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Chapter 14

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The MCR concerts came quicker then expected. Today was the day Brendon and I finally see MCR live. Well I don’t know about Brendon actually, seeing as Panic and MCR happen to be in the same WEREWOLF GROUP!

We were standing awkwardly backstage, waiting to be told where to go as we had no idea. I looked and Brendon and grinned slightly. He kissed my forehead and stroked the back of my hand. Suddenly Brendon got tackled to the floor.

“Brendon you douche, what are you doing here!” The man shouted. My eyes widened as I found out who it was. I smiled and waited.

“Frankie, dude get off!” Brendon laughed. Frank got up and brushed himself off, smiling. He glanced at me, nodded, the turned away. I felt my eyebrows raise and a smirk fall on my lips.

Suddenly…KAPOW! I felt my self being knocked to the ground with a lot of force.

“HAYLEY BABY!” Frank shouted, kissing my cheeks again and again. I laughed and hugged him.

“Ahh Frank!” I grinned. He sat up and smiled huge at me. Brendon coughed, Frank looked up.

“Ooo shit dude, are you two…?” He asked as he got off me, pulling me up as well.

“Yup” Brendon said, wrapping his arms around me. I smiled up at him.

“Aww, that’s cute” Frank cooed. Out of nowhere he grabbed Jamia.

“Meet my beautiful wife” He smiled, I shook her hand.

“Wow nice to meet you” I smiled, she returned it.

“Likewise, I’ve heard a lot about you” She laughed. I grinned. Frank just smiled like a little kid receiving a puppy.

“Yay I’ve finally met Hayley!” He squealed, I giggled as he hugged me agan.

“Hayley?, is she here, where?!” Someone asked. I turned around and came face to face with Mikey.

I gasped. He Gasped. I smiled. He Smiled. We hugged haha.


“Mikey!, OMG I’m meeting Mikey Way!” I shouted, he laughed.

“Hey you weren’t that excited to see me” Frank pouted. I laughed and hugged him.

“I’m over the moon that I’ve finally met you Frankie” I said, he squealed again and ran around.

“Frank, stop acting like a 6 year old, save it for the stage” Ray said, walking up to us.

“Ray!” I cried, he looked at me weirdly.

“Who are you?” He sneered, my smile dropped but appeared on his face.

“Jokes!” Omg Hayley good to meet you at last! Erm…who’s this?” He asked nervously, pointing a tBrendon. He obviously didn’t know I knew about the whole werewolf thing and was trying to cover the fact he knew Brendon.

“My boyfriend Bre-“ I started.

“BRENDON! We haven’t seen you in ages!” Gerard shouted, followed by Bob who was drinking an orange coloured smoothie. They both spotted me.

“Oh…erm it is Brendon right?” Gerard stuttered, Brendon laughed.

“Don’t worry, she all about us” He said, the guys gasped. Bob glared.

“Its okay, I haven’t told anyone, and I wont, don’t blame Brendon.” I said quickly, holding onto Brendon. Their looks softened.

“Sorry we didn’t tell you Hayles, we didn’t know how you would take it, and we were worried it would somehow get out” Gerard sighed. I smiled.

“Its fine, I understand, by the way nice to meet you finally Bob!” I said, Bob smiled and hugged me.

“Yeah yeah you too I suppose” He grinned.

The next half an hour or so was full of random talk about ‘How awesome it was to finally meet each other at last’ and about all the things that have been happening lately and of course, the werewolf situation.

Brendons POV

I couldn’t help but drift away from their convocation and into my own convocation in my head.

Should I tell them about what Hayley did?

God no, she might get taken away from me!

But they should know, they’d understand it more then me

But what if its bad and they take her away!

They wouldnt…would they

I wouldn’t risk it.

Fuck off.

-Brendon whats up?- I looked up to see Ray looking at me.

-Ray I…I need to talk to you about something- I stood up suddenly

“I’m going to get a drink, anyone coming?” I asked, thankfully no one said yes, just carried on talking.

“I’ll come” Ry said, standing up and following me over to the drinks table, out of ear shot of everyone else.

“What’s up man?” Ray asked, I bit my lp nervously.

“Well, erm, the other day I got run over-“

“Shit dude are you okay?” Ray asked.

“Let me finish, I died. But Hayley did this…spell sort of thing and brought me back to life” I explained. Rays eyes were literraly popping out their sockets.

“No way…”He said, I nodded.

“Do you know how she did it?” I asked. He nodded slowly, you could see he was soing major thinking.

“Bob obviously didn’t tell you about a certain group during your training…about Vabriels?” He asked.

“Not that I know of…” I said, confused.

“Right well, they are a sort of…witch you could say, and the vampires hate them as much as they hate us, and we don’t on with them much either, so in fact we shouldn’t be talking to her, or doing anything with her” Ray said, eyeing me. I suddenly became nervous.

“Bu…but I cant not be with her” I said quickly. Ray shook his head.

“I know man I know, but I’m gunna have to tell the guys, but I’m sure they will let it slip, I mean, It’s Hayley, the girl we’ve been waiting to meet all these years, seriously we’ve saved this girls life, they won’t just cast her out…they can’t do that and they wont” Ray explained. I nodded slightly.

“Then what are we going to do about it?” I asked.

“We’re going to have to pretend like she’s a normal person and hope that no other werewolves or vampires find out” Ray said.

“But we aren’t meant to be with her, aww man this is so annoying” I said, kicking the leg of the table.

“Brendon, don’t think I don’t know about Pete and the rest of Fall Out Boy okay… I know all about it…no don’t ask me how, just listen, you hid that really well, if Bob found out about it he wouldn’t be as generous, but with Hayley I think he will, so just be grateful yes?” Ray whispered to me. I gulped and nodded.

“Good, now lets go” He said, I grabbed a Red Bull and headed back with Ray. As I sat down Hayley looked at me, smiled and kissed me. I smiled and kissed back and wrapped my arms around her.

“ON STAGE IN TWO GUYS!” A short lady shouted, sticking her head into the room. The guys stood up and stretched.

Hayleys POV

It was time for the guys to go onstage, and I couldn’t fucking wait. They got up and stretched then turned to me and Brendon.

“Okay guys, well you can stand at the side of the stage and watch and fucking enjoy man!” Mikey said. I grinned and stood up, hugging them all in turn.

“God luck guys, I know you’ll be amazing, you always are” I said, they all grinned, said goodbye to Brendon and ran onstage. Me and Brendon linked hands and walked over to the side.

Rays POV

I need to tell the guys, really quickly. Too many people around, how am I gunna do it. Oh Ray you douche, mind speaking.

-Gerard…I need to tell you something…-

-Ray, is this really the time?-

-Yes, Hayleys a Valerian-


-Yeah, what are we gunna do…Bob?-

-It’s Hayley, I can’t do anything to her…anyone else sure, but not Hayley-

-I know man…I just had to tell you all-

-Okay…lets just forget about this for a while…the concert?-

-Yeah okay-

The concert was amazing….absolutely fucking amazing! They all put as much effort as possible into it and it paid off. During it Gerard pointed to us and grinned. Frank came over and shredded for us, making us laugh a lot.

After Mama, the beginning of Sleep started.

“Shh, shh everyone. Now, I have a friend over here who has stuck by us from the beginning, who has listened to everyone we’ve said up here and has been helped by our band. That’s the fucking point of it, helping each other. You help us and we help you. That’s how it works. Now id like Miss Hayley Francis to come up here and help me sing this song!” Gerard shouted through the microphone. My heart skipped a beat.

“Shit no” I whispered to Brendon, he grinned and gave me a little push. Someone passed me a mic and I started shaking. Gerard came over and took my hand.

“Its okay…you’ll be fine, trust me” He whispered, I smiled softly. I walked back onstage with him and thousands of people screamed.

The guitars and drums kicked in and as soon as me and Gerard started singing, my worries disappeared. Right then was when I decided that’s what I want to do. I want to stand on stage and sing my heart out to fans all over the world.

When the song finished, Gerard kissed my cheek and I ran off stage.

“HAYLEY FRANCIS PEOPLE! REMEMBER HER!” He shouted, I laughed and flung my self into Brendons arms.

“Baby you were amazing, I didn’t know you could sing that well!” He said, kissing my head.

“Me neither!” I blushed, he laughed and hugged me. The woman who gave m the mic came and took it from me again, she smiled.

“That was great, you have real talent,” She said, turning away, then turned back, “By the way, showers are over there if you want” She grinned. I smiled and thanked her. I watched the rest of The Black Parade set, and when they stopped to get changed and stuff, I quickly said hello and thank you to them, then ran into the shower.

Not wanting to miss a moment of this concert, I had the quickest shower in the world, quickly towel dried my self, shoved my clothes back on and ran back to Brendon just as the guys walked back onstage.

“Good timing” Brendon said, kissing the side of my head. I smiled and got comfy in his arms again, ready for the rest of the concert.


“That was fucking awesome” Brendon said, taking the words from my mouth. Frank laughed and hugged us then ran over to Jamia to kiss her before running to the shower.

“Man he never runs out of energy!” I said amazed.

“Oh he does, when im finished with him” Jamia said, winking then followed after Frank. I burst out laughing as Brendon looked disturbed.

“Aww man shes hilarious, I always thought she was the best wife of the guys” I said thoughtfully. Brendon laughed and took my hand.

We waited until the guys emerged than we said our goodbyes as we had to go. I hugged them all.

“It was amazing to meet you, and im really sad that’s its over so quickly. But thanks for everything…again” I smiled, Frank dropped to his knees and hugged my legs.

“Don’t go” He said. I laughed and patted his head.

“I gotta Frankie, but its okay, im sure we’ll meet again, and you can phone and stuff” I said.

“Its unfair” He said stubbornly, standing up again. I grinned and hugged him. I gave them all another hug and Jamia a hug, then left, after Brendon said goodbye.

Once we got home, back to my place, me and Brendon literally passed out on my bed, it was clear we wouldn’t be up much before 12:00 tomorrow.
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