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Caught in the Boys' Room

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The tour goes on! Amy and Vince continue to get into awkward situations and Beth Lynn becomes more and more aware of their foul deeds.

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I gulped and tried to wipe the guilty expression of my face. I feigned innocence, "What do you mean? Nothing happened between any of us." Nikki rolled his eyes in exasperation, "Oh puh-leez!" he sighed in a sarcastic tone. "Don't play little miss innocent. It's pretty obvious that you and Vince were doing something in here. The thing is, nobody knows what you were doing. Beth seems pretty upset, you know. So are you going to tell me what you were doing with Vince?"
"We weren't really doing anything," I lied. "I was just helping Vince with makeup." It was true; I had been helping Vince with his makeup. That was all Nikki needed to know. I was already feeling terrible at the moment for hurting Beth. I couldn't help but worry that she had somehow figured out how I was cheating her.
Nikki opened his mouth to protest, but at that moment the bathroom door was thrust open and Tommy strode into the room, "Hey Nikki. Hi Amy!" He walked over to where the two of us were sitting on the bed and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. I flushed and turned to see how Nikki would react. His eyes widened with shock as he glanced from Tommy to me.
"Uh...I'm gonna go have Mick help me with makeup," Nikki said quickly, standing up. My heart called out for him to stay but I couldn't seem to be able to make my lips move. I didn't want to hurt Tommy, but I didn't want to hurt Nikki even more. As Nikki exited the room, I heard him mutter, "What a bitch!"
It felt like Nikki had just thrust a knife through the center of my heart. I hated hearing him call me a bitch. But what was even worse was the fact that Nikki was absolutely right. I was turning into a bitch. I needed to stop flirting with Nikki and, more importantly, I had to resist Vince.
Tommy's voice broke into my thoughts, "I wonder what's up with Nikki. He's been so moody lately. Anyways, you can have the bathroom to yourself whenever you want. You might wanna get changed now..." Tommy eyed my little night dress out of the corner of his eye. I blushed and quickly scooped up some clothes from my suitcase, "Yeah, good idea, Tommy. I'll be right back." I entered the bathroom and hastily pulled on a brown tank top and a short green skirt that landed a few inches above my knees. I was taking a look in the mirror trying to decide what to do with my hair when I heard a loud knock on my bathroom door.
"Yes?" I asked through the bathroom door. Tommy yelled back at me through the door, "Amy? Beth Lynn wants to talk to you when you're done in there. She says it's kind of important." I felt my heart plummet; had she found out the truth about me? That I was no more than a whore cheating her of her husband?
"Uh," I stuttered back nervously, "I'll be right out in a few minutes!" No longer caring about my appearance, I hurriedly threw my hair on top of my head in a messy bun. I started to draw a ring of eyeliner around my eye, but decided against it. My hand was shaking way too much to be able to draw a straight line.
Finally, I flung the bathroom door open and prepared myself to face Beth. Tommy took one look at me and gave me a confused look, "Oh Amy, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost! Are you not feeling well or something?" I took a shuddering breath and tried to force my lips into a smile, "Nah, I'm fine really. I'm gonna go talk to Beth Lynn now."
"Okay..." Tommy replied hesitantly. "If you need something, let me know, okay?" I nodded, "Thanks Tommy." The walk from my room to the room Beth Lynn and Vince were sharing seemed to be a mile away. I felt like a farm animal about to be slaughtered. Reluctantly, I knocked softly on the door and waited for a reply.
The door swung open immediately and I cautiously stepped inside to await my doom. Beth Lynn gave me a big smile and motioned for me to sit by her on the bed. I stepped across the room and took a seat next to her.
"Hey Amy," Beth greeted me cheerfully. I was taken aback; wasn't Beth suppose to be furious at me? Or suspicious at the least? I covered up my confusion and replied, "Hi Beth. Tommy said you wanted to see me?"
"Yes, I did," Beth agreed, her smile fading slightly. "I'm so sorry about earlier, Amy. I didn't mean to burst into your room like that and make a scene. I'm just being way too paranoid. You see, Vince just isn't acting himself lately. Sometimes I feel like he completely ignores me." A wave of guilt washed over me. I was tempted to admit my folly to Beth, but decided against it. After all, it would only make her feel worse at this point, right?
"Amy...can I ask your opinion on something?" Beth asked me. I noticed tears starting to fill her eyes. I bit my lip and replied, "Yes, of course. You can ask me anything you want."
"Thanks Amy," Beth flashed me a grateful smile. "You are such a good friend. This may sound like a stupid question, but I feel like Vince doesn't love me anymore..."
"Of course he loves you!" I protested vehemently. "He fucked you last night, didn't he?" Beth blushed slightly, "Well...yeah. But it didn't have any passion to it. Do you know what I mean? It just felt like I was satisfying his sexual needs." I didn't really know what to say to that. Everything Beth was saying was probably true. Vince didn't look at Beth the way he looked at me. And the way he kissed just didn't seem to have any love in it.
Luckily, I wasn't forced to answer because Tommy popped his head in the room, "Hey girls! We really should be getting to the concert now to set up. You two coming?" I jumped to my feet, glad at the chance to get away from Beth Lynn, "Yep! I can't wait for this performance." Beth followed suit and stood up besides me, "I guess I'll come too. Where are the others?"
Tommy replied as the three of us meandered out of the hotel room and headed down the stairs to the main floor, "They left already actually. I guess they were in a hurry or something. Oh well, we can all ride together." Beth nodded, looking relieved. I had a feeling she didn't want to ride in the same car as Vince right now. She seemed pretty pissed at him.
The four of us drove other to where the Crue was performing in silence. Beth seemed to be lost in thought and merely stared out of the window. I was grateful not to have to force conversation. The last thing I wanted to do was talk about her relationship with Vince. After about a thirty minute drive, we reached our destination.
Tommy quickly exited the car door and pulled mine open for me politely. I took his extended hand and gazed around. There was a large stage with rows upon rows of seats circled around it. It was going to be a big show tonight, there was no doubt about that. Tommy turned questioningly to Beth and me, "So where do you guys wanna sit? In the front?" Beth grinned at Tommy, "Sure! That's where the best view is." Tommy laughed, "Okay, we can arrange that. Where do you want to sit, Amy?"
My mind whirled. I didn't really want to sit with Beth, but I didn't want to seem impolite. Luckily, an idea formed in my head, "I was kind of hoping to watch from backstage. That way maybe I can help out and stuff?" Tommy grinned at me, "That's a great idea! Why don't you head backstage while I help Beth Lynn find her seat? Those stairs lead backstage." Tommy pointed at some stairs to the far left of the stage.
"Okay," I agreed readily as I waved to Beth Lynn, "Have a nice time! I'll see you in a bit." Beth waved to me as she and Tommy made their way over to the middle row of seats. I sighed with relief and dodged chairs until I made it to the stairs. I ran up them and took my first look backstage. Mick and Nikki were warming up with their guitars and Vince was attempted to set up the microphone he was going to use. Mick glanced up from his warm up, "Hiya Amy! Are you gonna stay backstage with us?"
"Yeah, if that's okay?" I replied. Nikki peered at me without saying anything. Vince put the microphone he was playing with aside and strode over to where I was standing, "Amy! This is perfect. It'll be great to have you backstage." Vince wrapped one arm tightly around my waist. Nikki coughed loudly and shot me a warning expression.
Vince must've gotten Nikki's hint because he slowly released his arm from around my waist and whispered in my ear, "I've gotta go now, sweetheart. The show is gonna start in about thirty minutes and we still have a lot of work to do. Make yourself comfortable back here though." I plopped down onto the ground and pulled out a book from my purse. Reading would be the best way to pass time until the show started.

Thirty minutes flew by, and before I knew it, the show had started. Vince blew me a kiss before joining the others onstage. My heart gave a little leap. It was amazing how this one man had complete control of my emotions.
"Hey y'all!" I heard Vince's voice from backstage. A loud cheer sounded from the crowd. Vince continued, "This is our first performance as you all know. Let's start out by playing our first song for ya. This one's called 'Too Fast for Love.'" Another loud cheer erupted from the crowd as the band started to play. I was immediately engulfed in music. Listening to this was so much better than listening to the Crue practice at home. Vince's voice was absolutely flawless. For a moment, I was tempted to run to the front of the stage so I could get a good look at Vince. But of course, that would be a stupid thing to do. I resisted the temptation and just let myself enjoy the music. After all, I could see Vince as soon as the concert was over.
After about only an hour, I heard Vince's voice once more, "Well, thanks for comin' everyone. Hope y'all enjoyed the show!" Ear-deafening whoops and screams sounded from around the stadium. I was sorry that the show had come to an end already. At least this was only the first show of our tour. I would have plenty of more opportunities to listen to the Crue perform.
I stood up and paced back and forth impatiently, waiting for Vince and the others to come backstage. After what seemed like an eternity, Mick, Tommy, and Nikki strutted backstage with big grins on their faces. I ran to them and threw my arms around the three of them in a big group hug, "That was awesome you guys!" Mick beamed, "Thanks!" Even Nikki flashed me a smile. Apparently the excitement of the concert had made him forget my sins from earlier.
"Let's go change and get cleaned up," Tommy suggested, "I'm dying to get out of these heels!" I peered down at Tommy's boots. Every member of the Crue were wearing five-inch heels. Nikki laughed good-naturedly, "Yeah, me too. We'll see you in just a little bit, okay Amy?" I nodded as the three of them strode past me and into a building to my left.
I was starting to get a little worried at this point; where was Vince? I leaned against the building and tapped my foot impatiently. Just when I was thinking about calling Tommy to see if he had seen Vince, a blurred figured bounded backstage and stopped inches away from me. Vince's hair was ruffled, his makeup smeared, and he was sweating.
"Vince, you were amazing!" I complimented him as he pushed an untidy lock of blonde hair over his ear. Without speaking, Vince squeezed me against him and took my heavily-glossed lower lip into his mouth. I kissed him back urgently, letting all my stored up passion explode out of me.
"Vince? Are you back here?" a curious voice sounded from the opposite side of the stage. I could recognize that voice easily; it was Beth Lynn. Vince tore his mouth away from mine and looked around wildly. He grasped my arm and hissed in my ear, "Come on, in here!" I let Vince drag me into the building we were standing against. The two of us collapsed against the wall.
"That was close," I commented. "A little too close for comfort." Vince nodded, "I know..." I peered around the building we were in, trying to take in my surroundings. Bathroom stalls were to our right and several rows of lockers were to our left.
"Um, Vince?" I asked apprehensively, "where exactly are we?" Vince's eyes widened, "Oh god...we're in the guys' changing room."

I stared at Vince in horror, "What are we gonna do?" Vince contemplated our options for a moment before voicing them aloud, "Well...we obviously can't go out the door we came in. We don't want Beth to see us leaving the changing room together." I shuddered at that though, "This is all my fault. If it weren't for me, we'd never be in this shitty situation."
Vince turned to me and put a finger under my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes, "Come on, girl, never blame yourself for this. I was the one who got you into this. Now I've just gotta find a way to get us out of here. Just relax for a second. Everything is gonna be just fine." I tried to take deep breaths to calm myself. Suddenly, an idea struck me, "Hey Vince, why don't we just go out the other door? There's gotta be another door at the other end of the room."
"That would work...but how do we know if anyone else is in here or not?" Vince asked apprehensively. As if to answer our question, the dripping of running water and faint laughter sounded from the opposite end of the room. Apparently, we were not alone. Vince scowled and cursed in a low tone.
"Oh god, we're trapped," I moaned. "Could I be arrested or something if I got caught in the guys' locker room?" Vince attempted to give me a reassuring smile, "You're not gonna be caught, so it's not gonna matter. All we have to do is wait for the guys to leave. As soon as they leave, we can escape. But for now...we're kinda stuck."
My heart started pounding frantically. Who knew how long the guys would stay in here? It could be five minutes or it could be two hours for all we knew. My breath came in short, frantic gulps, "So what are we gonna do in here in the meantime?"
Vince eyed me voraciously. I could see a burning desire in his eyes and I knew immediately what he was thinking. Vince took my wrist and whispered in a low tone, "Come on..." I followed Vince into one of the bathroom stalls which he immediately locked behind us. As soon as we were safely locked away, Vince began touching me all over, unable to resist himself, "Finally we get some privacy." I didn't reply as I was too busy pulling off his holey black shirt. It was sticky with sweat and stuck to his back.
Vince peeled off my shirt easily and pressed his lips onto my naked back. I shuddered as he slid his lips up and down my spine. The two of us toppled to the changing room floor with Vince lying on top of my prone body. I finally managed to strip off his shirt after several attempts and moved to his pants. Vince slid his fingers under my bra and started kneading my breasts gently. I let out a soft moan at his touch and quickly undid his belt buckle and flung it aside. Vince tugged at my skirt in an attempt to get the rest of my clothes off. I lifted up my ass slightly so my skirt tumbled down my legs and landed in a pile at my feet. Finally, I was able to get Vince's pants off so we were both naked at last.
I peered up at Vince mounted on top of me, wondering what he would think of me. He had seen me naked only once before and had been completely drunk at the time. Unable to stop myself, I let my eyes roam curiously over Vince's stripped figure. I had never seem him like this before.
"'re gorgeous," Vince whispered as he stared at my body with interest. I slipped my arms around the back of his neck and brought his lips to mine, "So are you." No more words than that were necessary. Our lips molded together in a passionate kiss. From far away, I could hear the showers turn off and voices chattering happily from the opposite side of the room. It was easy to zone those noises out. All that mattered was that Vince and I were finally together...
Vince randomly bit down hard on my bottom lip. I cried out with pain; he had bitten into me much harder than he ever had before. Vince grimaced and quickly released my mouth, "Sorry baby. I got too carried away."
"It's okay," I started to reply, but the damage had already been done. From across the room, we could hear a voice call out, "Hey guys, did you hear that noise?" A murmur or assent sounded as the others agreed.
"I wonder what that was," the first voice commented again. "Maybe someone should go check it out. You wanna go see who it is, Nikki?" My heart momentarily stopped beating; Nikki?! The voices we had been hearing belonged to none other than the rest of the Crue! It did make sense; Tommy had told me that they were going to change earlier. Unfortunately, I hadn't known that this innocent-looking building was a changing room.
I shot Vince a look of terror and started to move my lips to ask him what we should do now. Vince instantly thrust a hand over my mouth and tossed my clothes at me. I took his hint and remain silent as I moved into the far corner of the bathroom stall. Footsteps sounded from outside the bathroom stalls and a familiar voice called out, "Hey Vince, is that you?"
"Uh...yeah..." Vince replied nervously, trying to shield my figure behind him. Nikki's curious voice continued, "Why are you changing in here by yourself? Don't you wanna come out with the rest of us? You did a great job today at the concert." I was shocked; that must have been the first time Nikki had ever given Vince a complement.
"Sure..." Vince agreed, "I'll be out in just a minute." Nikki's footsteps began to fade as he walked back to the far side of the bathroom. As soon as he was left, Vince pulled me to my feet and quickly helped me redress. He clasped my bra on for me while I slid my skirt back on. I noticed his hands lingered momentarily on my breasts before he yanked my shirt back on.
"Listen carefully," Vince hissed in my ear when I was dressed, "There's a window on the far left of the room. Do you know where it is?" I leaned cautiously out of the bathroom stall and located the window on the left of the room. The curtains were drawn tightly and it looked as if it had never been opened before. Vince continued, "You're gonna have to get out from that window. It's the only way. If you go out the way we came in, you're sure to get caught."
"How am I suppose to get out the window?" I exclaimed dubiously. Vince occasionally had good ideas, but this seemed like a crazy scheme that was destined to fail. Vince dug around in one of the pockets in his pants and thrust a knife into my hand, "You're gonna have to break the window. There's no other way."
"What the hell?" I burst out in horror, "there's no frickin' way I'm gonna break that window! Do you have any idea how much trouble I could get into for that? I could go to jail or something!"
"Shh!" Vince reprimanded me, "you've gotta keep quiet! Come on, Amy, just do it. It's the only way. I swear you won't get into any trouble. I'll create a diversion somehow. And that's when you escape. Alright?" Vince met my eyes in a beseeching stare. Vince was right; this was the only way to escape.
"Um...okay," I agreed in a weak voice. Vince pressed his lips against my neck one last time before exiting the bathroom stall. As quietly as possible, I crept over to the window and pulled up the blind silently. I hoped Vince wouldn't wait too long before making some sort of diversion. The tension was driving me insane.
Five minutes later, just as promised, a loud scream sounded to my left. Without hesitating, I slashed the knife through the window. Pieces of glass cracked and fell to the ground with a loud thud. I hoisted one leg over the windowsill and dropped to the ground rather clumsily. I quickly jumped to my feet and gazed around to make sure no one had seem me. To my relief, nobody was in sight. I sighed with relief and walked casually over to the front of the changing room to wait for the rest of the Crue.
"Hey Amy!" a cheerful voice called out. I peered up to see Beth Lynn walking towards me with a bounce in her step. She smiled widely at me and took my hand in excitement, "Wasn't that a great performance? I've never heard Vince sing so well in my life!"
"Yeah, it was great," I agreed. Beth Lynn skipped around in a little circle, "Do you have any idea where Vince is? I need to see him!" My heart started beating a little faster, ", I haven't seen Vince. I really have no idea where he is." At that moment, a ringing noise sounded from Beth's purse.
"Excuse me a sec," Beth apologized as she rummaged around in her purse for her phone. After a few seconds of frantic searching, she whipped open the phone and said, "Hello?" I drowned out Beth's phone conversation with my thoughts. I was starting to feel like an sinner. In only one day, I had kissed two guys, almost had sex with a married guy, and smashed a window. Thank god that I hadn't been caught yet...
"Hey Amy?" Beth interrupted my daydreams, "That was Vince. He said the guys are gonna be a while and that we should go back to the hotel. Apparently, we're all going out for a fancy dinner afterwards. Let's head back and get ready, shall we?"
"Sure," I agreed as the two of us began to walk back towards the car. It was going to be a long night.

Two hours later, Beth and I stood in the bathroom, admiring each other in the mirror. Beth helped me clasp a silver chain around my neck, "You look beautiful, honey. You're gonna be a teaser for any guy who lays eyes on you tonight. I'm sure you could find a date easily. you want to hook up with Nikki perhaps?" Beth's eyes twinkled at me slyly.
"Actually, I'm going with Tommy," I interrupted. Beth looked surprised, "Oh really? I thought you liked Nikki. But Tommy's a great guy too, of course." I nodded silently. There was no denying the fact that I would much rather go with Nikki than Tommy. But that was impossible at this point, right? I had already told Tommy that I wanted to date him.
Beth spun around in front of the mirror, scrutinizing her appearance, "Do you think I look okay?" I looked Beth up and down. She was wearing a black dress with one strap that landed dangerously above her knee. Around her neck were several golden chains and expensive looking hoops dangled from her ears.
"You look picture-perfect," I replied truthfully. Beth gave me a grateful smile, "Aw, thanks. You're such a sweetie. Let's go out to the living room to wait for our Crue now." I followed Beth out of the bathroom and sank onto the cushy, burgundy-colored couch in the center of the room. I couldn't seem to shake off the ever-present feeling of guilt. It was going to be so hard to be surrounded by Tommy, Nikki, Vince, and Beth tonight.
Creak! The hotel room door swung open and Mick, Tommy, Nikki, and Vince tromped into the room. Tommy smiled at us happily, "Hey girls! How are you doing?" I looked the guys over. They had all cleaned up and looked spectacular...all of them except Vince that is. To my dismay, there were little smudges of my raspberry colored lip gloss on his neck and on the collar on his shirt. I stared in horror as Beth Lynn's gaze immediately locked onto Vince's neck. I squeezed my eyes shut and wished I could disappear. I wished I had never been born.
A very long, intense silence filled the room. Beth Lynn turned pale white as a ghost and I saw her hand start trembling. I was regretting everything I had done with Vince. If only I had never met Vince Neil. Then I would have been satisfied without him and I wouldn't have turned into a cheating whore.
The silence in the room seemed to go on and on. Everyone was staring at Beth Lynn curiously, wondering what she was looking at. Vince squirmed nervously under Beth's scrutiny and attempted a smile, "Um, is something wrong? You're staring at me funny." Beth opened her mouth and then quickly shut it again. Nikki followed Beth's gaze to the lipstick smudges on Vince's neck. Understanding quickly dawned in his eyes and he quickly refocused his gaze onto me. I gulped and tried to wipe the guilty expression of my face. Nikki gave me a look of dismay. I felt as if I had committed a huge felony. I fought the impulse to run from the room and never set eyes on Beth Lynn or Vince again.
Finally, Beth Lynn spoke in a shaky voice, "N-nothings wrong. S-shall we go to the restaurant now?" I was shocked at Beth's response. I had figured she would scream and shout and accuse me of cheating her. But no, apparently she was just going to try to survive the night like nothing was wrong.
Tommy reached over and grabbed my hand, "Okay guys, let's head out then!" The six of us trudged out of the room and down the stairs to the lobby. I noticed Vince offer his hand to Beth Lynn. She gave him a cold look and strode past him. Vince bit his lip and followed a short distance behind her. Once we reached the parking lot, Mick turned to us, "So who's gonna ride with who? I say we take two cars. You know, to save gas and all."
Beth Lynn quickly reached over and grabbed my hand in a threatening grip, "I'm gonna ride with Amy. Maybe we can have a car for just us girls? You four can all fit in the other car, right?" Nikki shrugged, "Yeah, sure." Tommy's face fell; I could tell it was obvious that he wanted to ride with me. After all, I was his date.
I leaned over and whispered in Tommy's ear, "Don't worry; we'll have plenty of time at the restaurant. And remember, there's always night." Tommy winked at me and squeezed my free hand, "Okay. I'll meet you at the restaurant then, Ames." Vince gazed frantically between me and Beth Lynn and opened his mouth to protest. I shot him a warning look and he reluctantly shut his mouth. I was nervous about spending the entire car ride alone with Beth, but there was always the possibility that she didn't know that I was the one cheating her. After all, it could be some other random girl who had been kissing her husband, right?
"Can you drive, Amy?" Beth Lynn requested as she opened the passenger door. "I don't feel that well at the moment." I nodded, "Yeah, of course." Unenthusiastically, I slid into the driver's seat and slowly revved up the engine. I was highly tempted to blast the radio, but resisted the temptation. It would be pretty impolite if I turned on some metal without asking Beth's permission. So instead, I followed Nikki's car out of the parking lot in silence with trepidation taking a firm grip on my heart.
Beth and I drove in silence for about five minutes. But after that, she plainly couldn't take it anymore. A sob got caught in her throat and tears started streaming from her eyes. I wasn't sure what to do. Obviously I should try to comfort her, but I just didn't know what to say. Awkwardly, I took one of Beth's hands and rubbed it gently, "Are you okay? Is there something I can do for you?" Beth peered up at me with eyes filled with misery. Hastily, I pulled out a tissue from my purse and handed it to her.
"Thanks," Beth managed to choke out. She wiped the tears from under her eyes and blew her nose as daintily as she could. "I hate to ruin your night like this by making you put up with me. I...just feel like I can't take it sometimes." My mind raced wildly as I thought about what to say next. Was I suppose to know what she was talking about? Or was I suppose to act innocent and pretend I had no idea what was going on with her and Vince?
I chose the latter and replied in a curious tone, "What can't you take Beth? Go ahead and tell me. Sometimes it can help to tell a friend. It's not good for you to keep all that pain and misery inside." Beth blew her nose one more time and spoke in a trembling voice, "Vince is cheating me...again. I knew it from the start. Ever since about the time he joined Crue, he's been acting so strange around me. And now I know why; he's lost all interest in me. He doesn't have one ounce of love for me. Most likely he never even loved me from the beginning!" A new torrent of tears began to streak down Beth's face.
Ugh, this was one of the most awkward situations I had encountered in my life. I prayed that we would reach the restaurant soon. I cleared my throat loudly and tried to sound convining, "I'm sure that's not true, Beth. Vince loves you or else he wouldn't have married you. Maybe he's just...having some problems at the moment?"
"Problems?" Beth shrieked in a hysterical voice. "There's nothing wrong with Vince. It's me. I'm just not good enough for him apparently. There's some other bitch out there that he loves more." I clenched my teeth, "Are you really upset at her?" Beth gave me a confused look, "Huh? Upset at her? I thought we were talking about Vince."
"Erm..." I started hesitantly, "I meant the slut that's cheating you of your husband." Beth shrugged, "I don't know. I suppose slightly, but it's more Vince's fault. The girl he's been with might not even know he's married. And in that case, it wouldn't be her fault I suppose. I wish Vince would just tell me if he's tired of me though..." I opened my mouth to try to think of something to say, but luckily Tommy pulled into the restaurant parking lot at that moment. I sighed with relief and quickly changed the subject in an attempt to get Beth to cheer up, "We're here! Have you ever been to this restaurant before?"
"No," Beth sniffled. "Shit...I look horrible!" Beth had pulled out a small mirror from her purse and was gazing at her reflection with a disgusted expression. I studied her face; she didn't look that bad.
"Here, let me help," I snatched up another tissue from my bag and began wiping the mascara streaks off Beth's cheeks. After that, I plastered her cheeks with concealer and smoothed some blush onto her cheek bones, "There. You look fine now. Can you go in? Or would you rather wait in the car so you can calm down?"
"I'm okay," Beth replied in a steady voice. I was relieved to see that she had stopped crying. I squeezed her hand, "It'll be okay." She gave me a half hearted nod before the two of us stepped out of the car and walked inside the restaurant. I blinked as soon as we were inside. The restaurant was dimly lit and it had a darkened, romantic atmosphere to it. The Crue was waiting for us in the entrance. Tommy gave me an excited smile and quickly moved to my side. Beth stayed right behind me like a shadow. It was as if she wanted to hide herself from Vince. Vince looked uncomfortable and was eying Beth remorsefully.
Not before long, a waitress brought us to a large table at the far left side of the room. I took a seat between Tommy and Nikki. Vince politely pulled out a chair for Beth Lynn and gave her a pleading expression. Hesitatingly, she took the seat. Hopefully they would be able to make up after or during dinner. After only a few minutes, the waitress came back and took our orders.
I reluctantly ordered a salad. Normally I wouldn't have eaten anything, but I figured it would be impolite not to eat anything tonight. Tommy was already worried as it was. He was giving me a concerned expression, " are eating, right? You're so skinny these days. I know you're anorexic but..." He trailed off, unsure of what else to say.
"I'm fine, don't worry," I muttered absentmindedly. I couldn't help but watch Vince and Beth out of the corner of my eye. Vince was attempting conversation, but Beth seemed to be uninterested. It was horrible to watch the two of them. The way they looked at each other; I could see hurt, guilt, and remorse in their eyes.
After a while, the waitress returned with our food. I was glad for the distraction; at least nobody would have to make polite conversation while we ate. My salad did look rather disgusting though. All those shriveled up leafy greens looked very unappetizing. I played with them with my fork for a few minutes before sticking a spoonful in my mouth. Ugh, they were pretty disgusting. I wanted to stop eating, but I could see Vince looking at me out of the corner of his eye. So I was forced to give my complete attention to my food in order to avoid his gaze.
I took two more bites. Honestly, how were people suppose to eat this stuff? I rested my fork back down on my plate and wiped my mouth with my napkin, eying the salad reproachfully. Tommy caught my gaze and laughed, "I take it you don't like the salad, Ames?" I shook my head vigorously. Tommy twisted around so he was facing me and kissed me on the lips in front of everyone. I was shocked; Tommy wasn't usually the kind of guy who would make out with his girlfriend in public. I could feel all eyes on the table on us. Vince was staring at me as if I had just thrown a knife through his heart.
"Can't you see?" Beth Lynn screamed at Vince in a hysterical voice. "You don't even kiss me like that anymore! You don't love me; it's so obvious. Just stop this shit and divorce me!" With that said, Beth stood up and rushed towards the door of the restaurant. I could feel the food I had just eaten rise back up into my throat; I had to throw up.
I jumped up from the table and ran into the bathroom located at the opposite end of the room. I pushed the door open and leaned over the toilet just in time before I emptied my stomach. After I had vomited, I merely sat on the bathroom floor. I didn't have any willpower to go back out to the table. The last thing I wanted to do was see all the people I had hurt. What a mess I had gotten myself in. Tears started to drip from my eyes as I sat huddled on the bathroom floor. I was so immersed in my misery that I didn't notice when the bathroom door creaked open.
"Amy?" a voice broke through my tears, "Come on, let's go back to the hotel." I forced my eyes open and took the hand that was extended to me. I didn't even bother to see who had come to get me. All I knew was I had to escape from this restaurant.

Ten minutes later, I found myself in the passenger seat of Nikki's car gazing out the window miserably. I felt horrible. Part of it was physical as I had just thrown up, but most of it was emotional. I had drowned myself in deceit and was now paying the consequences. I couldn't forget the hurt look on Vince's face when he had saw me kiss Tommy. Nor could I forget the way Vince and Beth Lynn looked at each other. I had shattered the trust in their relationship; it was all my fault. My stomach gave another uncomfortable lurch. I quickly swallowed in an attempted to keep the rest of my food down.
Nikki peered over at me from the driver's seat. I expected him to yell or scream at me. After all, I deserved that and so much more. But instead, Nikki's voice was calm and gentle when he spoke, "You okay?" I started to answer yes, and then changed my mind, "Not really." Nikki nodded, "Yeah, I could've guessed that. You've dug yourself into a deep hole. Now you've gotta get out of it." I turned to Nikki and gazed into his eyes, "But how? How do I get out of this? I can't undo what I've done. And I can't make Beth trust Vince again." Nikki rolled his eyes, "Well, you could start by not attempting to have sex with Vince at every possible opportunity." I flinched at his words and looked down at the floor.
I felt Nikki put a hand on my shoulder and turn me towards him, "Aw, come on...I don't wanna see you blame yourself like this. You look like you're wilting away." Anger started flooding into my veins, "Can't you see this is my own fault, Nikki? I'm the one who started all this shit. I cheated Vince, I'm cheating Tommy, and I've hurt Beth Lynn. Can't you see I'm a fucking-"
Nikki cut off my sentence by grabbing my shoulders and pulling me towards him. I stopped mid-sentence and stared at him in shock, wondering what he was going to do. Nikki hesitated a moment and then leaned towards me and pressed his lips onto my mouth in a passionate kiss.

My mind seemed to go blank and my heart temporarily stopped beating. Was this a dream? Was I hallucinating? I could feel Nikki's soft lips on mine. Cautiously, I returned the kiss and skimmed my lips over his mouth. It was an uncertain kiss. It felt so unreal and that if I made one wrong move, it would all just disappear. Nikki pulled me close and kissed me fervently. The uncertainty seemed to dissolve as the two of us let our desires become one. I had dreamed about this moment for so long and now it was finally a reality. But there was one problem; the moment felt so wrong.
I wanted Nikki to be mine forever. I longed for him to pledge himself to love me and stay with me for the rest of our lives. But how could I expect him to do that when I had completely screwed up my love life? I pushed those thoughts to the back of my head and just let myself feel. The two of us were kissing all over the mouth and I could feel Nikki's arms around my waist.
Honk! The loud honking of a car nearby separated the two of us. I had completely forgotten we were still on the highway. Apparently Nikki had forgotten too. He grabbed the steering wheel violently and swerved back into the right lane. I peered behind us to see an large, red truck with an angry driver glaring at us.
Nikki turned pink and glanced over at me with an unsure expression, "You're not mad at me, are you?" I was taken aback by Nikki's words and merely gaped at him for a few minutes. Nikki looked uncomfortable and he continued to blush. Finally I was able to regain my voice. Faintly, I whispered, "Why would I be angry at you? I could never be angry at you, Nikki."
Nikki shrugged and gave me a sheepish smile, "Well, thanks for not being mad. I shouldn't have done that though...I probably had too much to drink tonight." Nikki turned into the hotel parking lot and parked up close to the entrance. I knew this was my chance; this was the time when I was suppose to confess my love for Nikki. But for some reason, my mouth had gone dry and I couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't come out sounding stupid.
Nikki opened his car door and then opened mine. I crawled out of his car and moved to Nikki's side. Moonlight streamed down from the heavens and illuminated Nikki's face. He looked even more attractive than usual. I longed to reach up and kiss his lips again, but I was much too shy to do something that audacious. Nikki took my hand and entwined my fingers with his as we entered the hotel lobby. The red head at the desk glanced up at us with a bleary-eyed expression. I hadn't realized it had gotten so late. The two of us entered the elevator, traveled up to the seventh floor, and then searched for our rooms.
I prayed that Nikki would come into my bedroom for a bit instead of bidding me goodnight and going into his room. As we approached our rooms, Nikki turned to me and questioned, "Do you want me to stay with you for a bit? Or would it be better if I left you alone right now?" I answered him so quickly that my words seemed to blur together, "Please stay. Just for a while?" Nikki laughed as the words tumbled out of my mouth, "Maybe you had too much to drink tonight too, girl. You're slurring like crazy." I rolled my eyes at him and unlocked the door. It swung open with ease.
Once we were safely enclosed in the room, Nikki peered down at the black watch on his wrist, "God, it's gotten late. Maybe you should get ready for bed now? We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." I shrugged, "Okay." After selecting some pajamas from my suitcase, I entered the bathroom to get ready for bed. The pajamas I had chosen consisted of an old, stained tank top and green flannel pants. I normally would have worn one of my lacy night dresses, but I didn't really feel comfortable wearing that type of thing in front of Nikki. After brushing my teeth and changing as quickly as possible, I returned to the bedroom to find Nikki standing by the window. I joined him there and saw he was staring out at the stars twinkling brightly from the heavens.
"There you are," Nikki stated, looking me over. "Nice pajamas," he added sarcastically with a grin. I laughed, "They're old. I got them for Christmas two years ago from my great grandmother who can't even remember my name. Did I tell you that she gave me an atlas for Christmas last year? Honestly, who gives an atlas as a Christmas present?"
Nikki chuckled, "Maybe she thinks you get lost easily. Anyways, you should probably go to bed." Nikki followed me over to my bed and pulled the cover down for me. I slid onto the right side of the bed and laid down on my stomach so I could stare up at Nikki. Nikki hesitated as if unsure of what to do. Finally he took a few steps backward, "I should probably go now..."
"Do you have to?" I asked in a wheedling tone. "Can't you stay with me tonight?" Nikki's eyes opened wide and he stared at me as if I had asked him to commit a crime. I instantly tried to cover up my mistake, "I didn't mean sleep with me. My love life is already pretty fucked up as it is. I just meant stay in the room. But you should probably go into Mick's room..." I trailed off.
"Nah, I can stay," Nikki replied, taking a seat on the end of my bed. I flipped onto my side and shut my eyes in an attempt to fall asleep. It was only a half-heartened attempt though; how could anyone expect me to sleep when Nikki Sixx was in my room? After a few minutes, Nikki shifted so that he was lying down next to me. My heart immediately started racing as he pulled the sheet over our prone figures. I longed to pull him close to me, but fought the impulse. I couldn't move too quickly. After all, the last thing I wanted to do was scare Nikki away.
A few minutes later, I risked opening my eyes again to see what Nikki was doing. He was gazing steadily at me with a half-smile on his face. As we stared at each other side by side, Nikki lifted one finger and stroked my cheek gently. I reached out and placed a hand on his chest. I could feel his heartbeat through his thin shirt pulse against my palm.
Nikki made a low sound from the back of his throat and moved closer to me so our bodies were pressed together. Adrenaline began racing through my blood. I rested my head against Nikki's chest and slid my arms around him. Nikki wrapped his arms around me tightly and rubbed my back gently. That was the last thing I remembered before I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

"Come on you guys, GET UP!" a loud voice shouted. Startled, I whipped my eyelids open and tried to figure out where I was and who was screaming at me. As I took in my surroundings, I felt someone gently caressing my neck; Nikki. He had stayed the whole night with me after all. I had to admit that I had figured he would leave in the middle of the night once I was fast asleep.
I turned and gazed into Nikki's eyes and brought my hand up to his face, "You stayed." Nikki smiled and replied in a soft voice, "Of course I stayed. I wasn't going to leave you. I would never leave you." A smile quickly formed on my lips and I rubbed my cheek on his. Nikki brought a hand up to stroke the hair away from my face.
"Come on, Nikki!" the irritated voice insisted, "This is my room. You should be in the other room with Mick. Were you that drunk last night that you couldn't even find your own fucking bed?" I ripped my gaze from Nikki to see who was so angry. To my surprise, Tommy was standing at the end of our bed with a furious expression on his face. Nikki groaned and pulled the two of us up into a sitting position, "Okay, okay, I'm getting up! I dunno what the big rush is though."
Tommy stared at Nikki incredulously, "Um, hello?" he asked sardonically. "This is our big day! This is the biggest concert of our tour. You can't just lounge around in bed all day with...her." I hated the way Tommy had referred to me. He had spoken of me with disgust in his voice. I bit my lip and clung to Nikki.
Nikki slowly pried my arms away from his chest and gave me a reassuring smile, "I really do have to go now, Ames. Tommy's right; this is a pretty important day. You should probably get ready now too. We should leave kinda early to make sure we have enough time to set up before the concert." I nodded as Nikki slid off the bed and strode over to the door. He winked at me before closing the door firmly behind him. Dread engulfed my thoughts; the last thing I wanted right now was to be left alone with Tommy. An awkward silence filled the room as soon as Nikki left. Neither Tommy or I wanted to speak.
Finally Tommy broke the guilt-filled silence, "Before I say anything, I need to let you know that Beth Lynn wants to speak with you this morning before the concert." My heart sank; I had forgotten about Beth's argument with Vince last night. No doubt Vince had spilled the beans and Beth now knew that I was slut having an affair with her husband.
A loud click sounded from the hallway as Nikki entered the room he was sharing with Mick. As soon as he had shut the door behind him, Tommy crossed the room in two strides to get a good look at me. I leaned away from him nervously. Tommy reached out, grabbed my shoulder, and then shook me roughly, "What the hell were you doing sleeping with Nikki last night?" I attempted to pull away from him, but failed. Tommy's grip was much stronger than I had thought.
"I wasn't sleeping with Nikki," I explained in a frightened tone. I had never seen Tommy look this angry before. His mouth had formed a thing line and his eyes were filling with rage. Tommy gave a derisive laugh at my words, "You think I'm stupid enough to believe that? You and Nikki were in bed together; of course you slept together, you bitch."
I flinched at Tommy's words, and started to defend myself, "Nikki and I slept in the bed together, but we didn't fuck if that's what you were wondering. Even if we did fuck, I don't see why it would matter to you." Tommy's eyes opened wide and he stared at me with dismay. Instantly, I recognized my error. I was suppose to be dating Tommy; of course he would be angry to find me in bed with another man. I bit my lip and tried to smooth over my error, "It didn't mean anything...please trust me, Tommy."
"Trust you?" Tommy exclaimed with disgust. "I'll never trust you again. You're nothing but a whore. I should've seen that from the beginning when you gave me all that shit about how you loved Nikki and Vince." Angry filled my heart and I retorted, "Yeah, maybe I am a bitch. Maybe I made a terrible mistake. But what you don't fucking understand is-"
The door slammed open, breaking off my sentence. Tommy instantly let go of me and stumbled backwards. The two of us stared towards the door to see who had invaded our privacy. Vince Neil stood in the doorway with a hurt and vexed expression on his face. He took one look and me and Tommy and muttered, "Oh shit, I can't do this now." Vince shot me a confused look and then exited the room. I jumped off the bed and ran to the door, "Vince, wait!" I followed him through the hallway.
Tommy was right; I was a bitch who had seriously messed up her life. Now I had to try to make it right again. But...was that even possible? I had betrayed Vince, been deceitful to Beth Lynn, and cheated Tommy. I was more fucked up than I had ever imagined.

Halfway through the hallway, I remembered I was still wearing my stained tank and my pajama pants. I looked around nervously; luckily there wasn't anyone else in the hallway. Reluctantly, I turned around and headed back towards the room I was sharing with Tommy. What I really wanted to do at the moment was talk to Vince, but that would have to wait until I was changed and looking acceptable. Reluctantly, I pulled the hotel room door open and stepped back inside.
I avoided Tommy's gaze and ran straight into the bathroom. I stripped quickly and pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a black and white stripped tube top. Peering in the mirror, I could see that I was kind of a mess. My face was ghostly pale, there were creases from worry on my forehead, and my lip was bleeding slightly. I hadn't realized I had been biting it so hard. After cleaning up my lip and pulling my hair back with a headband, I decided to risk talking to Vince.
I yanked the bathroom door open and quickly moved to the door, hoping to avoid talking to Tommy. Just as I was reaching out for the doorknob, I felt a hand clasp my wrist and spin me around. Begrudgingly, I lifted my eyes to meet Tommy's.
"Amy...I'm sorry," Tommy apologized with a sincere expression on his face. "I didn't really mean what I said earlier. I was just angry. I had tried so hard to make you mine, and yet you still wanted Nikki. But don't worry; I'm over that now. We'll just be friends. I'm gonna be happy for you if you're happy with Nikki."
Speechless, I merely stared at Tommy for a few seconds. He certainly had undergone a big mood swing from only fifteen minutes ago. His words seemed to tug at my heart; he really had tried hard to make me his girlfriend. And of course, I had to go ruin all that for him by sleeping with Nikki. Feeling awful for my transgressions, I managed to form an apology, "Oh Tommy, I'm really sorry. This is all my fault. I'm such a bad girlfriend. You never deserved me anyways. You'll find someone who deserves you soon, Tommy. Some pretty girl who isn't a slut. Anyways, I don't think Nikki and I are together exactly."
Tommy shrugged, "Well regardless, I'm still sorry. And it's not really any of my business of what goes on between you and Nikki anyways. Just know I'll always be here for you as a friend. Can you forgive me?"
"Yeah, of course," I replied, twisting the doorknob. Normally, I would've stayed and chatted with Tommy, but I really needed to see Vince right now. "Can we talk more later, Tommy? I've kinda got to talk to someone right now." Tommy nodded understandingly, "Vince and Beth Lynn? Well, good luck with that."
I gave Tommy a half smile as I left the room to meet my doom, "Thanks." Slowly, I retraced my steps from earlier to the room Vince and Beth Lynn were sharing. I paused for a few moments outside their door and took a deep breath to prepare myself for my unevitable fate. Dubiously, I knocked weakly on the door. I had knocked so softly, I was sure nobody would be able to hear me from inside the room. As I raised my hand to knock again, the door swung open.
Without looking up to see who had opened the door, I nervously stepped inside and perched on the edge on the couch. The door clicked softly behind me ominously. I tapped my foot on the ground anxiously and waited for someone to speak.
"Amy?" a skeptical voice called. Finally, I forced myself to look up. Vince was staring at me uncertainly. He was biting his lip and was looking me over cautiously.
"Yes?" I replied nervously. Vince crossed the room and took a seat down on the couch next to me, "I'm gonna have to talk to you about last night. Shall we get this over with now? I don't see any point in prolonging it." I nodded; Vince was right. There was no need to drag this out. Vince sighed, "Okay then. Beth Lynn obviously knows I have a lover. I'm sure you noticed that last night. I didn't deny it, but I didn't say it was you."
I let out a long sigh of relief, "Thanks. Do you think she knows though?" Vince shrugged hopelessly, "I have no idea. That woman is very hard to read. Anyways, what's going on between you and Tommy? I need to know." I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat and answered, "Nothing. Nothing at all."
Vince's eyes narrowed and he frowned at me, "I don't wanna play your games right now, Amy. I'm tired of this shit; I wanna get straight to the bottom of this." I simply nodded without saying anything. Vince sighed in frustration, "Fine. Let me tell you what I think if you're not gonna tell me what's going on. This is what I think; you truly love Tommy. He's been your lover for a while. You've only been pretending you love me. It's all just been a game for you. You think it's fun to mess around with my emotions, don't you, you little slut?" I gasped at Vince's words; it was like he had turn out my heart and then stepped on it.
"That is not at all what is going on, Vince," I retorted as hot tears started to fill up my eyes. "You've got it all backwards. First of all, you should know that Tommy and I weren't together more than a week. If you don't believe me, go ask him yourself!" I would've gone on, but my voice started to crack and tears started flooding down into my lap. I buried my head in my hands and sobbed.
Vince stared at me with mixed emotions written all over his face. I half expected him to slap me. But when Vince finally reached out to me, his touch was gentle and affectionate. I gazed up at him miserably through my tears.
"Uh Amy?" Vince started in a sheepish tone, "Um, I said that just to test you. I was just making sure you really did love me. Believe me, I know what it's like to be stuck between two lovers. I don't blame you for what you did with Tommy. Although, I have to admit that I'm pretty glad you broke up with him." Vince's words reassured me slightly, but didn't stop the waterfall of tears that were streaming from my eyes.
At that moment, the ringing of Vince's cell phone filled the room. Vince cursed and stood up, "Sorry Amy, I'm gonna have to get that. I'll be right back." I nodded and watched Vince cross the room and pick up his cell phone. I was much too mesmerized by my own desolation to pay any attention to what Vince was saying. Now having the whole couch to myself, I swung my legs up onto the side of the couch where Vince had been sitting so I was lying on my back. I stared up at the ceiling completely lost in thought. What was I going to do now? What should I do about my relationship with Vince? I was glad to have gotten my situation with Tommy resolved, but the situation with Vince was much more serious.
Suddenly, I felt Vince's hand sweep across my cheek, "Aw, don't cry. Please? What is there to cry about?" He was crouched by my side and was gazing forlornly into my eyes. I managed to choke out, "There's all kinds of shit to be upset about. And the worst part is that I'm the cause of it all."
Vince couldn't refrain himself from me any longer and laid down on top of me on the couch so I was forced to stare directly into his eyes. Vince held my head in his hands and said in a pleading voice, "It'll be okay. You didn't do anything wrong honey." Vince licked the tears away from my cheeks and slid his tongue down my neck. My tears slowly stopped and I managed a small smile.
"I really do love you," Vince reminded me as his hands skimmed over my breasts. I kissed his neck, "I love you too." Vince started kissing me all over; starting at my forehead and moving down my body. It was pretty amazing how this man could make me feel so much better about myself. Being with Vince was the only thing that calmed my soul.
I could feel Vince slide his hands underneath my bra. As much as I wanted him to love on me, I knew that now was not the time. We were in Beth Lynn's room and could be interrupted at any time. Even though it was against my will, I chided Vince, "Please don't do this now. You know we can't." Vince gave me a delectable smile and peeled down my bra, "Why not sweetheart?"
I was going to protest, but then told myself I was just being paranoid. Vince licked my breasts and slide a hand underneath me. I pulled him tightly against me and kissed him all over. The two of us just couldn't seem to keep our hands off of each other. Just then, the faint sound of footsteps sounded. Vince quickly slid off of me and I swung myself into a sitting position. The footsteps sounded louder; it would most likely be Beth Lynn.
I tugged my shirt down and Vince wiped lipstick marks off of his neck with the inside of his shirt sleeve. The two of us tried to paste innocent expressions on our faces as the hotel room door creaked open without a knock. Beth Lynn took one look of at us and then slammed the door shut behind her, glaring foully at Vince.
"Hi honey," Vince said in a false cheery voice. Beth merely ignored him and turned to me instead, "Hi Amy, were you waiting here for me? I told Tommy to tell you that I wanted to speak to you earlier." I nodded, "Yeah, he told me. What did you need?" I was hoing to make this nice and quick. According to Vince, Beth still did not know of my treachery. I wanted to keep it that way.
"I just wanted to chat with you for a bit," Beth replied in a genuinely friendly tone. "Can you come down to the hotel lobby with me for a while? They have a nice little area there with some tables and newspapers." I contemplated what to do. I really didn't want to chat with Beth Lynn. Chatting could end up lasting an hour or longer. But saying no to Beth would be rude and I didn't want her on my bad side either. Ugh, why was life always so complicated?
"Sure, I can come down for a bit," I agreed in an artificial voice. "But I've gotta clean up a little more before we leave for the concert." Beth nodded understandingly, "Yeah, so do I. Shall we head down to the lobby now then since we've gotta a little spare time on our hands?" Reluctantly, I stood up, "Sure." Beth Lynn turned and her heel and marched towards the door. Vince stroked my hand lightly and gave me a good-luck grin when Beth's back was turned. I grinned back at him and then followed Beth out the hotel room door and down to the hotel lobby.
Beth was right; there was a nice little area in the left side of the lobby. About ten wooden tables were lined up against the wall with a newspaper on the center of each one. Plus there was a coffee machine on a little stand in the corner of the room. Beth Lynn motioned over by the coffee machine, "Do you want anything to drink, Amy?"
"I'm fine, thanks though," I replied politely as Beth and I took a seat at one of the tables. An uncomfortable silence formed between us as soon as we were seated. My mind raced for something casual to say. Luckily, Beth Lynn picked up one of the newspapers so I wasn't forced to speak. Not knowing what else to do, I picked up a newspaper as well and folded it open.
To my shock, a large picture of the Crue was on the front page. My heart leapt in excitement and I exclaimed, "Oh my god! Did you see this article yet, Beth?" Beth Lynn peered up from over the top of her newspaper, "Um hm. Did you read it yet?" I shook my head and quickly read the article. To my complete surprise, the article was based around a "bomb threat" that was supposedly going to take place today while the Crue was playing at Scandals Disco.
"What the hell?" I burst out in surprise. Beth Lynn quickly put a finger to her lips and gave me a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, hun. It's another publicity stunt. Don't ask me how Crue got it started though. But really, this is great! It's just what we need to get a lot of people to come watch the concert today." I nodded, still feeling a little unsettled. I wished Nikki or someone from Crue would tell me when they were planning these publicity stunts.
"Amy...I need to talk to you about something kind of important," Beth said, breaking through my thoughts. I gulped and sat up a little straighter in my chair, "Um...okay. Go for it." Beth looked a little awkward as she started to speak, "I'm really not sure how to say this. I guess I'll just be blunt; I think my husband is interested in you." The beating of my heart immediately started speeding up and my breaths came in little puffs. I tried to look shocked as I replied, "Oh really? What makes you think that?"
"Well," Beth began, "he does seem to spend a lot of time with you. Whenever I can't find him, he's either in your room or you two are in the room Vince and I are sharing. Also, you should see the way he looks at you. It's as if you can see the affection in his eyes." I couldn't think of anything to say to that; Beth knew!
"Um..." I stuttered, unsure of what to do. Beth quickly interjected, "Don't worry honey. I'm not blaming you of anything. I know Vince has been having an affair with someone, but I'm sure it's not you. I'm merely saying that Vince has a tendency to crush on lots of woman and that he might start approaching you soon. I'm just giving you a heads up."
"Oh. Uh...thanks," I spluttered. Beth's words had completely surprised me. She had figured out that Vince was interested in me without even catching us making out together. It wouldn't be long until she uncovered the rest of the story. Another silence formed between us. I felt compelled to say something, but I wasn't sure what to say.
Suddenly, I heard a chair squeak next to me. I turned to see Nikki take a seat in the chair next to me. Nikki shot me a wide smile before glancing over at Beth Lynn, "Hey girls. What's up?" Nikki's coal black eyes had mesmerized me. Beth replied, "Not much. I saw your article here in the newspaper." Beth tossed the paper over to Nikki. Nikki caught it and quickly skimmed the article about Crue. When he finished it, he laughed, "It's so easy to pull off rumors these days. That reminds me that our big show is today. I should probably quick do some make-up touch ups before we go. You girls should probably get ready too."
Nikki started to stand up. I couldn't help but groan, "You're leaving already? You just got here." Nikki frowned, "I'm sorry, Ames. I forgot about the time. We'll spend some time together tonight, alright?" Excitement starting running though the veins; I wondered what Nikki had meant by "tonight." Nikki hesitated as he pushed his chair in and then he leaned down and caught my bottom lip in a soft kiss. Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around Nikki's neck and kissed his lips back gently. We held our kiss for a long moment until Beth Lynn coughed uncomfortably.
Nikki and I quickly separated and grinned at each other, blushing furiously. Nikki waved at us, "Okay, I'm going now. See y'all in a bit." My eyes followed after Nikki until he stepped into the elevator and disappeared from view. A small part of me was actually starting to believe that Nikki did have feelings for me. You wouldn't kiss a girl in public unless you were interested in her, right?
"Amy...I'm sorry about what I said earlier," Beth apologized awkwardly. "I should've known you wouldn't be interested in any other guy but Nikki. I shouldn't have suggested anything between you and Vince." Beth's words cut right down to my soul. What she had said was completely untrue. I loved Nikki and Vince...and I was in a relationship with both of them. Ugh, what had happened to me? Would I ever be able to clear my thoughts about Nikki and Vince and be able to choose only one of them to be my lover?
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