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His Name Is Gerard Way [o3]

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Chapter Three

Frank and I walked past all the teenagers who were bustling around trying to get seats at tables and get to the lunch line for food. Frank held a brown paper bag with his lunch in it. Since he was a vegetarian, he usually couldn’t eat the school lunch. So, every morning Linda Iero got up thirty minute before Frank would even think to wake up and prepared the same meal as she did every morning. Eggplant sandwich, apple flavored water and some plain Lay’s potato chips. Yum. I, on the other hand, held a icy cold chocolate milk and nothing else. When I said I wasn’t hungry, I meant. I actually thought I felt to sick to even consume a drink, so it would probably be left unopened.

The two us walked through the cafeteria doors and onto the solid concrete of the school’s sidewalk and didn’t stop to look over the court yard. We emerged right onto the green grass of playground where student came out to eat. In the court yard there were placed a few tables and some play ground equipment. A sand box, swings, slides and a jungle gym. Looking over to the small play ground, Frank and I saw Gerard sitting on the raised platform that you run on to get to the slide, Mikey sitting in the sand box, below Gerard, and Ray and Bob on the other side of the sandbox, Gerard in the middle with a sandwich laid on his thigh.

Wind blowing at average speed, Gerard’s hair was being blown lightly around his face and he was looking up at the clouds in the sky, with a bored expression on his face. Frank and I made our way up to the three guys and I took a seat in the sand by Mikey, trying not to stare at Gerard and Frank sat down beside of me.

“What?” Gerard started, looking down at the five of us, “No one wants to sit by me?” he continued and looked from Frank, to Ray, to Mikey to me and his gaze stopped on me and I swore my breath caught. No one answered him, only laughs, but I kept silent. “Fine.” he eventually looked away from me and joined in on the laughter as he picked up his peanut butter and banana sandwich and took a bite into it.

My heart was doing flips and my stomach felt like it was tied in a knot. I had a worse nausea feeling and the chocolate milk was looking worse and worse. “Ci, you not eating?” Mikey asked, looking over at me, taking an apple out of his brown bag and offering it to me. “You still have a whole day ahead of you, here, take it.” he shoved the apple in my hand and then Ray and Bob were looking at me with peculiar looks.

“What? I’m not hungry…” I protested in a rather silent voice.

Gerard jumped down off his perch and grabbed the apple, “Someone grab her arms and put them behind her back, then someone up her mouth and I’ll force feed her a banana!”

“Gerard… you don’t have a banana.” Frank said, shaking his head.

“Oh really?” he laughed and turned around, taking a banana from his brown paper bag. Gerard smirked, “So, anyone going to help me?” he laughed.

I thought he was just joking but then Mikey held my wrists behind my back and Gerard peeled the banana. “You’re not serious!?” I complained and Frank and Ray laughed. Bob just sat there looking at Gerard like, ‘you idiot.’ “Let got of my wrists, Mikey, I’m not hungry!!!” Looking over at Gerard, he had a huge smile on his face as he was peeling the banana. “Come on, if I eat Mikey’s apple will you not shove that banana in my mouth?” I asked.

“Fair enough.” he said and waited.

“Okay, I’ll eat the banana, now let me go!” Mikey’s warm hands let go of my wrists and I picked up the apple and took a bite of it. “Happy?”

“Very.” Gerard smiled and returned to his perch with a smirk.

Later that day, I was at home, sitting on my bed, with Adam Lambert playing from my stereo. “After all this time, we’re still able to shine. You wrote from the start, straight from the heart, ….” Adam’s sweet voice sang from the speakers. He sounded so theatrical and had a girl’s singing voices and beautiful lyrics. I sang along with him, looking up at my ceiling, “Through the hour glass….” I started to drift off to sleep, rolling on my side, my black hair laying all over my face and tangling my body with the covers.

The next day was Saturday, and Saturday’s always only meant one thing. Babysitting Anthony. Anthony was 6, sweet and little. He was such a gentlemen for his age and always carried around this brown teddy that he called Ollie. He was such a little joy to baby sit.

Getting up, I got dressed in black skinny jeans, and a white long sleeve shirt with a Misfits hoodie and ran downstairs for some breakfast.
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