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His Name Is Gerard Way [o1]

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A romance, a tragedy. Gerard way.

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All my hopes and dreams, they weren’t for anyone…. Couldn’t I just keep them safe and sound? Oh no, no. I couldn’t. I was foolish, I was stupid and I let them all slip out at one look. But, how blind I had been to not see this before, all the other times I had looked at him, today, right now, at this moment was when I saw him for the first time, but it was also the millionth time. My heart did a flip, and he smiled. He gives me a slight nod and say’s, “hello,” and walks on to class. And then the end comes reeling, and the curtain calls my name.

I stood by my locker as he walked past me, my eyes transfixed at the spot where he had been standing. His black hair, shiny from grease, moving slightly around his face as he walked, his black silk shirt wrinkling to fit his body when he moved. He was a little chubby, but beautiful enough to be distracted away from that. His perfect hazel eyes that shined when light hit them, and the smirk on his lips that could intimidate someone years older than him. Light pink and soft, luscious; his lips were perfect. Day dream worthy, and dieing to kiss. The beauty and the innocence, that his face held, but also the sin and the evil that lurked behind his eyes. The warmth you could feel radiating off of him when you stood close to him and the empathy that he could feel for you, just by standing in the same room as you. All the comfort and protection he could give to you.

His name was Gerard Way.

“Ci, are you alright?” I was nudged out of my deep thought and ripped back into reality against my will. I looked over to the boy who had torn me from my thoughts. His name was Frank Iero. He had a black devil lock that dangled down to his lips, which were pink and full, and pierced with a ring on the left side. His green eyes, they made you feel like he could see right through you, and sometimes he proved it. Frankie always knew when I was lying, and I think it was because of his eyes.

“Huh, yea, I’m fine.” I said as we turned and Frank led me to my first class, being Math. We walked into the icy room and Mr. Burns gave Frank and me an evil death stare. Mr. Burns was a man at least in his fifties, fat and hunched over. He wore circular glasses that he kept at the end of his nose so you could see his brown vulture eyes that could see anything. He might not be able to move as fast as a fifty year old man should, but dang he could see. Those glasses were a fraud, that’s how I thought. Frank and I would always sit in the back of the room and he would always catch us texting and passing notes.

“You two are late,” Mr. Burns growled, in his low and groggy voice. “Take a seat and don’t let it happen again.” Frank gave a ‘yikes’ expression and I followed him back to the back row and sat down at the edge, next to Frank.

Through out the day, time crept by slowly. And every five minutes, I recall myself cursing at Grand Father Time. Right now, he wasn’t looking so grand. Math was probably the slowest, because all I wanted to do was think of Gerard and talk to him, but whenever you wanted to do something other then what you were doing now, the thing you were doing at that time always crept by slowly.

Finally, though it was lunch time. The one period that I had with Gerard. Frank was taking his precious little time, walking out of the room. “Frank, can we hurry up please?” I begged, my black hair falling in my face.

“What’s the rush?” Frankie said in his scratchy voice. He always used that tone when he thought something was up. If he was thinking that way now, then he was right. Something was up, something he couldn’t know. Something no one could know, and if I was going to keep this my secret, I couldn’t be spending to much time, or seeming that I wanted to spend time with him.

“Uh, nothing, I just haven’t ate at all today and I’m really hungry.” I said in a casual voice to cover up what I really wanted. “So if we could please move this along.”

Frankie put his duffel bag on his shoulder, and zipped up his jacket and looked over at me with a mean smile and started walking really slowly toward the door. I tapped my foot with a straight mouth, getting a little mad. If I really was very hungry, I would be doing the same thing, so no acting was required here.

“Frank!!!” I exclaimed, I only called him by his real name when I really was getting angry with him. He stopped moving all together and pouted. Apparently, I really hurt his feelings. This made me feel bad, “Crap, sorry Frankie, but can we hurry up a little?” I asked.

Frankie nodded, “Sorry, I didn’t know you really, really, really wanted to eat so bad.” he laughed as we walked out to the hall way. “But I’m planning on skipping after lunch, so I need to make a quick stop at my locker, is that okay?” Frankie asked.

“Sure,” I managed a smile, because usually I would do that.

“Thanks, Doll.” Frankie laughed as we walked down the hall. White floor tile with blue lockers. The ceiling lights were especially bright and students bustled along like red ants following the Queen Bee’s orders. I looked down at the end of the hall where there were some double doors that led outside to the court yard. Frankie would probably use the doors to ditch the rest of the day.

We got to locker 342, which was Frankie’s locker. Oddly, mind was right next to his, 341. Frankie twined in his locker combination and jingled the door open. “I’m trying to hurry.” he laughed as he put his bag inside the compartment, it was a tight fit.

“Ha, it’s okay, Frankie.” I laughed as he closed the blue door with a slam! “Alright then, off to lunch?” I smiled.

“After you, Madame.” Frankie smiled as we started back the way we had came, leaving the blue and white hallway behind us as we made our way to the cafeteria. This was also a chance to get outside of these dull walls and get some fresh hair. And see Gerard in a perfect setting. I couldn’t wait!
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