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Life Drawings 2

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'A jolt of electricity shot through me, I tried to look away, but I couldn't.'

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A/N okay, here we go, I'm meant to be doing science homework so it might be a bit rushed (not this, the homework tehe) anyway, thank you, mysilentromance for reviewing! I send out cyber hugs =D Anyway, different POV this time! Let's see how it goes shall we? Writing as a man, let alone Gerard Way, is going to be very interesting!

Gerard's POV

I heard the chair next to me squeak as the girl who had had asked ever so politely to sit next to me moved off of it, I kept my eyes on my comic, a girl with the name 'Rhianne' who spoke perfect Queens English had to be a daddy's little sweetheart who got everything she wanted by her parents flaunting around cash everywhere, or by putting it out to every jock she met. She cleared her throat and nervously stuttered in her near perfect accent, "My nicknames Rhi, my favourite band is Iron Maiden and..." 'Wait! What?!?' I snapped my head up to look at the girl; she had obviously seen me move out of the corner of her eye and moved her head to look at me. The first thing I noticed about her face was her big, olive eyes, framed by a load of long, black lashes. Before I knew it, I was staring into her eyes, and she was staring into mine. A jolt of electricity shot through me, I tried to look away, but I couldn't. She looked away first, a hint of red surfacing from beneath her porcelain cheeks. Although all of this had only lasted a few seconds it had felt like an eternity. I could have stared forever into her olive eyes, I wanted to stare forever. Flustered, she continued with her introduction to the class; "...and I was the first person in my secondary school in England to own a Misfits record." 'What?!? Seriously, is she just pissing about? Or is she just perfect in so many ways?' I felt surprise on my face, and tried to correct it into a blank expression but I couldn't, I was stuck, staring at this image of beauty beside of me, looking like a douche gawping at her. As soon as she finished talking she sat down so fast the air around her moved, thrusting her scent into my face, she smelt amazing, like lilacs and candyfloss 'stop being such a fag you idiot, she’ll never like you, she deserves way better than you' ahh bless my self esteem, always crushing all my dreams in a split second of them being conceived.

The next person stood up and mumbled through their moment in the hotseat. Then the next... and the next... and the next... I couldn't concentrate on them, I was too busy looking at Rhianne, staring at her impossibly small but well shaped frame which reminded me of that a pixie. Her choppy, perfectly straightened, long black hair was wildly backcombed with a pink streaks on the ends of her fringe. And her makeup was simple, yet dramatic, with eyeliner round her eyes to draw you to her extremely long lashes and olive coloured eyes. She had white eye shadow that highlighted her eyes more, and her lips were just covered with what seemed to be Chapstick. Her fashion sense was simple but with her own twist too, she had a blue Ramones t-shirt on, covered up partially by a light grey waistcoat that had a snug fit, drawn in around her waist to show how slim she really was. She was wearing acid wash skinnies, with simple red converse high-tops on her bag was a 'Spiderman' rucksack.

It was when I had finished analysing her, taking in every part of her perfect shape, that I realised I had the weirdest fricken feeling all over my body, whether it was caused by them short seconds our eyes were locked for, or maybe I was getting a bit too happy. I continued to watch her as she sat listening to everyone drone on about themselves, the little movements and the facial expressions she made while listening to everyone were both the most cutest and hilarious things I had seen in my life. For a second I painfully, and reluctantly looked down, engrossed in my thoughts as I put away my 'Hell Boy' comic into my satchel and placed it under the table again, suddenly a jolt of electrical current ran through me, leaving me in shock, I found the source of the current, a small, cold hand on my wrist, Rhianne was touching me. I looked at her face; she looked just a shocked by something as I was.

"I think it's your turn" she whispered with a smile, blushing, before letting go of my arm, as soon as she did, the electric current stopped, and I felt empty and alone.

I yearned for more.

A/N: dun dun dun!!!! Oh my Gee! I had so much fun writing this! I'm continuing, no reviews cannot get rid of me! Its sooo fun! I wish I'd started this before! Believe it or not this was a dream I had. I was in an art class sitting next to Gerard Way! (best dream ever!) And I wish spell checker would stop telling me that Rhianne is not a name, because it is, it's my middle name so HA! Microsoft Word! Anyway Rate and Review please, good or bad =)
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