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'lies were falling out of my mouth easily now'

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A/N: okay, this is going to be a very short chapter, I found out some real bad new today and I'm really upset and still ill so I apollogise. Hopefully I should write a long chapter tomorow. Enjoy!


Rhianne's POV

"Rhianne what happened to your face?" my mum quized, I still hadn't moved an inch since she walked in the door and I couldn't make my mouth move so I was standing there like a twit.
"A girl punched her Mrs Aarons, the other girl was drunk and-"
"With all due respect Gerard I asked Rhianne, not you." My mum had stopped Gee, who was trying to cover for me, mid sentence with a bitchy tone of voice.
"A drunk girl punched me. That was all that happened." I finally found my voice and broke the tension in the room with it.
"And you let this happen to her?" she said as she angryily turned to Mikey and Gee.
"Mum I was in the girls toilets, there was nothing they could have done." lies were falling out of my mouth easily now. I smiled as Gee squeezed my hand tighter for a moment in support.
"Well you better come home and get this seen to." she pointed up to my eye and walked put the door.
"Thanks for all you did!" I said as I hugged Mikey and Gee, holding on to Gee for longer. I stepped out the door and waved before getting into my mums car.

She quickly sped away.

A/N: thanks for the R&Rs sorry if there's any mistakes I'm on my iPod again. R&R!
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