to pull away and demand what he was doing to me. But to my surprise, I found myself kissing him back just as fervently. Vince slid his lips up and down my neck; unable to get enough of me. I wrapped my arms securely around his neck and leaned into him. His chest smelled over peppermint. He had most likely just taken a shower.
I felt Vince lift up my shirt as he moved his lips down my my side. A shiver went down my spine. I hadn't realized how much I had missed Vince's love. There's was just no one like Vince. Nobody could ever replace him. Vince's mouth trailed down my abdomen and pressed onto the tender part of my belly. I squirmed slightly against him and kissed his neck affectionately. After a few minutes of our intense makeout session, the two of us separated, gasping for breath.
"Really Vince!" I exclaimed once I had regained my breath, "What the hell was that for?" Vince gave me an innocent, puppy-eyed expression, "I missed you. A lot."
"I missed you too," I admitted. "But Vince...what about Beth?" I remembered what Beth had told me the other day about how heartbroken she had been when she had found out that Vince was having an affair with one of the girls from a Rock Candy concert. No matter how much I wanted Vince, it still didn't make it okay to cheat Beth.
"What about her?" Vince said in an innocuous tone. "Amy, can't we stop worrying about Beth? She'll never know. I need you. Without you, it feels like I have a constant raincloud hanging over my head." I sighed heavily. A battle was raging in my head. One part of me knew how slutty I was being, but the other part argued that Vince loved I was allowed to love him back, right?
"Okay, okay, I'll stop worrying for now," I replied in a nervous tone. "But what if Beth catches us, Vince? I feel terrible sneaking around her back like this." Vince groaned loudly, "You're just being paranoid. Nobody is gonna catch us, okay? And even if they did, it wouldn't be the end of the world. I already told you that I was planning on getting a divorce eventually."
I rolled my eyes, "I've heard that story a thousand times. There's no need to lie; you know as well as I do that you're not getting a divorce anytime soon. Beth is my friend now though, Vince. I don't want to hurt her in any way." Vince was eying me hungrily and seemed not to be paying much attention to our conversation, "Just blame it on me. Can't we just quit arguing? I love you. That's all that matters." Vince and I embraced once more and I felt his blonde hair tickle my cheek as he leaned down to get access to my mouth. Vince was right; all that mattered was our love. Beth would never know and what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. I closed my eyes peacefully and took Vince's lower lip into my mouth.
Just as we started to kiss, a loud crash sounded from the bathroom. Vince and I hurriedly jumped apart from each other and stared at the bathroom door with guilty expressions on our face. Vince quickly leaned over towards me and pulled my shirt down again. A moment later, we heard Tommy cursing from inside the bathroom. Mostly likely he had dropped something.
It was only then that I realized my breath was coming in short little puffs, "Vince, you're turning me into a criminal!" I complained. Vince seemed caught a little off guard as well, "Sorry, sweetheart," he apologized sincerely. "We should find a better time for this."
I nodded back vehemently, "Yeah, good idea. Anyone could pop in here at any moment; even your wife. You really should go back to the room you're staying in with Beth now. I don't want her to be in there alone wondering what you're up to." Vince hesitantly stood up and moved to the door, "I guess you're right. Will you help me pick out makeup for the performance in a few minutes though? I could use some help. I never know what colors look good on me."
"Geez, are guys color-blind or something?" I complained. "I'm already doing Nikki's makeup, but I guess I can help you too. Come back in here when you finish getting your outfit that you're gonna wear for the performance on." Vince flashed me his pearly white grin, "Thanks a million, honey. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you." I eyed Vince's scraggly blonde curls as he pulled the doorknob open, "Hey Vince? Why don't you try to do something with that hair of yours too? Here, you can use my straightener." I rummaged around in my suitcase for my hair straightener. I tossed it over to Vince and he caught it with ease.
"I'll be back in a minute," Vince promised as he closed the door behind him. I sighed frustratedly and sank down on my bed to wait for Vince to return. Why was I messing with three guys like this? It was turning into some crazy chick. What if Beth Lynn did find out about Vince and me? It was bound to happen. We'd just have to be more careful.
Less than ten minutes later, the door popped back open and Vince entered the room. He was wearing black pants, a black shirt with holes in it, and he had blowdryed and straightened his hair. I found myself even more attracted to him than usual, "You look good! That hair straightener did the trick. Why don't you just keep it during the tour?" Vince took a seat at the edge of my bed and looked up at me with a thankful expression on his face, "Thanks sweetie. You sure know how to make a guy look his best. Here's my makeup stuff." Vince spread all the little bottles onto the nightstand for me to look at. I wandered over to the nightstand and scrutinized the bottles carefully before selecting a few items to use. I uncapped a bottle of foundation and spread it over Vince's cheeks, "So are you nervous for tonight?"
Vince shrugged, "Not really. I've been to a lot of performances with Rock Candy before. This one will be better though since I'll have my girl with me." Vince gave me a sexy smile and took my hand in his. Distractedly, I accidentally poured a blob of the foundation on Vince's nose.
"God, Vince!" I exclaimed, "you have this way of distracting me. Maybe you shouldn't talk to me while you do this. Unless you want to look like a clown by the time I'm done with you?" Vince laughed, "You have a way of distracting me too, ya know." I whipped the blob of foundation off of Vince's nose and took an eyeliner pencil from the nightstand.
"I'm sure I don't distract you as much as you distract me," I snorted, recalling the first time I had seen Vince at the Rock Candy concert. "Do you remember that first time when Mick and Tommy asked you to join the Crue at that performance you were doing at the Starwood?" Vince thought for a moment and then replied, "Yeah, I remember. You should've come with them. If I had met you then, I would've agreed to join right then and there."
"Actually, I was there," I admitted. "As a matter of fact, when I saw you, I fainted." I blushed with embarrassment and accidentally smudged eyeliner around the corner of Vince's eye. Vince chuckled, "Did you really? That does seem like something that would happen to you. You constantly seem to be having health problems."
I glanced down at my body self-consciously as I whipped the smudge from Vince's eye, "I do? I didn't think I was sick that often. Do I look like I'm sick or something?" Vince flashed me a reassuring, "Of course not! Your body is a perfect match for mine. As soon as we get back from this tour, I'm gonna bring you on a vacation with me somewhere. It'll be just you and me."
As I smeared some blush onto Vince's cheeks, I felt my heart start pounding with excitement, "Really? You wanna go on a vacation just with me?" Vince gave me a look that said I was being a little crazy, "Amy, I've been dying to spend time alone with you. Do you have any idea just how hard it is for me to resist you?"
I shrugged brushed some mascara onto Vince's long lashes. Vince continued, "You were driving me crazy yesterday, baby. I felt like I was gonna pounce on you in the hotel lobby in front of everyone." I recapped the mascara tube and gave Vince a puzzled look, "Why would you feel like that? I wasn't doing anything."
Vince rolled his eyes, "Don't play like the innocent little victim! I saw the way you were flirting with Nikki. He was flirting with you too, you know. Nikki knows how to make me jealous. It's like he's had this grudge against me from the day we met." My cheeks flushed crimson and I quickly changed the subject, "Hold still a minute while I put this lip gloss on for you." Vince reluctantly kept his mouth shut and simply gazed at me instead as I dabbed the shimmery, pink gloss on his full lips. I hadn't known that it was that obvious that I had been flirting with Nikki. Was it obvious to everyone else that I had been crushing on him?
"There," I stated after finishing the final touches on Vince's face. "You look perfect now." I stepped back to admire my handywork. Vince took a mirror from the nightstand and studied his reflection carefully, "You're like a goddess, Amy. I'd kiss you, but I don't wanna get this lip gloss over you."
I was about to reply when the door smashed open and heavy footsteps sounded in the doorway. Vince and I both looked up to see who the invader was. Beth Lynn stood in the doorway breathing heavily, "What have you been doing all this time, Vince?" Her eyes roamed around the room until she found the bottles of makeup in my hand.
"You're having her do your makeup?" she exclaimed indignantly. "I could've helped you! It's not that I wasn't willing to help you!" Tears of rage filled Beth's eyes and she turned around and stomped back out of the room. Vince and I exchanged uneasy glances. Vince stood up and took the makeup tubes from my hand, "I'd better go see if I should calm her down. I dunno what's gotten into her these days. I'll see you in a little while okay?"
"Sure," I replied apprehensively. I was still thinking off Beth. It was obvious that something was bothering her. Was it possible that she knew our secret? As I brooded over this suspicion, I felt Vince's arms lock around my waist in a quick hug. I hugged him back and leaned against his chest. Vince stroked my chest, "Don't worry, it'll be alright." I could only hope that he was right. Something was telling me that this would all end up badly.
Vince gave me one last squeeze and left me my myself in the room. Almost as soon as Vince left the room, the door opened for a third time and Nikki popped in with a curious expression on his face. He swung the door shut behind him and took a seat next to me on the bed. I turned towards Nikki. To my surprise, his eyes were full of suspicion, "Would you let to tell me what's going on here?" I glanced down at the floor nervously, "Uh...what do you mean, Nikki?"
"What I mean," Nikki stated, "is are you going to tell me what's going on between you, Beth, and Vince?"
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