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“Please…don’t you recognise me?” he whispered through the darkness.
His pitiful whine.
Familiar: yet none the less annoying.
Of course I recognised him.
A plan emerged through my blood filled thoughts.
“Yes…” I whispered, feeling him shiver.
His lilt of hope brought a smirk to my face
“Yes…my Frankie…”
He inched forwards.
I worked on the chains that bound me.
“I want to hold you Frankie…”
I sounded so much like my old self that I almost fooled myself.
“You can’t. You can’t hold me. You’ll kill me!”
I shut my eyes, bowing my head.
I cried.
It hid the noise of the falling chain.
“Gerard? Gee? Oh please don’t cry!”
I snarled. “Why not? You left me here! You left me…so hungry…so alone…let me go…so I can eat…I’ll die…you know it!”
“You’re already dead Gerard.”
Laughter trickled off my smirking lips; “Of course…I’m nothing to you now am I? I’m a demon. A creature of hell…that’s what you said.”
He looked away.
Silly boy.
Never bear your neck to a hungry vampire.
The last chain fell to the floor.
I was free!
“What was that?” Frank asked, fear clinging to his voice.
“Shh…hush my little angel…my little catholic…”
I edged towards him, holding my hand out.
“Take my hand.”
He backed off, shaking his head, his hand automatically grasping the cross that hung silent and deadly around his neck.
So well trained.
“What are you going to do with me?” he stammered.
“Hold you…”
Slowly I crept towards him.
His back hit the wall.
Gliding a hand down his cheek, I brushed his tousled hair out of his eyes, kissing his forehead softly.
“My little Frankie…” I purred, pulling him close and pressing my face against his thudding pulse. He held me in return, welcoming me with a warm embrace.
Back to my home.
My place.
My meal.
I slid a hand down to cup the other side of his neck, placing a soft kiss against his pulse.
I could feel the blood coursing through his veins rapidly, almost tasting it. It was just on the other side of his skin. Skin so soft and tender and easily broken. One bite. That was all it would take.
“G…Gerard?” he whimpered hesitantly but it was too late. I had him. I wasn’t about to let him go.
I bit. He screamed, struggling as his heated blood spilled into my mouth, over my chin and down his back. I lapped it up longingly; feeling my body grow strong at his blood became my own. The sweet coppery taste danced across my tongue as I swallowed long draughts. Suddenly, he crumpled beneath me. I caught him, and, looking down I saw my Frankie. My sweet innocent Frankie gazing up at me as the last of his blood seeped out of the bite wound. His eyes pierced mine in a lovingly intimate stare and I knew what I had to do.
Turning on myself I bit deep into my own wrist, letting the blood flow out of the thick slice I’d cut, and held it over his mouth.
“Drink Frankie…Please…I’m sorry…if…” I sighed, letting my eyes speak for me. I’d been blinded. Blinded by bloodlust to see my own love stood right before me.
“If there’s someway to save you then I will. Please Frankie drink…” I whispered urgently and he nodded, latching his mouth around the still bleeding cut and I felt him begin to drink. I gasped, the feeling dizzying me to the extent that I lay down next to him as he stopped.
“Thank you…” he whispered against my lips before the darkness claimed us both in a deep, death defying sleep, my last thought wondering if we’d ever wake…
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