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When the World Comes Down on You

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Amy digs herself down deeper into the mess she's in. She can't have Nikki and Vinci. But if she's not careful, she could lose them both.

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Four hours later, the six of us walked into the Scandals Disco to prepare for the show. The Crue never looked better; each member looked completely flawless. Nikki and Vince looked particularly alluring tonight; I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of them. Nikki politely pulled open the tall, glass entrance doors open for Beth Lynn and me. I tentatively wandered through the entrance and gasped with delight.
The building was dimly lit with colored lights from the ceiling. There were hundreds upon hundreds of seats surrounding the stage. Surprisingly enough, half of the seats were already filled with people! As the Crue entered behind me, a resonant cheer filled the room and reverberated off the walls. Nikki raised his hand high and waved casually to the crowd. In turn, they cheered even louder. I was tempted to plug my ears!
"Come on, this way guys!" Mick announced, directing us down a clear path that led backstage. The six of us tromped backstage while whoops and shouts continued to fly around the room. Beth Lynn gave me a half smile and whispered in my ear, "This sure seems like a rowdy crowd. I don't think I've ever been at a show this large before. Not even when Vince was with Rock Candy!"
After maneuvering backstage, Beth and I gave a sigh of relief at the peace and quiet. Vince laughed, "You girls had better get used to the noise 'cuz you're gonna be hearing some really loud rock and roll from backstage here tonight!" I laughed back and slapped Vince playfully on the arm. Vince caught my hand in his and started stroking it gently. I shot him a warning look and quickly pulled away, looking for Beth Lynn. Thankfully, she had been looking in the other direction.
"We've gotta be more careful, Vince," I hissed into his ear. "Beth suspects me and you aren't helping my case at all!" Vince blushed and reluctantly nodded, "Fine, but as soon as this tour is over, you're gonna be all mine for a few nights." I grinned at him and walked over to Mick and Tommy. The two of them were deeply immersed with a conversation with a man who looked like the manager of the building. I walked over to Tommy's side and tried to figure out what they were talking about.
"Hey, are you part of the band too?" the manager guy asked, looking me over curiously. He was completely bald and looked as if he were in his mid-forties. I blushed and shook my head, "Oh no, I'm just a friend." The manager frowned suspiciously and scrutinized me carefully. I squirmed under his stare, unsure of what he was looking at.
"If you're just a friend, you probably shouldn't be back here," the manager stated. "Only the Crue and security are allowed back here." My face fell, "But I always come backstage! What do you expect me to do? Set off a bomb during the middle of the show?" I asked sarcastically. It didn't take long for me to realize I had used the wrong words in my argument.
"There is a bomb threat scheduled to occur here according to the media," the manager agreed nervously. "So yes, I must insist that you watch from the crowd like a good girl." I opened my mouth to argue, but Mick grabbed my arm and gave me a meaningful look that I interpreted to mean, "Don't argue!"
Grudgingly, I stepped away from Mick and Tommy, "Okay, fine! But I'm gonna have to help Nikki with some makeup touch ups first. After that, I'll leave." The manager nodded in satisfaction, "Alright, thank you. We just want to keep the Crue safe. I'm sure you understand that?" I nodded and quickly crossed the stage to where Nikki was warming up.
"Hey Nikki, they're kicking me out," I complained ruefully. Nikki stopped playing and gave me a shocked look, "Wait, what? They would let you back here? God, some people are so fucking paranoid! Well, help me with this lipstick a second and then I suppose you're gonna be forced to sit in the audience."
I took out some red lipstick and gloss from my bag and slowly helped Nikki apply it. I took my time; I certainly wasn't in any hurry to be kicked out. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tommy, Mick, and Vince huddled in the far corner of the room. My curiousity peaked, "Hey Nikki, what's the rest of the Crue doing other there?"
Nikki shrugged and replied in an uncaring voice, "I dunno, probably trying to get high or something." I squinted my eyes and peered closely at the huddled group; Nikki was right. All three of them were swigging down whiskey at an alarmingly fast rate. It was going to be a wild party tonight.
Having finished Nikki's makeup, I stood back up and looked for something else to do. Procrastination was the name of my game tonight. I noticed the manager talking to Beth Lynn on the far right of the stage. No doubt he was kicking her off stage too. Beth's Lynn's normally chipper smile disappeared and she nodded gravely at the manager and stepped down off the stage to find a seat in the audience. Nikki had been watching me with a lopsided smile, "I know what you're doing, girl. You better leave now before you get into trouble. The show's gonna start in twenty minutes." I groaned, "Aw, fine. Let me say good luck to the rest of the Crue first though." Nikki rolled his eyes, "Fine, but be quick about it. Aren't you gonna wish me good luck first though?"
I wrapped my arms around Nikki and pulled him into a close embrace. Nikki's arms folded around my waist and he held me against his body. I leaned my head against his chest and murmured, "You'll be great tonight. You always are." Nikki gave a low chuckle, "That's what you think. Messing up is easier than you'd think. Go say good luck to the rest of the Crue now; I see that security guard watching us." The two of us broke away from each other and Nikki gave me a sweet kiss on my forehead before pulling his guitar back out to continue his warm up.
I skipped across the stage to where Mick, Tommy, and Vince were all laughing loudly. I stood in front of them with a quizzical expression on my face, "What's so funny guys?" Vince glanced down at me for the first time, "Hey there sweetie. What's up?" I made a face and explained the situation, "The security is gonna kick me out. So I'm gonna be watching you from the audience. Good luck you guys! I'm sure you'll do awesome."
"Thanks!" Mick grinned at me. I gave him a thumbs up and turned to leave, but Vince grabbed my arm and spun me back around. He caught the corner of my lips in a quick kiss before waving a good-bye to me. I rolled my eyes and waved back to him. It was impossible to keep Vince separate from me; that much was clear.
I trudged gloomily down the stairs that led to the audience. I stared out at the sea of cheering people, unsure of where to sit. Luckily, I noticed a figure to the right waving vigorously at me. It was Beth Lynn. Normally, I would try to avoid her at all costs, but tonight I didn't want to sit in this crazy crowd alone. I pushed my way through the masses of people until I reached the empty seat on Beth Lynn's right that she had obviously been saving for me.
"Hi!" I greeted her as I sat down. Beth Lynn smiled and returned the greeting. I was going to thank her for saving the chair for me, but at that moment, the room dimmed until we were engulfed in a pitch black atmosphere. One bright, multicolored light shone down on the center of the stage where Vince was standing.
"Hey y'all!" Vince greeted in a loud tone. "How is everyone today?" A deafening roar exploded from the crowd. Vince grinned widely at the crowd, "Sounds like you're doin' pretty good. I think this is gonna be a fucking good show today. Let's start off with our first release. This song is called 'Stick to Your Guns.'"
Immediately, the room was resounding with music. My eyes quickly zoned in on Vince. He looked so sexy with the colored lights shining at different angles on his body. I could feel Beth Lynn following my gaze so I reluctantly shifted my gaze over to Nikki. He was strumming up a storm on his base guitar. As if he could sense my stare, he looked right at me. My heart fluttered even though I knew he couldn't see me. After all, I probably blended in with the sea of faces in the audience.
Time seemed to fly by as I watched my two lovers. Before I knew it, the Crue had already played through their list of scheduled songs and they had even done two extras as an encore. Vince smiled and spoke into the microphone, "Well, I'd say we all had a good time tonight! No more encores though, we've got some partying to do. Thanks for coming everyone!" Vince raised a hand as a good-bye gesture and then disappeared backstage with the rest of the Crue following in his tracks. The crowd let out ear-deafening screams and cheers. It was so loud that I actually did plug my ears this time.
"That was amazing!" Beth Lynn turned to me with her eyes lit up excitedly. I nodded as the two of us crossed to the end of our row and started up the stairs backstage. To my disgust, we found two burly-looking security guards blocking us at the top of the stairs. I smiled at them seductively and said in my sweetest tone, "Hello there! Mind if we pass? We're with the Crue..."
"Nice try!" the taller guard laughed coarsely at me. "Do you have any idea how many young girls like you have said stuff like that to us? You should at least try something a little less original." I scowled at them darkly as I thought of a good retort. Luckily, Beth Lynn came to the rescue, "I'm Vince's wife. Don't you think I should be allowed backstage?" The guard eyed Beth Lynn curiously and then whispered something into the other guard's ear. After conversing for a few moments, they finally reached their decision.
"Okay, I guess you can come on back. But move quickly, girls," the guard agreed in a hesitant voice. We nodded and quickly slid past the guards to the backstage. We found the Crue slowly packing up their gear and exchanging compliments.
"Man, you were awesome out there tonight!" Tommy exclaimed, slapping Mick on the back. Mick smiled and returned the compliment, "You were a natural, Tommy." Tommy beamed with the praise. I peered past them to find Vince and Nikki. Turning to my right, I saw that Beth Lynn had vanished from my side. Worriedly, I gazed around the room to look for my companion. It didn't take me long before my eyes rested on two tightly entwined figures in the far corner of the room.
Beth Lynn was in Vince's arms and they were kissing passionately. I could see Vince's hand sneak under her strapless dress. My face turned green with envy and a sharp pang of jealously tore through my heart as I watched them. This was how it should be; Vince and Beth loving each other the way a married couple should. I was also where I should be, far away from Vince and letting him share this special moment with her alone. It all looked so right. But if it was so right, why was my heart crying out in pain?
I felt a hand on my shoulder. Jerking out of my reverie, I turned to see Nikki looking at Beth and Vince as well. I bit my lip and tried to hide the pain that was written all over my face. In a false cheery voice, I exclaimed, "You were great out there, Nikki." Nikki easily say through my thin disguise and gave me a sympathetic smile, "I see Vince is back with Beth Lynn again. It must have been hard for you to break up with him..."
A guilty pang ran through my body. Nikki was wrong; I hadn't exactly "broken up" with Vince. Honestly, I had no idea where my relationship with Vince stood at the moment. The way he was kissing Beth was making me think that he had forgotten all around me. Biting my lip, I simply nodded to Nikki's statement. There was no need for him to know that I hadn't broken up with Vince, right? As the popular saying goes: what Nikki didn't know wasn't going to hurt him.
"Aw, come here, girl," Nikki sighed, opening up his arms to me. "You don't have to hide any pain from me. I'll do my best to take it away from you." I fell against Nikki's chest and let a few silently tears run down my cheeks. I didn't understand why it was so hard for me to see Beth Lynn and Vince together like this. It was probably just a consequence of getting into a relationship with a married man. I was going to have to get used to this pain and slowly let my memories of Vince fade.
Nikki gently stroked my back and my hair for a few peaceful moments while I calmed myself down. Suddenly, a voice called loudly from the stairs, "Hey, you coming, Nikki? We're heading back to the hotel now..." Nikki gently pulled me away from him and stared into my eyes with concern, "Are you gonna be okay now?" I nodded and attempted a smile.
"Let's go back to the hotel and party then!" Nikki grinned at me. "Maybe that will cheer you up." A genuine smile crossed my face; there was nothing better than partying with Nikki.

An hour later, all of us were assembled in the hotel room I was sharing with Tommy. To my surprise, Tommy and Mick both had brought a girl to the party with them. Mick's girl was dark haired, pencil thin, and had pretty pale pink lips. She was leaning against Mick on the couch and staring at him with a dreamy expression. Tommy's date was a beautiful blonde bombshell with curly locks and piercing blue eyes. She and Tommy kept exchanging smiles. I could pretty much read her thoughts by her expression. She was probably thinking of herself as one of the luckiest girls in the world for capturing the heart of a rock star.
My eyes floated over to the girl who I would kill to be at the moment. Beth Lynn was sitting on Vince's lap, exchanging tender kisses with him. It sickened me to watch them. What had happened to the Vince I had known and loved? What had made him regain this sudden interest in his wife?
I tried to make myself stop people-watching, and stared at my feet. The eight of us were lounging around the room watching TV and listening to some hardcore rock and roll. Somehow, Tommy had managed to bring five packs of beer and whiskey bottles up to our room. In the corner of the room, sixteen empty bottles were already stacked up. Everyone seemed to be trying to get high tonight. Most likely the end would end with the other three girls getting fucked tonight. And of course, I would be all by myself in my bed crying myself to sleep.
I reached for another whiskey bottle and downed half of it in a single swig. I wasn't normally the type of girl who would intentionally try to get herself drunk, but tonight was different. If I got high enough, all the pain I was feeling would simply melt away and I would forget all about Beth and Vince. I completely ignored everyone in the room and focused on finishing the rest of my bottle. A few seconds later, I heard a voice call my name, "Amy? Can I talk to you alone for a moment?"
"Sure," I slurred and stood up rather unsteadily. To my surprise, it had been Nikki who had called me. I followed him outside of my room and out into the hallway. Nikki locked the door behind us. I peered up at him expectantly.
"Amy, getting yourself high like this isn't going to make things better with Vince. I know what you're trying to do, and it's not going to work," Nikki explained in a gentle voice. I turned away from him angrily and snapped, "It's working just fine. You don't have a right to tell me what to do or not to do."
Instantly, I regretted the words I had used. Why was I snapping at Nikki? He hadn't done anything to get me into this mess. I was the one who had gotten myself into this. It was completely my fault. I quickly opened my mouth up to apologize, but Nikki quieted me with a soft kiss on my upper lip. Eagerly, I kissed him back and let my tongue slid over his soft mouth. Nikki's tongue prodded against my mouth. Before I knew it, we were kissing furiously and our tongues seemed to be doing some kind of dance in each others mouth. From far away, I could hear the rest of the Crue cracking jokes from inside the room. Vince's voice sounded from inside the room, "Hey Tommy, I dare you to throw that TV out the window."
Nikki and I separated briefly, both gulping for air. I gave Nikki a puzzled look and nodded towards the hotel room door, "Why's Vince daring Tommy to throw a TV out the window?" Nikki rolled his eyes and shrugged, "Because Vince is a crazy bastard. Don't worry, Tommy has enough sense not to throw the TV out the window."
I shrugged and stood on my tiptoes to gain access to Nikki's mouth once more. Nikki leaned down and pressed his lips onto my lower one. I licked his upper lip and bit down on it gently. In a lithe movement, Nikki slipped his hands under my tank top until his hands rested on my breasts. I stared curiously up at Nikki, wondering what he would do next.
I never got to find out what would've happened next. Because at that moment, an earsplitting crack sounded from inside my room.
Nikki and I simultaneously turned towards the bedroom door in shock. It burst open and Mick's girlfriend ran out the door with a look of horror on her face. Nikki quickly slid his hands off my breasts and narrowed his eyes, "Shit!" The two of us reluctantly entered the open door to see what was going on. It didn't take long to figure out what had happened.
The window had been smashed and there were shards of glass everyone. Tommy was laughing drunkenly with his girlfriend who was also quick drunk. Mick was staring towards the door, obviously feeling bad that he had scared his girlfriend away. Vince and Beth Lynn had cuddled up on my bed, completely oblivious of anything going on in the room.
"Tommy!" Nikki yelled in a loud voice to get Tommy's attention. Tommy's unfocused eyes roamed over Nikki, "Hm? Is that you, Nikki?" Nikki clenched and unclenched his fists in irritation, "Yeah, of course it's me Tommy! Are you blind or something? And what the hell have you done?" Nikki motioned to the glass spread all over the floor.
A puzzled expression appeared on Tommy's face as he followed Nikki's gaze. After a moment of contemplation, recognition dawned on his face, "Vince dared me to throw the TV out the window." Nikki looked livid, "And so you just decided to throw the fucking TV out the window? Tommy, do you have any idea how serious this situation is?"
Tommy merely shrugged and turned back to his girlfriend who was now sitting on his lap. Nikki sighed loudly with irritation. I started to cross the room so I could get a look out the window. Hopefully, the TV hadn't landed on anyone or anything. Halfway across the room, I slipped on a piece of glass and toppled to the ground. Pain instantly cut through me as I lay paralyzed on the ground. It didn't take long for me to realize that I had landed on a pile of glass. I attempted to stand back up, but my hand kept sliding on the slippery glass shards.
"Damn!" Nikki cursed angrily at Tommy. He reached down and gently helped me to my feet. Nervously, I looked down at my body. Bloody cuts had formed all over my legs and arms plus I could feel a wound in my forehead. Blood trickled down my body and started to form a puddle at my feet.
"Okay, everyone out of here! NOW!" Nikki directed angrily. I could tell he had pretty much reached his breaking point. Even in his drunken state, Tommy knew better than to mess with Nikki's directions. He took his girlfriend's hand and obediently exited the room. Vince and Beth Lynn were involved in a world where only they existed.
Nikki strode across the room crossly and shook Vince's shoulder rather violently. Vince peeled his mouth away from Beth Lynn and rolled over on the bed so he was facing Nikki, "What's up?" Nikki sighed melodramatically, "Tommy took your fucked up dare and threw the TV through the window. Come on you two, we've gotta get out of here in case the police come. This is kind of a serious crime. Watch the floor for shards of glass though."
Vince and Beth Lynn rolled out of the bed and cautiously maneuvered their way to the door while avoiding the glass pieces. Nikki looked me over from head to toe with a frown on his face. I shifted uncomfortable under his gaze and slurred, "Is something wrong?" Nikki gave me a you've-lost-it look and exclaimed, "Yeah; look at you! You're covered in blood. Can you walk?" I peered down and remembered the blood streaming over my body. It was as if being drunk made me lose all feeling.
Cautiously, I stepped away from the wall I was leaning against and attempted to walk towards the door. After two steps, I staggered and fell helplessly onto my knees. I felt so defenseless and vulnerable. My mind seemed to be working at a much slower speed than usual, my vision kept crossing strangely in front of my eyes, and my stomach was starting to churn violently.
Nikki gave a half laugh, "Okay, apparently you can't walk." He crossed the room and bent down to pick up my limp figure. I collapsed against his chest. My stomach seemed to be knotting up inside of me and my breathing started coming in short, ragged breathes. Nikki peered down at me in his arms, "Are you okay...? You look like you're gonna pass out. Don't worry, I'll get these cuts cleaned up in a moment and then you'll be okay."
"I'm fine," I managed to say. I didn't know why I was suddenly feeling so sick. Maybe it was all the alcohol. I didn't normally drink and tonight I had gone way overboard with it. Nikki locked my hotel room door and put the "do not disturb" sign on its handle. Nikki clicked open the door to the hotel room he was sharing with Tommy. A rather disgusting scene met our eyes. Tommy and his girlfriend were involved in an intense makeout session on his bed. There was no doubt in my mind that the drunk couple would fuck tonight. Vince and Beth Lynn were already under the sheets with Vince lying on top of Beth Lynn. I noticed her lacy black bra thrown carelessly in a corner of the room. I knew that Vince and Beth Lynn had fucked numerous times, but to actually see them in the middle of it was like a stab to my already injured heart.
Nikki cleared his throat uncomfortably, "Uh...I guess we could go into Vince's room for now." Nikki reached across a desk in the corner of the room and picked up Vince's card key. The two of us exited the room silently, not wanting to disturb either of the couples. We entered Vince's empty room. Nikki looked down at me with a confused expression, "Hm...I've gotta get you cleaned up without you getting blood all over the furniture. I'm gonna set you in the bathtub for now. At least I can clean blood out of it."
I let Nikki dump me in the bathtub where I sat unmoving. Nikki gave me a puzzled expression, "You should probably take a bath to get all that blood off of you. Erm...are you able to do that by yourself?" I thought for a moment before answering. Truthfully, I was feeling weak and like I was going to faint at any moment. But obviously, getting myself cleaned up was top priority right now. Reluctantly, I nodded, "Probably. It'll only take me five minutes. I'll meet you out in the bedroom, okay?"
"Okay..." Nikki replied, giving me a doubtful look. It was clear that he wasn't too sure if he should leave me alone or not. After Nikki finally left, I stripped off my clothes and piled them onto the floor. They were sticky and stained dark red with blood. I had cut myself up pretty badly from falling on the pile of glass. After turning on the hot water, I leaned against the back of the tub and tried to make myself relax. Slowly, my vision started to blur once more and I stared to fall into a deep darkness...

Groaning miserably, I popped my eyelids open. I was in a dark room; it must be nighttime. Suddenly, I doubled over and jerked into a sitting position. It felt as if my stomach were a volcano erupting inside of me. Unable to prevent myself, I leaned over the side of the bed and vomited all over the floor. The contents of my stomach hit the ground with a loud splattering noise.
"Oh god, Amy," a sleepy voice exclaimed from next to me in the bed. "You shouldn't have gotten yourself so drunk. You're gonna have a terrible hangover now." I nodded; pain seemed to be pulsing through my entire body.
"Where am I?" I asked curiously. I felt the figure next to me in the bed sit up and take my hand, "You're in my hotel room. You were taking a bath and then you fainted so I had to come rescue you. And now you're in my bed with an awful hangover." Moaning in pain, I collapsed against my pillow, "I feel terrible..."
"I'm not surprised. Next time you see Beth Lynn and Vince making out, I expect you to have enough sense not to get yourself high," the voice from my next to me chided. The last thing I wanted at that moment was to be reminded of Vince. It only made my agony worse. In a complaining voice, I replied, "Ugh, did you have to remind me?"
"Sorry sweetie," the voice apologized in a genuinely sorry tone. Finally, I recognized the familiar voice; Nikki. Even in my dysfunctional state, my heart skipped a beat at the thought of being in a bed with Nikki. Suddenly, a detestable thought crossed my mind: if I had fainted in the bathtub, Nikki had no doubt seen me completely stripped down.
"Uh, Nikki?" I asked in an embarrassed tone. Nikki rolled over on his side so he was facing me in the bed, "Hm?" My mind spun as I searched for the right way to word my sentence, " exactly did you find me earlier?" Nikki looked confused for a moment before comprehension crossed his face, "You're wondering what I thought of you naked, aren't you?" Nikki asked slyly. Even in the dark, I could see a smile cross his face. I blushed, "Kind of."
"You have a body most guys would die for," Nikki answered my question. Before I was able to comment, Nikki and wrapped an arm around me and brought me close to him, "Just relax and try to fall asleep. The best thing you can do right now is try and sleep off your hangover." I nodded contentedly, temporarily forgetting about the pain. Nikki brushed his lips against mine and wrapped his arms tightly around me in a protective grip. I snuggled against his body and lightly kissed his blood red lips. And that's exactly how I fell asleep; embracing Nikki Sixx.

Two days later found me feeling much better and about to go shopping. The Crue didn't have a tour today and I wasn't about to waste time sitting around the hotel room doing nothing. I had already wasted all of yesterday lying in bed and vomiting my guts out for most of the day. The cuts on my arms and legs had scabbed over and were easily covered up with my dark jeans and black hoodie. The only noticeable wound was the gash on my forehead. Even under a pound of concealer, it was still partially noticeable. I decided just to ignore it. After all, there wasn't exactly a way to make it magically disappear.
I slung my purse over my right shoulder and crossed the room to the door. Tommy looked up from his newspaper as I walked across the room, "Hey, you look a lot better, Amy. Sorry about the whole TV incident from the other night..." Tommy trailed off sheepishly. I waved my hand as if dismissing the subject, "Aw, don't worry about it. At least you had some fun that night. And we never got in trouble with the law, so who cares really? By the way, are you planning on seeing your girlfriend again?"
"Yeah...she's coming over later today actually," Tommy replied, blushing slightly, "Are you going out shopping?" I nodded, "Yep! There's suppose to be a really nice local mall. I have a little money saved up so hopefully I can find some nice stuff."
"I'll wish you luck," Tommy winked at me, "Have fun!" I waved to Tommy and skipped out the door lightheartedly. I was in a surprisingly good mood; nothing could bust my high spirits today. I crossed the hall and stepped into the elevator.
Unfortuantely, the elevator was already occupied by none other than Vince Neil. I hadn't spoken to Vince since the scene he had made with Beth Lynn. An awkward silence fell between us as the elevator door slid shut. I turned my back to Vince and completely ignored him. The last thing I needed was to get into an argument with Vince. I was going to be a good girl today and leave Vince for his wife. But of course, most good plans fail.
Our elevator suddenly stopped with a between floors three and four. We were stuck.
I sighed melodramatically and picked up the red phone that was hanging on the side of the elevator to call for help. I supposed I should be thankful for the phone. After all, most elevators didn't have emergency phones inside them in case the elevator got stuck. After only three rings, a voice picked up on the other side of the phone, "Hello?"
"Hi," I replied, "The elevator is stuck between floors three and four. Can you see if you can fix it?" There was a long pause on the other side of the phone. I bit my lip nervous, "Is something wrong? You will be able to get us out of here...right?"
"Yes, of course," the voice replied back. Reassured, I let out a sigh of relief. The voice continued, "It might be a while though. So just sit tight, alright? We'll get the elevator working again as soon as possible." I could feel anxiety running through my veins as I replied, "Um, okay." With that said, I slammed the phone back into place on the elevator wall.
I could feel Vince staring at me. I kept my back to him and pretended to be looking at something on the floor. Something told me this awkward silence wasn't going to last long. Vince and I, as former lovers, were never going to be able to sit in an elevator for hours without speaking. That just wasn't going to happen.
Reluctantly, I turned around to face Vince. It was best to get this over with. Vince was looking innocently at me with those gorgeous sky blue eyes of his. The two of us just looked at each other for a moment before Vince finally broke the silence, "Okay, enough of this, Amy. Tell me what's going on with you."
"What's going on with me?" I exclaimed indignantly. "There's nothing at all wrong with me. You're the one with the problem." Vince's eyes narrowed, "Mind telling me what the problem is? Because there isn't a problem with me. You've been the one who's been giving me dirty looks. You haven't spoken to me for at least three days now."
I rolled my eyes, "Ugh, I wonder why I haven't talked to you for three days!" I burst out sarcastically. "Maybe because you had sex with Beth Lynn in front of my eyes? Hm?" Vince's tan cheeks burned crimson and he shifted uncomfortably, "I did front of you?" I scowled at him angrily, "Yes, you fucking did. It was that night when you were drunk and you dared Tommy to throw the TV out the window. You do remember that, don't you?"
"Mm hm," Vince agreed. "I' that you had to see that with me and Beth. It didn't mean anything really. Can't you just forget about it?" My eyes widened incredulously. Vince thought I could somehow forget that I had seen him in the process of fucking his wife? God, he was stupider than I had ever imagined.
"Geez, you think I can forget that, Vince? 'Cuz that's not gonna happen anytime soon," I steamed at him angrily. "You know what? You can fuck your wife as much as you want for all I care. I've had enough of your shit, Vince. I'm fucking tired of cheating Beth Lynn and worried about getting caught with you."
Vince looked like I had slapped him in the face. He took a few steps back and searched my face, "So you never really did love me, did you? You're just going to throw me away like a piece of trash. You can just forget the fact that I love you more than anything, can't you?" Vince was playing with my emotions. After seeing him with Beth Lynn the other night, I knew he couldn't love me in the way he loved her. I just needed to get Vince out of my life.
"Just shut up, will you?" I snapped irritably. "You're playing a stupid game with me. Just stay out of my life, will you? Besides, I have Nikki now." At the mention of Nikki's name, Vince's eyebrows raised and he gave me a questioningly look, "What do you mean by 'you have Nikki now'? Is there something you haven't been telling me?"
"I don't share every detail of my life with you," I replied condescendingly, "Nikki and I are together now for your information. Just leave me alone now, okay?" I could see a fire burning in Vince's eyes.
"Do you have any idea how long Nikki keeps his girlfriends for?" Vince looked at me pathetically. Frowning, I turned my back to Vince again, "I don't know and I don't care. Like I said two seconds ago, I just want to be left alone." I could hear footsteps approaching me and I could feel Vince's breath on my shoulder, "Nikki keeps his girlfriends for about a week at a time. And that's at the longest. If you're not careful, you'll be forgotten in only a few days."
"Fuck you, Vince!" I yelled, letting all my anger out, "How would you know anything about Nikki's love life? You can't even keep your own relationships out of control. You just like to mess around with innocent, young girls. You never even loved me." Vince grabbed my shoulders and whirled me around so I was facing him. We both stared furiously at each other for a few seconds.
"So that's what the problem is?" Vince finally asked in a quiet tone. "You don't think I love you?" I shrugged and tried to wriggle out of Vince's grip. I opened my mouth to tell Vince to leave me alone. As soon as I had started to speak, Vince pushed me against the wall and kissed me lustily. He slid his tongue into my mouth and pressed me hard against his body.
I knew I should resist Vince. After all, we always seemed to be arguing or getting into trouble together. But right now, I was sick and tired of bickering with him. As much as I hated to admit it, I craved his love more than ever. I felt like sinking my teeth into him and refusing to let him go. Even though it was against my better judgment, I found myself kissing Vince back heedlessly.
The two of us plummeted to the hard elevator floor with Vince lying on top of me. Part of brain was telling me that this was crazy. For no good reason, I was forgiving Vince and I was about to have sex with him in an elevator. God, was I going crazy? I let Vince slip off my shirt and bra. Quickly, I helped strip him down. My fingers worked quickly and the two of us were naked thirty seconds later. Vince looked up and down my stripped figure and moaned longingly. I didn't let him look at me too long; I pulled him close against me and began licking every inch of him.
Vince returned the gesture and licked all over my breasts and began sliding his tongue down chest. He slid down my body and gently pried my legs apart. I felt him slide his fingertips up my legs. Shuddering slightly, I complained, "Can't you just fuck me, Vince? To hell with all the preparatory stuff."
Vince laughed as he ran his fingers over my labia, "Patience, sweetie. We'll get to that in time. Just deal with me for now. I have to enjoy every part of you first." Vince smiled up at me evilly with his blonde hair flopping over one eye. The man was so attractive. I could feel myself start dripping all over as Vince inserted his fingertips inside me. A little cry escaped my lips as Vince pushed deeper inside of me.
Suddenly, without any warning, the elevator jerked downwards. Shit! Somehow they had managed to fix the elevator in record speed. Vince and I got to our feet as fast as possible and scrambled to get our clothes. I dressed as fast as possible, praying for the elevator to magically slow down. Just after I had slid my shirt on, the elevator doors slid open.
I sighed with relief and shakily exited the elevator with Vince right behind me. We looked a little rumpled, but at least we hadn't gotten caught. As soon as we were in the main lobby, I took a deep breath and collapsed against Vince's chest. He pulled me closer to him and gently stroked my forehead, "Sorry about that honey. I swear the Gods are working against us or something. Someday we'll finish what we've started."
"Yeah," I breathed against his chest. My heartbeat slowed back to normal and my breathing became more even as I calmed down. Vince rubbed the side of my neck and whispered in my ear, "You do believe it when I say I love you, don't you? Please say you do..." I thought about Vince's question. More than anything I wanted to believe that he loved me. It was clear that I loved him, but did he really love me? I pulled away from Vince's embrace and looked him in the eye, "I guess I believe you. Do you believe I love you?" Vince nodded, "Of course, girl. You're not very stable emotionally though."
My eyes seemed to focus in on a figure on the other side of the lobby as Vince spoke. A tall, blonde figure was sitting at one of the tables on the far side on the room drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. I took a few more steps away from Vince and pointed to the figure. Vince peered at the woman who was his wife. I put a finger to my lips and said in a quiet voice, "I don't think she saw us. Why don't you go over and say hi to her or something so she doesn't get suspicious? I'm gonna do my shopping now." Vince shrugged, "I guess. I'd much rather go shopping with you though."
"I wish you could come...but you can't," I stated a-matter-a-factly. "I'm gonna go before she sees me. I love you, Vince Neil." Vince's lips formed a smile, "I love you too, baby." We stared at each other for a moment, longing to kiss. Finally, I broke my gaze away from him and waved as I made my way across the hotel room. The last thing I saw was Vince reluctantly making his way over to Beth Lynn's table. As soon as I was outside, it felt as if an electrical current of guilt hit me. I knew I had been wrong to have made out with Vince, but I couldn't help myself. Was wishing to be loved really that bad of a thing?
Gasping for breath, I flung my hotel room door open and heaved all seven of my shopping bags inside. Tommy glanced up from where he was reading a book and chuckled, "Whoa, I guess you bought the whole mall up. Did you have fun shopping?" I shrugged, "Sorta..." Truthfully, it hadn't been much fun. A thought had been bugging me all afternoon and it wouldn't go away; was I cheating on Nikki in a sense? We had never officially been a couple or anything. As a matter of fact, we had only shared a few kisses and nights together. But our kisses had been passionate; Nikki set off a spark inside of me. I had been enamored by him for so long and now my fantasies might actually be becoming true!
So I should feel like the happiest girl on earth, right? Wrong. My conscious seemed to be splitting my head apart into two halves. One of the halves was attached to Nikki and the other half was attached to Vince. I couldn't seem to live without one of them; I had to have both. That, of course, was impossible. Everyone knew you couldn't have two lovers. Somehow I was going to have to pick one of them. Nikki seemed like the obvious choice. After all, he was single at the moment and had been my best friend for years. On the other hand, I had just met Vince a few months ago and he was already married.
"Hey Amy?" Tommy's concerned voice broke into my meditations. "Is something bothering you? You have a really odd expression on your face." Blinking, I looked over at Tommy and remembered that I was still standing in the doorway with the door open wide behind me. Quickly, I stepped inside the room and pulled the door shut behind me.
I considered telling Tommy what was bothering me. Tommy always had good advice and he seemed to have finally gotten over me now that he had a girlfriend. It couldn't hurt to tell him. Besides, I couldn't keep the war raging inside me to myself for much longer. I crossed the room and sat down on the bed next to Tommy.
Tommy shut his book and set it aside so he could give his full attention to me, "Alright girl, are you gonna tell me what's wrong?" I nodded, "Yeah, I guess. Tell me how your date went first though. I'm dying to know about it."
"Okay," Tommy laughed, "Well, the two of us went to a fancy restaurant in the downtown area. We had a nice lunch and had a few drinks. She's a really sweet girl. Her name is Megan. I'm gonna go out with her tomorrow after the show. That's pretty much it. So tell me what's wrong before I die of suspense."
"Alright then..." I started reluctantly, not really sure how to explain the situation to Tommy. "Well, I was taking the elevator down to the lobby earlier to go shopping. The elevator got stuck between floors three and four." Tommy gasped audibly, "Oh god, I'm glad you're okay! Was there anyone else in there with you?"
"Yeah, I got stuck in there with Vince," I replied. Tommy gave me a funny smile, "I smell trouble! Nothing ever goes right when you two are alone it seems." I agreed, "You're absolutely right about that. Have you noticed that Nikki and I have know...?" Tommy nodded fervently, "How could I not notice? It's obvious that Nikki has some pretty strong feelings for you. I can just tell by the way he watches over you. Lately it seems that he can't keep his hands off you. Have you guys kissed or anything yet?" Tommy asked with eyes lit up by curiosity.
"Um hm," I answered. "Quite a few times actually. Okay, now for the bad part; I started having sex with Vince in the elevator." Tommy's eyes opened wide and he looked like he had been struck by lightning, "Holy shit, Amy! You didn't really, did you?" My face flushed dark pink and I could feel sweat on the back of my neck, "Um...yes, we did. I know it was bad. I just can't help myself when I'm alone with Vince. I just want him so badly. Does that make any sense?"
"Yeah, I guess it does make sense," Tommy nodded slowly with a thoughtful look on his face. You said you 'started' to have sex with him. What happened? Did you break it off or something?" My face colored even more, "Not exactly. They fixed the elevator while we were in the middle of it." To my even great embarrassment, Tommy burst out laughing, "That must have been a scene! They fix the elevator and find a couple fucking inside of it." I half smiled and laughed along with Tommy.
"Okay, enough about that," I said to change the subject. "I feel like I'm cheating Nikki by having all these feelings for Vince. What do you think?" Tommy looked thoughtful, "That kind of is cheating, Amy. Also, have you forgotten Vince has a wife or something? You really need to get this sorted out before it ends in disaster. Choose Nikki and ditch Vince. I'm sorry to be so blunt about it, but it's what needs to happen."
"Yeah, I know," I replied reluctantly. "Thanks for the advice, Tommy." Tommy grinned and slapped me lightly on the back, "Anytime, girl. I'm always here to give you advice." I slid of the bed and started unpacking my shopping bags. Tommy had told me exactly what I didn't want to hear. I wanted Vince more than anything. It was like he had become a drug for me. I needed him to keep on living and yet, he kept hurting me since he could never really be mine.

I yawned and tried to make myself concentrate on the words in front of me. I was attempting reading Tommy's book. It was some sort of biography. The novel was so boring I found myself falling asleep. The Crue had been gone to their show about four hours ago. I had decided not to go with them. I felt quite depressed and I didn't think I could stand sitting with Beth Lynn in the audience. It wasn't that Beth Lynn was a mean person. It was actually the opposite.
In the darkness of my mind, sometimes I wished she were dead. If it weren't for her, Vince would be all mine. She would be at rest in her grave without worrying about anyone cheating her of her husband and Vince could marry me. Those were dirty thoughts, but they seemed to spontaneously fill my mind.
I reread the same sentence in Tommy's book for the sixth time in a row. Sighing with annoyance, I slammed the book shut and replaced it on Tommy's nightstand. Slowly, I wandered back to my bed and collapsed onto it. I shut my eyes and rolled onto my back. My body felt fatigued and a short little nap couldn't hurt.
Just as I began falling asleep, I heard the bedroom door open with a click. I didn't bother opening my eyes. It was most likely Tommy coming back from the show. Without moving, I asked, "How'd the show go, Tommy? I'm sure you did great." The footsteps ceased and a long silence filled the room.
Curiously, I opened my eyelids to see why Tommy hadn't responded. To my completely shock, it was Vince and not Tommy standing at the foot of my bed. Quickly, I sat up and pushed my hair back from my face to get a good look at Vince. He was still in his performance garb and his makeup was smeared.
"Hey Vince," I greeted him, trying not to stare at his chest, "What are you doing here? Where's the rest of the Crue?" Vince shrugged, "I don't know exactly where they are. They told me they were off to get a drink. Apparently Mick and Tommy have dates. Anyways, I told them I had other business I had to attend to." Vince gave me an evil smile.
"What do you mean by 'other business'? And aren't you gonna tell me how the show went?" I asked irritably. I didn't like being alone with Vince; he was my sinful temptation. Vince grinned at me, "The show went great. The crowd loved us as usual. Come with me, Amy." Vince extended his hand to me. My first instinct was to grab it, but I tried to control myself.
"Where exactly are we going Vince?" I questioned suspiciously. Vince rolled his eyes exasperatedly, "Since when did you become the question girl? Don't you trust me?" I gave up resisting and took Vince's outstretched hand. He gave me a wickidly sweet smile and pulled me towards the door. I tried to question him again, "Honestly Vince, where the hell are you taking me?"
"Just to my room," Vince smiled innocently. He unlocked the door with his card key and the two of us entered his room. The door swung shut behind us with an ominous clunk. I was about to ask Vince what we were doing for the third time, but Vince didn't give me a chance to ask. As soon as the door had swung, Vince had glued his lips onto mine and I was in his arms. I tried to pull away from him, "What the hell are we doing Vince? What about Beth Lynn? She could come in at any moment!"
"Calm down," Vince whispered in my ear as he removed my shirt, "Beth Lynn is going shopping. We have the whole night to ourselves." Immediately, I threw all precautions aside. I wasn't going to worry tonight.
Vince quickly stripped me down and then stood back to get a good look at me. I felt self-conscious as his gaze roamed over every inch of me, "What are you looking at?" Vince smiled sexily, "You, of course. Come on, help me get this costume off." Vince didn't need to ask me twice; I peeled off his jacked and stripped his tight, black pants off. As soon as we were both naked, I leaped into Vince's arms. He held me close and ran his hands all over me. I could feel him harden against be as I ran my lips up and down his spine. I wrapped my legs around his waist and allowed him to bring me over to the bed. We toppled onto it and pushed the sheets aside. Vince straddled me quickly and brought his lips to my neck. I sucked down hard on one of his nipples and wriggled up and down underneath his naked body.
Just then, a loud click sounded from what seemed to be miles away. Vince was so consumed in our lovemaking session that he didn't even hear the door slide open, but I did. I turned my gaze to the door; Beth Lynn was standing in the entrance with her wide eyes and her hand covering her mouth in shock.

"Oh my god!" Beth Lynn gasped in a faint voice as she stared at the scene in front of her. I knew just how bad it looked; Vince was still lying on top of me and my lipstick was smeared all over his chest. I wriggled out from underneath him and yanked the sheet up over us. My heart felt like it was ramming against my chest and I forgot to breath for a few seconds. I felt like I should try to explain or at least say something, but what was there to explain? I couldn't make up an excuse this time.
I had known all along that Beth Lynn would eventually figure out what was going on between me and Vince. She had already been suspicious. It had just been a matter of time before she would find out. And unfortunately, the time had come where she had found out. But even though I figured she would eventually find out, I had never imagined her finding out in this way.
Beth stood in the doorway for a few seconds, completely paralyzed with shock. I couldn't bring myself to meet her eyes. I just stared guiltily at the ground and tried to think of something appropriate to say. Somehow Beth Lynn managed to break free of her stupor. With one last look at Vince and me, she ran from the room with tears streaming down her face. The door slammed loudly behind her, leaving me and Vince alone once more.
Reluctantly, I rolled onto my left side to see how Vince was reacting to the situation. His eyes were glued to the door where Beth Lynn had stood only seconds ago. A look of horror crossed his face as the reality of the situation sank in. Immediately, I felt terrible for what I had done. Not only had I hurt Beth Lynn, but I had also hurt the man I loved most in the world.
"Oh Vince..." I finally managed to say. Vince broke his gaze from the doorway and turned to look at me with regret in his eyes. A lump formed in my throat as I apologized, "I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. I never meant to hurt you or Beth Lynn like this. I should've just stayed away from you. I'm sorry..."
Vince wrapped his arms around me tightly and broke me close to him, "Please don't know that. Don't try to take the guilt because you had nothing to do with it. I was the one who pushed you into all of this. If I had never forced you to come with me earlier, this would never have happened. Promise me you're not gonna blame yourself for this?"
I pulled away from against Vince's chest to look him in the eye, "Vince, I had as much to do with this as you do. Let's not spend our time trying to figure out who's fault it is that this happened. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I guess we're lucky it didn't happen sooner?" Vince shrugged and pulled me against him once more. We clung to each other, both searching for comfort.
"Can I ask you something?" Vince asked me a few moments later. From pressed against his chest, I murmured, "Sure, ask me anything." Vince hesitated momentarily before speaking, "If you had known this was going to happen...would you still have let yourself fall in love with me?"
"I don't exactly 'let' myself fall in love. I would've fallen in love with you no matter what," I replied, holding Vince tightly against me. Vince's hand stroked my back gently as he replied, "I would've fallen for you too. Nothing could've stopped me from loving a hot girl like you. Do you regret anything that went on between us?"
"Not at all," I choked. It was only then that I realized I was crying. "I love you so much, Vince..." I felt a few droplets on my shoulder; silent tears were running down Vince's face as well.
"I love you too, baby," Vince managed to say through his tears. "I never really considered the consequences of what would happen if we got caught. I don't even know what to do right now." I felt a knot form in my stomach, "I'm not sure what to do either. But we should probably go find Beth Lynn. I need to apologize to her immediately. I'm not sure how she's going to take this."
"Not well," Vince replied darkly, "Once she caught me with another girl from Rock Candy. God, I felt like I'd rather go to hell than face her." My face turned white and my fingers started trembling slightly, "Shit, I can't believe this is really happening. Come on, Vince, let's go get this over with."
Vince unwillingly let me go and the two of us slid of the bed and gathered our clothes that were scattered carelessly around the room. I started to slid on my panties after I had retrieved all my clothes. Vince couldn't keep his eyes off me as I dressed. It was starting to get annoying, "Vince? Can you not look at me right now?"
Vince blushed and focused on getting dressed, "Sorry, honey. You're such a temptation for me. It's hard not to look at you when you're half naked like that." I bit my lip and pulled my shirt over my head, "We're gonna have to resist our temptations from now on. You know that, right Vince?" Vince didn't answer so I probed him, "Vince...?"
"Let's just talk about that later, okay?" Vince said to avoid the question. "We've got enough to deal with Beth Lynn right now. We can discuss what's going to happen between you and me later, alright?" Now fully dressed, I started towards the door, "Okay, fine, we'll talk about it later. But nothing is going to happen between us anymore. We're over. This is our past now."
Vince followed me out the door and grabbed my hand, "Just...don't say that. It really hurts me." I shrugged and gave him a regretful look, "It hurts me too, but we've gotta face it. We've been ignoring reality for too long." Vince didn't reply to that so the two of us walked down to the elevator in silence. As we entered it, I was vividly reminded of being stuck in the elevator with Vince. It seemed like it had happened ages ago, but in reality it had happened only yesterday.
I could tell Vince was having the same thoughts as me because he shot me a sorrowful smile as we traveled down to the main lobby. A sudden thought occurred to me as we stepped off the elevator and into the hotel lobby; where exactly were we going to find Beth Lynn? She could be anywhere for all we knew.
"So where do you think Beth Lynn is?" I asked Vince. Vince bit his lip and shrugged, "I really don't know. She's not down here though apparently. Let's go check my car." I trailed after Vince as he exited the hotel and stepped outside into the parking lot. It was a stormy day outside. The wind whipped against me and small rain drops fell from the sky. After searching the parking lot for a few seconds, Vince returned to my side with a grim expression, "The car's gone. She must've taken off. I'm not sure where she would have gone though. I guess we can try her phone..."
I nodded miserably. Vince returned my rueful expression and we merely stood outside in the rain staring at each other. Slowly, Vince placed his hands on my cheeks so I was forced to look up at him. Vince lowered his face to mine until we were inches apart. Then he gently slid his lips across mine in a soft, gentle kiss. It was much different than our usual kisses that were usually fueled by the passion raging inside of us. The kiss made tears begin to fill my eyes once more.
"Please don't..." I begged Vince as a tear slid out of the corner of my eye. "This is already killing me as it is. You're only making me want you more." Vince pulled me into a quick embrace, "Sorry. We'll get through this...somehow. Come on, let's go try Beth Lynn's phone." Vince and I retraced our steps back up Vince's hotel room to find the phone.
Vince rummaged around on his nightstand until he found his cell phone. He flicked it open, punched a few numbers into it, and then pressed it to his ear. I watched in silence as Vince paced the room, waiting for Beth Lynn to pick up.
"Shit!" Vince exclaimed irritably in a few seconds, "she's not picking up apparently. I guess I'll have to leave a message." Vine waited for the beep and then left a message, "Beth, it's me. I know you're mad at me and you have a reason to be mad. But please come back, okay? You can't avoid me forever. Call me." Vince slapped the phone shut and tossed it back onto the nightstand. He crossed the room and took a seat next to me on the bed.
"So what do we do now?" I asked him miserably as we sat in silence on the bed. Vince avoided my gaze, "All we can do is wait." Ugh, I hated waiting. I tended to be very impatient in general so forcing me to wait for Beth Lynn to return was going to drive me insane. My life had turned upsidown.

Five hours later, Beth Lynn had still not returned. Vince and I were sitting in the exact same position we had been in five hours earlier. Both of us were dreading the inevitable meeting with Beth Lynn and neither of us felt like speaking. After what felt like a decade of waiting, a knock sounded on the door.
Vince sighed with relief and whispered in my ear, "Okay, let's get this other with." Vince stood up and crossed the room to the door and flung it open. My face fell as I saw who was standing in the doorway. It was only Tommy, Mick, Tommy's date, and Nikki. Vince sighed loudly and miserably plopped back down on the bed next to me.
Tommy took one look at me and Vince and shook his head, "What's up guys?" Nikki gave us a curious look, "Yeah, what's up? You two look like you've gone to hell or something." I anxiously looked down to see if there was something wrong with me. Then I remembered that I had been crying and that my hair probably looked like a rat's nest after the wind and rain had messed with it. Vince didn't look much better. His blonde locks were tousled and eyeliner and lipstick were smeared down his face. Neither of us answered Tommy's question. We both just looked at our feet guiltily.
Nikki tapped his foot on the floor impatiently, "Come on guys, what's going on? We're gonna find out sooner than later, so just spill the beans!" Vince and I exchanged uneasy glances. We hadn't decided how much of this we were going to tell the others. Tommy sat down on the bed opposite us with his girlfriend. Mick took a chair in the corner of the room and Nikki sat down on my other side. All four pairs of eyes stared at us expectantly.
Finally, I opened my mouth to speak. I had created some sort of lie in my head that would cover for Vince's and my appearance. Just as I started to speak, the door flew open and Beth Lynn burst into the room. Her hair was flying out in every direction, her clothes were soaked, and her eyes were flaming with anger.
Nikki looked at Beth Lynn curiously, "Okay, so who's gonna tell me what's going on here?" Beth gave me a nasty glance and shrieked in a hysterical voice, "I'll tell you what's going on! I found that bitch having sex with my husband!"

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