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Art Class With A Vampire. [Gerard Way o6.]

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Ci Trent

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My arm dangled off the couch and the other by my side. Sweat beads were stuck on my skin, and it felt like I was burning up, it was so hard to keep my eyes open and my eyes were trying to focus on Gerard as blood ran down my skin, the blood felt so cold against my hot skin....

"Ci, talk to me... I'm sorry..." Gerard cried, "I'm sorry... please... Talk to me... I love you... Ci..."

He loved me? Then why would he do this, "I..." I tried to say something, but then I passed out on the spot.

Gerard's POV

She passed out, and I stood up and ran angrily into the kitchen. I looked in the mirror at my tear-stained face.

"You fucking monster." I growled.
I picked up the sharpest knife I owned and put it against my wrist.
"You should die!" I yelled at myself, "Just die, right now!"

I hurled the knife across the room and it fell to the floor with a clatter.
I paced around aimlessly, cursing myself for being such an idiot. Her thoughts before she...
Why would I do this? Yeah. WHY?!? I smashed my hands on the table hard, and cried out in anger.

I know why. Because I'm selfish. And I didn't want anyone else to have her.
I felt so mad at myself for putting her through that.
Slowly, my anger drained and all that was left was guilt and sadness. I sat beside her on the floor next to the sofa, crying, untill light shone through the curtains.

Ci's POV

I woke up, with my eyes still closed. My head hurt something awful and I heard someone crying and I felt sunlight on my eyelids. I could see it too. I grunted and opened my eyes, my neck throbbing. I ran a hand over the bite mark, and felt the bump of the marks that his teeth left. "Oh God...." I frowned.

"Ci?" I sniffed, "Ci I'm so sorry..." Gerard walked into the room, tears showing up on his face. When his eyes fell down to my neck, more tears came down his face. He sat me up straight, gently and took me into his arms, "Ci, I'm so, so sorry."

I felt really, really, different, but I couldn't remember anything. I hugged him back, "Calm down...." I whispered, but knowing why I would be saying this. He bit me! But I sort of liked him... more then I did five minutes ago and I have no idea why.

Gerard sniffed and dried his eyes, "Ci, I'm so sorry." He ran his fingers over the slightly swollen bite mark on my neck. I winced slightly. "I'm so sorry, but please believe me..." Gerard paused for a minute, "Ci...I love you."

"Oh...ohkay.... I believe you...." I said, still feeling scared as his lips brushed over my neck and he held me close to him. I kept wondering how this was going to affect my life, my school life and my home life....

"You do?" he smiled apologetically, "thank you. I can't believe it... After everything I've put you through... Does it still hurt?" he choked back tears and looked at my neck.

"Uhm, yea, it does...." it said, it was still throbbing and it felt like someone was stabbing a knife in my neck... or fangs in this case.

Gerard wiped some more tears from his face and hugged me tightly, carressing my neck shyly. "Im sorry. I've probably torn your life to pieces... You won't be able to go anywhere until that heals... Which will be a while." He looked me in the eye as he said this."I'll sort your parents and school and everyone else, don't worry. I'm good with hypnotising." he took my hand and led me into the kitchen, "Would you like something to eat?"

I ignored his question, "C-couldnt I just wear a scarf or something..." I said, freaking out a little. I didn't want to stay here, and I didn't want to stay at home either, school maybe be a living hell, but it was better then my home... "Or something...." I repeated, still freaking out.

"w-why? Don't you wanna stay with m-" he cut himself off and turned around, "Nevermind..." he sat down at the kitchen table and started playing with his car keys.

"N-no... nothing's wrong with staying here, just, well, put yourself in my shoes." I said, sitting back on the couch, looking at him twiddling with his car keys, a look of despair on his face, "It's not very pleasant from my side."

"I know, I know, you must hate me. But... I only did this because I love you..." he looked solemnly at me as he smiled meakly.

"Y-Yea, I kn-know... but I'd still like to go to school...." I said, but then thought about what exactly happened. He kissed me, and I tasted blood in my mouth, then he bit me... "What exactly did you do... exactly?"

"It's called a blood bond," he sighed, "it ties us together and also strengthens most of your abilities and senses. So... I bit my lip... And then you had my blood... So then I had to have..." another tear rolled down his face, "I'll try to figure something out for school, to be fair I have to go back and teach."

"O-oh." I said, shaking a little. I just felt really wierd and was trembling as he sat there feeling sorry and playing with his car keys, "W-well, a-alright then...." I said not knowing what else to say as I felt sick, I hugged my knees to my chest, yawning.

"You tired?" Gerard asked and I nodded. He came toward me and picked me up and carried me up the stairs. We came to a big room with a four-poster bed, silk sheets, black, and a bunch furniture round; he laid me down on the bed and pulled the covers up over me. "Sweet dreams." he kissed me forehead, "Just call if you need anything." he smiled and flicked the lamp off and then left.

His lips pressed against my head like my dad used to do, but more like what a potential boyfriend would do. I laid there in bed, really, really confused, with my neck hurting a little bit more. This was crazy. I rolled over on my side and hugged a pillow to myself, yawning slightly again. I closed my eyes, but couldn't fall asleep to save myself.
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