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I'm In A Band

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'I knew I'd regret it, it wasn't horrible, that's for sure, it was amazing,'

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A/N: hello readers, first of all, thank you for the reviews and ratings, I love you all! Second, for some reason when I went to check that everything was okay with reading it, some of the chapters do not show up in the little select box when your reading a chapter, so you may have to go back to the 'main page' of this story and select them from there, sorry (curses technology). Also, rereading chapter Life Drawings 2 I realised I kind of made Gerard sound really obsessed and freaky... He's not meant to be, he's meant to be deeply intrigued and amazed by Rhi. And he has the hots for her ^^. Anyway, once again let's plunge back into the madness of my imagination XD (Because that didn't just sound perverted in anyway... :-s)
Rhianne's POV
The lesson was nearly over, I was concentrating on trying to learn every persons name, nickname, favourite band and face, anything to stop myself from thinking about what had just happened. I'd never felt like it before, I didn't understand why I felt like it, love at first sight is so over-rated, it only happens in cheesy American films and 'Twilight' novels.

There was only two people who hadn't said anything to the class yet, a pretty blond girl and comic book guy, I was getting impatient, I wanted to know about him, at least find out his name. I started drumming my fingers on the table, trying to look remotely interested at what Blondie was saying, I couldn't care less now. I was waiting for the last name to be called, comic book guy's.

I heard a movement beside me, the air shifted a bit, I dared myself to look sideways, his left hand, the one closest to me, was on the table, palm up, as he reached below the to get his messenger bag. 'His body looks perfectly sculpted, I wonder is he has a si- NO! Keep on track Rhi' my thoughts were getting out of control I went back to looking at Blondie, who was halfway back into her seat 'shit this is it' in inhaled deeply

"Gerard Way, you're up." The teacher said. I looked next to me, Gerard way putting his comic into his bag, in his own little world, which I thought was really quite sweet, 'shh! You idiot!' My sensible brain was gagging my thoughts, which I was glad of as my thoughts were turning ludicrous. "Gerard Way!" Prof. was staring at Gerard now, so I went to tap him, I didn't know if that was a good idea, but it could't hurt could it? 'Better not answer that question, love' I over threw my sensible brain and reached out my right hand to his left wrist that was still on the table, palm up.

As soon as I did I knew I'd regret it, it wasn't horrible, that's for sure, it was amazing, a current of emotions shot up my arm and all around my body making me feel amazing and ecstatic. Gerard's head shot up, staring at me with a shocked expression, I felt like a douche, staring at him like a demented fish, mouth open. I managed to find my voice, even though it was only a whisper, in fear of my voice breaking half way through; "I think it's your turn" I smiled and moved my hand off of his wrist, as soon as I did, I felt drained and alone. I wanted more though, that's why I regretted it.

Gerard slowly stood up, he was very graceful, Gazelle like even, he pulled down his chequered shirt and cleared his throat and opened his mouth to speak. That was when I swear to God I nearly died, I'd heard him speak before but that was only a mumble, this was a hundred times better; "My nicknames Gee, my favourite band is Iron Maiden..." 'OH MY GOD! WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON!' (mentally slaps self) 'calm down you hysterical teenage girl' "...And an interesting fact about me is that I'm in a band" 'woah' Gerard sat down, I was still staring at him, he just looked back, smiled and winked. I giggled. "Your laugh is adorable" he sighed; I don't know if I was meant to hear that but it made me go red all the same.


"So you're from England?" Gee asked as we walked to our next class: Photography
"Yeah, I'm from Essex" I replied, I was proud of my roots, no matter how dumb or slutty Essex girls are meant to be.
"I have no idea where that is" he admitted, looking at the ground and turning red. He had the most amazing face, his expressions were priceless, and his smile was the most gorgeous thing I had ever witnessed in my life.

I sighed out loud, which I hadn't of mean to do. 'You douche!' I mentally kicked myself again and started laughing out loud at my stupidity. Gerard laughed at my random outburst of laughter "What's so funny?"

"Nothing" I giggled which gave away the fact that there was actually something. He looked at me suspiciously, one eyebrow higher than the other I laughed at the fact he looked like and evil villain out of 'Austin Powers' and replied "Honestly, I'm just laughing at my stupidity!"

"R-ig-ht" he drew the word out into three syllables and rolled his eyes. "Here we are" he sighed, I think he was as disappointed as I was that the walk hadn't been longer. He opened the door, "ladies first" he did a little dorky bow, I giggled and felt blood running to my face.
"Thank you m' lord" I replied with a curtsy. Laughing, we walked into the class room to find everyone staring at us.
"Sit down you two" said the stern looking teacher.

We took our seats, silently laughing, waiting for the class to start.

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