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His Name Is Gerard Way [o2]

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Part Twoooo.

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Chapter Two.

The cafeteria was warm and bright. Just like almost every other part of the school. Students bustled around the white tables to their friends, and teacher conversed in the back of the cafeteria, where they could keep an eye on everyone as they ate their salads and their tunas. For some odd reason, you always saw teachers in school with healthy foods, even if they were obese. Mr. Burns would be one of those teachers. They probably pig out after school and stomach healthy food in school to set a good example for students. Eh, who knew?

Looking out over the whole room, you saw how the tables were divided. You saw where the cheerleaders sat, where the band geeks sat, and the Goths, and the girly girls, and the jocks and nerds sat. It was like the high school from Mean Girls: the Movie. And of course, right in the middle of it all, where everyone could see, were the Plastics.

The Plastics were looked up to by everyone, everyone but the Goths and the’s and the originals. But almost everyone hated them. There were five, Becky, the leader, and the four followers, Sarah, Glenna, Haylie, and Rose. They were all tall, they were all blue eyed and they were all blonde. Perfect like super models. Becky looked over at me and smirked, and then turned back to her Barbie’s. She was always dressing them up and fixing their here. It was sickening to watch.

“Well, come on, Ci, gosh, what are you looking at?” Frankie asked me looking in the direction of the Plastics, but he would never think I was watching them. I hated them, ever since they pulled that nasty little prank on me three years ago. They had invited me to a party, one of those parties that only popular kids throw where all the other p.reps and jocks go to party and drink and do other things… It was when I first moved to Belleville and I didn’t know anyone. So, I was naïve and stupid and obliged to go. They picked me up and took me back to Becky’s house, they dressed me up like one of them and I had felt so uncomfortable. They took me down to the party, and for about an hour it was all cool. Some people even talked to me. Then the worst happened.

Becky called for a toast, “Let’s have a toast!” her mimicking voice rang out over the music as it stopped playing. “To Ci.” she smiled and looked down at me. All the other people smirked like they knew where this was going.

“We know some people from you’re last school,” Glenna chimed in, “How come you never told us you’re mother worked the streets?” She cackled and my heart sank.

“Now, Glenna, that wasn’t very nice.” Becky laughed, “To the new girl in town, who comes from a low down skanky place, who might just learn where she fits in so maybe she won’t be expelled like the last five school she’s been expelled from.” Becky smiled. How did she know all this? I bit my lip, to stop it from quivering. “Maybe with some new friends she’ll come out of her dark, murky swamp and quit cutting and slicing her veins long enough to put some make up on the ugly little face. To the new girl, maybe we can clean her up.” They all said the last line in unison as tears started to cascade down my face like water from the Falls.

All the kids in the room laughed as they looked at me and pointed and more tears came down as I ran outside, wiping at the makeup the Plastics had put on my face as I ran out of the living room and outside. To my luck, it was raining. The ran ruined the curls in my hair, making it damp and sticky to my face. I sunk down to the curb on the road and cried, what a great way to start the new year, eh?

Before I knew it, I heard a car engine stop right in front of me. I looked up to see the most nicest face I had seen yet in this rat hole. Black hair fell over the boy’s eyes and there was an apologetic smile on his face. “Do you need help?” he had asked in a simple but sing song tone and got out of the car. He wiped the wet hair from my face, with a warm hand that sent tingles down my body, and that was the first time I had met Gerard Way.

“Oh, uh yea,” I said, finally being snapped away from my flash back, a frown plastered onto my face.

“Aren’t you going to get something to eat?” Frankie asked. I shook my head.

“I’m not hungry.”
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