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Donna's Waffles Part Two

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'"Goodmorning sleeping beauty." he smiled my favourite smile'

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A/N: hey! This is only a quicky from my iPod so there may be mistakes. Sorry! Also, I drew Rhi! The link is go have a look, I dare you. Anyway enjoy!


Rhianne's POV

I opened my eyes. The room was beining to get light. I looked at the clock; 07:45. I could of sworn last night had been a dream if it weren't for Gee's arms wrapped around me more than usual and the fact I was in a pair of his pyjamas that I remember being given I real life.

I slowly and quietly slid out of him arms to the bathroom. I got the toothbrush which was now officially mine and brushed my teeth. Admiring the Superman PJs I was in. I brushed my hair with my fingers and tiptoed back into the room. I climbed back into bed and snuggled under Gee's arms causing him too moan lightly in his sleep. I chuckled lightly to myself and buried my face in his chest, sighing contently.


I was woken up by a kiss. I opened my eyes to see Gee leaning over me with tray of waffles by his side. On the bed side cabinet there were two cups of coffee.
"Goodmorning sleeping beauty." he smiled my favourite smile and kissed my cheek.
"You know if you weren't so damn cute I'd be pissed off that I was woken up. I was having a nice sleep there." I tried to pout but ended up bursting into laughter. Gee's lips brushed mine again, so lightly it made me moan in anticipation for a deeper kiss. Gee chuckled and began to nibble my bottom lip nearly making me scream. I pulled him closer and wrapped my legs around his waist. The sudden movement suprised him, in a good way. One of his hands was on my cheek, the other lightly ghosting up and down my body. I moaned as his hand got closer to my breast before quickly slipping back down to my waist. I pulled my legs tighter bringing us closer together, making us both moan in uncontrolled pleasure as our bodies properly touched, every part of his body touching the equivalent on mine. His teeth stopped nibbling on my bottom lip and he moved his head upwards as began to kiss me. I kissed back; eagerly and desperately deepening the kiss as far as I could before moaning again. We stayed like this for what seemed like forever. conected at the lips but touching at every point possible.


Slowly, Gee pulled back, making my legs separate from where they were comfortably resting on his back. We were both panting, it had been ages since either of us had taken a proper breath. He stared into my eyes stroking my cheek. I leant up on my elbows and began to nibble and kiss his lips, he moaned in approval and began to run his hands up and down my body. His body suddenly tensed and he sat up, the look on his face a mixure of worry and fear, causing me to put my hand on his cheek and concern to spread across my face.
"I gotta check on Mikey!" he left in a hurry, no second look in my direction. I sat up confused and took a sip of my now cold coffee. I curled up onto my side facing the abandoned waffles and began to worry. It was stupid me ever thinking that in could please Gee on a physical sense. I'd never had a boyfriend.

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